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Muse [ToG KhunxOCxBam Fanfic]

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The team was in awe at the house Evolet rented for them. Usually she would've picked a small house just enough to accommodate herself and Bam. But since the team had 9 members, she had to rent a house bigger than normal. With all of them seated in the living room, Evolet started giving out her instructions.

"Listen well. I'll take care of the team's expenses but that doesn't mean all of this is for free. We will be participating in mock events for both training purposes and get extra Points. I expect all of you to train properly with the training regimen I will design later. Chores will be distributed among the members and you can pick which chore you want on the board over there. And before we start, I want to ask who's confident in their cooking?"

For a moment no one dared to raise their hands, some of them even looked away. Evolet immediately marked the ones that avoided her gaze as kitchen disasters. Goseng and Horyang hesitantly raised their hands, claiming they weren't good but quite decent at it. Exhaling a sigh, Evolet  smiled playfully and thanked them for their truthfulness.

"Then… Viole and I will cook. We'll take turns for breakfast and dinner per week. As for lunch we'll just cook together or order takeaway." Seeing how no one was against the decision, Evolet showed a satisfactory nod before resuming.

"Now let's get to room arrangements. There are five bedrooms so one person will have the privilege of having a room all to themselves. Miseng and Goseng will be in one room, is that fine with you?"

Evolet glanced over at the sister pair, asking for confirmation which they gave immediately. Humming lightly, she continued to list off the room pairings. Wangnan was with Arkraptor while Horyang was paired with Prince. At that moment, they all thought that Evolet was going to be rooming with Yihwa while Bam would get a room all to himself. They were totally wrong.

"–And Yeon-san will be roomed alone. Are there any objections?"




It took a while to register in everyone's minds, but once it did they all shouted a collective "HA?!"

"What do you mean Eve?! We're both girls so shouldn't room together? And Viole's a boy for Jahad sake!" Yihwa protested to her, against the room arrangements.

… "Yes? We've always slept together though…?"

They were sure their souls flew out of their body with that revelation. And that was only the start. It gradually came to light that the two FUG members weren't quite dating, but they unknowingly act like it. Meaning, the team was completely and utterly exasperated with their domestic fluff and they were about to go crazy from watching the pair. That room arrangement was the beginning of everything.

The mornings with team Sweet and Sour typically leaned more towards the peaceful side, but with subtle chaos mixed in since most of them were still sleepy. Bam and Evolet would take turns cooking, one week it would be Evolet cooking breakfast while Bam cooked dinner and vice versa. One thing the team quickly noticed was that whenever Bam would cook breakfast, Evolet would still be fast asleep in their shared room. And when Evolet was cooking breakfast, a sleepy Bam could be seen latching to her back. The first few days they saw the scene, it threw everyone for a loop. Wangnan, Yihwa, and Prince could be seen hiding behind the counter while they stared suspiciously at the duo.

"Are you sure you two aren't going out?" Wangnan asked bluntly, finally sick of seeing the pair's morning routine of some sort.

Evolet who was cooking at the time could only tilt her head in perplexion, clearly not catching Wangnan's implication. "What do you mean Wangnan-san? It's breakfast so of course we're staying inside."

That… was another discovery they had at some point during their observation. The two are utterly, devastatingly clueless despite how much… "flirting" they do with each other, if it can be called that. Or as Yihwa would say, they're dancing around each other without being aware of it. Wangnan face-palmed, motioning for the other two to help him. Yihwa and Prince looked at each other, nodding in agreement and they promptly ran off leaving Wangnan alone. Blinking confusedly at the odd display, Evolet only shrugged it off before going back to cooking.

Sighing in annoyance, Wangnan decided to give up for the time being and opted to sit near the counter instead. He watched how Evolet seemed to move swiftly even with Bam hugging her all the time, and he slightly wondered how she did that.

Wangnan listed off the occasions he witnessed nearly daily now. Whenever it's dessert after dinnertime, Evolet would always give Bam more share of the dessert and vice versa.

How they would more often cuddle on the sofa if the team was having a movie time– (or rather how movie time gets cancelled all the time)

The team could testify that it was indeed supposed to be movie time. The keyword being "supposed". The film was playing on the screen, but none of the members dared to approach the couch. They were hiding behind the kitchen counter, directing their stares at the occupied couch and the reason they couldn't get near. Despite it being movie time, Evolet was fast asleep on the couch beforehand and Bam being the person he was, took it upon himself to lay her down properly before taking his place beside her. Evolet didn't even need to be told before reacting to the new source of warmth and snuggled closer with a pleased sigh.

At this point the team wasn't freaked out anymore whenever Bam made a soft expression, a smile curling up on his lips as his fingers ran through Evolet's silky locks. The team could've sworn they heard Evolet purr in her sleep as he did that. Miseng was too busy taking pictures of the pair while Goseng only stared at her little sister, not quite knowing what to say in this situation.

Yihwa would be screaming until her voice went hoarse if it wasn't for Wangnan and Prince holding her back while muffling her screams. They don't want to imagine what Bam would do to them if they accidentally woke Evolet up. The more grown up members, or rather Horyang and Arkraptor chose to not get involved at all while they drank their coffee peacefully. Movie time was out of the question whenever this happened.

How Evolet would end up wearing Bam's clothing at times or how their eyes would trail each other when they're in sight–

The team was utterly dumbfounded by the duo's actions. One would wonder how it was exactly that they hadn't confessed to one another. Evolet just came out of the room clad in Bam's oversized sweater of all things with a bed head, rubbing her eyes sleepily as she sauntered wobbly to the bathroom. And Bam who was cooking breakfast tripped over nothing as soon as he saw Evolet, falling to the floor with a crash along with a few cooking utensils.

'What the… Is that a freaking boyfriend shirt!???'

Wangnan would feel himself choking on thin air before he heard a crash and stared unimpressed at the Slayer Nominee that was lying on the floor with a spatula still in his hands. Miseng was still kind enough to help him up, asking if he was okay to which Bam wasn't coherent enough to answer.

There was also that time when Bam was just walking by while Evolet was teaching the team about strategy. Her gaze shifted to Bam as soon as he entered her visual field. Bam also did the same out of habit, eyes trailing to Evolet from the corner of his eyes. There wasn't anyone in the team who was dumb enough to not notice the little exchange. Prince groaned exasperatedly at their action. The team wasn't surprised when Yihwa slammed her forehead to the table but still went unnoticed by Evolet.

The random hugs that Bam would give or how Evolet would occasionally string him into a slow dance–

It was an often and a completely normal occurrence for the team whenever Bam would suddenly hug Evolet. Just like now, Evolet was in the middle of chatting with Wangnan about various ways to utilize his Shinsu bombs when Bam suddenly came into the living room and went straight up to Evolet before hugging her from behind. Evolet didn't show any reaction, letting Bam's hands circle around her waist and hold her tight while he buried his face on her shoulder.

He stayed there silently for a while, waiting for the conversation to end. But after a few minutes, it was evident that his patience was running out. Bam lifted his head up slightly, mustering the best threatening glare he could from the annoyance and directing it to Wangnan. The effect could be seen instantly. Wangnan fidgeted in his place, face taking on a pale sheen that showed his uncomfortableness at Bam's unrelenting glare. Evolet was completely unaware of what's happening, simply speaking with more ideas.

The others sent a pitying gaze at him for being stuck in that position. Imagine Evolet's confusion when Wangnan suddenly excused himself with a stutter and rushed away without a proper explanation. Then Prince came along, all too eager with papers in his hand with a new Lighthouse technique he just came up with. He was just about to show it to Evolet, that was before he saw the ominous glare those dark golden eyes were showing. Granted, he didn't think twice before running off with a 'manly' scream.

Evolet was puzzled beyond words, not understanding what just took place. The team members shook their head and sighed exasperatedly, knowing it was their usual shenanigan. Still perplexed, she tilted her head to look at Bam who was smiling 'innocently' from her shoulder. In the end she chucked it off to the boys having a bad day. Bam nuzzled to her contentedly, quite pleased with how there were no more interruptions for the remainder of the day.

Another common occasion would be when they were just done eating dinner and the members were just relaxing, off doing their own preferred activities though most of them would be in the living room. Evolet who was outside at the backyard would suddenly come in, her gaze wandering all over the room before finally locking on Bam.

She rushed over to him and grabbed his hand, pulling him along to the backyard with a prominent smile that Bam could never refuse. There wasn't any music, but Evolet didn't seem to mind it as she took the lead of the slow paced dance with the whole backyard as their little stage as the pair danced under the starry sky with matching smiles adorning their faces.

Every time that happened, the team would huddle at the patio door to watch the duo. Miseng would already have her phone ready, recording the slow dance without fail each time. Goseng stared at the patio door worriedly, afraid that it would break with how hard Yihwa was gripping it with flaming eyes as she watched the pair in the backyard.

Their little dance came to an end but neither side was letting go of each other, Bam kissing Evolet's forehead tenderly as she giggled. As if that wasn't enough, he brought their forehead together and stayed in that position for a while as they stared into each other's eyes. Noses touching and lips a little too close to one another yet completely clueless.

The glass patio door cracked under Yihwa's hold along with Wangnan's poor little heart. Yihwa was screeching inside her mind, desperately wanting to rip the doors out of their hinges and throw them at the pair who was still utterly unaware of the position they were in. Meanwhile, Wangnan huddled in a corner and drew circles over and over after his 'single' heart shattered to pieces. He gritted his teeth, sulking with a gloomy aura surrounding him. The team could clearly hear what he was repeatedly saying.

"I'm single damnit… Get a freaking room would ya… Getting a room isn't as hard as finding a girlfriend is it?!!!!"

The remaining male trio threw pitiful glances at him, patting his back in compassion and understanding. Though they all know it wasn't going to stop anytime soon. Goseng was rather more focused on the broken patio door, sighing mournfully as she added it to the lists of items that Yihwa destroyed out of frustration from watching Bam and Evolet. A thought passed Arkraptor's mind, pondering if the FUG duo was actually doing this on purpose to drive the team insane.

The answer to that question would be a "No".

How they've completely memorized each other's habits and preferences. Or how they always seem to know what each other was thinking in a battle despite not saying a word–

The list goes on and on. They were all intent on making the two a couple officially. It wasn't an exaggeration when they said they tried their best and used everything in their disposal. The team thought up countless ways to get them together but both of them were completely and utterly clueless to their dismay. There have been a few scenarios that they set up in an attempt to make them realize their feelings of some sort, and none of them have worked so far. The reason for that would be because they… were already used to it, nothing was different from their usual routine and the team wanted to bang their heads on the wall for not recognizing it beforehand.

There were also a few cases where they just broke through with brute force. Like that time when Prince locked them in a room and fortified the door with Shinsu in hopes of getting them to confess or anything. Both of them just spent the day in the room as they usually would before Evolet had to cook dinner which resulted in a forcefully unhinged door so she could exit. The Shinsu did absolutely nothing against her.

Wangnan actually looked lost like a soulless person when he gave up on the plan, Yihwa’s screams of frustration rang throughout the house that day. She screamed her head off, hands about to rip her hair off from stress as she kept shouting "OH FOR JAHAD'S SAKE JUST DATE ALREADY!!!" over and over again that it was a wonder the pair still didn't understand the meaning.

An afterword from Horyang:

"You know… I wouldn't be surprised if they were actually already married and we just didn't know about the wedding."

The other team members' eyes were locked at him as they simultaneously thought that said reasoning was absolutely plausible, in fact it made the most sense. Evolet was staring at them with an impassive look, knowing whatever they were thinking spelt trouble from the looks on their face.

"... Whatever you're thinking, no."