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Hard Candy

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At least he’s not some kind of creepy, old eldest thought Sam. It could’ve been worse yeah, worse than this? You’re lucky it’s Dean. His brain was telling him these sweet nothings, but his heart didn’t seem to agree with him. He felt the tears welling in his eyes, blurring his vision. Not that he want to see what was happening and what is about to happen anyway. How did I end up like that? Bingo, the million dollar question. He’s been asking himself the same question over the past few days. Everyone would say he brought this upon himself. All the broken rules and back talking had to cause some trouble after all. It wasn’t his place to be unruly, he was meant to be silent and obedient just like some sort of a puppet. Who he was before meant to break down into tiny little pieces to be reshaped into what he was expected to be. Into something with no free will, no voice to speak up to. He was meant to submit, to his parents, to the ones who were large and in charge. He wasn’t an eldest, but he didn’t choose to be a younger child either. All he ever wanted was to be free, to be equal. And that’s exactly how he ended up right here right now, with his hand on his father’s arm, passing through the doors to walk down the aisle to meet his brother. The place was crawling with high-end business people he didn’t even know the names of. Everyone was smiling at him, most of their smiles were filled with a knowing spark that screams we saw this coming. Everyone who he stood up to was watching him walking to his end. Because no matter how much Dean seemed to be handsome, kind and influential; Sam knew who he really was. He could see right through his brother’s soul, the burning flames of the pitch black pit of hunger. Hunger for power, for domination, for more. He was manipulative, stern, traditional dare he say and even more powerful than before since John handed the company over to him last week. Last week. He was who he actually was until last week, until that day his life turned upside down to the point of no return. He didn’t want to remember it but he couldn’t resist the urge to let his mind wander off to the cloudy memories of that day. Because once the wedding is over, that tragic trip down the memory lane is going to be the only thing that would remain the same to take with him into his new life.