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A Window Conversation with Olivia

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“Hello Mr. Mayor!” Olivia called out. The mayor turned his head towards the call, waving at the curvaceous cat before walking over. A sly grin appeared on the cat’s face as he approached. She knew just how risky this was. And it only got her more excited.

“Oh hey, Olivia! How are you doing? You look as beautiful as ever,” the mayor said, walking dangerously close to the window. Just a couple more steps, and he would be able to see the growing puddle of sticky liquid on the floor between her quivering legs.

“Of course I do! I always look great, especially compared to the other drab residents in town. That reminds me! I saw Cube the other day. Have you considered recommending him to relocate? I can’t stand it when I see him lazing around whenever I decide to go out.”

“Oh, you’re so funny, Olivia!” the mayor answered. “I would never want to kick out the town’s good penguin friend! He’s basically family!” The mayor took another step forward and eyed Olivia curiously. The cat could not help but gulp as she thought the mayor had already found her out. “Are you alright, Olivia? You look a little red…”

The feline glanced back at the two dials attached to her tail, both turned all the way to the max. One cord led to a vibrator resting right on her clit, exciting the sensitive sex organ so much she was orgasming every other second. That alone would be enough to satisfy a normal female. But not for Olivia. The other cord went straight into her soaking pussy to another vibrator buried deep inside her carnal walls. The egg-shaped toy sent shivers all throughout her body that she could barely keep under control with the mayor standing right in front of her. Every passing second sent another jolt of pleasure to her head, nearly making her scream in delight. It was a wonder she wasn’t passing out from the sheer pleasure, let alone keeping a straight face in a conversation. There was no question she would be a bit flushed with color from all the sensations going on in her groin.

“It’s just the summer heat. Mr. Mayor. Nothing to worry about!” Meanwhile, her legs were literally sopping wet as her pussy spewed her juices all over herself. Rivers of slick clear liquid pouring down her loins.

“Are you sure you’re not sick? Your breathing seems a bit irregular. Do you need to go lay down?” the mayor asked with honest concern.

Olivia bit her lip. She hadn’t even realized how much she was panting. She was too focused on trying not to moan right in the mayor’s face to let him know exactly how good she was feeling on the other side of the window. To let him know that he was just a pawn to help her own selfish desire of feeling even kinkier. She desperately fought the urge to tell him she’ll go lay down if he joins her before she would pull him through the window and force him to make her into his slut. To shove his cock right into her dripping pussy and make her scream all night long. That day would come, but not today. He would have to come to her first, begging on his knees to spend even one hour alone with her. Then, slowly, she would let him take control. But, for now, she needed to keep up the façade.

“Perhaps I am feeling a bit under the weather. I think I will go lay down. Thank you for stopping by, Mr. Mayor!” Olivia said with a smile, waving the mayor goodbye.

She was about to slump down to the floor and let the endless orgasms take her body to cloud nine before the mayor suddenly came back.

“Hey, do you hear some buzzing sounds?” he asked.

The feline had to keep herself upright with her arms as her knees were ready to buckle. She managed to just barely keep a straight face as a particularly strong climax coursed through her body. However, a groan escaped her lips.

“Must be a beehive nearby,” Olivia answered, ignoring the immoral sound that just came out of her mouth. “Please be a dear and send someone over to take care of it. Or better yet, you should stop by to clean it up. Afterwards, I’ll let you come over to… claim your reward.”

“I don’t need a reward, Olivia! I’ll stop by in a couple of days to check it out. I hope you feel better soon. That was some weird cough right there…” The mayor finally waved goodbye before trotting off without a single clue of the naughty acts his town resident was doing, leaving the lustful cat to play with herself.