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Much That Once Was, is now Lost

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November 2019


Sherlock Holmes considered himself a smart man, stoic in the face of danger, and calm under pressure. However, as he sits across from his arch-enemy, he wonders how many ways he could wipe the cocky grin off the iceman’s face.

“It’s for mummy, Sherlock. You know how she worries”. The silver eyes glisten with humour, knowing there is no way out for the younger man.

“Bugger off Mycroft, we both know you give her weekly updates, so she has nothing to be concerned for.” Sherlock’s glare at his brother hardens when Mycroft gives him a knowing look of pity. One often received from people of authority in his life, especially after…

“It’s been 18 months, Mycroft! We both know I’ve kept my side of the deal, so no use in milking it any further”. Sherlock stands and walked over to the window to pick up his violin and annoy his brother into letting it go. Mycroft, however, doesn’t even bat an eye to Sherlock's outburst.

“This is a close family friend of hers, she specifically requested your attendance. Something about meeting people and not wanting you to die alone”. Sherlock did what any grown man would do in utter frustration, he ignored his brother completely.

Mycroft let out a dramatic sigh, one not far off from his brother.

“The engagement party is this Saturday in Chelmsford, and I will send a car to pick you up at 11 for the day's festivities. This is not up for negotiation, dear brother. This is a family matter, one which you will attend for mummy sake.”  With that, he turned and left baker street.

Sherlock returned the violin to its case and flopped dramatically onto the leather couch. He could think of seven escape plans in the back of his head, four of which are not completely illegal. If only Lestrade wasn’t withholding good cases from him. He has been more lenient the past few months, since the change, but Sherlock suspects Mycroft has something to do with the lack of cases the past few weeks.

Sherlock knows he didn’t have much say in the matter, mummy rarely demands he attends events. She was always the one who understood he was a little different from those around him, always allowed the space he needed. Many called him a freak, she simply called him her “little scientist”. Her undying support is what makes her demand his presence, after all, he had little else in the way of friends.

Never in his life has he wanted a case more.