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Muse [ToG KhunxOCxBam Fanfic]

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Sweet and Sour: (thinking what if Eve and Viole are actually dating but kept it a secret to mess with them)
Eve: ... Whatever you're thinking, N O

Sweet and Sour: Are you sure... The two of you aren't dating...?
Eve: (wearing Viole's oversized sweater, Viole still hugging her wherever she goes)
Viole: (gives Eve a quick peck on her lips)
Eve: Of course we're not. What makes you think that?
Sweet and Sour: uhuh...

Yunuen: One... Two... Three... Four... (Counting the Sweet and Sour male members, excluding Viole)
Eve: What are you doing, Yunuen-san?
Yunuen: Oh nothing... Just adding some unfortunate souls to my hit list

Eve: (eating a cinnamon roll)
Yunuen: (le gasp)
Yunuen: Cannibalism!!!
Eve: (confused chewing noises)
Yunuen: Seconds?
Eve: (muffled) yesh please
Yunuen: I can die happy now

Random guy: Would you go on a date with me?
Eve: Today is (insert today's date)
Random guy: ._. nonono, I meant–

Random guy: Did it hurt?
Eve: ?
Random guy: When you fell from heaven
Eve: I... Am not satan...?

Someone: (takes 2 pieces of bread and slaps it onto Eve's cheeks)
Someone: What are you?
Eve: (sullen look with tears pooling at the corner of her eyes)
Eve: I'm an idiot sandwich that doesn't deserve to live...
Viole, Khun, Jinsung, Yunuen: Who do I need to kill???????

Eve: (・・)
Random guy: I can't believe we're stuck in this room toge–
Khun: (picks the lock, throw the man out, lock the door, swallow the key)
Eve: (^^;)
Khun: I can't believe we're stuck in this room together (ʃƪ¬‿¬)

Eve: (brings a box with a kitten in it, looking at Khun with quivering lips and puppy eyes)
Khun: ...just once

Eve: Appreciate the little things in life
Khun: (hugs her)
Eve: I'm not that small...
Khun: (whispering) yes, you are~

Eve: (fell asleep on the couch)
Khun: (sighs as he tries to wake her up)
Eve: (pulls Khun down and cuddle with him without even knowing it)
Khun: (red as a tomato and freezes)
Yihwa: Ah... Yeah, she does that all the time

Endorsi and Yuri: Oh Eve~ Come out, come out wherever you are~!
Eve: (running for her life while repeatedly saying "NONONONONONONO" in her heart)

Jinsung: Eve why don't you just marry Viole?
Eve: ... What's marry?
Jinsung: Well, marriage is–
Yunuen: (kicking Jinsung away brutally while screeching and covering Eve's ears)
Eve: (? ω ?)

Eve: Viole and I–
Jinsung: (hands her a wedding dress)
Jinsung: The venue is right over there, we'll start the wedding as soon as you're done
Eve: ...are going to go grocery shopping... Do you have anything you need?
Jinsung: ... Cigarettes please

Eve: Viole and I–
Yihwa: Are getting married?
Eve: How did you–
Wangnan: (takes out a stack of binders) Sit down, we already planned the whole thing

Yihwa: Have you ever looked at two people and wonder why they haven't married each other yet?
Wangnan: Every damn day
Viole and Eve: Why are you looking at us like that?

Yihwa: Eve, what do bees make?
Eve: Honey?
Viole: Yes love?
Eve and Yihwa: ...

Wangnan: Truth or dare
Eve: Truth
Khun: How many hours have you slept?
Eve: –dare
Viole: I dare you to sleep–
Eve: I don't like this–
Viole: –with me
Everyone: (choke on air)
Eve: We already do that every night though?

Eve: I like your hoodie
Viole: Thanks, they were 50% off
Eve: I'd like them 100% off (looking at Viole expectantly)
Viole: (sighs as he takes out another hoodie and give it to Eve)
Viole: There goes another one of my hoodies...
Wangnan: ... What did I just witness?
Viole: Just a hoodie robbery as usual
Wangnan: (mumbles) She might as well just steal your last name now...

Eve: How do you like you coffee?
Viole: As dark and bitter as my soul
Eve: (gives a glass of milk while smiling fondly)
Eve: Would you like some honey to go along with it?
Viole: ...yes please

Bam: How's the world's most BEAUTIFUL person is doing today?
Eve: (smiles teasingly) I don't know, how are you doing today Bam?
Bam: (blushes as he hugs Eve while trying to hide in her shoulder)

Bam: The doctor told me all my bleeding was internal. That's where the blood's supposed to be
Eve: And I'm telling you if you're not going to rest properly on the bed like you're supposed to then no cuddling for the rest of the year
Bam: ... Yes ma'am

Flirting With Bam
Bam: I can fit the whole world in my hands!
Eve: (smiles softly and kisses his cheek) If it's Bam then I believe in you
Bam: (blushing as he splutters incoherently)
Flirting attempt #1 failed

Flirting With Bam Re-take!
Bam: I can fit the whole world in my hands!
Eve: That's physically impossible–
Bam: (cups Eve's face, smiling like a fool in love) Are you sure?
Eve: (starts crying while trying to wipe her tears uncontrollably) L-liar!
Bam: (trying to calm her down, doesn't know she called him a liar because she knows there was still R(o)achel in the world)
Flirting attempt #2... Failed

Flirting With Khun
Khun: I bet I can fit the whole world in my hands
Eve: That's physically impossible though, Khun-san...?
Khun: (cups Eve's face, a dangerous smirk on his face, leaning close) Are you sure~?
Eve: (blushes as her knees go weak and hugs Khun while saying he's unfair)
Khun: (laughs teasingly)

Version #1
Viole: If I run and leap at Eve, she will most certainly catch me in her arms–
Eve: (already sweeping him into a bridal carry) You don't even need to run at me and I'll catch you anytime
Yihwa: Can somebody get them a room?

Version #2
Bam: If I run and leap at Eve, she will most certainly catch me in her arms
Bam: Comin' in!!!
Eve: Wha– wait, Bam! I'm holding a cake–
Eve: (catches him anyway while sighing)
Bam: ... The cake is floating
Eve: Well I wasn't about to let either of you fall

Take #1
Eve: Kiss me if I'm wrong but–
Viole: You're wrong
Eve: But–
Viole: (leaning closer) You. Are. Wrong.
Eve: (incoherent embarrassed mumbles)

Take #2
Eve: Kiss me if I'm–
Khun: (doesn't even wait to kiss her)
Eve: (mumbling while hiding in his chest) that's not how it goes Khun-san...
Khun: Hm~ I make my own rules