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The Tyrant King and His Flower Knight

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Jungkook stood up. " Sorry to cut this close gentleman, I've got a meeting soon. Hobi? Look after this drunkards before they drink themselves to death."

Offended sounds came out of the two bodies. Yoongi was curled up on the floor, head in Hoseok's lap. Seokjin twisted his neck, cheek planted on the table, to glare at Jungkook.

A laugh. " You got it boss."

" W-we're not drunk." drawled Jin clumsily.

Jungkook snorted, amused. " And I'm not-"

"Shhhhhhhhh. If you make anymore noise, I will send you to the stocks."

" I'll see you in the morning, Yoongi. Goodnight. Jin, Hobi."

"Goodnight, Jungkook"

Unrecognizable mumbles echoed after Hobi. Jungkook smiled, closed the door and walked towards his destination.

Back on the plains, horses gallop forward, carrying tired soldiers on their backs.
I need sleep.



His eyes drooped...


Namjoon opened his eyes and focused on his stead. The Hwarang were finally returning to the palace. He looked to his side, his fellow knights at his side, like always. And there, was his brother glancing at him, as he held his best friend to his chest.

"You mustn't fall asleep, hyung. Just a few more hours. We'll be home soon."

Namjoon looked down at Jimin. He had been injured, an arrow to the shoulder from a bandit. Taehyung blamed himself, stating he was careless and insisted on carrying Jimin back, his horse trailing behind Namjoon's. "You're right." he sighed. He glanced at his brother again.

Taehyung wore his boxy smile, his eyes in small sunshine shapes. Namjoon grinned back, Taehyung's smiles could cheer anyone up, despite the current grim conditions, he didn't fail now.

"General Kim!"

Both men quickly looked over to the voice. They saw Minho, pointing at a hill in close proximity. Racing down the hill, were soldiers dressed in dark green, instantly recognisable to come from Goguryeo.

A man walked down the dark streets. He stopped and leaned against the wall.

"Your Higness."

Sookmyung snuck out of the shadows, black hair bellowing behind her.
" Listen and listen quickly." she hissed.

" They are in a hut, deep in the forest. They are provided for. Keep them out of the way until she dies. My brother knows she was poisoned, and the official will be prosecuted after her death. But tell him his grief needs to believable. Until then, keep guard over your King. She will attempt to take his life whilst he is supposedly upset. That is all. Go before anyone catches us together."

"Thanks Princess."


Blood everywhere. Bodies everywhere. Fires burning high around them. Everything dead.

"We're done here." sneered the green man.


Up in the trees, a dozen or so men sighed in relief, yet tears streamed down their faces, as they watched their comrades, their friends be slain mercilessly.