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Wrapped Up In You (The Knotting Wrap Fic No One Asked For)

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Tony’s mind was blissfully silent. His entire body was warm and his neck pleasantly sore from his Alpha’s claiming bite. Unconsciously Tony’s fingers bushed over it, a purr rumbling deep in his chest. His mind reeled, wondering if perhaps this moment was simply a dream. A wonderful dream he never wanted to wake up from. Slowly, Tony became aware of the warm, solid weight surrounding him, holding him close…holding him safe.

Alpha, Tony recognized, not daring to move, barely daring to breath, refusing to ruin the most perfect moment of his life.

More awareness began to come to the Omega as sleep faded away from his mind. Tony was keenly aware of just how large his alpha was compared to his own small, lithe body. His shoulders were broader, his arms powerful, one of them possessively wrapped around Tony’s chest, its large hand resting over Tony’s left pectoral.

Tony also became aware of the weight around his hips, the smooth, almost liquid texture of…a knotting wrap.

The night before came back hazily:


Tony, spent and drooling, his Alpha’s knot still locked deep inside his hole, purred in pleasure and satisfaction. Alpha’s scent and his own had combined, soaking their surroundings in a new, perfect scent. Alpha held him close still, his mouth tending to the bonding mark he’d placed on Tony’s neck earlier, licking it even after it had plated and ceased to bleed. Tony could feel Alpha’s cock in his hole, still sputtering cum deep inside of his womb. There wouldn’t be children yet, Alpha had promised he could finish at MIT first, but his tummy, slightly distended from the shear amount of cum his Alpha had pumped into him, made a primal part of his hindbrain almost disappointed he wouldn’t be with pups after their mating. Tony snuggled closer to Alpha, his legs still wrapped around Alpha’s waist, his front pressed to Alpha’s sculpted chest and his hands gently exploring Alpha’s powerful back…

Tony’s own Omega cocklet had softened some time ago, but remained sensitive, trapped between his own body and Alpha’s, their torsos still sticky from its translucent spend. Tony felt Alpha’s cock give a final spurt, his knot softening enough to pull out. Tony whined, his limbs still clutching the larger man. As Alpha pulled out he felt empty, incomplete, but Alpha pressed kisses to Tony’s face, whispering praises and reassurances that Tony was perfect and “Mine.”

Alpha held Tony close, petting his back and sides and whispering things Tony didn’t really hear until he began to relax again, his body relaxing and his purr returning. Only then did Alpha slowly roll, reaching into the towel warmer on his nightstand. He quickly, efficiently wiped his own torso and cock with one hand, the other arm still wrapped possessively around Tony, his hand a reassuring, firm pressure on the back of Tony’s neck.

Discarding the towel, Alpha pulled out three, fresh, warm washcloths, so soft Tony wouldn’t have noticed them were it not for their heat. Rolling Tony on his back, Alpha started with Tony’s face, wiping it clean of sweat, his head clearing just enough to appreciate that Alpha was taking care of him rather than leaving them both sticky. Alpha was gentle, the cloth moving slowly over Tony’s skin. His fingers stalled a little when wiping over Tony’s bondmark, his head bowing to press a chase kiss to Tony’s lips, before the towel continued its descent to wipe over Tony’s chest.

Discarding the first towel, Alpha picked up the second, spreading it open to continue his mission over Tony’s tummy. Tony heard a satisfied, proud growl rumble in Alpha’s chest, his large hand feeling the slightly bloated evidence of his own virility. Tony himself began to relax into the pillows, his eyes becoming heavy, Alpha’s attentions having the same effects as a deep massage.

Satisfied that Tony’s belly was clean, Alpha continued lower, over thin, boyish hips and groin before even more slowly wiping over his cocklet several times. It was too spent, too sensitive from their previous activities to harden, but Tony whined at the softness and heat of the washcloth, the memory of Alpha’s hot, wet mouth wrapped around it, his tongue teasing the tip, at the forefront of his mind. Tony definitely heard Alpha chuckle at that.

Alpha unwrapped the third towel, skimming it over Tony’s legs, his large hands taking care to rub the tension out of each limb before nudging Tony onto his now clean front. The towel was now at his entrance, carefully wiping away the mixture of slick and cum. Alpha’s hand pressed low on the Omega’s belly, the cloth not Tony’s body until his Alpha was satisfied that he was clean. Tony would have to tell him he didn’t mind being dirty…sometime when he remembered how to talk…

Alpha pulled away with that, but only briefly, picking up a box Tony hadn’t noticed in their frenzied entrance and mating. His heart skipped a beat, knowing immediately what it held. Alpha offered him an easy smile. His lips moved and Tony only knew to nod, unsure how else to tell Alpha just how much he wanted the sacred gift in that thin, white box. A kiss was pressed to his cheek, warmth blooming from it and spreading around Tony’s entire body. He was again pushed onto his back, Alpha lifting the top from the box and pulling out the most beautiful length of red cloth edged with golden ties and edging Tony’s blissed out hindbrain didn’t fully appreciate yet.

Tony’s hips were lifted with ease, the top of the knotting wrap positioned at his lower back before his legs were once again lowered to the bed. Alpha loomed above Tony, smoothing wrinkles from the length of cloth hanging between his legs.

Tony’s Alpha had chosen the subligaculum style, a wrap that resembled a long, stretched triangle and traditional for male omegas, dating back to ancient Rome, when virgin omegas in heat were displayed to crowds and presented to victorious alpha gladiators and emperors. In the wraps they were not to be touched by any alpha until their victor claimed them. Knotting wraps were probably the oldest symbol of the alphiarchy. Some omegaists had burned them in the ‘70s to protest the inequalities that existed between themselves and alphas, but Tony really couldn’t deny how much it made his heart flutter to see his alpha had purchased such a special knotting wrap for him to mark their bonding. The subligaculum wraps had fallen out of style recently, most alphas preferring longer lengths of rectangular cloth that could be wrapped in intricate, large knots that rested over their omega’s hole and were secured with clips and locks that only the alpha possessed the key to.

It was a bastardization of what the wraps were supposed to stand for, a product of increasing religious fervor and conservatism. Knotting wraps were gifts from alphas to their omegas to mark important milestones in their relationship. They were traditionally gifted at three different times: the first bonding, the birth of a pup, and the onset of menopause. They symbolized the alpha’s knot, fidelity, and promise to protect the omega when vulnerable during heat, pregnancy, and old age. Wrapping an omega was the alpha’s way of saying, “rest.” They would not seek sexual release from their omega until the omega removed the wrap to signal they were ready, needy for Alpha’s knot again.

The top of Tony’s wrap had ties that Alpha secured just above Tony’s pubic bone, the knotted ties representative of Alpha’s knot, just given to Tony. The wrap stretched over Tony’s ass, the length that wrapped around Tony’s hips tapering into a parallel, rectangular length that hung between Tony’s legs before tapering again to a point

Alpha took his work slowly, testing the ties to ensure they would hold, but that they were not so tight as to cut into Tony’s soft skin. He pressed kisses to Tony’s navel, his thighs, hips…

Alpha pulled the length of red cloth hanging from Tony’s back forward between his legs, ensuring to smooth it as he did so. There wasn’t much to cover—soft, Tony’s cocklet was barely even two inches long—but nonetheless Alpha still took care to make the wrap drape attractively, feeding the length under the knotted ties before pulling it back over Tony’s groin, the bottom tip falling just below his cocklet.

Satisfied, Alpha replaced the lid on the wrap’s box, setting it aside and kissing his way back up Tony’s body, spooning the Omega to his chest, one, large hand, fingers spread, firmly resting over Tony’s tummy, the other playing with Tony’s hair, lips stealing a last, deep kiss Tony moaned into, his lips parting to give Alpha access.

But Tony’s exhaustion won out in the end. His eyes closed and his own purring lulled him into a sleep, the smell of their fresh bonding—a combination of motor oil, apple pie, kettle corn, a fresh meadow, and the sea seeping even into Tony’s dreams.


More awake as sun shone through their bedroom window, Tony could finally appreciate just how beautiful his silk knotting wrap was. His hand went to his hip, not really believing it was there until his fingers bushed over the material.

“It’s there, Tony,” a strong, kind voice whispered in his ear, lips pressing against his bondmark.

Tony shifted, fighting the instinct to fade back into his omega hindbrain. Now facing his Alpha he couldn’t stop the smile that came to his face. His hand went to Alpha’s cheek, a satisfied feeling deep in his groin stirring as he saw once again just how attractive his mate was.

“Steve,” his voice still rough with sleep came out.

Steve’s lips quirked with a smile, “You comin’ back to me, doll?” he asked, his hands stroking Tony’s sides, avoiding the area covered by the knotting wrap.

“Love you, Steve,” Tony managed, sinking back into Steve’s embrace. “Love you, Alpha.”

A chuckle vibrated through Steve’s chest. “Love you too, Omega.”