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BEES! (Bumbleby Week 2020)

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“I thought you’d be more upset about the fact that I threw that bottle cap into the ocean.” Blake spoke softly, her and Yang the only ones awake in Team RWBY’s Atlas dorm room. The sun was rising, leaving the usually cold exterior with a warm glow. They’d both woken up early, and a soft conversation started between the two partners, careful as not to wake Ruby, and even more so, Weiss.

“It’s just a bottle cap. It was cute that you kept it in the first place, but ultimately it’s just something else that...reminded you of everything. I think I understand that you weren’t in the best place at the time.” Yang was reassuring and gentle with her tone, and Blake was thankful for her partner’s patience.

“It was a memento, though. It reminded me of you. But it also reminded me of what happened to you because of me.” Blake breathed, sighing.

“It wasn’t your fault. I keep telling you that. He can’t hurt you--us, anymore.” Yang spoke, climbing down from the top bunk of the dorm and sitting on the edge of Blake’s bed, reaching over and taking Blake’s hand in hers; the one she hadn’t lost. Blake smiled and squeezed back, realizing that Yang’s fingers were far warmer than hers.

A beat passed, and the two of them met eyes. Blake sat up slowly, scooting closer to Yang and leaning her head on her shoulder. She sighed again when Yang’s head leaned on hers. She still had a pang of guilt, like she wasn’t worthy of this; whatever they had now. She was sure of her own feelings, her heart was pounding and her face flushed, but she didn’t want to assume Yang felt the same.

“Where did you get this ring, anyway?” Yang asked softly, finding the slightly too-big ring on Blake’s finger. The faunus sat up and looked at her hand; she’d forgotten she’d been holding onto it when she slept.

“It’s a weird story. While I was home in Menagerie, my mom and I went fishing together...and as we were eating it...I found the ring inside my food. My mom earlier that day told me this legend about a faunus princess. She had fallen in love with a human, and she’d given him a ring. After he died in battle, she died of a broken heart.” Blake explained softly, fiddling with the ring on her index finger. After being quiet for a moment, Yang hummed in understanding.

Yang took back her hand for a moment, looking at the friendship bracelet Ruby had given her; she’d given all of them one, the strings each of their four colors, braided together. Though Yang’s was unique, and she’d not shown Blake yet why it was. Turning it on her wrist, and the Sunflower Pop bottle cap that had been attached to the bracelet became visible to them both. Blake’s eyes widened slightly.


“I found it on the beach, when I’d gotten off the boat in Anima. It...reminded me So I kept it. Later gave it to Ruby and she had it placed on my bracelet.” Yang said, blushing at the admission. Blake felt her heart skip a beat and she smiled.

“No wonder you weren’t mad. Though, it would be a funny coincidence...if it’s actually the same bottle cap.” Blake murmured softly, breathing in the gunpowder and sunflower essence that was Yang. Yang chuckled a bit.

“It would be. I’d like to think it is.” Yang breathed. It was then Blake made a decision. Taking the ring off her own finger, she gently took Yang’s hand in hers and placed in on her ring finger. Yang’s face flushed quickly.

“Wait, don’t you think we should at least go on a date first before you put a ring on my finger, Blake?” Yang quietly shouted, and Blake had to fight the urge to laugh out loud, letting out a few snorts instead, which Yang joined in. After they’d both recovered from their silent laughing fit, after they thought they’d heard Weiss stir a bit (she was only turning over), they looked at each other again.

“Keep it. As a memento. Of...our partnership.” Blake said softly, looking away and biting her lip as her own face flushed. “Besides, it’s too big for my hand anyway. It fits yours a lot better.”

Yang smiled and nodded, then leaned forward. She’d intended to press her lips to Blake’s then thought better of it, opting for her brow instead.

“I will. Always.”