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  it was thursday night and pro hero deku was walking down the dark alleys of musutafu on patrol. he always did this on thursdays, because every other day of the week he was at his favourite bar (so what he had a problem, big deal), and the weekends were reserved for football. being a pro hero for izuku was a dream come true. at first. he loved protecting people, he loved the smiles on people's faces when they saw him, the cheers and glory he received, and his solidified #1 spot on the hero rankings. at first. it was no surprise to anyone, considering how charismatic and handsome the hero was. the all might protegée was almost exactly like his teacher, and was ultimately destined to take his place.

   but the whole hero ordeal had gotten boring. izuku wasn't happy, he was just doing this for the paycheck they gave him every 15th of the month, and it wasn't even a sizable profit. he continued walking through main street, trying to pick out any particularly suspicious activities going on, whistling some song from his childhood he vaguely remembered. he was bored. real bored. he wanted a smoke. or maybe a beer. or maybe both.

 'man, that sounds good right now', izuku thought. deku just sort of stayed static along main street as he didn't see or hear anything unusual going on through the neighbourhood. it was 1:32 a.m, so he figured he might as well be going home. after all, he'd just missed his favourite cop drama and he didn't really have anything better to come home to. currently the glorious deku's life consisted of 40% actual hero work, 20% patrols, 25% drinking, and 10% tv.

 patrols were so insanely boring to izuku. when he was younger, sure, he'd actively volunteer to do this stuff, but now he was 27, and he understood that patrols don't even really have a point. villains knew patrols were happening, so of course they wouldn't try any funny business. the league was evil, not dumb. deku continued walking, this time whistling with his hands behind his back and his feet kicking some rocks. since he was extra bored, he put some one for all in his foot and felt the jolt hit the rock and send it flying across the bridge.

   since izuku was getting deathly tired, he decided to just clock out for the day. he made his way back across to head downtown to 32nd st. as he was still whistling and kicking rocks, something odd caught his eye. about half a mile away, he saw something. no, someone. at first, he thought his tired eyes were just playing tricks on him. but as he walked closer, he could see the vague silhouette a person behind a liquor store, doing what looked to be rocking back and forth. he knew he'd get nowhere by walking, so he put one for all in his legs and ran. this is the job he signed up for.

 the closer he got to the store, the louder he heard cries and whimpers and a cacophony of 'fucks', and 'shits' . he felt his heart beat with a pang of hurt. this person was seriously hurt. what he didn't expect was to see a familiar head of blonde spikes clutching his abdomen and howling in agony.

"ka-kacchan?", izuku squatted down to look at the boy with tears in his eyes, katsuki looking up at him with nothing but pure pain showing through his red irises. from where deku was sitting, he saw that katsuki had gotten considerably thinner since the last time he saw him. he wondered when was the last time the blonde at eaten anything.

 "kacchan, are you- are you okay? i think you need to get to the hospital.", deku was squatting right in front of the blonde, hovering over his tiny body and reaching his hand out. he had that dumb hopeful smile on his face that he always had when they were just kids. katsuki hissed in pain and swatted the hand in front of him.

 "don' need your help. shitty d-eku, calling me that- stupid nickna-me. fuck! we are-n't kids an-ymore. g-go aw-ay.", katsuki looked up at deku (who was now fucking massive) and glared, but the glare held no malice. he was in too much pain to be mad. deku just chuckled.

 "kacch- no, you're right, we aren't kids anymore. katsuki, there's no one else here. i'm your only hope for now. why don't you tell me what's going on and i can bring you to a hospital?", the green-haired hero put out his hand to katsuki, who took his hand and got over. now the blonde was hunched over, still holding his stomach and coughing up blood. deku had gotten much bigger than katsuki, being about 2 heads taller than him, and considerably muscly in his hero suit. katsuki looked at him in disbelief, eyes widening seeing the size of his former punching bag compared to his own.

 "jesus fuck- cough- what the ac-tual fuck hap-pened to you? you're so..", katsuki was in complete awe. deku was big now! when the fuck did that happen? deku giggled a little bit before looking back at katsuki. the blonde looked like a girl in all honesty. his waist was tiny, he was short, and the clothes he were wearing weren't doing him any justice. he had a pink crop top on, short enough for you to see his bellybutton, but tight enough to see the outline of his muscle, a black zipper hoodie thrown haphazardly arond his shoulders and below his waist, a thick red choker with a little buckle in the centre, tight denim short shorts with fishnets underneath, and an old beat up pair of combats on. was it just izuku or was it getting hot in here? apparently the blonde noticed deku ogling him, because he swayed his hips suggestively and bit his bottom lip, making the hero blush.

  "cough. like what you see, big guy?", katsuki asked sensually. apparently that swaying took up all his energy, because his eyes rolled up into his head and his knees buckled. deku frantically picked him up off the cold pavement bridal style. katsuki's nose was bloody and he had a black eye and a bruise on his cheek.



"who the fuck did this to you kacchan?", he whispered, choking up. what the fuck had happened to his bully after all these years?