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For Forever And A Day

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~Part 3~

Songs: “Lick my wounds”- Ron Pope, “Fred Astaire”- Jukebox the ghost, “Cant Sleep Love”- Pentatonix,


“SHOPPING?!” I yelled, “You woke me up so we could SHOP?!”


I turned to Kiri who didn’t seem phased at my slight annoyance. He looked confident in his plans for the day. He started toward the building’s  entrance with an unlimited maze of sales. I followed behind him noticing how relaxed his body seemed and content he was with himself. We typically don’t go out much in public during the day because of the press. Seeing him so relaxed and happy made me feel more at ease. I caught up and briefly touched his lower back... hmm his muscles.. so he could acknowledge my presence.

Without even turning to look he said in a sass filled voice,


“Oh? Mr. Grinch wants attention now? That’s weird he didn’t want any earlier”.  Kiri kept walking and I stopped to huff at him- dick. He finally turned and reached for my arm making only brief contact.


“Oh come on blasty, I love you. We can cuddle later. Come on. We need ideas for.. you know”, He winked and lifted his left hand slightly. Sooo this is what this is about, that nerd is planning for the party and the wedding-cute . I mumbled something about getting extra affection for waking me up making him chuckle softly. I got a mhm as an answer which didn’t satisfy my neediness.


The mall was busy but not unbearable, I couldn’t see any journalists either. We made a few successful purchases for our big events fairly early into our adventure. I made sure to keep friendly distance with my fiancé but I couldn’t help it that I craved to be closer. At least.. I tried to keep away for about 5 seconds. It wasn’t my fault I purchased a tank-top that was a size too small. I could of sworn I picked out a size that wouldn’t be a paradox of gentle tightness of fabric clinging to his muscles. He looked so attractive today, and it didnt help he wore his nicer cologne. Looking him over made my face turn red, he turned to face me and winked. This made my face become warmer.

“Hey, shitty hair,I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” I said with a sly smile. ‘ Hungry‘ is one way to put it.

“Woah, wait like a date?” I gave him one of my “you are impossible” glares. Such an idiot, so much for a flirtatious success.

We finished eating lunch and began on the hunt again. We were passing a fitness store and bookstore when Kiri stopped to speak up.

“Blasty..” Kiri said sweetly.


“Yes dear?” I responded mindlessly. I was distracted looking at all of the sale posters for fitness gear. Hm, I do need some more spandex shorts. Kiri tends to like it when I wear those for training. Oh and they are having a sale on under armor padding? It wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Maybe I can-


“Do you think our story can be one of best love stories ever written? Do you think maybe.. when people find out about us it will be outsold in every bookstore?” He said stopping in front of the store. He turned to me with hopeful eyes and gave a small smile.


I froze in my tracks. The lighting from the bookstore sign gently lit up his already blushing face. His ember eyes glowed warmly and I felt like melting in those pools of amber honey.  If hearts could shed a tear of joy, I think mine would be exploding from the pure love I have for my future husband. Just marry me already.


“-in every bookstore shitty hair. People can only wish to meet someone like you in their lifetime. Readers wont be able to get enough and we will have to keep updating them. Luckily for me I’m going to be married to the best character in the story so ill have the original copies.”


I stepped closer to him reaching my hand out to grasp his forearm. Before I could touch him Kiri looked behind me with pure shock in his eyes. His eyes grew wide, and my protective instinct made me step closer to him. I heard a snap. My body straightened becoming rigid.


“Kiri.. what’s..wron-“ I said slowly turning my head. My palms began to crackle as I was preparing for a fight. I fucking dare some bastard to try and get near him. Fucking try me, ill-


“BAKU LOOK!! CAN WE GO. I WANT TO SEE THE FISHIES AND THE PUPPIES. OH THAT ANGRY POMERANIAN LOOKS LIKE YOU.”  Kiri jumped into my chest holding my shirt tightly with his left hand and pointed behind my shoulder with his right. Snap. I tried to hold Kiri still, his excitement was about to throw off my balance. Before I knew it he was practically dragging me by my hand toward the pet store. I held our bags tightly as I tried to keep up.  Where did all of this strength come from? Just from seeing a puppy? He is about to tear my fucking arm off.


We spent nearly 3 hours in that pet shop. Why? Kiri wanted to see every single fish, hamster, and puppy to give each their own special attention. He was awe struck with a small angry Pomeranian and kept stating similarities between us. That puppy had a mess of fluffy hair, bit of a bitting issue, and was clearly telling every other occupant in that store “how he really felt about things”. I still don’t understand the resemblance. I left Kiri distracted with the animals to make another secret purchase. If I know anything about my shitty haired lover, I know he will want to take an animal home.


I tugged at Kiri to leave the angry demon puppy’s side.


“Come dear, its getting late. Let’s get your favorite for dinner?” And with that Kiri looked at me with puppy eyes and whined without moving a muscle.

“I promise, after the wedding we can get as many puppies and fishes you want”. Wait, I shouldn’t of said that. Knowing him he will hold me up to that while we have a zoo within the next 2 months. Ugh that is a problem for future Baku to deal with.


We headed to the exit slowly due to Kiri’s hesitance to leave the animals.


“I have a surprise for you when we get home, look up the number for our restaurant. We can pick up dinner on our way home.”

I bumped his shoulder to cheer him up. Kiri stopped in his tracks to dig his phone out of his pant pocket mumbling about holding me to that promise of pets. I chuckled and looked up at a store window. I felt my breath catch and my heart stop. We stood in front of a tuxedo store with headless mannequins displaying their new fit. I could see my reflection line up nearly perfectly with the tuxedo and more importantly I could see my hungry fiancé’s reflection too. I stood looking at our reflections on the glass. Those maroon based tuxedos were similar to the ones we wore for the island party, those are perfect for the wedding.

I am ready . With him beside me we can take on anything even the massive demand to restock our story on bookshelves.