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It had been a year and a half. A year and a half since Will and El had moved away. Well, more like a year and three months, but it felt like much longer. Mike Wheeler was losing his mind. He had seen the Byers since they'd moved, of course. They had come to visit for Easter, then Mike had gone with the Party to visit them for a week in July. They had just visited for Thanksgiving too.

Mike and El had officially split up, for good. At first it was just because of the distance, it was far too difficult to maintain a romantic relationship. It just didn't feel right to Mike, and it seemed that way for El too. They had all been through Hell, El especially, and El wanted time to figure out who she really was without a boy holding her down, which Mike understood. It seemed Mike also needed time to heal from what he'd been through, but also, he had some self-discovering to do as well.

Mike had noticed something very distinct about himself now that Will and El were both gone. He really was going crazy without them. He was less inclined to go to group hang outs, was more withdrawn. His temper had grown a bit short, he was snapping at people left and right. He felt bad for it, he didn't mean to act that way. It just didn't feel right. While the lanky boy loved Lucas, Dustin and yes, even Max (though she could seriously be a pain), but without Will and El... The Party just didn't hold the same value anymore.

Max, Dustin and Lucas had tried to talk to him. They had all lost El and Will, Mike wasn’t the only one missing them. Lucas thought Mike's withdrawn behavior was all due to El moving, which Mike had actually gotten aggravated with him for, because Will was gone too---which was the source of the problem.

Mike missed Will more than El. Mike felt a bit of guilt when the thought came up, he loved El; maybe not romantically, but she was always going to be important to him. But Will...

Mike took sharp notice that the space beside him was always empty now. At the arcade, at the mall, at the movie theater, in class, in the cafeteria, at sleepovers, on bike-rides, on his basement's couch. Sometimes when the freckled teen wasn't thinking, he'd go to grab at Will in busy hallways so the smaller teen didn't get jostled, or he'd grab his bike and turn around to wait for Will to get his before realizing, he's not here.

It turns out that when somebody has been close to you since your very first day of school, longer than you could remember; that person suddenly leaving your side can be extremely detrimental to your life. The more Mike noticed Will's absence, the larger the void inside Mike grew.

It was all getting to be too much for him. Surprisingly, Max had been the one who got the closest to understanding it. One day, after the High School's A.V. club meeting, Max had stayed behind when it was Mike's turn to clean everything up. She sat propped up on one of the tables.

"You miss Will, don't you?" She asked, tilting her head to look at him.

Mike instantly froze. "Yes." He replied quietly, refusing to look at the ginger teen.

She hums. "I know how it is, you know."

Mike shot her a glare.

"Okay, okay. Maybe I don't know quite how it is. But my best friend moved away too. El and I haven't been friends nearly as long as you and Will have been, but I miss her a lot. I mean I miss Will too, but I wish I could just have her here. I can't imagine what it's like for you. When I first got here you were insanely protective over Will. I know things got kind of weird between you two that last summer but I'm sure that bond didn't die. I know you've got to be missing Will a hell of a lot right now. I know you and I haven't gotten along very well either, but I just wanted to say this: The boys probably won't understand it.... I love them but they're can be dumb sometimes. But if you want to talk about how much you miss Will, or El, I've got your back." Max finished her speech by taking a long breath in.

Meanwhile Mike had gotten a bit choked up. He'd been listening to her and thinking of memories of Will, and he'd just broken down. He had cried; in front of Max of all people. But honestly, she'd been great. "I just... I miss him so much, Max. He's been here forever and suddenly he's just not anymore and I--- I don't know what to do. I didn't think it was possible to miss someone this much." Mike stuttered through the words. And Max, she just told him everything would be alright, that Will was only a phone call away, or if he really wanted too Max would go out to Cerebro with him to talk to Will that way.

The event had started a new era for Mike and Max. They put their bitter past behind them. They still bickered, but it was more of friendly banter than any form of harmful jabs. They would actually willingly go into a room together and talk; usually about El and Will, but talk like friends none-the-less.

But even talking to Max didn't help Mike very much. He missed Will more and more every day, memories of his times with Will playing endlessly in his head. Sometimes he'd smile at his memories, remember the fear he'd felt during certain ones, the absolute joy in others, but a prominent feeling he came across was regret. He spent a lot of time reflecting on how he spent his time with Will their last summer together.

Such as the time that Will had tried to get them to play D&D. That's the one thing Will had been asking them to do, the one thing he'd really wanted to do. Mike was so absorbed in El at the time that he couldn't even stop for that. Then once Will had finally roped them into playing, Lucas and Mike had just sat there like assholes, disinterested and outright mocking Will. Will had worked so hard on that campaign, too.

Then Will snapped, which was honestly one of the worst things Mike had ever seen. Maybe one might view it as just a quarrel between friends but… Mike had seen Will in all kinds of moods and all kinds of situations. He had never seen Will that angry. Sure, he'd seen Will kicking and screaming when the Mind Flayer had him under his control, but that wasn't Will. Will had never snapped at his friends in his life, yet here he was because Mike had pushed him to it.

Then the fight out in the rain. "It's not my fault you don't like girls!"

Mike cringed. That had made Will cry. Why had he said that!? He'd sounded like all the other assholes who made Will miserable. To be honest, Mike was pretty sure Will was gay, but that didn't fucking matter to him. Will was his best friend and always would be, whether he was interested in boys or girls. So why had he used it against him? Mike felt bad about that every day, even though Will seemed to forgive him.

But then there was the biggest realization of all. Before the Byers (including El) had visited for Easter, Mike had already been suspecting that it was in fact Will that Mike had been harboring true feelings. It terrified him when he first realized it. The first time had been right as Will was leaving with the rest of the Byers; he watched Will slowly roll away in his car and it had felt like his heart was shattering... but not because of El. His eyes were watching Will. He was heartbroken over Will.

And then the Byers had come for Easter. Will hadn't gotten much taller, but he'd definitely changed since the last time Mike saw him. The biggest difference had been that Will got a haircut. The bowl cut was no more, instead it was shorter at the sides, the top taking a side-swept look. Will looked great in it. Another thing that had changed a bit was his sense of style. He had arrived wearing blue jeans, a graffic t-shirt underneath a leather jacket. The jacket had patches on it, which fit Will's artistic personality. Mike found his heart pounding the moment Will stepped out of the car.

The entirety of Will's visit, Mike couldn't stop himself. His eyes were drawn to Will like sun was drawn to dark clothes. Anything Will wanted to do, Mike immediately agreed to it with no hesitation. Mike and Will had talked on the phone since he left, but not as much as he'd wanted; but even then it wasn't the same as it was in person. The Party had even settled down one day to play through a D&D campaign, created by Mike himself. Will had actually seemed reluctant at first, which Mike felt horrible about. The last time they'd played this, it was all the way back in July and it hadn't ended well.

As the Party actually got into it, Mike realized how much he had missed it now that he had his head in the present. Looking back on it all, Mike really wanted to kick himself. What had he turned into back then?

The night before Will had left because Easter break was ending, Will had slept over at his house. El was out at Max's house, Dustin and Lucas were... well, Mike wasn't really sure. But it didn't matter, because Will was there. They'd started the night watching Ghostbusters and loading up on junk-food. Then the two had moved to the floor, reading comic after comic. The comic book reading had brought up how they'd both spend hours in the library together reading, then that had spun them both on a spiral of talking about old memories.

It was fun to remember them, but it also made Mike sad. That's when the important talk happened. "You know, Will, I really miss you."

Will almost seemed surprised. "Really?"

"Wh---yes! How could you think otherwise? Of course I do, Will. You're my best friend. I know we had a really rough time those last few months and I'm really freaking sorry. I don't know why I was so caught up in El--- she's great, but... she's not you." Mike blurted before he quickly regretted it. It was probably weird to say that.

Will again looked surprised. "Well, no--- you were right about some things. It's true we aren't kids anymore, and... it's not your fault I don't like girls. You were right."

Mike immediately shook his head. "No, Will. I was being an asshole and I shouldn't have said that. I sounded like the jerks at school."

The smaller boy shook his head. "Well, yeah, maybe you shouldn't have said it but you weren't exactly wrong..." He says, taking a shaky breath in. "Mike, I don't like girls." Then in one of the smallest voices the other had ever heard him use, he rushed out with: "I'm gay."

"Oh." Mike said dumbly, not being quite sure of what to say until he heard his best friend sniffle, which he hurriedly came up with a reply. "Will, it's okay. I don't care whether you like boys or girls. It doesn't change who you are, and you are my best friend. You're always going to be my best friend."

Will looked up at his words, tears threatening to pour down his face. "You promise?"

Mike nodded immediately. "Yeah!" He said, scooting towards him to put his arm around his best friend. "You are still the same exact person as you were before you told me, and nothing could ever make me stop being your friend. I'm here for you, and I’m not leaving. You literally couldn’t get rid of me if you wanted too. Remember what I promised you? We'll go crazy together."

Will leaned into his touch, and Mike found, as he suspected, he was not bothered by it at all. In fact, he felt a little fuzzy, a small dosage of butterflies fluttering just because of it. He'd known before Will even told him, and the confirmation changed nothing. The raven-haired teen was surprised to find feelings of relief stirring in his stomach.

Then Will had left the next day and the weight of his absence increased tenfold. It was like the weight of a freight train had crashed into Mike's side as he watched the Byers car roll away. Mike was back to going out of his mind. Everything reminded him of Will. 'Will would probably like that.' 'Will loved this song!' 'Will would've laughed at that.' 'Will could draw better than that.'

The more and more Mike missed his best friend, the more he realized he couldn't keep denying the fact that he had feelings for him. But it was such a terrifying prospect. Just because Will liked boys didn't mean Will would like him. The raven-haired teen grew stressed. Mike wanted to share something more than friendship with Will, but Mike still valued their friendship above anything else and wouldn't want to do anything to put it in harm's way.

Since Will's Easter visit, they talked a lot more. One phone call a week turned into two, then that turned into three. Mike would trudge up to Cerebro once a week too, just to talk to Will on the Supercomm for old times' sake. He still talked to El and was happy talking to her, of course he was, but his primary reason for calling switched rather quickly from her to Will. They'd talk for hours at a time; about Will's new school, about their teachers, about Will's art projects, Mike's writing projects, about the comics they were reading. They'd come up with a thing where they both choose the same comic, read a certain amount and talk about it over the phone. It made Mike's stomach fuzzy every time.

Then sometimes one of them would have a bad day. Something would happen to mark it a bad day, or they just weren't feeling too well. They always listened to one another and supported one another. The pair had even started saying their old phrase to one another again. "Crazy together."

It was taking Mike's mind and heart by storm. Mike couldn't stop thinking about Will, and with his thoughts, came feelings. He felt lighter when he'd think of Will, then feel heavier when he thought too much about how far away Will was from him. Mike began to feel butterflies bursting in his stomach when he'd hear Will's voice over time. Mike started to become antsy to call Will, and had to hold himself back from calling him every single day. Sometimes Will would call him instead, and it made him feel light-headed when he picked up the phone.

His crush was getting worse. He tried to tell himself it was all just a little crush and that it would go away… but his ‘little’ crush was turning into a really big problem really fast. He wasn't sure what to do, all he wanted to do was be around Will. Mike found himself wanting to hold his best friend's hand, kiss his forehead, hug him and never let him go. It was terrifying. But Mike couldn't stop it. He found himself desperate to find out when he would be able to see Will, and almost burst from excitement when the other boy told him in October that they would be visiting the next month.

When the Byers had finally arrived, Mike found himself in quite the position. When Will had smiled at him the first time, he nearly melted into a puddle on the floor. He didn't collapse, though, because Will had dove in for a hug the moment after he'd smiled. It'd been so difficult for Mike to let go of him.

It was almost uncontrollable. Mike practically couldn't separate himself from Will. Thankfully, Will didn't seem to mind. In fact, Will seemed to be enjoying all the attention from Mike, which made his stomach burst in more butterflies and a feeling of hope.

The night before the Byers left again, Mike and Will had another sleep-over, just the two of them. They had been goofing around most of the night, but with a slightly melancholy tone because Will had to leave the next day. Regardless, they had another important talk.

"Will?" Mike asked, as they lied down for the night.

"Hm?" The smaller boy replied.

The taller teen hesitated. "Do you ever wish you had a boyfriend?"

Will doesn't seem shocked by the question. He's quiet for a moment, seeming to be mulling it over. "Sometimes I do. The idea is really nice but... some people definitely wouldn't accept it. I'd say damn it all, but you know how it is. Plus, how could I possibly bond with someone right now? I'm still healing from all the Upside Down and Mind Flayer business. Right now, if I were to be with any boy, I'd want him to understand what I've been through. How could I explain it to someone who didn't go through it? Most people would never understand. They probably wouldn't even believe me. And... I don't want to fall for someone and they turn out not to feel the same way, you know? It's a risky business."

'I would understand. I saw him go through it and I was right there with him while he did. I do understand.' Mike thought to himself, but kept his mouth shut. Instead of speaking up and spilling how he felt, the raven-haired teen just scooted closer to his best friend. Noticing Will's sleeping bag was unzipped, Mike took a daring breath and unzipped his. Now that he could, he reached out and slipped his hand into Will's sleeping bag, seeking out his hand.

Once Mike found Will's hand, he interlocked their fingers. He felt the other boy freeze for a minute before relaxing, while Mike felt yet another rush of butterflies and his heartbeat picking up. "You'll find the one who's made for you, Will." He said softly, while thinking, 'I hope that person's me.' "And until then, I'll always be here for you. Even when you do find them, I'll still be here. Crazy Together."

Will laughed just a little. "Yeah. Crazy Together."

The smaller teen scooted closer in his sleeping bag so he was up against Mike, able to lay his head on Mike's shoulder; never letting go of the other boy's hand. It wasn't an odd thing to do, Will used to do it all the time before things had gotten weird because of Mike's behavior when he was dating El. "Thanks, Mike."

Mike's heart was trying to beat out of his chest, and he really hoped Will couldn't hear it. Part of his mind was screaming, "Tell him, you idiot!" while the other half was saying, "I'm scared. He might not like me back!"

So instead of confessing, Mike just rested his cheek on the top of Will's head. "Of course, Will. Always."

Will seemed to fall asleep pretty quickly, his breathing evening out and going calm, but his head still remained on Mike's shoulder, holding his hand. Mike, however, lied wide awake for hours, as he had just been hit with a bombshell of a realization. He didn't just have a crush on Will... Mike was in love with him. For real.

He'd never felt like this with El. He'd liked spending time with her, he'd missed her a lot when she had gone away and was protective of her... but it'd still never felt like this. Mike had never truly understood El. He'd never gotten the extreme dosages of butterflies with El, he'd never itched to just hear her voice, he'd never been terrified to ruin what they had. He had never connected with her like he did with Will. Mike hadn't ever been truly able to see himself with her for the rest of his life, he'd never felt compelled to pull her close and keep her by his side. He'd just done it and acted like it because he felt like it was the right thing to do. The thing people expected him to do.

He'd never truly been in love with El, had he?

When compared to how he was feeling with Will... no. He never had been.

With Will, Mike had an extreme urge to make him happy and keep him safe. If Will wanted him to do something, Mike would do it, regardless of what it was if it meant it would make Will happy. Mike wanted to be with him, he couldn't stand the distance between them and was ecstatic they were close again. Mike wanted to kiss Will's lips, wanted to hold his hand (like he was doing now), wanted to share everything with him and for Will to trust him enough to share everything with Mike. Mike wanted to do the sappy, ridiculous big romantic gestures you'd see in movies for Will.

He just... he wanted Will. On the good days, on the bad days, when Will had a big success, when Will was tired, when Will was scared, even when Will was angry. He wanted Will, flaws and trauma and all. Mike wanted to take care of him and protect him, even though he knew Will was fully capable of taking care of and watching out for himself. Will was the strongest person he knew.

Mike was in love with Will.

Honestly, the realization didn't cause a huge shock in his mind. He'd kind of known before, but had kept shutting it down. He had even had feelings like this for Will when he was with El. But he couldn't deny it anymore. The question was, what should he do about it?

The next morning, Mike had woken up before Will had. It was about 9 o'clock, the sun coming in from his bedroom window and hitting him in the face. But he could hear birds singing outside and Will was still against his side. Mike wished he could wake up to this every morning, the very heavy feeling entering his body when he remembered Will would be leaving in a few hours.

He had just lied there, waiting for Will to wake up patiently. He probably was being a little bit of a creep, just watching him sleep like this; but he couldn't help himself. Besides he didn't want to wake him up and moving would.

So he just waited and watched, trying to commit what he was seeing and feeling to memory. His heart was going a bit faster than normal, but it made Mike feel weightless with a certain kind of joy. He wanted to get used to this.

But Will had woken up eventually, about 20 minutes after Mike. The smaller teen shifted, moving his head so he could look up at Mike. Mike's heart just about melted at the sleepy smile Will gave him. "How long have you been up?"

He faked a yawn. "Only a few minutes. No more than five." He lied, adding a fake croak to his voice to add sincerity. Those theatre classes he had been taking in school had begun to pay off.

"Oh, good. I wouldn't want too---" Will yawned. "I wouldn't want to have kept you waiting."

It was only then that the hazel-eyed teen realized he was still leaning on Mike. "Oh. Sorry for falling asleep on you." He said, yet didn't move off of him.

"It's alright, I didn't mind." Mike responded, nearly choking himself trying to stop himself from saying, "Can we cuddle like this next time too?"

Eventually they both untangled themselves from their positions, albeit with slight hesitation and regret. They went down the stairs clumsily, the staircase creaking under foot.

Mike's mother had already made pancakes for them.

At nearly the same time, they'd both said: "Thanks, mom!" "Thanks, Mrs. Wheeler!" Then almost busted out laughing at the synchronization.

After they'd calmed from the laughter, Mike felt a heavy pang in his chest. He already missed Will and he wasn't even gone yet.

After breakfast, they'd rushed back up to Mike's room to try to fit in as much quality time together as they could before Joyce would arrive, with the car all packed up, to take Will and the rest of the family back to their new city. They had gotten about three precious hours in before Karen's voice echoed up the stairway, telling both of the boys that Joyce was there.

Suddenly, all the energy from the room vanished, darkness washing over it. Neither boy wanted Will to go, but they knew he had too.

Slowly, Will got up to grab his stuff while Mike helped. Once it was all collected, they both stopped, turned, and just stared at each other for a moment. It was like they were trying to figure out how to say goodbye to each other, although it wasn't ever going to truly be goodbye. In Mike's head, all he heard was "Kiss him now, you idiot! Do something!". But he couldn't do that.

Instead, Mike removed the space between them, drawing Will into his arms and holding onto the smaller teen tightly. There was no hesitation on Will's part to return the hug; his arms reaching up to squeeze his best friend back just the same.

"I won't be gone for very long. I'll be back for Christmas." Will says, laughing just a little. The thought lightened Mike's heart a bit, but the idea of going another month without Will was still overbearing.

"I know. But I'm still going to miss you." Mike responded, arms around him tightening by just a hair.

He heard the other boy take in a breath. "I'll miss you too. But I'll call you okay? And you can call me."

"Will you call me when you get home? Or tomorrow?" Mike couldn't stop himself from saying, and wanted to punch himself for being so clingy.

But Will didn't miss a beat with his reply. "Of course."

Reluctantly, Mike let go after that. He instantly missed the feeling. "I guess you have to go now, huh?"

Will nodded, and Mike could see his own sadness reflected in his gaze. "Yeah. I don't want to keep my mom waiting for too long."

Mike nodded, opening the door for his friend and traveling down the stairs with him. He waved at Joyce as he saw her, then helped Will get his stuff in the car. Nancy was saying goodbye to Jonathan.

Mike saw El standing, and walked up to her just to say goodbye again. He gave her a hug and smiled at her, promising to talk soon and that he'd see her soon. Mike might not have been truly in love with her, but he did love her as a friend and was very glad they were keeping in touch.

He also gave Joyce a hug goodbye and said bye to Jonathan. He missed Mrs. Byers and Jonathan as well. He missed the entire Byers family, they were like his family.

Once Mike was finished making the rounds, he went back to Will. Everyone else had piled into the car, Will being the only one who remained outside.

The raven-haired teen smiled sadly at his best friend. "I'll see you in a month, Will."

Will matched his smile. "Yeah. And we'll talk on the phone too!" He agreed, looking more hopeful.

Then the smaller teen took him by surprise. He jumped in for another hug, quickly holding Mike against his frame with strength the other boy didn't know he had. "Bye, Mike. See you soon!" He said in a single breath before letting go, barely giving Mike time to hug him back before he got in the car with the rest of the Byers.

Mike and his older sister waved as the car rolled away. The moment the car vanished out of sight, Mike's heart became heavy again. Slowly, he turned to go back in the house, following his equally sullen sister.

Will did call Mike as soon as he got home, which both lifted the raven-haired teen's mood and made it worse, after the call. Mike was getting really tired of this Will-moving-away business, but he knew neither he nor Will could control it. Maybe he and Nancy could convince their mom to let them drive up and visit the Byers.... Nancy could drive now. It might work.


Over the next week or so, Mike kept replaying one of his final conversations with Will in his head.

The question he had dared to ask. "Do you wish you had a boyfriend?"

Then parts of Will's response. "Sometimes I do. The idea is really nice..." "How could I possibly bond with someone right now?"

"If I were to be with any boy, I'd want him to understand what I've been through. How could I explain it to someone who didn't go through it? They'd never understand. They probably wouldn't even believe me."

"I don't want to fall for someone and they turn out not to feel the same way, you know?"

Mike kept replaying this conversation in his head, replaying the thoughts and feelings he felt during them. "I would understand it. I saw him go through it and was right there with him when he did. I do understand."

More thoughts joined the initial one. 'Will wouldn't have to worry much about bonding with me. We already have the strongest kind of bond. We were each other's first friend!' and 'If Will fell for me, he wouldn't get hurt because I don't feel the same. I'm already in love with him, and I’ll never fall out of it.'

Mike spent a lot of time mulling things over. He lost focus in school, lost focus at remaining Party member meetings, lost focus in rehearsals, lost focus just about everywhere because he was spending so much time thinking about it.

Maybe... just maybe, Mike thought, he might be the perfect match for Will. They'd been best friends forever, so they already had an infinitely strong bond. Honestly, Mike didn't think all that much would change if... if they became boyfriends. They were already used to talking and spending time together constantly. It would be just like building something extra on top of what they already had.

Mike would understand what Will had been through, too. He knew because he was with Will while most of it happened. Other than when he was first taken, but Mike was fighting the entire time to bring it back. Mike couldn't understand everything, he might not have been the one who got possessed and hunted... but he knew what Will went through. Mike went through horrors right beside him. They were both a little fucked up... maybe a lot fucked up. They were going crazy together.

Mike wasn't perfect, but he'd always do his best to make Will happy. He wanted desperately to see Will happy. He'd never do anything to hurt him.

Mike knew that he had to take a risk. He was going to tell Will how he felt. At first he was petrified of the idea, what if he ruined everything that they had? What if he ruined everything that they'd fixed? What if Will didn't feel the same, and started treating him different or even got angry?

But truly thinking about it, Mike knew his best friend wouldn't be upset, or angry with him for how he felt, even if Will didn't share his feelings. Will had a good heart. He would understand. Will wouldn't end what they had over it. It would be heartbreaking to hear that Will didn't have feelings for Mike too, but really taking things into consideration... Mike thought he had a chance. All their talks, all their promises of going Crazy Together. When they had gone through the Mind Flayer situation, Will trusted him with things he trusted nobody else with, not even Mrs. Byers, leaned on him when he truly needed it. And when Will broke free of the Mind Flayer, he seemed much more attached to Mike. He had gotten so upset with Mike when he'd been spending all his time on El... maybe it wasn't just that Will was missing Mike. Maybe Will had been jealous.

Now Mike was sitting in his basement, mentally weighing the pros and cons of the risks he was about to take. If he took the risk and Will returned the feelings, he could become the happiest guy on the entire planet, and be the one who could try to make Will the other happiest guy on the planet. They could 'upgrade' their relationship into something even more beautiful, and keep it for life. But if Will didn't return the feelings, well... Mike would be heartbroken, but he could push it aside for the good of their friendship. He'd rather have Will in his life as a friend than not at all.

So Mike was going to take the risk. It was worth it for the happiness they both might achieve.

The issue was how he was going to tell his best friend he was in love with him. He wanted to do it in person... but should he keep it small and upfront, or try to do a big romantic gesture? Well, Will deserved the best, but maybe an outright giant display of affection out of nowhere might overwhelm him. It would probably blind side him and possibly send him into a bit of a shock. Maybe he could keep it small at first, explain the situation and if Will felt the same, do a big romantic gesture on their first date?

That... sounded like a good plan. Okay. That was what Mike was going to do.

Now, Will would be coming back down in three weeks for Christmas. Mike would tell him then. However, in order to not back out or become a fumbling mess during his confession, Mike would have to plan out every single detail and form a proper speech.

He had better start practicing.

Mike grabbed his Supercomm from where it lay dormant on the table beside the basement's sofa. He made sure it was off before holding it like he was talking into it. It would help him feel like he was actually talking to Will, as they'd used to use this all the time before he moved, instead of treating this as a theoretical situation.

"Hey, Will. I've got something really important to tell you. I know you're probably not going to be expecting what I have to say, but just hear me out, okay?"