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I Will Always Find You

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Chapter 1: A Plan

„We can’t do this. This can’t be the solution, Jace!“ Izzy was saying and her voice sounded like as she was going to think that they can find another idea because she so doesn’t like it. „You know that Magnus wouldn’t like it!“ She add and it felt as if her world was falling appart.

„I know. But you weren’t in Idris. You haven’t seen the hate and how it was getting worse then before. We need to save Alec.“ Jace gave Izzy the answer. And he also doesn’t like it. How much he wanted it that his brother and best friend was finally happy. But at what costs? In Idris it was getting worse and doesn’t matter how hard Alec was trying… he was running against a wall. And there was only this one decission they have to make… even if this was hurting him as well… And with this thought he was touching the parabatai rune on his hips…

It was hard for both young shadowhunters but they were going to Magnus to tell him everything. And their heart was already heavy at the moment.



„Oh by Lilith… why can’t you shadowhunters make at least one appointment?“ Magnus was starting as he saw how both shadowhunter came in the loft. And even if he came of harsh right now… Jace and Izzy were always welcome at the loft. The warlock was starting to consider them as friends. But only because they were family from his boyfriend. „I was going to clean up this mess from a job I have to do for someone and then finish planning the weekend trip to Hong Kong with Alec. Whatever you both want… you better do it quick!“

Of course Magnus has already noticed the dark cloud over the head from Izzy and Jace and knew that something was going on. „Okay… don’t tell me that something is keeping Alec that busy…“

„Magnus… we need your help. It’s really urgent and it is for Alec.“ Jace was starting before Magnus was leading both to the couch into the living room. „Listen… Alec is more and more in danger. He doesn’t care because he loves you. But… there are these group of shadowhunters, who are spreading more hate against the downworlder…“

„Yes… I know them. Believe me… I was dealing with them more then once.“ The warlock mumbled and there was something like salt in his voice which showed that he doesn’t like those people.

„They have a name now… the cohort and it’s getting worse. They aren’t only against the people which are gay but also who are against downworlders and shadowhunters having a relationship with them.“ Jace continued before he took a deep breath.

„Alec would never tell this to anyone. But we know how much this is getting to him. And… he needs to be save from all of this.“ Izzy continued and was looking over to Magnus. It was hurting her to know that her brother will be always getting attacked.

„Wait… By Lilith… are you both are trying to tell me that I should break up with Alec?“ Magnus was asking slowly but on the inside he was shocked and it was totally heartbreaking. Because he knew that it was Izzy who was always supporting them both. But he also couldn’t do it because Alec was the best what he ever had and he felt never that good around anyone. Because somehow… the archer knew exactly what Magnus needed without even that he needed to say something out loud. Magnus hasn’t felt something like that for anyone in centuries.

„Magnus, no! That’s not what we want. Because Alec will be still known as gay and he will have it so hard with the clave. Jace and I were thinking a lot about it…“ Izzy was saying immediately. But she couldn’t say out loud what solution they actually had. Because it also broke her heart.

„Magnus… we need you for removing the memories from the shadowworld while we are going to strip of his runes…“ Jace said before he was clenching his jaw to push away his own emotions. And the blond male was hoping that Magnus knew that it will also hurt him and it also could break him, not having a parabatai anymore.

For a moment the warlock had no idea what to say because the whole topic was totally going to hurt him. Could it be that it was that bad in Idris right now? Why does Alec never say anything to him? Or was it because the younger male never wanted to worry him? „Oh Alexander…“ Magnus mumbled to himself before he shook with his head.

But before he could give another answer, this time tot he two shadowhunters in his living room, he made himself one of his very strong Martinis. He needed it right now otherwise he was going to explode.

„So… you both think that it’s safer for Alec when he is living as a mundane without all his memory that he is a warrior and a leader…“ Magnus said slowly and was thinking about it. But also with memories about him and they both couldn’t be together anymore.

„Magnus… I know how hard it is. It’s also hard for me to not having a brother anymore who is going to annoy me with his saltyness… but we talk about Alecs life…“ Izzy whispered slowly and there was a single tear showing in her eyes. What let happen that Jace was taking her arm carefully to squeeze it a bit.

All three knew that it was the best and they saw it in the eyes from the others as well.

Until it happened that the door from the loft opened and all three were looking at Alec. Who was totally confused now about this situation which was shown right now. „Izzy? Jace? What is going on here?“ He asked slowly and had a very weird feeling right now.

„Alexander… we need to talk…“ Was the businesslike voice from Magnus saying to show that this topic which they needed to discuss was a very serious one.