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They don’t know you, they don’t know you, they don’t know you.


Izuku Midoriya repeated those words in his head like a mantra until he found his seat in the written portion of the exam. Outwardly he knew he looked calm, his shoulders loose and face relaxed into a friendly smile, a façade he had learned at a young age. His naturally expressive face had given him away one too many times on the run, and you learned quickly when your life was at stake.

Smiling and being friendly was a good way to deflect suspicion and gain trust. People were much less likely to give information about you to strangers if they liked you, and information was one thing you could never let the enemy have the upper hand on.

No one was looking at him-not that he was expecting them to- he was just another face in the hundreds of other test takers. Another pencil scratching in answers as quickly as possible so as to not run out of the limited time for the intense exam.

Question 43# Explain the law of conversion of mass through chemical reactions.

Knowledge had never been a problem for him, years on the run made information his only reliable friend and companion, his greedy mind devouring anything that would provide a distraction to the constant loneliness. He had finished middle school work when he was ten and had quickly moved on from there. Questions like these weren’t a challenge, though he kind of wished they were. It’d been a while since he’d been challenged academically.

He finished answering the questions with half an hour to spare, clearly faring better than most of the surrounding candidates. It still blew his mind how many were trying out, attempting to get into the most prestigious school in the country. Thousands tried to get in, only 160 made it.

The large auditorium where the physical portion of the exam was explained-By Present Mic of all people, was it to get them more hyped up? Considering the resounding silence when the blond Hero had asked for a YEAAAAAAH, it wasn’t working well.

After being interrupted by a boy with the straightest posture Izuku had ever seen, the examines were led to a large beta testing ground and given five minutes preparation.

Izuku closed his eyes and breathed deeply. You can do this, you’ve fought your whole life, you can fight a few robots. Just remember, if you take it, make sure to give it back quickly. If nobody’s suspicious, your secret is safe.

He opened his eyes and felt a sense of cold calm washed over him.


You can’t stop me.


Present Mic screamed “GO!” and Izuku took off immediately, leaving the other stunned examinees in the dust.

All Might, otherwise known as Toshinori Yagi watched as the young children began the exam, a feeling of nostalgia overcoming him. It had been many, many years since he’d fought through the same trials, but he still remembered the adrenaline, the feeling of wanting to prove himself. Prove that his Master hadn’t been wrong in her choice of successor.


Prove that her death hadn’t been in vain.


“That blond kid is going nuts.” Drawled Snipe. “Look at him go, he’s practically on a rampage.”

Hizashi leaned forward. “He’s being reckless though, look at that falling debris. If it weren’t for the black haired kid we’d have at least three serious injuries.”


Indeed, another of the examinees was shielding his fellow testers with the help of what appeared to be a hardening Quirk. “He’s certainly racking up those rescue points.” He commented. There was a potential Holder. He thought. One must be selfless.


Only Nezu and Recovery Girl knew the real reason he was here, so it wasn’t exactly like he could ask the other teachers on their opinions of a possible successor. Not that he didn’t trust the other Heroes, it was just that the less people knew, the less likely it was to get out. One For All was a guarded secret that was only shared when strictly necessary.


“With that amount he’ll most likely get in.” Nemuri grinned. “Same with the blond. He’s going to need some behavioral control though; I can already tell.”


“I don’t want him.” Vlad said immediately.


Aizawa glared at him from across the room. “And you think I do? I’ve already got to deal with Endeavor’s brat, I don’t need another cocky powerhouse.”


“No matter.” Nezu said, the chatter dying in an instant. “It’s time for the Zero Pointers.”


The small rodent? bear? looked far too gleeful as he pressed the large red button, activating the gigantic robots, causing immediate chaos. Even through the screens Toshinori could see the fear and panic overtaking many of the teens, screams ringing through several arenas.


“Never gets old.” Nemuri said, licking her lips. “Think someone’ll try to go after the Zero Pointer?”


Snipe shook his head. “You still have that bet with Hizashi? No one’s destroyed the thing since All Might. Even if there were kids powerful enough to break it, they’re probably booking it. It’s not worth any points.”


She crossed her arms. “It’s got to happen one of these years! Even if it’s by accident I still win!”


“Well it looks like you owe me another meal out,” Hizashi said with a grin, adjusting his glasses. “No one’s going after them.”


“Make sure to watch Arena H.” Aizawa said suddenly. “There’s a girl trapped under some rubble. We’re going to have to stop the Zero Pointer before it steps on her.”


No sooner than the words left his mouth did a green-haired boy start running towards her.


“Ooohhh, what’s this?” Nezu leaned forward, eager as the rest of them to see how it panned out.


The boy used what looked like some form of telekinesis to float the rubble off of her, but it was too late. Her legs appeared to be injured and he wouldn’t be able to help her get her out of the Zero Pointer’s range before it hit both of them.


He then sent all the surrounding rubble flying at the Zero Pointer, seemingly purposely aiming for the joints.


“I guess I don’t owe you a meal.” Nemuri gloated as the enormous robot crashed to the ground.

Ochako Uraraka panted heavily as she pressed the pads of her fingers together, causing the robots above her to come crashing to the ground.


  1. She thought triumphantly, pointedly ignoring the nausea rolling through her gut. She knew would soon reach her limit, but damned if she was going to make it to fifty points.


I will get into U.A. She mentally chanted. No one can stop me-


A loud rumble tore through the testing ground, and Ochako whipped around to see-


The brown-haired girl wasted no time, sprinting as fast as she could away from her impending doom when rubble fell from the nearby building and trapped her legs. Trapped her in the way of the looming robot so huge it blocked out the sun.

She attempted to use her Quirk on the rubble, but it wasn’t within her limit-having already used it so much today.

I’m gonna die I’m gonna die I’m gonna die.

Then she saw him.



Tenya Iida stared in horror as the Zero Pointer rose, causing mass destruction to the buildings around it. Most of the examines had already fled the scene, not wanting to be anywhere near the towering figure and risk the rest of their precious time on fighting something that wasn’t even worth any points.


He was about to do the same when he noticed someone running towards instead of away from the robot. A second later, he realized why.


A girl was trapped underneath the rubble, desperately trying to claw her way out to no avail. As the short green haired boy reached her, he saw them quickly exchange words, the distance too great for Tenya to hear them.


After a quick nod, the boy extended his right hand forcefully towards the rubble trapping the girl.


The Zero Pointer was nearly on them.


The rubble began to float was sent flying towards the Zero Pointer, knocking it backwards as the green-eyed teen slung the girl’s arm over his shoulder and the two began limping away from the falling robot.




As the small boy helped her across the field to the doctor, for a fraction of an instant, Tenya’s eyes met his.


Why didn’t you help? Those cold green eyes seemed to ask. Why did you stand by?


The boy’s eyes flickered away and the moment was gone.


Tenya almost hoped the boy wouldn’t get in, despite his heroic actions, so he wouldn’t have to see those cold, cold eyes again.



Izuku hadn’t originally planned on saving the girl, but something about the desperate way she attempt to get away had hit a little too close. He knew what it was like to be trapped with no way out.


Thankfully, Air lift, Minor pull and Force push had been enough to lift the rubble, and with a little help from Auto aim he’d managed to stop the robot and he’d been able to get her out before both of them got crushed. He’d probably gotten enough points earlier to make up for the lost time, so he wasn’t too worried about getting in. He hoped she was doing okay, her bubbly pink light had been strained the last time he’s seen her, though in all fairness, she had been so nauseated at the time she’d throw up on his shoes.


He tried not to remember how easily he could have grabbed her light, how wonderful the bubbliness would have felt if he were to hold it.


Izuku slung the backpack filled with all his belongings over his shoulder.


I wonder if there’s any youth shelters that won’t ask questions.