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The Tyrant King and His Flower Knight

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The market place was bustling with loud noises. Yoongi ignored them. He walked ahead, head down, his Sat Gat slipping down to cover his face. The villages of Silla were busy, but a nice change from the constant argument and questioning of the officials.

He startled from his thoughts, as he walked into someone.

"Hey! Watch it brat!"   
Ah. Seokjin, always the first to  confront others.
"Jin-hyung, leave the poor boy alone!'
And there's Jeongguk.

Seokjin was one of the elderly officials son, but had been outcasted for supporting the King's effort in normalizing same-sex marriage. Jeongguk, Yoongi's boyfriend's best friend, had found him struggling to find food, and formed an immediate friendship with him. Soon after, Seokjin belonged to the Jeon household, and quickly became cared for by Jeongguk's brother, Seojoon.

Yoongi smirked and fastened his pace before his friends recognised him. He didn't want to ruin his disguise, his gossiping dongsaeng would accidently out him within the moment he realized it was Yoongi. It wouldn't bother him much, he was well liked within the villages of Silla, but the officials were bastards. They would find it as just another reason to overthrow him.

As he arrived back at the palace, he dressed into his golden garbs, and realized how quiet it was. He silently strode towards the throne room, his legs short yet limber like a cat. His suspicions were correct. There, on the throne, sat his mother, a snobby sneer drew on her face the moment Yoongi entered. At her left stood his sister, Sookmyung. At her right was her faithful Nando, Seok Dan-Sae.

His relationships with his sister and mother were more than just 'rocky'. He was born into poverty, his father mating with multiple consorts, then throwing them into the streets of Silla. His step-mother, Ji-Soo, had wanted a pure-blooded king if she could not remain Regent. However, his sibling, Sammaekjong, had ran off to pursue a relationship with Sun-Woo and A-Ro. A female heir was heavily frowned upon, so his sister could not take up the throne. Yoongi was not liked by the ministers and the ex-Regent. He was a slave turned king, and the mass change he was inflicting had consequences. He was labelled as the tyrant king.

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"Mother dearest,"remarked Yoongi sarcastically,"What on Earth do you want?"

Ji-Soo smiled demeaningly, "You, off the throne."

Yoongi snorted and raised his eyebrow.

"I came here to ask you politely for the last time. Remove the Hwarang from battlefields. Resign as King. Do you honestly think anyone in Silla will accept your outlandish views? You will never achieve your goal."

The Hwarang were a set of elite warriors, chosen specially by Yoongi or his right-hand man, General Kim. They were chosen to protect the King, fight against direct threats to his Majesty and represent the ever-growing community of men who preferred a differing gender. The Flower Knights represented the possible feminine qualities in men, whilst showing the pure-bloods that they could also be strong. Whilst unity was hard to achieve with the homophobic kingdom of Goguryeo, Yoongi's movement was respected and enacted in Baekje.

 "That's your opinion Mother. However, a majority of Silla are open to the change. What do you think I was doing in the villages? Being idle? No. The people of our kingdom have supported it, ever since you were replaced. You may have exiled Sammaekjong, but you were too late to do it to me. Now get out of my sight." 

 Ji-soo stood and strode past him, Dan-Sae and Sookmyung following. She stopped at the wooden door. Without turning around, she opened her mouth to speak. 

 "You will regret that choice."

 Yoongi say down on his throne, and answered, his voice short yet amused.

 " I will not. "


"Guards? Summon General Kim."

They bowed their heads;

 " Yes, Your Majesty. "


 "Entering: General Kim!"

 A lean figure in a blue and purple hanbok enters the room and took a knee.

"My King. You summoned me? "

Yoongi smiled.

 "It is good to see you again, friend. It has been a while." 

 Namjoon rose from the ground, returning the smile.

"Indeed it has. However, sometimes I am destined for other places. "

 "Ah, yes, tell me how the situation has evolved?"

 " The bandits from Goguryeo are still being dealt with, but the Hwarang are tackling the problem well. Emperor Seungri has decided to aid the raiders, and has dispatched 15 soldiers to the outer villages. The effort is not strong, and will soon be defeated. "

 "That is good. However, I am beginning to worry about Ji-Soo. She is attempting to escalate her attempt for the throne."

Namjoon frowned. " I'll put Jeongguk on her case if you are willing. He needs to return to duty soon, and whilst his injury has healed, it would hinder him in the current raid. He could take up the task easily, but leaving Seokjin by himself worries me. "

 " If Jeongguk feels up to it. However, there's no need to worry. He's got Hoseok until Jimin comes back.I know you worry, he's your beloved after all, but he can handle himself." 

 " I guess so. If I may take my leave, I want to visit Seokjin before I set off again."

"Of course. Tell your brother I said hello."

A chuckle echoes through the room. "Sure, I'll tell him that. Goodbye for now, friend"

"Hopefully we will meet again soon. See you later , Namjoon"

A curtsey; Namjoon paces towards the doors.

"Exiting: General Kim!"

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The plains are green and growing. A blur speeds past. It runs for miles and the scenery changes. Fire, burnt trees and dry soul become predominant.

As it comes to a stop, the blur becomes a magnificent mahogany horse. Upon it, is saddled Kim Namjoon. His hair swept elegantly to the side, he radiates power yet kindness. Someone stands. His handsome features turn into a soft smile, dimples sharp against his smooth cheeks.

" Brother mine."

 His smile is returned.


Opposite him stands Kim Taehyung. If Namjoon is handsome, then his brother is a god. Deep cedar hair is grown long, resting on his flawless skin. His jaw is like carved porcelain, his lips plump and cheeks rosy. His eyes gleam, and his moles just make him imperfectly perfect.

"His Majesty says hi. "

Taehyung giggled and smiled in appreciation. "Thank you for checking up on him, Namu. "

Namjoon smiles in return.  "No worries, I've got to check up on my future brother-in-law after all."

Taehyung blushes and ducks his head. A group of laughs comes with the sight.

Behind him sits the Hwarang. He spots Jimin, Hoseok's partner and Taehyung's other best friend, and waves at him. Jimin greets him in turn, as do the other Hwarang.

The rest of the day is spent sleeping in differing schedules and planning the next step. When night falls, they prepare themselves for another ambush.


Yoongi sits at his desk, trying to get through all the documents from the ministers and his duties. He exhales, frustrated and sweeps his hair back harshly. He shoves aside his work and picks up a blank parchment scroll.

He starts writing, oblivious to the future where he would be upset over more than just the infuriating officials.


Ji-Soo sits in her bed. She is weak, but will not let the kingdom fall to Yoongi so easily. 

Sookmyung sees the look on her mother's face and knows that soon the world she knew would change. " Mother?"

 " Leave. "

Sookmyung and Dan-Sae glance at each other. They bow. "  Yes, Your Highness. "

 "Not you Dan-Sae. "

Sookmyung looks at her mother, her face blank. She turns around and exits the room.

 "Dan-Sae, this cannot go on. This half-blood does not deserve to be king. We need Sammaekjong to come back. That's why you will kidnap A-Ro and kill her. Take care of Sun-Woo as well. He'll come back once the peasants are dead."

" I cannot do that. " A frown.

 "You can and you will. Disobey me and it will be your brother instead. "

Dan-Sae looks down, conflicted. " Yes, Your Highness. "

"You can go. I expect it to be done. Not too soon, but soon."

He curtseys, and turns on his heels, leaving.


A-Ro is cooking. She looks around and her Sunshine is practicing his writing. She knows he will go back to Hwarang soon, and bring back Sammaekjong, their other boyfriend, but she will enjoy the time she has with him.

"Sun-Woo! Could you go to the market and get some gochujang please? "

She will not know how much that decision mattered. Everything would be better off. But how could she know?


Seokjin and Hoseok were at the market, casually passing time until their partners came back, also unaware of the devastation soon to happen.

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The night was young. The moon was bright, casting a silvery sheen through the carved wooden windows, white rayon swirled around in the gentle breeze. A bed of beautiful silken and satin sheets was visible in the glow of the bedside candles. A small figure was curled up, his face delicate, free of worry.

A gust drove through the room and Yoongi stirred peacefully. Eyes fluttered open, and pinched as he stretched gently. He sat up, golden hair flowing down his shirtless back, and sighed. Looking over to the left, he saw the letter he had began a week ago. It was now 34 days, 7 hours and 13 minutes a month since his conversation with Namjoon. He was really starting to miss his friends and his beloved. 

What happened? Are they hurt? Did Taehyung get injured? Oh God, what if he's d- 

Yoongi shook his head, and got up. If he finished this letter, he would give himself a few hours free in the morning.

There was no need to worry, he reminded himself. But what if he is dea- No. He is simply on a mission. It will take long, you know this.

He picked up the brush, dipped it in ink, and started drawing the characters.


 " Your Majesty! "

An urgent knock on the door and the shout startled Yoongi from his activity. He looked up and out of the window frame. The sky was grey, stormy. Yoongi sighed yet again. It was probably gonna rain heavily by midday. So much for finding a distraction from duties. Standing up, he put on his night robe and opened the door.

"What is it? " he asked.

" The court physician asked to inform you that the Queen Mother has worsened in health. She has slowly become ill. She fainted this morning whilst she went on a walk in the royal gardens. The physician says that he can't find anything wrong with her. He suspects her condition is fatal."


Sun-Woo had come home with the gochujang. 

"A-Ro, I'm back! "

There was no answer. It was at the point where he realised that going to the market was a mistake. Now, two weeks later, there was still no sign of her. Sammaekjong was still gone.

 'I shouldn't have left' was his last thought before the world turned black.


Namjoon looked at Jimin and Taehyung who both looked exhausted. They stood in the entrance of the makeshift tent. He could see the underlying question in their eyes.

"If we finish what we are doing today, we can make it back by next week. "

He walked up to them and they hugged, grinning. whilst they were family in all but blood, they were missing home.


"Dan-Sae. Is it done? "

"Yes, Your Highness."


Jeongguk walked forwards and put the scroll in front of Yoongi.

Yoongi picked it up, rolled it open. His eyes flicked through it carefully.

" You are sure about this?"

" Yeah bro, I was there. " 

" And you made this agreement with them? "

" Yep. "

" So it will result in her death? "

" Unless you want otherwise. "

" No. She cannot continue this. We are lucky that Dan-Sae has empathy. "

" Yes, we are. But we don't have to do anything about it now, Yoongi. Come with me, you need to loosen up! I'm meeting Seokjin and Hoseok. " Jeongguk shoved Yoongi, chuckling.


" Yoongiiiiii, pleassssse! "

" Stop whining and I'll go. "

Jeongguk laughed. " Get dressed, I'll see ya in 10. "

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Jungkook stood up. " Sorry to cut this close gentleman, I've got a meeting soon. Hobi? Look after this drunkards before they drink themselves to death."

Offended sounds came out of the two bodies. Yoongi was curled up on the floor, head in Hoseok's lap. Seokjin twisted his neck, cheek planted on the table, to glare at Jungkook.

A laugh. " You got it boss."

" W-we're not drunk." drawled Jin clumsily.

Jungkook snorted, amused. " And I'm not-"

"Shhhhhhhhh. If you make anymore noise, I will send you to the stocks."

" I'll see you in the morning, Yoongi. Goodnight. Jin, Hobi."

"Goodnight, Jungkook"

Unrecognizable mumbles echoed after Hobi. Jungkook smiled, closed the door and walked towards his destination.

Back on the plains, horses gallop forward, carrying tired soldiers on their backs.
I need sleep.



His eyes drooped...


Namjoon opened his eyes and focused on his stead. The Hwarang were finally returning to the palace. He looked to his side, his fellow knights at his side, like always. And there, was his brother glancing at him, as he held his best friend to his chest.

"You mustn't fall asleep, hyung. Just a few more hours. We'll be home soon."

Namjoon looked down at Jimin. He had been injured, an arrow to the shoulder from a bandit. Taehyung blamed himself, stating he was careless and insisted on carrying Jimin back, his horse trailing behind Namjoon's. "You're right." he sighed. He glanced at his brother again.

Taehyung wore his boxy smile, his eyes in small sunshine shapes. Namjoon grinned back, Taehyung's smiles could cheer anyone up, despite the current grim conditions, he didn't fail now.

"General Kim!"

Both men quickly looked over to the voice. They saw Minho, pointing at a hill in close proximity. Racing down the hill, were soldiers dressed in dark green, instantly recognisable to come from Goguryeo.

A man walked down the dark streets. He stopped and leaned against the wall.

"Your Higness."

Sookmyung snuck out of the shadows, black hair bellowing behind her.
" Listen and listen quickly." she hissed.

" They are in a hut, deep in the forest. They are provided for. Keep them out of the way until she dies. My brother knows she was poisoned, and the official will be prosecuted after her death. But tell him his grief needs to believable. Until then, keep guard over your King. She will attempt to take his life whilst he is supposedly upset. That is all. Go before anyone catches us together."

"Thanks Princess."


Blood everywhere. Bodies everywhere. Fires burning high around them. Everything dead.

"We're done here." sneered the green man.


Up in the trees, a dozen or so men sighed in relief, yet tears streamed down their faces, as they watched their comrades, their friends be slain mercilessly.