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Muse [ToG KhunxOCxBam Fanfic]

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"Khun-san can really do everything..."

Evolet stared at the mirror in slight awe, particularly at Khun's reflection that was still working magic with his hands. He was in the middle of styling her light lavender hair to a braided updo. Khun frowned slightly when she moved, telling her to stay still since he needed to put the finishing touches to which Evolet simply smiled at. There was a proud smirk on his face as he backed away, adoring how his blue bandanna was safely nestled in the braid and how Evolet practically wore it everywhere.

Standing upright, she twirled around once to check if she was wearing the kimono properly. Khun chuckled at her actions, gently placing a tender kiss on her cheek and smoothly complimented her.

“Don’t worry, you look beautiful no matter what.”

Not expecting the sudden compliment, a soft blush bloomed across her cheeks and painted it a vibrant pink. She tilted her head down, avoiding Khun’s piercing gaze that conveyed how he was relishing in her response. He outstretched a hand to her, telling her that Bam was already waiting downstairs so they should go soon. This time she met his eyes without hesitation, smiling with rosy cheeks as she took his hand and went downstairs.

Bam immediately perked up once he saw the both of them, running up excitedly without wasting any time to hug Evolet as always. The purplette welcomed him in open arms, hugging him back without restraint. With a fond sigh, Khun also joined in the hug, sandwiching Evolet between them. Evolet herself was more than glad to stay like that until she realized she couldn’t escape. The same instant she tried to move, Bam would only hug her even tighter.

“Both of you… if we don’t go soon then we’ll be late.” was what she wanted to say, but her voice ended up being muffled on Bam’s chest.

She could hear their chuckles at her attempt, swiftly understanding that they were doing this on purpose to tease her. Sighing playfully with exasperation from their daily teasing, Evolet pinched Bam’s back hard. As to be expected, the brunette immediately let go of her with a yelp although more playful than pained.

She looked upwards at Khun whose hands were still circling her waist without any intention of letting go. Judging from the glint in those sharp cobalt blue eyes, it was easy to see that Khun was having too much fun with this.

"Is there something on my face? You're staring quite intensely at me, Eve~" Said bluenette simply smiled at her as he asked that question. So she decided to play along with his scheme.

“Yes, there’s something on your face, Khun-san.” He actually looked taken aback for once, releasing Evolet and reaching out to his face to see if there was really anything. In the split moment, he didn’t notice how Evolet was grinning now. Before he could react, Evolet pulled him down by his collar and smoothly gave a peck on his cheek.

“It was me.” She said mischievously. He abruptly broke into a full on blush, realizing she just tricked him deviously. His face was beet red, stuttering while covering his cheek with his hand. Evolet kept smiling at him as she reached out to caress his cheek, hand overlapping with the one that he was covering his cheek with.

“You look handretty as always, Khun-san.” There goes his dignity and confidence. By now his face was completely steaming red. Throat parched suddenly and a flustered mess as he failed to form words. He knew handretty wasn’t even a proper word, but his mind just doesn’t want to work anymore after he heard those words from Evolet.

Now she could feel a soft tug on her sleeves, turning back to Bam who was now pouting at her from the lack of attention. Smiling ever so gently, she tugged his sleeves in return, asking him to lean down slightly. Bam instantly did, feeling inexplicably joyful with a grin so wide that was practically radiating light from his sheer happiness when he felt a gentle peck on his left cheek.

"Is that enough?" Evolet asked playfully, taking note of his happy mood.

At the question, Bam hummed deeply as he pretended to be in deep thoughts. The mischief swirling in his golden eyes said otherwise as he replied, "Hm~ Maybe one more?"

More than willing to comply, Evolet didn't waste any time to deliver a kiss to his other cheek. Bam could clearly feel some sort of fuzzy feeling in his chest, an everlasting warmth and gentleness he always felt whenever Evolet does… a lot of things really. His grin turned to a content smile, golden eyes somewhat lidded and gleaming as if he was staring at the most precious thing in the world.

Evolet tilted her head as if silently asking what's the matter. And Bam could only melt down at that, grasping her hand and intertwining their hands with a burst of courage. As he expected, Evolet replied with an overly familiar soft smile and a hint of blush bloomed across his cheeks with a simple gesture from her. Seeing that, Evolet squeezed his hand reassuringly before turning around and looked at Khun. Bam could hear she was struggling to stifle her laughter, though he could understand where she was coming from.

"Eve… I think you broke Mr. Khun." Said bluenette was still trying to recover from her critical blow earlier, frozen like a statue. Sighing fondly as she gingerly grabbed Khun's hand, she proceeded to string both males along out of the house since they were already late for their shrine visit.

The shrine was as crowded as they thought it'd be. People bustling around here and there, greeting friends and families, saying their wishes, buying good luck charms, etc. Evolet’s lips curled up into a tender smile when she felt Bam and Khun holding her hands tighter, both of them speaking out simultaneously.

""Eve, don't let go no matter what."" They broke out into soft laughter when they realized both male had said it at the same time. Still in the midst of giggling, Evolet promised she won't let go since she didn't want to get separated in this crowd either.

The bell rang with a sense of clarity as they shook it. Bowing respectfully twice and clapping their hands also twice, the trio made a silent prayer in their heart, their wishes somewhat similar to one another. Both Khun and Evolet opened their eyes at the same time, sharing a knowing smile when they saw Bam had a look of concentration and still praying earnestly.

When the brunette opened his eyes, he yelped in surprise, finding affectionate blue-violet and sharp cobalt blue orbs staring at him playfully. Khun chuckled in amusement at his response and Bam could only rub his neck sheepishly. Evolet shook her head from fond exasperation, pulling both of them away since there were still others lining up behind.

Khun didn't mind much about the fact that Shibisu and his group accidentally forgot to inform them when they did their shrine visit. He did slightly miss them, not that he'd ever admit it outloud. But it was all good since he could spend more time with Evolet and Bam alone. Or at least that's what he originally thought.

He just turned his back for a moment in order to buy some ema for the three of them. The next thing he knew once he turned around, Bam was chatting away happily with Jinsung. Evolet nonchalantly munching on a box of cookies that Yunuen gave her, surrounded by a serene aura as Yunuen patted her that made Khun unconsciously smile softly for a split second before he snapped out of it. He doesn't know when or from where they come.

When he does walk over though, Yunuen greeted him with a welcoming smile while Jinsung plainly scrutinized him for a while before stopping once Evolet glared viciously at him. Jinsung didn't waste any time before trying to convince Evolet he did nothing wrong and the only thing he got in return was an unamused stare. The father figure's head immediately drooped down, seemingly feeling guilty.

To make it worse, once Evolet turned around she found Yunuen looking contemplatively at Bam who was trying to look away awkwardly. The teal-eyed male ended up bowing apologetically to her as she lectured the both of them. Glancing at each other briefly, Bam and Khun found themselves shrugging nonchalantly. They were already used to this kind of scene where either Jinsung or Yunuen ends up getting a scolding from Evolet for whatever they did.

The lecture did end up finishing sooner or later, and now they were writing their wishes on the wooden plaque the bluenette bought earlier. Khun stole a glance at Evolet who was humming softly, a smile that was admittedly perhaps too tender for his reputation when he saw the doodle on her wooden plaque. Bam also noticed it eventually, golden eyes lighting up as he recognized that she drew the three of them holding hands together.

Once she finished hanging her wish, Bam and Khun were already by her side with their hands extended as a silent invitation. Evolet doesn't hesitate to take their hands with the brightest grin they've ever seen. Jinsung and Yunuen watched them fondly a few steps away, phones out as they captured the moment.

Evolet caught Bam staring at the variations of good luck charms being displayed at the shop, childish curiosity clear in his eyes. All the while smiling, she walked up beside him and asked, "Do you want to buy one?"

His stare lingered for a moment longer before he shook his head fervently, pulling out a certain good luck charm from his sleeves. He was still curious what exactly was inside the brocade bag, but Evolet would only smile mischievously at him whenever he asked before telling him to not open it.

"No, the one you gave is more than enough. I still don't know what's inside though…"

As he expected, a Cheshire grin showed up on her expression. Her blue-violet eyes narrowed playfully as she answered. "That's for me to know and you to find out someday."

Khun was already by her side the next thing she knew, an arm casually wrapping around her shoulder while he held up the exact same charm Evolet gave him. Khun's was blue while Bam's was golden. They had the same exact contents, though only Evolet knew that and she wasn't willing to tell them any time soon.

"When is that someday?" The bluenette asked, sure enough curious.

"Hm~ I'll tell the two of you when it's time."

They know better than to press on for answers. Not that it stops them from guessing randomly, taking turns as they throw up their guesses. She refused to give them a proper answer, shaking her head with an amused smile as they kept on guessing. They do stop after a while because they already ran out of ideas and their mind wouldn't conjure more.

So she watched fondly as they walked a few steps ahead of her unknowingly, too distracted as they thought of any remaining possibilities. Yunuen walked up beside her, a somewhat curious look on his face as he nonchalantly asked, "Are they rings?"

Yunuen didn't miss how Evolet's soft smile turned into something much mischievous and daring, blue-violet orbs gleaming sharply. He knew he had landed a correct guess. He could imagine how either Bam or Khun would propose first, maybe at the same time– and once Evolet tells them to open the charm, they'd be speechless after realizing how she'd overtaken them again. He didn't want to hand over Evolet to them so soon but he'd be lying if he said he didn't want to see their gobsmacked expression and Evolet's smug one.

"By the way, Yunuen-san, Jinsung-san, do you want to come over and eat some ozoni? We also have osechi."

Bam and Khun skidded to a stop once they heard her inviting the two older males, Bam's eyes reflecting the clear happiness he felt while Khun's radiated a sense of exasperation and slight panic. The bluenette didn't get a say in the matter as Yunuen and Jinsung answered yes in a heartbeat. He opted to facepalm instead. There goes his plan of a quiet new year.

Clearly, whatever force was out there decided that messing his plans to that extent wasn't quite enough. The group of five blinked confusedly once they arrived home. A certain Khun sibling was staring straight at them, one hand almost pressing the doorbell. Evolet moved first, most likely out of habit more than anything as she dashed out a cup of yogurt from her kimono sleeves like magic.

"Why are you here, Ran?" She asked curiously as she handed the cup of yogurt, there wasn't an ounce of hesitation as he took it.

"You promised me mochi." A round of soft laughter spilled from her lips as she patted Ran's head, the younger bluenette not even complaining the slightest bit.

"Of course, I suppose I did promise that."

Except they haven't made the mochi. Which was why they were currently out in the backyard, three sets of mochi making tools out though Khun wondered why they even had that many in the first place.

If this was their typical new year celebration between the three of them, then Bam and Khun would be the one pounding the mochi while Evolet makes the ozoni later on. With the new additions though… Khun thinks they're a little too eager to pair up with Evolet, especially Yunuen who was practically nagging her with sparkling eyes at the moment. And might he say, she's doing a wonderful job at ignoring the teal-eyed male.

All of them missed how Ran subtly tugged her kimono sleeves lightly and Evolet would glance at him for a split second, immediately understanding his intentions. In the next second, she clapped her hands twice to get all of their attention. Yunuen was promptly dragged over by Evolet as she handed him to Jinsung.

"Since we have 6 people, let's split into 3 teams."

Khun, being the voice of rationality in the whole bunch voiced out a logical question. "Do we actually need that much mochi?"

That did make them stop for a moment. Making three batches of mochi is nice and all, but who was going to eat them? There might be six of them here, but they're not exactly the most gluttonous of their group. Well Evolet might be able to finish half of it on her own– but neither Bam or Khun would let her do that.

"Maybe we can give some to Shibisu and the others?" Bam's suggestion was quickly agreed on. Rak would probably appreciate it the most, especially when no one in their team could cook decently other than Bam and Evolet. Hopefully they haven't burned the kitchen down or anything over there.

"That's a good idea Bam. Yunuen-san and Jinsung-san could also bring some with them. I'll save some for Hansung-san too so please pass that along with a few paperworks I need him to do, Yunuen-san."

Both Bam and Khun grimaced at her mention of Hansung's name, because he's still as passive aggressive as ever and Khun hates him with a burning passion. Yunuen was all too eager to shove some paperwork to the blond.

"Now… about the teams. Yunuen-san will pair with Jinsung-san." Instantly, the older bluenette crumpled to the ground with dramatic devastation in his teal eyes. No one paid attention to his gasps of why and Evolet simply continued on. Poor Jinsung was too busy dealing with Yunuen who was clinging to him now as he tried to shake him off.

"Khun-san will pair up with Bam… And I'll pair up with Ran. Is that fine?"

Khun raised an eyebrow amusedly at the arrangement and Bam gladly flashed him a beaming grin. They nod simultaneously with the same thoughts in mind as Bam voiced out their opinion. "Let's make this more interesting!"

"" Surprisingly it was Ran who spoke up, hands tucked in his pockets neatly as he stood beside Evolet.

"Mochi making and cooking ozoni. The winners can ask one thing from the losers."

Evolet didn't exactly look impressed by Khun's answer, no doubt she already caught on to whatever they were planning. They've never seen Evolet pound mochi before, and Bam was confident he could make ozoni as well as she does. It's technically a savory dish and he was borderline sure he's better at savory dishes than Evolet.

"Hm… what do you want if you win, Ran?" Evolet glanced at the younger bluenette beside him, asking a what if question politely yet sounding as if they were going to win without a doubt. No one knows how she managed to sound like that.

"A whole year supply of yogurt." His answer came immediately, not a shred of hesitation in it.

Now their stares were directed at Jinsung as he sighed, realizing their attention on him. But it turned into a fond exasperated smile soon enough as he replied, "Sure, why not."

For some reason though, Yunuen quickly paled as if his soul just flew out of his body. The older bluenette was much aware they could never win against Evolet. Jinsung simply patted his back sympathetically, knowing what he was thinking about. They could only sigh, probably the other two weren't even aware of it. But there's no harm taking part in the competition at least, they'd still get delicious free ozoni at the end and they're more than willing to waste FUG's money on a yearlong supply of yogurt if to spite them and nothing else.

The mochi pounding went by rather smoothly for most of the part. There were plenty of occasions where Jinsung burnt his fingers from the steaming hot mochigome. Or Yunuen screaming for his life when Jinsung swings the mallet down a little too close to his fingers for comfort. Jinsung is definitely not doing it on purpose… probably.

To Bam and Khun's surprise but somewhat to be expected, Evolet was doing rather well with Ran. They have absolutely no idea how she could still swing the mallet elegantly with that kimono. Don't get them wrong, both Bam and Khun were doing rather well too. Just somewhat surprised since Evolet never took part in the mochi pounding and they thought they had a chance at it. Once their mochi was done though, they did stop to actually wonder. Was there anything Evolet couldn't do?

The question was plaguing Khun's mind as he waited at the table with Jinsung and Ran while the other three were cooking their ozoni in the kitchen. He actually questioned it out loud, chin propped on his hand contemplatively. Ran stopped eating his yogurt for once, freezing up as his mind tried to search for an answer. Jinsung was the first to respond.

"I mean… she can't stand horror movies… or the cold..."

And he promptly paused with a frown, before continuing with an unsure tone. "But that's a part of what makes her adorable…"

Khun wholeheartedly agreed to that statement, ignoring Ran's unimpressed look. Ran on the other hand, thought for a bit more as he stared into the half finished cup of yogurt before answering resolutely.

"Nothing." Jinsung couldn't exactly disagree with that from what he's seen Evolet do, and neither could Khun. Just to pass the time, Jinsung started throwing random guesses on the table while Khun nonchalantly answered them one by one as he reminisced.

There was that time he discovered Evolet couldn't ice skate, but he had been the one to fix that problem and she was a fast learner. She could do all the household chores perfectly, not that she lets them off the hook if they don't do their part. He's seen her attempting rather crazy things before and she nailed it without a problem. She was also well-versed in self-defense and in business administration. He could probably drop her at a stranded island for a week and she'd turn it to a personal resort. ...well either that or the island gets destroyed somehow.

"What are you talking about?" The three of them turned their attention to Evolet who emerged from the kitchen, carrying a tray filled with bowls of ozoni.

"Eve, just on time! Is there anything that you can't do?" Jinsung asked, rather curious about it.

"Uh… that's quite the sudden question…?" She replied awkwardly, not expecting that type of question as she served the ozoni to them. Seeing how they weren't about to back down, all three sets of eyes locking on her, Evolet sighed.

"There… are things that I can't do, of course."

"...for example?"

"That's something that you'll have to find out, Khun-san."

The bluenette huffed lightly, smiling knowingly as he did. If Evolet answered like that, no doubt he wasn't going to find out anytime soon. Though he supposed it's fine, he had all the time in the world to do so. They were staying together after all, and neither of them were willing to let her go.

The sharp gaze of his cobalt blue eyes softened, lips curling into a content grin as he watched Bam coming up from behind Evolet and hugged her. The purplette responded with a bright smile, eyes closed into crescents and cheeks tinted in a pink hue. She opened her eyes, blue-violet orbs twinkling with pure affection as she extended a hand to him and pulled Khun into their hug. The others didn't waste any time joining in, laughter filling up the room along with soft protests which sure enough came from Ran. Scoffing lightly, Khun made himself comfortable in Evolet's warm embrace. It wasn't the New Year celebration he planned for, but it'll be nice if they can stay like this forever, he thought.


Bonus scene (the aftermath of the competition):

Bam was currently questioning his own skills, staring at his hands shakily. Evolet patted his back sympathetically as both Yunuen and Jinsung shrugged. It turned out exactly the way they predicted it. The brunette wasn't sure how Evolet won by a landslide when they used the same recipe book. Not that he could complain a thing once he tasted her ozoni, practically melting into a happy puddle from the taste. Evolet and Ran won with unanimous votes.

Khun sighed as he handed one of his father's many credit cards to Ran, telling him to spend as much as possible for his yogurt. The younger bluenette stared at the card in his hand for a while before promptly extending his hand with an impassive look.

"Not enough." Khun could see how Evolet was trying to stifle her laughter as she saw all of this unfold. Yunuen wasn't even holding back as he cackled with Jinsung chuckling lightly. He borderline felt like he was being robbed blind by his half sibling. But then again the money wasn't his anyway, and it's not as if Eduan cared either. So he proceeded to dump a few more cards to Ran's awaiting hands. Yunuen sweatdropped as Ran turned towards him and Jinsung who was sighing. He was robbing people blind indeed.

Evolet shook her head fondly at their interaction. Her fingers were still nimbly running through Bam's hair as the brunette made himself comfortable in her lap. Having lost the competition, Bam was basically looking for comfort from Evolet. The purplette let out a small hum, seemingly pondering over something as she stared at Bam.

"Bam, what do you think I should ask for?"

The two losing pairs were rigid as they turned to her. Bam gulped, sweating profusely as he gathered up his courage and asked albeit stuttering. "W-what do you mean Eve?"

"Hm? My prize for winning, of course. After all, Ran isn't the only winner~ So tell me love, what should I ask for? Or would you be willing to enlighten me about exactly what you were planning to ask from me if you won with Khun?"

Khun makes it a point to never bet against Evolet anymore.