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Final Family Mission

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Final mission. An NCIS Jethro Gibbs / Jenny Shepard throwback fantasy-
Set many years before the events that come to pass, in 'Judgement Day'..

Chapter 1 / prologue. ** MATURE CONTENT ** 
Rated for strong language, sex, grief/hurt, romance later on.

Paris. Night time, autumn.. 


Gibbs & Jenny were holed up in a dingy apartment, on watch for their target.

Their last target, before finally heading back to the USA. Their own beds.
And American TV. American food! Six months on covert ops abroad was more than enough,
even for their close friendship.

Home. Family. Oh, family..

Gibbs took out his wallet, and run his hand over a fading photo of him, with Shannon
and Kelly. On a beach, somewhere. Where? It was so long ago now, he couldn't remember.

Maybe, just maybe, it was time for a new family..? He wiped a tear away, hoping his partner
agent and secret lover didn't notice.. A few passers-by disturbed the mist, that shrouded the
dimly lit street.

Jenny checked her watch. Again.

G- "Got somewhere to be?"

J- "The intel said our man is normally home, by now".

Gibbs put the photo away, and went to stand behind Jenny- gently resting his chin
on one shoulder, his hands around her slim waist, as they watched up and down the road,
for what seemed a thousandth time.

Damn. Jenny looked so hot, whenever she had her hair up. Gibbs' hands started to wander,
cupping her ample breasts, as he kissed her neck. And sniffed at her fragrant hair.

"Not now, Jethro- We have work to do...!"