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A lesson

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The fist that slammed into his face came with a sickening crunch. His teeth slammed together and a loud click echoed. Arthur swung, and the man that had hit him collapsed. At that, his friends circled them. The three men were no match for Arthur. He let out a howling cry as he punched another of the three. The smaller man cried out as Arthur slammed his head into the tree he had previously pinned up against. Blood spilled from his lips and chin, Arthur was enjoying this. He launched himself at the larger of the two and knocked him to the ground. The knife that the man had held slipped from his grasp and Arthur slammed his fist into his face. He let out another laugh. Blood and spit sprayed as the mangled mess that was once another man groaned. He lifted him by his collar and slammed his fist into his face one last time. Arthur dropped the man and turned, searching for the fourth man. He spotted the fourth and sprang to his feet. He caught the man by his collar and slammed him to the ground. A wet crack filled the quiet night. He wrapped his fingers around the smaller man's throat. He pressed bruising fingers into the soft skin. His attacker scratched at his hands, trying to find purchase as he choked. Arthur pressed harder and the other man moved his efforts to Arthur's face. One of his nails caught the torn skin and pressed in. Arthur huffed as the nail pressed and pulled under his skin. He bared his teeth as the man's face began to turn purple. His eyes became bloody and his mouth floundered. Arthur squeezed tighter and the man let out a choked sob. Gasps and sobs filled the night air as Arthur watched the smaller man's eyes roll up in his skull and felt his body go limp under his hands. He released the smaller man and stood.

"Arthur." Dutch had watched the scene unfold. He knew that the older man had studied him while he killed the four men, but he hadn't tried to control himself. He followed Dutch back into the town they were camped near. He followed the older man up the back stairs to his room. He followed him inside. Dutch crowded his space and pushed him against the wall. Arthur was still wound tight from the fight. He heaved in heavy breaths as Dutch caged him in. He liked it when they played this game.

"You're bleeding." Dutch smiled at him and before the younger man could respond Dutch was pressing his flat tongue against the bloody skin. Arthur let out a choked moan as he felt Dutch trace the bloody trail from his neck to his chin and over his lips. Arthur leaned forward and caught Dutch's lips with his own. He could taste his blood and sweat in the older man's mouth. Whiskey, blood, tobacco, the tastes were good on the older man. Dutch let him have the kiss. He kissed Dutch until he couldn't breathe, until his lung burned. He pulled away and the older man leaned back, keeping him pinned against the wall.

"What did I say, Arthur?" Arthur swallowed dryly. He knew this game too. When he didn't respond Dutch spoke again. "Arthur?" The voice was firm and inviting.

"Leave them." The older man had told him to leave the group that had called after them, that had called them inverts and spat at Dutch, but Arthur couldn't do that. He couldn't leave things alone, he had ignored Dutch.

"Why did you ignore my wishes?" Dutch pressed a knee between his legs, rubbing against his straining erection. Arthur moaned and the knee ground into his clothed crotch. "Arthur?"

"I didn't like what they said," The knee ground harder into him. He let out a pathetic whine. "I wanted a fight." The look in Dutch's eyes changed. The hand that was next to his head pressed roughly against his throat. Dutch leaned in close and whispered in his ear.

"Clothes off, now." Arthur nodded and the hand removed itself. His fingers worked quickly, ridding himself of his boots and clothes. Dutch, still fully dressed, watched Arthur. The older man moved until he was behind Arthur. He pressed their bodies flush and wrapped an arm around Arthur's waist. Arthur twitched as the older man wrapped a hand ringed hand around his red cock. The cold metal burned against his hot skin. Dutch chuckled to himself as Arthur shuddered.

"You ignored me," each word was followed by a sharp squeeze of his cock. "You disobeyed me." Dutch's fingers circled the tight ring of muscle. "You directly went against me." The older man thrust a finger inside. Arthur's hiss of discomfort was met with a sharp bite to his neck. The fingers worked him open, and the hand around his cock squeezed tighter. He let out harsh breaths as the older man slowly pulled his fingers from him. Arthur was pushed toward the bed and thrown over it. Dutch placed a hand against his back, pressing him into the mattress.

"What am I going to with you?" The retort died in Arthur's throat as Dutch spat. The lukewarm spit hit his ass and he squirmed under Dutch's hand. The older man spat again and then he felt Dutch roughly shove into him. A whining cry left his throat as the man pulled completely out of him.

"Needy, aren't we?" Dutch shoved into him again and Arthur dropped his head to the sheets below him.

"Only for you Dutch." Arthur felt Dutch's other hand press into his hip. Dutch snapped his hips and Arthur let out a moan.

"Now I know that's not true." The older man leaned over Arthur so he was flush against him. Fabric scraped against his bare skin. "I've seen you bent over a barrel for John" Another sharp snap of his hips and he huffed in Arthur's ear. "I've heard you moan, oh so loud, when you thought you two were alone." Teeth grazed his neck. "I've watched as you completely and utterly debauch yourself on top of him."

"He's got a bigger cock." Arthur heard the older man growl and then he pressed a hand against the nape of his neck. Arthur liked this game more than Dutch. "He's a better lay," Dutch growled against his ear and then bit into his shoulder.

"Arthur." The word was a warning, but Arthur didn't heed it.

"I let him finish inside me." That did it. Dutch pressed him harshly into the bed and fucked into him at a brutal pace. The bed creaked under Dutch's force and Arthur let out a moan as the older man's cock brushed against that spot inside of him. He could feel Dutch smile against his shoulder and the older man thrust at the same angle. Arthur let out moan after moan. He felt his balls tighten and tried to shift so he would rub against the bed. Dutch's hand kept his hips in place. Arthur's face rubbed against the bed. Each snap of Dutch's hips had his cock rubbing against that spot inside of him. Each shift was met with blissful agony. Arthur let out a constant stream of curses. He could feel Dutch's punishing rhythm falter.

"You no-good son-of-a-bitch." Arthur came with a cry, arching his back into Dutch, clamping down around the older man's cock. Dutch bit into his shoulder and Arthur felt white-hot heat spill inside of him. He felt Dutch pull from him. Arthur rolled on the bed and watched Dutch return himself to his trousers. The older man watched as he stood, speaking when he reached for the washcloth that sat with the water jug on the dresser.

"Don't." The word was firm and Arthur turned to face him. Something dark glinted in his eyes and Arthur nodded. Arthur dressed quickly and trailed after Dutch. The older man threw him glances ever so often. He could still feel Dutch's spend spilling from him as he rode his horse back to camp, diligently following Dutch.