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I Won't Leave

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"Alright," The oldest of the sextuplets, Matsuno Osomatsu, slammed the shoji screen open, revealing his younger brothers idling about in their shared room, wrapped up in their own activities. "Which one of you fuckers took my wallet?"

The 5 brothers looked around and met each other's gazes, which only meant 1 thing:

None of them had the wallet.

However. Osomatsu was not going to give up so easily. "I know one of you has it. I won 10,000 yen yesterday at Pachinko, so one of you must surely have taken it." He insisted, eyeing each of them.

"Osomatsu-niisan, none of us took your wallet," Choromatsu stated, mildly annoyed. He had just reached the best part of his manga, and he did not appreciate Osomatsu interrupting his peaceful reading.

"Don't lie to me! If I had found a wallet with 10,000 yen in it, I would have taken it!"

"But not all of us are trash like you!"

"Argh!" Osomatsu was frustrated. He took a couple of deep breaths, and slowly calmed down. If he wanted to get anything out of his brothers, he was going to have to keep his head.

"Fine then, but please, just tell me where my wallet is. I promise I won't get mad."


"If any of you tell me who hid it, I'll split half of the money."

Their ears perked up upon hearing that. 5,000 yen for snitching on one of their brothers? It seemed too good to be true. Nevertheless, there was an immediate response.

Todomatsu immediately stood up. "Osomatsu-niisan, I saw Karamatsu-niisan take the wallet a while ago."

"EHHHHH?!" Karamatsu was taken aback. As far as he could remember, he had never seen the wallet, let alone stole it, so why did Todomatsu accuse him?

"Earlier today you left the wallet on the table, and he took it, and I saw him do it." the pink-clad Matsu flashed an evil grin at him.

Ah, of course. Totty framed me in order to get the money, knowing that I am the least likely to cause trouble for him afterwards. He realised.

However, Karamatsu was not in the mood to deal with any of them.

"Karamatsu? Did you take my wallet?" Osomatsu asked. Though he sounded extremely calm, Karamatsu could see through his collected exterior; Betrayal, hurt that his second-in-command was the one who had stolen his money.

"No Osomatsu, I was not the one who had taken your wallet. It seems that our dear brother may have been mistaken this time." He frowned.

Todomatsu had a momentary expression of shock of his face, though it was quickly replaced with annoyance. He was expecting Karamatsu to take the blame like he usually did, and it screwed with his calculations.

“No! He’s lying! I swear niisan, I saw him take it!” He shouted, pointing at Karamatsu.

“Tch, just admit it Shittymatsu. You’re disturbing our peace.” Ichimatsu piped up, having said nothing until now.

Choromatsu joined in. “Yeah, just give him his wallet. I want to read my manga without him in the way.” He gestured towards Osomatsu.

“But I really didn’t take it! I have no idea where it is!” Karamatsu insisted desperately.

“Please Karamatsu-niisan, just tell them the truth.” Even Jyushimatsu was beginning to lose his patience.

“My little Jyushimatsu...” Karamatsu faltered a little. Even his most supportive brother was against him this time. Why were they all teaming up against him? It definitely wasn’t the first time that it had happened, but he felt way worse this time, for some reason. “I really didn’t take it...” He said quietly, praying that the oldest would believe him and let the matter go.

Judging from his facial expression however, Osomatsu was definitely not ready to drop the subject. Hell, he was livid. “God damn it Karamatsu, just tell my where my fucking wallet is. Your presence annoys the crap out of everyone, and it sure as hell ain’t solving anything here, so why not you stop being so selfish and return my wallet to me!”

Each word shot Karamatsu like an arrow through his heart.

“Fine, I’ll give you back your wallet.” He mumbled, tears welling up in his eyes. He willed himself not to cry on the spot, or show his brothers any weakness. “Just let me go for a while, okay?” Not waiting for their response, he pushed past his brothers and ran out of the room, slamming the shoji screen behind him.

“Tch, he should have just admitted it in the first place,” Choromatsu commented, turning his attention back to his manga. The others hummed in agreement.

Shortly after, Matsuyo entered the room, her eyebrows furrowed in concern. “Osomatsu, I found your wallet in the laundry. It was in the hoodie you wore yesterday.” She was about to leave the room but hesitated, and added, “Also, you should probably go after Karamatsu. He ran out of the house, and he seems really upset,” and left.

They were all silent for a while, before turning to Todomatsu, silently demanding for an explanation. He let out a sheepish laugh, not wanting to meet any of their intense gazes, with his plan having been foiled by their mother.


Karamatsu ran as fast as his legs could carry him, not even caring to apologise to his mother, who he had bumped into.

This is fine. Why am I crying? Why did I get so upset over this? It’s not like it’s the first time it has happened.

However, deep down he was hurt. He was hurt that Todomatsu had used him as bait. He was hurt that his brothers believed Todomatsu over himself. He was hurt that no one tried defend him.

He tried his best to be a good brother. He did favours for them, he comforted them when they were upset, and he did his best to take care of them as the second eldest son. He hated it when his brothers were hurt, he loved it when he managed to make his brothers smile and laugh, but most of all, he doesn’t like it when they laughed at him. made fun of him. ignored him.

Of course, he would never be good enough for them. He’s tried his best to make them like him, but they still hate him.

Your presence annoys the crap out of everyone.

You’re useless.

How can they ever love someone like you?

They won’t ever care about someone as pathetic as you.

There they were again. The voices in his head. Taunting him. drowning him.

Suddenly, screams and a screech pulled Karamatsu out of his thoughts.

He did not notice that his running had brought him to the road.

He felt something slam into his body with overwhelming force; so much that it sent him flying.

As he soared through the air, it felt as if time had slowed a billion times, and he had an epiphany.

He was going to die.

Strangely, he was not afraid. Actually, he felt rather calm, as if he had accepted his fate long ago. He only wished that he had not argued with his brothers. He wished that he could have been a better older brother to them. He wished that he could have apologised for being such a terrible brother, and for making them suffer because of his existence.

He caught a glimpse of them rushing toward him, panic and fear written all over their faces as they shouted right before he felt his bones shatter as his body collided with the ground.

“I’m sorry.”



The last thing he heard was their screams before everything went black.