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Outside of Harry’s head, mere seconds had passed. When Harry opened his eyes in the Ministry of Magic, he took Tom’s hand, just as they had planned. He could scarcely blink and they were already apparating. When Harry regained his senses, he looked around and found that he and Tom were standing in a wooded clearing bathed in moonlight, the temperature much colder than it should have been that time of year. Harry looked to Tom. He was still Lord Voldemort. Ashy gray skin, slits for nostrils and all. The only thing that had changed was his demeanor. Tom hung his head, one arm across his body, holding the other. Tom spoke first, “I’m sorry. I don’t want you to have to see me like this anymore. But I can’t change my body until what's left of my soul has been restored.” Harry hurried closer to him. Just Harry’s touch sent relief pulsing through him. 

“I don’t care what you look like. One of the perks of the whole “soulmate” thing. I still love you anyway. Now, where are we?” 

Tom beamed at Harry’s words. He couldn’t stop himself from pulling Harry close and kissing him. Harry could scarcely believe how amazing it felt to kiss Lord Voldemort. But he was just Tom to him. A boy who just needed love. Harry’s love. When they finally broke apart, Tom answered Harry’s question. “We’re in the mountains of Albania. This is where I hid for all those years. I know it's not very appealing, but I’m familiar with the area, and it's the first place I could think of to get away from everyone. We need to avoid Death Eaters and the Order until we figure out what we are going to do.” 

He was right, and Harry knew it. Though he couldn’t help but think about how worried his friends would be. Suddenly, the events of the night came flooding back to Harry. He remembered Sirius. He couldn’t hold back his emotions, and he suddenly fell to his knees, head in his hands, sobbing. Tom’s sure hand on his back was comforting to Harry, but Harry still felt frustrated about this senseless war. Tom’s words in his ear guided him back to the moment, to the forest in Albania. “I am so sorry. I know he was your family. I am here.” Harry felt proud of Tom for sympathizing, and managed to collect himself. There was nothing that could be done now. Sirius was gone.

Tom spoke, “We need to find a place to rest and recover. It so happens that I know one.” Tom took Harry’s hand and led him through the trees and brush. Seemingly out of nowhere, they arrived at the opening of a cave. “Right… looks like my enchantments are still working. Sorry about the mess, Harry.” Tom led him inside and started a fire with his wand in the makeshift hearth at the center of the cave. He began pointing his wand at the animal bones and debris that littered the space. Soon enough, everything was in order, Tom had even dusted off the old sleeping mat in the corner. “Please, make yourself comfortable, I will find us something to eat.” Tom hurried out of the cave. He was ecstatic to finally have Harry alone, but still feeling nervous and unsure about how to act. He hadn’t had this kind of interaction before. He knew Harry was hurting emotionally. He felt the need to protect him, care for him. Tom thought too much about things. He knew that. It was part of the reason he was always so methodical. But he decided these thoughts wouldn’t help him now. He would have to try “using his heart” again. So, he pushed the thoughts aside and set to finding something to eat. 




When Tom returned to the cave, his heart welled at the sight of Harry, warming himself by the fire, the light dancing behind him. Tom carried a pheasant and some yew berries, which were highly poisonous to muggles, but a delightful treat for wizards. When Harry looked up at him, Tom gave his best attempt at a smile, and set to preparing their supper. Tom cleared his throat, unsure if his words were the right ones, “Okay, Harry?” Harry once again noticed the deep smoothness in Tom’s voice. 

“I’ll be alright. What's for supper?” He didn’t want to talk about Sirius yet, but he appreciated Tom reaching out like that.
“Some pheasant and...You.” Tom replied casually. 

“What?” Harry’s eyes went wide. 

Realizing what he’d done, Tom went scarlet. “Berries! They’re berries! Y-E-W, yew berries.” He quickly exclaimed. Now Harry was the one who felt his face turn red. In just a few minutes, supper was ready. Until they started eating, neither had quite realized that they were ravishing.




After supper, Harry thanked Tom. He knew there was so much more that needed to be said between them, but he just didn’t feel like talking tonight. Harry moved closer to Tom as Tom gently added more flame to the fire with his wand. 

“It all seems so stupid. So useless… Such as waste.” Tom started. “Everything I have done out of selfishness and hate. It's like my eyes have been opened. I see what I have done now. It makes me sick” 

Harry sat next to Tom and took his arm, and placed it over his own shoulders as he nestled close. Tom felt his heart flutter at the simple action. Harry reassured him, “We’ve spent our whole lives feeling negative things. Grief, hatred, sadness, fear, loss, guilt… Please, let's just put all of that aside and celebrate one tiny victory. We have each other. We discovered the truth. Our truth.” Tom looked down at the sweet young man in his arms. He kissed the top of Harry’s head. He was right. All of that wondering, thinking, doubting, that he’d been doing for the year since the graveyard. This is what it all came down to, he and Harry, together. 

Tom turned to face Harry, overcome with sudden gratitude for him. He cupped Harry’s face in his broad hands and brought him closer for a kiss. Tom put both of his arms behind Harry’s back and pulled him in closer so that Harry sat in between Tom’s parted legs. With such proximity, and both of their bodies beginning to respond, he felt the heat rise between them. In an instant, they both needed one another more than they had ever needed anyone. Tom stood, pulling Harry to his feet with him. Their bodies were now touching. 

Harry could feel Tom, hard against his belly. Both began breathing faster as they stumbled hastily to the sleeping mat in the corner. Nearly there, Harry was overcome with longing as Tom gently pinned him against the wall, still locking tongues in a passionate kiss. Again, Harry could feel Tom growing harder against him. Harry wanted more. He wanted it all. Every inch. He spoke through their kiss, “Tom… please… I want you…” 

Tom could hardly contain his lust as Harry gave him permission to take it further. Tom began fumbling to remove Harry’s t-shirt as Harry hastily unfastened the buttons on Tom’s cloak. With Harry’s shirt off, and Tom’s slender figure nearly completely exposed, save for his undergarments. Harry stopped to take in his lover. It was nothing new, he had been there for Tom’s rebirth into this body, yet at the same time, everything was new. This was his soulmate. There was no one more beautiful. Harry found himself reaching for the last of Tom’s clothing, pulling them down around his ankles. As he did, Tom’s enormous erection bounced upward, pulsing against Tom’s stomach. Harry’s eyes widened with hunger. He wasn’t a virgin, he had messed around a few times with Cedric, but he had never seen anything like this. Tom chuckled as he saw how Harry reacted to seeing his member. Harry reached down and began to stroke Tom, scarcely able to take in everything he felt. Tom leaned in closer, cupping Harry’s head in his hand and began to kiss and nibble at Harry’s neck. This sent chills through Harry, awakening every sensation in his body. He felt his nipples harden and noticed that his jeans were uncomfortably tight. As Tom’s fingers found his nipples and squeezed, Harry couldn’t contain himself. “Tom please,” he begged his lover, “take off my trousers.” Tom gladly obliged, never hesitating as he removed them and continued to leave love marks on Harry’s neck. Harry felt his penis come free of the jeans and shuddered as his cock and Tom’s pressed together, the heat rising further between them. 

Harry found himself kneeling before Tom, eager to pleasure his lover. Harry did his best to take Tom's length into his mouth, as Tom trembled at the sensation of Harry’s lips on his penis. Without stopping, Harry grabbed for his wand in the pocket of his jeans, pointed it at his throat and fired a quick spell which he had used a few times before to disable his gag reflex. With the size of Tom, he was going to need it. Harry effortlessly began to swallow Tom’s pulsing cock, causing Tom to throw his head back, moaning in pleasure. Tom placed his wide hand on the back of Harry’s head, curling his fingers through Harry’s hair, gently coaxing him deeper and deeper. 

As perfect as this moment felt, Tom soon had to stop Harry or he knew he would cum too soon. “Harry,” he whispered, “please, let me make you feel this good.” Tom picked up his smaller lover and carried him the few steps to the mat, gently placing Harry down on his back. He laid down beside him and began kissing, sucking, lapping up every inch of Harry Potter. Tom ran his hand lightly from Harry’s neck until he firmly grasped Harry’s cock. He invited Harry to do the same to him. They began stroking one another, gaining speed, and losing all sense of direction in their mutual delight. 

“Tom, STOP-” Harry suddenly exclaimed. “I don’t want to finish yet.” It seemed that he too wanted to go all the way before this ended. “Please, I want to feel you inside me.” Harry pleaded. 

Tom felt overcome with love and attraction toward his partner. He caressed Harry from head to cock before gently positioning him with his belly on the mat. He guided Harry to spread his legs underneath him, fully exposing his hole. Tom positioned himself on top of Harry, so that there was no space between Harry’s back and Tom’s torso. He placed his arm across Harry’s chest beneath him and whispered into his ear. “Are you sure you want to do this?” 

Without having to think, Harry replied in a sultry whisper, “ yes .”  

Feeling that Harry was completely relaxed, Tom gave a shove of his cock and popped into Harry’s tight ass. Tom heard Harry make a soft whimper, but his body showed no signs of protest. Slowly at first, Tom began to move his hips back and forth, as their moans of pleasure soon became intertwined. Harry had never felt more like the chosen one than in this moment, bringing this amount of pleasure to the former Dark Lord. Tom, on the other hand, felt more and more enveloped in all of Harry’s love with each thrust inside of him. As if the pain of all of those years was washed away by Harry’s sweet moaning. Tom's hands moved all over every inch of Harry’s body, finally firmly grasping Harry’s cock, as they both began wracking their hips in sync, Harry rising to meet Tom’s thrusts. Tom felt tears sting his eyes as he allowed the emotion and the pleasure of the moment to overtake him. He found himself groaning, “I love you Harry”  into his lover’s ear, and in the next moment he was exploding inside of Harry as Harry called out his name and covered Tom in his juices. The two soulmates continued riding the waves of their orgasms for long moments until both collapsed onto the mat, intertwined, not knowing where one ended and the other began. 

Tom pulled his young love closer, pushing back Harry’s bangs and tenderly kissing his forehead. Both were in blissful shock, still unable to believe what had just happened. Harry spoke dreamily as if he were on the verge of sleep, “You know, I came from a broken childhood too. We have that in common. I know what it's like.” He sighed sleepily into Tom’s chest, as Tom pulled the blankets over them. The fire grew dim as Tom reflected on what Harry had said. Tom was certainly broken. Harry had been too. But Harry had something that until recently Tom had lacked. Tom knew now that he could finally begin to heal his brokenness. His broken body, mind, heart, and soul. He could rest now, for the first time in his life. He could rest in Harry’s love .