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Muse [ToG KhunxOCxBam Fanfic]

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What… in the actual word in going on?

Wangnan Ja, who just transferred to Tower High School eight months ago, was currently staring at the class window in sheer disbelief of what just happened. As a transferee, Wangnan was well aware that Khun and Bam were the most popular boys in school who were always a hot topic.

He also knew of their unofficial girlfriend who was painstakingly oblivious(?) of their affection, and how everyone refused to believe they weren’t in a relationship. You’d think people would back off when they know the trio was practically smitten for each other, apparently looks triumph over all because that just boosted up their reputation.

Just earlier this morning, he entered the classroom that were swarming with girls trying to give chocolates to the two. There was Bam who just smiled brightly as always, thanking each and every one of them while Khun still had his trademark cold expression.

He had raised an eyebrow skeptical when he saw Evolet's desk was also buried in chocolate for some reason, finding it odd since it was typically girls who gave out the chocolates instead of receiving. The purplette who was always by Bam and Khun's side was nowhere to be found despite having always arrived early to school. Though he could somewhat understand why she wasn’t here with how the two were currently surrounded by fangirls. If that doesn’t get her jealous, he doesn’t know what will. It actually doesn’t and it's the other way around.

It only got weirder when Khun suddenly made the crowd disperse, telling them that he had something to do since Bam was too soft to even turn them away. He noticed how most of them glanced at the mountain of chocolate burying Evolet's desk before reluctantly exiting the classroom. Bam was the first one to sigh in relief, his shoulders slumping as he grabbed several folding bags that he got from who knows where before unceremoniously dumping in all the chocolates on Evolet’s desk in them.

Then Khun was looking at his wristwatch. Counting down from ten to one before Evolet entered the class casually like she hadn’t been almost late and instead was waiting in front of the door this whole time. The bell rang at the exact second she closed the door, as if everything was planned from the start.

It was even weirder when she switched seats with Khun so that she was sitting by the window. Despite being confused, he didn't ask a thing and reined in his curiosity since no one else paid attention to the sudden change. Looking back at it… he really should've asked her earlier.

The reason why he was still staring at the window incredulously was because of what happened once the school bell rang, signalling their break. He hadn't noticed how the majority of the class was focused on the purplette sitting in front of him instead of paying attention to the lesson.

But once the bell rang, all he remembered was the window opening and a stampede of footsteps as the classroom door slammed open. Then Evolet smiled teasingly before she jumped out of the window. Of course, he hurriedly looked outside the window to see if she was fine. But the purplette wasn't anywhere in sight and the other students who rushed here were more frustrated rather than concerned.





"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" They screamed out simultaneously, already running away and trying to cover all of the school ground.

“Do you think she’ll be okay, Mr. Khun?” Bam looked somewhat worried as he stared at the door that was still left open by the other students.

Khun sighed as he slicked back his hair, exasperated by the annual occasion that’s been going on for about 5 years now. “I’m sure she’ll manage somehow, Bam. But still… they sure are persistent as always this year. You’d think after 5 years they’d give up on their chase.”

Yeah, Wangnan definitely didn't understand what was going on at all. Bam, being the angel he is, realized the puzzlement on Wangnan’s expression. “Ah right, Mr. Wangnan just transferred here eight months ago so he doesn’t know what’s going on.”

The blond blinked confusedly at that, only nodding dumbfoundedly at his words and waited for some sort of explanation to which Bam only chuckled at before pointing to the speaker in the class. On cue to his action, the speaker turned on as the static buzzed for a short while.

“Good morning, my fellow students! Today is yet again another Valentine’s day at Tower High, which means… we all know what's going on. As per usual, this Valentine’s Special broadcast is brought to you by our school’s very own Broadcasting club or rather… Because I lost at rock paper scissors so I had to stay behind to give my commentary.” Wangnan’s eyebrows twitched at the borderline annoyed and rueful tone that the speaker gave off.

"But still… This year's chase is already in full blast again as you would expect. Though it looks like the ambush plan failed since Eve-senpai is already roaming around the school with the students hot on her track. And we’re even getting several sighting reports at the same time? At this point maybe we can consider that she’s a ninja instead?”

If Wangnan's blank stare on the speaker was anything to go with, then he didn't understand what they were talking about. Somebody, anyone, explain what this so-called chase business is all about.

"Uh… for those of you who don't know, let me explain briefly what this unofficial event is all about!"


"Is there anyone who doesn't know about it though? I don't think I need to explain it right?" On second thought, Wangnan really wanted to murder whoever was behind this whole commentary. Bam sweatdropped at the visible annoyance across the blond’s face, making gestures to calm him down with his hands.

“Hahahhaha, I was just kidding. I’ll explain it now.” Wangnan was sure a vein bulged irritably on his forehead.

“Long story short, the start of this event was on Valentine's 6 years ago. Originally it all began when Eve-senpai was still in her first year of junior high school. As would you expect, she was already quite popular by that time and well uhm… Let’s say that people were literally fighting for chocolates. And one way or another that turned to this tag event after Eve-senpai promised she’ll give home-made chocolates per your request and one Valentine’s date to whoever can catch her. An extremely tempting offer if I do say so myself."

Wangnan could agree on that, though he was still confused on why Evolet made such an event in the first place. He glanced at Bam and Khun, wondering why they weren't participating with that kind of gift on the line. Not that they even need it probably. Wangnan has no doubt they'd have no trouble getting Evolet's Valentine homemade chocolates and a simple date. And that's absolutely incorrect.

"It’s been five years since she announced that and so far no one has ever caught her. Despite that the participants only keep adding every year and no one is quite willing to back off. And even more so when this is her last year in Tower High School! How should I say this… If you haven’t been charmed by her at least once then you’re just not doing it right with your school life. I’m not lying when I say at least half of every class is simping for her.”

Wangnan was at a loss of words when the people left in class only nodded along to it. More like, now that he noticed… There were only about 6 people left in the class including him, Bam, and Khun.

”This year the classes have formed teams in order to catch her, but it looks like they completely lost sight of her? Will she stay hidden for the whole day just like this?”

Khun who had been silent this whole time hummed, focused on the speaker. “That’s probably wrong. Eve isn’t the type to stay still and hide too long. But we’ll see, I also lost track of her.”

That caught Wangnan’s attention. What was ‘I lost track of her’ supposed to mean? The bluenette's been in the classroom the whole time, hasn’t he? Before he could think of anything else, he was distracted with the speaker again.

"Ah, she also left a message to the Broadcasting club for… Bam-senpai and Khun-senpai in the same class. Let’s see… Eve-senpai said if one of you can catch her then–"

Eyebrows were raised skeptically as the voice was abruptly cut off and the broadcast went silent. Meanwhile in the recording studio, the club member who just turned off the microphone was stuttering uncontrollably. A pair of arms encircled their shoulders, light lavender hair fluttering into view.

"Sorry, let me borrow this for a minute m'kay, kouhai-chan." Said underclassman was furiously blushing at the close proximity of the older female and the mischievous tone she used with them. Flustered to say anything, they could only nod shakily with awe.

A teasing smile curled on Evolet's lips, knowing that both Bam and Khun were in their classroom and listening to this. It was after all their last year of high school, she needed to spice things up a little so that they also participated. Otherwise for the past years they haven't taken part in the event at all.

"Bam and Aguero, please go out with me."

Wangnan choked when Evolet's voice suddenly came out of the speaker. He could already hear the other students practically yelling out her position to each other. Bam and Khun were currently frozen solid as they tried to process Evolet's words.

As if completely aware of what's going on, Evolet's smile widened like a cat who just got their paws on the finest jar of cream. "If that's a yes then I'll be waiting. Catch me if you can, love."

There was only silence in the classroom by the end of her words. The remaining students in class were wiggling their eyebrows as if to tease the two who just got confessed to. Bam was sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck, staring at the floor to hide how flustered he was as he laughed awkwardly.

"Looks like Eve outdid us again, Mr. Khun."

A heavy sigh escaped the intelligent bluenette's lips, fond in every way possible. "Yeah, she really likes to do that, doesn't she?"

Khun pulled out the earpiece that he's been wearing this whole time to give out commands to the small team he formed for the purposes of slowing the other participants down. Just because they never directly participated, that doesn't mean they never pulled some strings behind so that no one would win. Wangnan didn't even realize what Khun's been doing this whole time, but Bam knows. He was also in it after all, they moved together when it came to Evolet. A dangerous smirk was evident on Khun's expression.

"Change of plans. We're catching her." Bam nodded to Khun's decision, golden eyes gleaming in the dim lighting of the room. It was about time anyway, wasn't it?

“Thank you for lending me the mic, kouhai-chan. Here’s a little something to make up for it.” After turning off the mic, Evolet gave the club member a pack of bon bon chocolates she prepared beforehand. Homemade ones of course, she'd never get caught giving someone sweets that weren't homemade.

Evolet was just about to leave since the other students were getting closer, judging from their footsteps. But before she could do so, there was a small tug at the sleeves of her school blazer. The purplette turned around curiously, smiling softly at the sight of the club member meekly holding to the very edge of her school blazer sleeves.

"U-uh– I... Caught you?" That was rather smart of them, Evolet thought. But unfortunately, not quite enough. In one smooth movement, Evolet swiftly took off her blazer and smirked mischievously.

"Too bad, if you want to catch me then you have to hold me tightly so that I can't escape, hm? But... Since it was a cute attempt then I'll give you this at least." Evolet leaned down slightly, the glint in her blue-violet eyes all too mischievous as her luscious lips pressed against their forehead gently.

Instead of immediately standing upright, she deliberately lowered more to their ear and spoke in a husky tone. "And… I really liked your voice."

To top it off, she blew softly into their ear and chuckled. The poor broadcast member was frozen solid, unable to look straight at Evolet as they stammered in embarrassment. The purplette smirked as steam came out of their ears.

"I'd love to tease you some more but it looks like my time is up." As she said that, the door banged open with a few students who clearly looked tired but none of them had any intentions of giving up.

"Then, I'll see you sometime again, kouhai-chan." She was still smirking as she said this, confidence clear in her figure as she winked before running towards the window and jumping off again while ignoring the shouts of the others. Needless to say, the club member has fainted from over embarrassment.

Laughter could be heard from the purplette who was enjoying this chase to the fullest, all the while wondering what Bam and Khun were planning. She had no doubt they'd be able to catch her before anyone else did. They've done enough dancing around each other for five years, and if they weren't coming clear about their own feelings first then she'll just have to make them do so.

Evolet smiled as a tall male stood guard a distance away, bent on stopping her no doubt. She looked back at the group that was still chasing her, showing no signs of stopping. There wasn't quite anywhere else to run… but they shouldn't have put only one person if they truly wanted to stop her. Honestly, you'd think they'd stop underestimating her abilities after doing this for 5 years.

The male furrowed his eyebrows, putting his full focus on guard as Evolet ran towards him. Just as she came within his reach and he lunged forward, Evolet effortlessly somersaulted over him. The man was frozen in place. Hands still outstretched as he tried to process what just happened while the others were gaping in awe, the chase completely forgotten for a moment. When they realized it, she was nowhere in sight anymore.

The hallways were ringing with melodious laughter, an easy sign to follow if you're searching for Evolet. Which was exactly what Khun and his team did. Dan was hot on her track, running at an impressive speed to catch up to the purplette who was trying to lose him. As you would expect from the ace of the track club, she supposed. Originally she thought that Bam would be the one chasing her while Khun directed him, but she guessed wrong apparently.

She skidded abruptly, turning around the corner only to widen her eyes when Ran and Novick were both standing there to keep guard. One person aside, she wasn't quite confident to dodge two together especially when she knew of their abilities. It was Khun's doing no doubt. Evolet knew she was playing right into his hands, but that was exactly what she wanted.

She could just run straight ahead, though no doubt another or perhaps several others would be waiting to ambush her there per Khun's order. Running back also works, if she could throw Dan off her trail which is debatable. But what sealed the deal for her was the bored look on Ran's face as he motioned to the open window beside him. She caught a glimpse of the familiar sky blue hair, who also seemed to notice her gaze.

Khun smirked as he usually would whenever his plans worked out perfectly, staring up at her as he mouthed out "come here". She could just smirk back and ignore him, prolonging their chase even more. She could, but would she? It's not her aim to avoid them ever further, she was just initiating the final curtain call to their dance. It had been fun dancing around for five, nearly six years now, but she'd appreciate it if they just came clear to her with their feelings.

Neither Ran nor Novick looked like they were about to give her chase anyway. The bluenette was rolling his eyes while the ravenette was just pointing exasperatedly at their strategist. Evolet laughed briefly as she ran, thanking them for their hard work for the past years. Of course she'd know how Bam and Khun had been helping her secretly in the little Valentine's chase. And she added another count to her "jumping out of the window" today.

Did she immediately land into his arms? No.

Instead she was sitting at the edge, gaze soft albeit teasing as she stared at Khun. "Is this your way of saying yes to my confession, Aguero?"

"You told us to catch you for a yes, so we did." Khun had to admit how his "team" was just watching all of this unfold by the window like they were watching some sort of drama scene. Just look at them grinning like idiots with their phones collectively recording the moment. He was going to delete those videos as soon as he's done with this, and once he copied it.

"But you haven't caught me yet, have you?"

"I will if you come down here." Evolet knows from his eyes that he wasn't lying, though even without looking she was sure Khun would catch her anyway. She loved Khun for various reasons. He was undoubtedly handsome, beautiful, hot, cute, handretty, yes. But Evolet didn't love him solely for his looks. If she did then who knows how many times she'd fallen in love with how many Khun family members there are. Not that they can compare to Khun Aguero Agnis in her mind.

The confident cobalt blue eyes that she's always loved, the underlying gentleness beneath that smug smirk that gave her a sense of safety. How he's always so loyal and hellbent on keeping all of them protected. She loves how the look in his eyes would light up when he found an answer for difficult questions or when his strategies worked flawlessly. She loves how he reserved his soft side to his closest friends and how even softer he was with her and Bam.

How he always has advice and notices whenever any of them had a problem no matter how small it was. The skills and abilities he had to back up his cockiness. It's funny how he seems to think he's evil when she would say he was selfless and kind, too much for his own good really. She loves the way he would hug her without thinking while he would just blankly stare at others when they ask for a hug, she was selfish after all. The way he spoons her and how he hogs all the blankets only to wrap them in a blanket burrito that she escaped one way or another. How his cooking attempts ended up as a questionable biological weapon but he tries anyway for them.

She loves how he knows what he wants and works towards it endlessly, how he makes his own rules and standings. How he still stood strong even after his family kicked him out and left him to fend for himself. How he accepted her for who she was. Khun Aguero Agnis is strong, kind, soft, intelligent, handretty, perfect in every way possible and Evolet Euterpe loves every part of him even at his worst and no one can change her mind.

She doesn’t say it out loud, except she did. And it was captured perfectly on video as the grinning trio shot a teasing look towards Khun whose cheeks were painted in a bright crimson. The purplette who was responsible for it didn’t even realize what she just said, grinning gently as she stared down at Khun with nothing but pure affection. The bluenette was now looking anywhere except Evolet, steam coming off his ears.

The thing about Evolet is that she tends to say these things out of nowhere with the utmost sincerity as if it was perfectly natural. And Khun was not immune to her words at all. So here he was yet again, flustered like the teenager that he was and less of the khunning Khun that he was supposed to be. Evolet thinks it's cute how he was suddenly stuttering and blushing without any reason, all traces of his previous confidence gone like dust in the wind.

“Then, will you catch me if I jump off?”

"Of course, and I–we'll never let go once you're in our hold." At some point it's become so natural to say we instead of I when it came to their relationship with Evolet. They both knew what they needed to do so that she didn't go away again. He– both Bam and Khun weren't willing to let go of her, not now and not ever. Both of them had experienced it before, how easy Evolet actually slipped through their hold and the haunting fear that gave them numbing pain at the realization that they might have just lost the purplette they loved dearly.

He still remembers the countless apologies she whispered to him desperately in the aftermath of that incident. How he kept insistently trying to convince her that it wasn't her fault and it was by his own decision. Hadn't forgotten the pain and hesitancy in her night sky orbs when Bam visited nor how the brunette tenaciously poured all his effort little by little to mend their relationship afterwards. It had taken both of them a painstakingly long time, years even, to get her back to this state and they'd be damned if she lost her smile again.

"I'll hold the both of you up on that promise." And she smiled like the angel he thought she was, falling into his awaiting arms as Khun caught her effortlessly before bringing her close to him. Evolet chuckled heartily at the lack of escape attempt she was given, not that she needed it. She hugged him back with the gentleness that she always had, one hand snaking around his waist while the other ran her fingers through his silky smooth hair as he buried his face in her shoulder. His hold around her waist tightened even more when she kissed the crown of his head.

"I love you, Aguero. Now and forevermore for who you are. Happy Valentine's day, love."

Khun, utterly weak to her charms but somehow managing to hold his stand, chuckled lightly as he replied. "Love you too, Eve. Always and for an eternity."

"AH! That's unfair, Mr. Khun! I was stalling them and you stole a head start first!" Both Evolet and Khun laughed as Bam approached them, looking slightly out of breath. The brunette didn't hesitate to join the hug, grinning brightly as Evolet pressed a tender kiss to his forehead and he relaxed into her hold.

"I love you, Bam. For always being who you are, till the end of time."

"Love you too…" He nodded to her shoulder as he mumbled out his answer. Trying to hide how he flustered he was to no avail since both Khun and Evolet could see how the back of his neck and his ears were practically steaming. Evolet finds it too adorable to be true that she just had to kiss one of his ears just to tease him. If Bam malfunctions after that… then well, that's how it is.

Khun settled to hug her from behind instead, enjoying how she almost seemed ticklish whenever his breath fanned to her neck. And being the "slightly" jealous and somewhat possessive person he was, he frowned when he remembered the bags of chocolates in the classroom for her. Those people really need to back off if they know she was already taken. "But you're still not allowed to eat those chocolates."

"I was planning to use the chocolates to make some sweets for you two later–"

"Use other chocolates. I'll buy you some later." Evolet patted the bluenette's head, saying a nonchalant yes with a teasing tone. Well at least they both properly got their sweets later and cuddles with their now official girlfriend. The video absolutely did not get erased even though both Khun and Bam have their own copies now that Evolet was utterly clueless about. Wangnan still didn't understand what that was all about, really.