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Pride Month | Or the Journey of Dean Winchester Finding Pride

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First Date


Their new case had led Dean and Cas to Plaid, Washington. Sadly Sam was still recovering and Jack was keeping him company, so Dean and Cas had to do this job alone. It seemed like a bigger case than they planned for, and Cas wished they both were here.


Apparently Plaid had a massive community of supernatural creatures that lived in harmony with the humans. The victims in this case seemed to be humans and supernatural creatures alike. Dean had quickly figured out that the killer was targeting couples. But not just any type of couple, couples that consisted of one human and one supernatural entity. 


Cas wondered why the killer was doing it. All the victims were mutilated, and he could practically feel the hate when he looked over the local newspaper. "How do we find this person?" he asked hesitantly as he looked up just as Dean took a huge bite out of his burger.


Dean’s nostrils flared in evident annoyance. After making a performance of chewing his food, including eye rolls and a lot of pointing, he swallowed and said, “What’s this guy hunting, Cas?”


“Interspecies couples,” Cas replied with a frown. Dean had already told him that.


There was a beat of silence as Dean looked at him expectantly. Whatever response Cas may have had, Dean had apparently grown impatient. “And what’s the best way to lure out a monster?”


"With bait..." Cas wondered what they could use as bait though. It seemed wrong to just use a couple from this town. That's when it occurred to him. "Us?"


Dean snapped his fingers and pointed his digit in a ‘gun’ at him. “Winner winner, chicken dinner.”


"But how?" Cas leaned forward trying to understand the strategy. "Are we going to pretend we want to live there?"


“Yup,” he barked as he pulled a piece of paper from his jacket, unfolding it to reveal a print out of a rental home listing from Craig’s List. Cas didn't know who this Craig person was or why he had a list, but it was good that Dean had friends that could provide them with information like this. “We’re moving in together, honey.” His tone was almost bored before he grabbed his burger again and took another bite.


Cas wasn't sure how he felt about Dean's new nickname for him. He sighed and rolled his eyes before he grabbed his own burger and bit into it, despite Dean probably having planned to eat that as well. It didn't taste great though, so he instantly regretted his decision. He wasn't sure why he always tried to pretend he was human. At least in this town he really wouldn’t need to. "And you're comfortable with pretending to be in a homosexual relationship?" he asked quietly, remembering their conversations over the past few days.


Dean sighed as his shoulders almost slumped. “Look, the thing is, it’s the job. I’ve done undercover couple crap before, you and I were the first to catch this case, and while I’ve got my hang ups when dudes hit on me, I don’t got that worry with you. I think we can pull it off.”


Of course Dean wouldn't worry. The hunter saw him as his best friend... brother even. Dean didn't know that Cas's feelings for the hunter ran a lot deeper than that. Not that he would ever mention it. So he just nodded. "That makes sense, and I will try my best. I don't have much relationship experience though... only what I’ve picked up from television."


“Then we’re in the same boat,” he said with a laugh. Dean grabbed his glass and held it out for Cas to reciprocate in kind. “To our first date.”


Cas gave him a little smile before he clinked their glasses together. "I’ll try to be a good boyfriend," he repeated dryly.


Dean practically snorted as he took a swig of his Dr. Pepper. “Just don’t hog the blankets.”


"Dean, I don't even sleep," Cas reminded him. Which wasn't true. When he was exhausted from using too much of his grace, he needed to sleep. It was annoying.


That was met with another snort of laughter as he shook his head. “Joke, Cas. We’re not sharing a bed anyway. Got us a two queen as we ‘look at places’.” Cas wasn’t sure if it was for his benefit, but it was surprising Dean used his fingers to air quote.


"One bed would have been enough." Cas had told Dean that before, but for some reason Dean always seemed to forget that Cas didn't need a bed. He would just sit somewhere through the night and watch over Dean. "When will we look at the rental places from your friend's list?" he asked before taking a sip of his cola. He liked it. It almost only consisted of sugar.


Dean pulled out his phone. “In about forty minutes, so when we’re done here, I’ll brief you on your new identity.”


Cas folded the newspaper and nodded when they were approached by the waitress again. "Everything okay, sweetie? You barely touched your burger."


She gave him a very friendly smile and Cas didn't know how to react for a moment. "I… um… I'm not that hungry. But don't worry… my boyfriend will eat the rest."


Dean clearly took that as invitation to reach across the table and snatch up his burger, letting out a soft growl before he took an enormous bite and grinned at her, cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk.


The waitress laughed good naturedly before looking at Cas again. Her expression turned soft and empathetic. "You know… you don't have to hide in this town."


Cas hadn't expected her to notice he wasn't human, because he could clearly feel that she was. Was he that bad at blending in? His worry must have been obvious because she quickly added, "Don't worry, I have superna-dar."


"What?" Cas asked, feeling a little breathless.


She grinned before she explained, "Like gaydar, but for supernatural beings."


Her amusement was contagious. "I see. You're right… I'm not human… and my boyfriend–" Dean was still devouring Cas's hamburger with a growl. "Is a bear, I guess?"


“Rawr,” he murmured around a mouthful of masticated burger.


He wasn’t sure how Dean could still look so charming, even though his eating habits were so animalistic. The waitress laughed and touched Cas’s shoulder, her voice soft, “Enjoy the rest of your date and… just be yourself.”


Cas gave a grateful smile and a nod before the waitress left their table. For some reason he felt the need to sit a little straighter now, less cowered. “A date,” he murmured as he realized what she had assumed about them eating together.


“Yeah, man. Our first date,” Dean repeated before he took another bite.


Cas couldn't help but smile again. For some reason Dean's comment caused a warmth to bloom in his chest. "Dean," he sighed before grabbing a napkin and handing it to Dean, to wipe the sauce he had all around his lips. "We're not a human and supernatural being couple if you're perceived as a bear."


“Still interspecies, right?” 


"I think the internet would call me a 'pelty'–" No, that was not the right word. "No, a 'furry' then."


Dean barked out a laugh. “I don’t know if I do or don’t want you to explain how you know what a furry is.”


"Please go with option two," Cas simply replied when he remembered the weird night he found 'fanfiction' on the internet. "I prefer you to be one hundred percent human."


Dean smirked. “I’ll try.”


Cas mirrored the smirk before he leaned forward, asking, "So what is the difference between a date and just sitting together and eating?"


Their waitress stopped by the table at that moment and placed the bill on the table. “No rush, boys. Whenever you’re ready.”


Dean snatched up the bill and held it out to Cas. “Instead of going Dutch, you get to pay for my meal.”


Cas tilted his head. Cas always paid for their meals because he could use his grace to conjure money. Since the day Dean had found out about that, it was always him who had paid for everything when they were all together on a case. He scratched his forehead and grabbed some money from his trench coat pocket, wondering if he and Dean had always been on a date then.


Dean winked at him. “Thanks, Babe.”


Cas's heart skipped a beat and he chastited himself for reacting like this. This wasn't a real date. Dean was just pretending and making a joke. 


For a short moment though, he let himself feel the joy of pretending that this was real.