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For Forever And A Day

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My Number 1 Hero

~Part 1~ Songs: “House Key”- Scott Helman, “Tuesdays”-Jake Scott

I couldn’t even begin to express how happy I was as I wrapped my arms around Kiri. Tears came pouring out of my eyes and my body was still trembling. Of course we hinted at the idea of marriage, but for him to actually say yes to me?! I grabbed him tightly as he tackled me to the floor, since I was already in the typical proposing pose it was easy to brace myself from the full force of my shitty-haired-now-fiancé.

“God I was so worried you weren’t going to say yes, I mean..- “

“Wait, Baku... actually, I need to ask you something first..”

My heart stopped as he untangled himself from my arms to kneel across me. His face was red and wet from the tears, I could tell his mind was racing. I reached out to touch his shoulder to comfort him. Please God don’t let him change his mind, I don’t know what I’d do if he ever did...

“Bakugo-“ Kiri said with hesitation. His eyes were lowered and he was fiddling with his shirt sleeve.

....”Yes dear?” I said almost too quietly. I watched him carefully, hopping my heart would begin to work again. Each passing second felt like years for my heart and overactive thoughts.

“Will you marry me?” He asked sternly.

His warm ember red eyes looking intently into mine. His body posture was more confident, sturdy. He grabbed my hand and looked as though he was preparing himself for a battle. But I don’t  understand—

“-uhm...I just..-“ I tried to find the words. Did this nerd really not understand what just happened?

“I know you just proposed!”  But-   “ he took a deep breath and clutched my hand while giving me a brave smile.

“Baku.. I want to know if you will allow me to remain by your side for the rest of our lives. I want to know if you will allow me to love all of you. Let me love you on the late nights our pro hero shifts don’t line up for our date nights, let me love you when you are getting annoyed at my shitty hair as you try to tame it in the mornings, let me love you as you grow stronger as the number 1 hero. Let me love you for the rest of my life because you are my number 1 hero. After that day back in high school”- I scooted closer holding his hand, I noticed the tears falling down his face- “the day I reached out for you after the villains, the day we were there for each other without hesitation.”

Kiri began to laugh quietly and started to sniffle-God I love this man-

 “That is the day we became equals. Today is the day I want to ask the same question so you know whole heartily how ready I am. I would be honored to be by your side for forever and a day, Katsuki Bakugo?”

“Forever and a day, huh?” I asked with a smirk.

Kiri playfully punched me as he wiped the tears from his face,

“I loved you on that day, I love you today, I always have and I always will Eijiro Kirishima. We are in this together. No matter what comes our way- whether it be a villain, your terrible cooking, or simple old age- we will fight it together. I promise that our future will be as bright as fire because you will be in it. I cannot wait to call you my husband and for us to go out together”- Kiri looked at me taken back- “I think its time, I promise that we wont hide anymore, I simply cant. I cant lie to anyone else about where my happiness comes from. Our relationship isn’t a sign of lacking masculinity -You are my strength and ill kill anyone that says otherwise”.

Kiri lunged into my lap, wrapping his arms around my neck with that big fang filled smile of his. I hugged him tightly.

“Kiri..” I whispered softly.

“Yes, darling?” He replied nuzzling into my neck even further. His lips pressing against my skin with soft tenderness.

“You are my number one hero, for forever and a day Kirishima.” I said kissing the top of his head.

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~Part 2~

Songs: "Banana Pancakes"- Jack Johnson

I made sure to turn off my alarm clock- it was our first day off in a while and I couldn't wait to sleep like a rock next to my fiancé. However, my shitty haired love had other plans. Kiri tugged at my arms while trying to win me over with fresh brewed coffee and pancakes that I could smell from the kitchen. I groaned and tried to roll over only to discover how easy it was for him to lift me into his lap.

"Uughhhh Kiri.." I groaned barely opening my eyes. Why so early?

"You know, you are about as heavy as a rock and sleep like one too. I thought that was supposed to be my quirk, blasty?" Kiri chuckled and pinched my cheeks trying to wake me up.

"5 more minutes?" I whined trying to bury myself further in his chest to make myself harder to move. Kiri hugged me tight making the desire to sleep increase. He chuckled and kissed my head only to betray my sense of safety within seconds.

"NOPE LETS GO POP ROCKS" he yelled standing up quickly holding me in a bridal pose. I sat grumbling at the kitchen counter while I sipped on my coffee. Kiri was wide awake and moving like mini tornado through the apartment. He placed heart shaped pancakes in front of me with a cheesy smile.

"Wow, would you look at that? A nice ass" I smirked with some sass. Kiri flustered and tried to explain that they were in fact heart pancakes and not asses.

"So what inhumane reason do you have for waking me up and not taking this opportunity to sleep in?" I said with a bit of pettiness. I fucking swear if he just wanted to wake me up because he was up- I'm going to blast him into next week.

"You will see! Now, get dressed." Beaming. Ugh.. his energy could power an entire fucking town.

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~Part 3~

Songs: “Lick my wounds”- Ron Pope, “Fred Astaire”- Jukebox the ghost, “Cant Sleep Love”- Pentatonix,


“SHOPPING?!” I yelled, “You woke me up so we could SHOP?!”


I turned to Kiri who didn’t seem phased at my slight annoyance. He looked confident in his plans for the day. He started toward the building’s  entrance with an unlimited maze of sales. I followed behind him noticing how relaxed his body seemed and content he was with himself. We typically don’t go out much in public during the day because of the press. Seeing him so relaxed and happy made me feel more at ease. I caught up and briefly touched his lower back... hmm his muscles.. so he could acknowledge my presence.

Without even turning to look he said in a sass filled voice,


“Oh? Mr. Grinch wants attention now? That’s weird he didn’t want any earlier”.  Kiri kept walking and I stopped to huff at him- dick. He finally turned and reached for my arm making only brief contact.


“Oh come on blasty, I love you. We can cuddle later. Come on. We need ideas for.. you know”, He winked and lifted his left hand slightly. Sooo this is what this is about, that nerd is planning for the party and the wedding-cute . I mumbled something about getting extra affection for waking me up making him chuckle softly. I got a mhm as an answer which didn’t satisfy my neediness.


The mall was busy but not unbearable, I couldn’t see any journalists either. We made a few successful purchases for our big events fairly early into our adventure. I made sure to keep friendly distance with my fiancé but I couldn’t help it that I craved to be closer. At least.. I tried to keep away for about 5 seconds. It wasn’t my fault I purchased a tank-top that was a size too small. I could of sworn I picked out a size that wouldn’t be a paradox of gentle tightness of fabric clinging to his muscles. He looked so attractive today, and it didnt help he wore his nicer cologne. Looking him over made my face turn red, he turned to face me and winked. This made my face become warmer.

“Hey, shitty hair,I’m hungry. Let’s get something to eat.” I said with a sly smile. ‘ Hungry‘ is one way to put it.

“Woah, wait like a date?” I gave him one of my “you are impossible” glares. Such an idiot, so much for a flirtatious success.

We finished eating lunch and began on the hunt again. We were passing a fitness store and bookstore when Kiri stopped to speak up.

“Blasty..” Kiri said sweetly.


“Yes dear?” I responded mindlessly. I was distracted looking at all of the sale posters for fitness gear. Hm, I do need some more spandex shorts. Kiri tends to like it when I wear those for training. Oh and they are having a sale on under armor padding? It wouldn’t hurt to take a look. Maybe I can-


“Do you think our story can be one of best love stories ever written? Do you think maybe.. when people find out about us it will be outsold in every bookstore?” He said stopping in front of the store. He turned to me with hopeful eyes and gave a small smile.


I froze in my tracks. The lighting from the bookstore sign gently lit up his already blushing face. His ember eyes glowed warmly and I felt like melting in those pools of amber honey.  If hearts could shed a tear of joy, I think mine would be exploding from the pure love I have for my future husband. Just marry me already.


“-in every bookstore shitty hair. People can only wish to meet someone like you in their lifetime. Readers wont be able to get enough and we will have to keep updating them. Luckily for me I’m going to be married to the best character in the story so ill have the original copies.”


I stepped closer to him reaching my hand out to grasp his forearm. Before I could touch him Kiri looked behind me with pure shock in his eyes. His eyes grew wide, and my protective instinct made me step closer to him. I heard a snap. My body straightened becoming rigid.


“Kiri.. what’s..wron-“ I said slowly turning my head. My palms began to crackle as I was preparing for a fight. I fucking dare some bastard to try and get near him. Fucking try me, ill-


“BAKU LOOK!! CAN WE GO. I WANT TO SEE THE FISHIES AND THE PUPPIES. OH THAT ANGRY POMERANIAN LOOKS LIKE YOU.”  Kiri jumped into my chest holding my shirt tightly with his left hand and pointed behind my shoulder with his right. Snap. I tried to hold Kiri still, his excitement was about to throw off my balance. Before I knew it he was practically dragging me by my hand toward the pet store. I held our bags tightly as I tried to keep up.  Where did all of this strength come from? Just from seeing a puppy? He is about to tear my fucking arm off.


We spent nearly 3 hours in that pet shop. Why? Kiri wanted to see every single fish, hamster, and puppy to give each their own special attention. He was awe struck with a small angry Pomeranian and kept stating similarities between us. That puppy had a mess of fluffy hair, bit of a bitting issue, and was clearly telling every other occupant in that store “how he really felt about things”. I still don’t understand the resemblance. I left Kiri distracted with the animals to make another secret purchase. If I know anything about my shitty haired lover, I know he will want to take an animal home.


I tugged at Kiri to leave the angry demon puppy’s side.


“Come dear, its getting late. Let’s get your favorite for dinner?” And with that Kiri looked at me with puppy eyes and whined without moving a muscle.

“I promise, after the wedding we can get as many puppies and fishes you want”. Wait, I shouldn’t of said that. Knowing him he will hold me up to that while we have a zoo within the next 2 months. Ugh that is a problem for future Baku to deal with.


We headed to the exit slowly due to Kiri’s hesitance to leave the animals.


“I have a surprise for you when we get home, look up the number for our restaurant. We can pick up dinner on our way home.”

I bumped his shoulder to cheer him up. Kiri stopped in his tracks to dig his phone out of his pant pocket mumbling about holding me to that promise of pets. I chuckled and looked up at a store window. I felt my breath catch and my heart stop. We stood in front of a tuxedo store with headless mannequins displaying their new fit. I could see my reflection line up nearly perfectly with the tuxedo and more importantly I could see my hungry fiancé’s reflection too. I stood looking at our reflections on the glass. Those maroon based tuxedos were similar to the ones we wore for the island party, those are perfect for the wedding.

I am ready . With him beside me we can take on anything even the massive demand to restock our story on bookshelves.



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~Part 4~

Songs: “Here It Goes Again” - OK Go, “Power Over Me”- Dermont Kennedy


I was surprised kiri’s puppy eye face wasn’t permanently stuck with the amount of times he pulled the look when we arrived home.


“Come on kiri, we got your favorite. Now lets go eat and watch something”, I said carrying the double meat pizzas toward the living room. I could hear the slight huff and purposefully loud shuffling coming slowly from behind me.


I sat on the couch and patted the cushion next to me, I know he was going to pout for a while. He just needs to give it some time. Kiri looked at me with pouted lips and burrowed brow mumbling something about the puppy having to eat dog food instead of pizza.  He sat at the end of the couch crossing his arms, not even reaching for the pizza. Hm, he is really going to be a brat about this..


“Babe..” I called, “Come on, ill eat this entire thing if you don’t stop me”. Kiri turned away and huffed again. The light from the TV emphasized his features allowing me to see a small smile trying to form.


“Well I guess if you are going to act like a brat you wont get your surprise” I said with a shrug. I kept flipping through the channels ignoring his mini huffs and attempts to get my attention.


“BAKUGO HE WAS SO CUTE THO! WHY COULDNT WE GET HIM! YOU ARE SO LAME!” He whined and slouched further into the couch. His mini tantrums are kinda cute...

“Uh huh” I simply replied and handed him a slice of pizza. He huffed at me trying not to smile . 3...2..1..

Kiri came to my side of the couch giving part of my body his warmth. Kiri crossed his arms and quickly kissed my cheek. He wants attention but wants his way too, god, such a brat.. I guess ill tell him.


I got up and headed toward the shopping bags. I came back holding a photo and some paperwork.


“Hey shitty hair” I said looking down at him, I held the items close to my chest in case he reached for them.  Kiri grumbled and looked up. I lifted an eyebrow and gave him a glare. Kiri let out a forced exhale for dramatic effect,

“finnnneee, ill stop being a brat and I love you”. Huffing and letting his head fall further back allowing his hair strands to fall past his face. 


“Here, you owe me” I said handing everything over, “this is your surprise, now don’t get too excited dipshit. We are just funding this puppy’s care until he finds a home. But at least we can help him out” 


Kiri held the mini Pom plush and looked at the puppy’s aggressive photo. He leaped in my arms kissing my cheek repeatedly.


“AWE BLASTY HAS A SOFT SPOT. I KNEW YOU LIKED HIM!” He said holding me in a death grip. “Thank you! Even if we cant have him helping him find a home makes me just as happy!” kiri said with a big smile.


He squeezed my neck within his embrace and stepped back to give me a long kiss. I could feel the warmth of his body pressing against mine. He stopped stepping back to smile widely at me “I love you, Blasty.”


“Ha, gross. So gay.” I teased. He gave me a raised eyebrow and stuck his bottom lip out in a pout. My eyes glanced down to his soft pink lips and bit my own to hold back a pleading moan.


“Do it again...” I whispered in his ear. My deep low voice sent a shiver down his spine as my teeth nipped at his ear. 


Kiri crossed his arms and cocked his head. He lifted his hand to his ear “I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you-” his cocky demeanor made my chest rumble in protest. 


“Dammit Kirishima Kiss Me again!” I argued and held back my childish whine. God damn brat teasing me all fucking day. Ill have to show him. 

He came in closer, wrapping his arms around my waist pulling me in. He placed a soft hand on the back of my neck twisting some of my hair in his fingers. I closed the space between our lips kissing him with impatience. I tightened my grip on his hips as I felt his free hand reach toward my ass giving it a squeeze. He pulled at my hair while grazing his teeth on my bottom lip. I took a sharp inhale and within a second he was free of my grip happily plopping down on the couch. This little shit!

“Come on blasty, dont you want to eat?” Kiri gave me a playful smile, he patted the cushion next to him and raised a slice of pizza at me. I stood giving him a mean glare and pulled at my now tight jeans in annoyance. My face was hot and I gave a big annoyed huff at him. I dropped on the couch and took an aggressive bite out of my slice, looking over to see that little idiot happily chewing away at his slices of pizza.

“Such a brat.. that was a dick move Kiri.. ugh earlier you-” I was about to throw my own mini tantrum. Brat.. low blow..

Kiri turned to me with a certain look in his eye and whispered “I didnt forget” with a wink.


I gulped down the piece of pizza I was chewing and gave a devious smile in return. 

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~Part 5~

Songs: “Dangerous”-Royal Deluxe, “My name is..”/“On Fire”/ “B.E.A.S.T” - Once Monsters


“DIE DIE JUST FUCKING DIE ALREADY” I shouted releasing another pressurized blast from my gauntlet. This fucking villain wont give in already and I don’t want to be late for my dinner plans. I wonder what kiri is cooking for dinner *dodge* oh shit kiri is cooking

“Fuck I should of prepared better” I said countering the steaming villain’s attack.

“Awe is this little hero feeling unprepared compared to me?!” He sneered and snapped his teeth together in a flash.  He came towards me expelling  more steam from his body. The thick steam seeped from his body and fell heavily around us, creating a thick layer of camouflage for his movements.

“What? Not you dumbass. You are fucking weak and ill blast you into next week EASY! I forgot to make DINNER” I yelled from the depths of my chest and sent another blast into his face. His ash dusted face scrunched under the pressure of my fist and his teeth gritted together letting out a growl. The fucking hot head was sent backward for a second, giving me enough time to look at my storage tanks in my gauntlets. My fists crackled a familiar aggressive glow as sweat began to drip down my forehead. I need to think of another strategy or I’m seriously going to be late coming home.


“OH come on hero! Haven’t you gotten it already no matter how many blasts you give off it just gives me more power. Lucky for me your temper is increasing your explosion temperature. And here you are calling me WEAK!”

He swiftly dodged another one of my advances knocking part of my foot out from underneath me. With that the villain landed a good heated punch on my side sending me flying backward. 

FUCKING DAMNIT what is up with guy?! Maybe kiri will just order in..right, focus this guy is not letting up and real talk- kiri will attempt to cook hopefully not burning the apartment down. Speaking of burning, my fucking side. That steam is hot. I dont know if his body is as hot or if its his quirk. Icy hot used to control his body temperature-is this guy the same. No-


I stood up bracing myself for another one of his high speed punches. This man really lived up to his quirk- steam engine. He can absorb the heat from my blasts to increase his power and speed. There is a limit though, too much heat and the engine will blow; however, I have used most of the sweat stored in my gauntlets. I’m close to my explosive limit too, I can feel my forearms tightening. If this bastard came earlier in my shift I would of won easily. I already arrested 5 villains today with decent amount of fighting time with each. IM FUCKING TIRED- I jumped backward dodging another pressurized steam blast. I quickly turned on my heels and kept low to the ground charging at him. He sent a right hook flying towards me- just like me you bastard, so predictable - I ducked down and took my opportunity to shove my gauntlet upward to meet his stomach. CLANK Bingo, he is mostly metal.. but how much engine is he? Does he have valves? I jumped upward quickly spinning around to kick him in his shoulder sending the bastard off balance. Some steam dissipated from around use just enough for me to see pores through out his body and tubes coming out on his shoulders. He regained his balance and came charging at me again screaming. Once he began moving steam shot from his valves giving him more movement force.


I lowered my body down and waited for the right moment. With seconds left I blasted upward to dodge his full blast, the steam shot from his shoulders up into my face FUCK MY EYES THATS HOT, come on— I twisted my body in midair firing my last two gauntlet blasts at the ground above and below him.


“YOU MISSED” he laughed. Turning to face me but his smile fading quickly as the ground started to shake beneath him.


“Did I..?” I smiled as I landed on the ground. The earth below him cracked and gave way downhill and the blast I fired above his released even more muddy earth tumbling above him. I walked over and peered down the hill. Lucky for me it has been nasty rainfall the past few days so the mud aided to clog his engine.


“You should really be more aware of your surroundings airhead. Your dumbass didnt even notice we were close to a cliff. Oh! I recommend using some Drain-o to unclog your pipes.” I jeered at him. My body was sore but seeing the metallic fuck in the ground made my night a bit better. 


“ Oh just you wait sparky. Ill see you again, do you think you would be take me down without the help from Mother Nature?” He let out a cackling laugh.


I growled as an answer but noticed a millimeter of dread in my chest.. Stupid fuck. Of course ill take him. I beat him this time didnt I? Even though I was just a little distracted thinking of Kiri..


The police and other pro-heroes came by to arrest the man and assess the damage we caused. We might of torn up a few yards in the process of our fight. I looked down at my watch noticing I still had time to make it home at a decent time.


“Baku, I need you back at the station. We have some paperwork to go over.” My supervisor ordered. Fuck.

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~Part 6~

Songs: “I See You”- Missio, “Guillotine”-Jon bellion


I got back to the apartment late, my hair was still dripping from the shower I took at the station. I walked into the dark peaceful apartment and locked the door behind me. The outside street lamps gave some ghostly illumination through the apartment and coated some of our hanging picture frames with ambient glowing. I stepped quietly to the windows and observed the streets below me. Small pieces of trash drifted across the asphalt hitting rocks along the way. I felt a cold breeze and internally sighed at my lover’s lack of locking windows behind him. The moonlight couldnt seep its light into the dark alleyways that sent a snaking uneasiness through my body. I drew locked the window curtains closed tightly in hopes it would shut down these anxious feelings in my gut. I turned and crept back into our kitchen, conscious not to knock anything over in the process.

The oven light gently radiated itself around our appliances giving my eyes a clear path to my next destination. I noticed Kiri had placed my food in the microwave with a sticky note with a drawn heart.. hah its an ass.. At this point I wasn’t super hungry. I checked the stove and oven to make sure that shitty haired dumbass didnt leave it on by accident before doing one last round.


I snuck quietly through the house double checking all of the locks and windows in the apartment yet again. I walked into our dark bedroom stripping down to my boxers. I tossed my clothes toward the corner, and strained my eyes to see the room a bit clearer. Shaded  greys, blacks, and deep blues due to the absence of light blanketed the room. I heard a slight shift from the bed, conscious of my own noises and constant shifting around. I slowly climbed into bed and kissed my spikey haired fiancé on the shoulder. The scent of cinnamon pine filled my pillow, his scent filled my senses creating a chain reaction of pure muscle relaxation. I nuzzled my nose deeper into his neck and wrapped my strong arm around his waist pulling him closer to my chest. His hot tender skin made me secretly melt underneath him. It was all so quiet. I could hear his soft snores and the cicadas outside of our window. I inhaled his scent once before, feeling my eyelids grow heavy and finally feeling that anxiety lifting from my body. Nothing can touch us, not when he is safely in my arms. Protected.


“BAKUGO!! NOO” Kiri screamed sitting up in bed slamming his hardened fist on my chest unknowingly. The wind was knocked out of me as I choked for oxygen as my palms crackled in response. I looked around the room, who is here? What is happening, fuck Kiri where are you ? I laced my arm around his waist pulling him close still holding my palm out setting small flickering lights around the room. I dont see anything.. I heated up my palms lighting the room with more intensity. I could feel Kirishima’s hardening quirk still being activated as he shook in my arms.


“Hey, honey, hey..what’s wrong?” I realized the only potential danger Kiri was in was a result of his own nightmares. Kiri’s breathing was shaky and heavy as he tightly held onto me. I hate seeing him like this, if I could beat up nightmares I would in a fucking second.

“Baku.. I was so scared. You didnt come home. We couldn’t save you” Kiri said in a shaken whisper, his eyes widened before shutting closed tightly. I could feel his fast heartbeat against my chest and his body tremble. Oh.. oh my love..


“Well it looks like I’m home aren’t I?” I tried to make light of what he said. I know he worries when I don’t come home on time. Being pro-hero’s has its cons. One of them being the high risk of losing your loved one. Kiri, unfortunately, experienced that fear when I was captured back in high school. Ever since that day  Kiri has had nightmares of me being captured again or...dying. There is no way that will happen. Death cant fucking touch me, ill like to see it try. I dare it. I’m not done loving Kiri. I wont let anything rip me from his side.


Kiri kept shaking as tears rolled down his face. I gently lifted him up and carried him toward the dresser. He wasn’t going to let go of me anytime soon so I held him while I grabbed his other gift I purchased at the mall.


“Hey look”, I sat us down on the bed while I turned on our bedside lamp. It’s light chased out any darkness that surrounded us, and made our room feel warmer.. safer. I sat up against the bed frame and situated Kiri in my lap. His legs curled across my own with one arm around my lower back and the other against my chest. I placed one arm across his shoulders and lowered my chin against the top of his head trying not to sneeze from the tickling sensation his hair was causing. I kissed the top of his head and placed his gift in his lap.


“It reminded me of you. I got it at the mall the other day. It looks so scary, but you know what? It’s one of the strongest creatures on the planet. A lot of animals fear its power but in reality it can be a big softy. Just like you- well you aren’t too scary unless its your grumpy bed head in the morning. It’s super strong and can fight away anything it wants to. Hell look at those chompers”. I smiled and gave the plushy a squeeze. Kiri reached down and picked up the stuffed animal  with the hand that didnt have a death grip on my chest.


“Is my bed head really that scary?” He gave a small laugh and loosened his grip on me.


“Oh yes, it can scare away any villain. But between you and me, I seem to be immune to such spells.” I gave him a squeeze “Kiri, I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere. No villain can defeat me as long as I have you to out for” I rolled my eyes, “Now give me a smile”. I cooed against his hair as a small smile presented itself on my face. 

Kiri turned to me and smiled wide with his fangy teeth holding his shark plushy.

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~Part 7~

Songs: “Sick In The Head”- Jackson Penn, “Sermon”- James Author, “Swing” Josiah and the Bonnevilles, “Be There”- Sefret,


The next couple weeks consisted of magazine hoarding and a lot of shared boards on Pinterest. With our announcement party occurring this weekend, we spent a lot of time getting ahead on our paperwork. I sat at the dinner table with my folders neatly arranged in an organizational order. However, my brain was a scattered mess and I couldn’t focus. I have a big press conference shorty after our party which I have been attempting to prepare for. In sum, my office will be joining the company board on stage to go over “hero detail planning”. My supervisor wanted a write up of all of my arrests, routes, and overall percentage of crime while on duty. If this wasn’t all I have to worry about the damn media making more drama. Those bastards don’t know how to keep their noses out of things.


I could feel the anxiety crippling my lungs with a stronger grip. Anxiety about all of the questions those journalists would ask. I’d rather fight an ugly ass villain.. hell even sit in a room with Deku for an hour than deal with those idiots. They are going to ask about my private life, they always do.

What if they find out about us? About Kirishima. What if they view him as weak, view us as weak. I’ve fought so hard to protect him, to protect what we have from hateful people. I don’t want the world to find out and I lose him in the end. I know he can take care of himself, but to see someone view the man I love in a smaller light because he loves me? He doesn’t deserve that. He doesn’t deserve to be placed in a smaller box and judged because of the way he loves.  I just want to do right by my future husband. I don’t want anything coming in and making him cry. I want to come out and tell the world about my love for him, our love. I’d be damned if those rats find out about us without it being on our terms. It’s our story, I want everyone to know the right way. I—


“Love..?”.... “Love..!”... “LORD EXPLOSION MURDER” Kiri yelled at me with slight confusion flickering in his dark eyes.

“Wha-what?” I said trying to space back into reality. He stood at my side and cocked his head to the side giving me that questionable glare. He stroked some of my champagne spikes twisting them between his fingertips. 

“Hm? What is it? I’ll start making dinner soon. Im just trying to get these things a little finished.” I still wasn’t paying that much attention. To him. To dinner. To much of anything other than the thoughts running across my mind. My answer didn’t seem to satisfy the hesitant red head either. 

“Are you prepping for the press conference?”


“Yeah, just going over some stats.” I said looking down at my papers. I just want to protect his smile.. from all of the bullshit the world can hurl at him..


“You know as long as you don’t scream DIE DIE DIE I think the meeting will go alright” he said giving a sweet smile. He came closer and kissed my cheek-the smell of cinnamon pine lingered when he passed me. He walked to the other side of the table across from me and looked at my piles of papers. His fingertips grazed against the dark wooden table, tapping at the paper folders lightly. Determination crossed his features and the gears began to turn within his shitty haired brain.


“Do you think the media will be brats to deal with?” He said poking at my folders again. 


“Hm. They usually are.” I said mumbling. I didn’t want to talk much about it. I know he is just trying to help me prepare but right now? I need to focus.


“Oh come on, sometimes their wild stories can be entertaining to hear. They always try to figure out your love life since you keep it suuuuch a mystery. “ Kiri chuckled shaking his head slightly at His tease.  Is he digging for something? Hmm probably not..


“Yeah, right. I’ll just say I have a hot red-headed woman that they believe they have already confirmed sources of”.  I joked. I didn’t hear a reaction, I looked up to see disappointment in his eyes. I let out an exhale trying to figure out out what just happened.


“Yeah.. I guess you can”.. he said quietly. Did I hear a sniffle?

“ What is it? I don’t understand?” I was trying not to sound irritated but I didn’t get it.

“Were you? Were you even going to tell them about us? Or am I going to be some red headed babe for who knows how long?” His face was getting red, and I could tell he had tears in his eyes. He stood his ground trying to make direct eye contact.

“Do we have to talk about this right now? I thought we were joking. But Yes, I’ll tell them at some point Kiri”, I looked down at my papers again. Please drop it.. please not right now.. I can feel my chest tightening. A rib cage shouldn’t feel like an actual fucking cage right? 

“Why do you keep hiding me? Us? Are you worried we won’t make it or something? Are you ashamed?” His voice was a little shaky. His eyes were full with pain, confusion, and what looked like slight betrayal. It made me sick to think he is disappointed in me.

“What the hell? No, it’s not like that!” I dropped my pen and put my head in my hands exhaling deeply. I looked up, “Can we just wait until the time is right or something. Please I have a lot I have to figure out right now with work and our plans. I’m not trying to hide anything, we just need a plan.” I looked at him pleading, My heart stung more as his face contorted into slight anger. He closed his fists and raised his voice at me.


“What do you mean the right time?! I don’t understand what you are waiting for! The world doesn’t care about damn stuff. Our friends surely dont. Why are you so worried about what others think?! Since I’ve known you, you haven’t been the type to care about anyone else’s opinion but your own. It’s always about you bakugo. Always thinking about yourself, the one that has the only important opinion.” His bright eyes turned darker and colder matching the tone of his voice. He is wrong.. his opinion matters.. only has always been him..


“—Now all of a sudden you are concerned about everyone else? Is it because I’m a man? Is that it? You care about some stranger’s opinion of you because you love a MAN? For goodness sake Katsuki, you are so stubborn. No one’s opinion or subject has ever phased you- but this subject.. is it me?” No.. God no.. it isn’t you, its never been you... my heart, is it about to cry..?


“Kirishima.” I said a bit sternly. I could hear my heart beating faster and harder in my chest. My heart screamed for me to hear its cries. Kiri was upset, I was trying my best. But damnit why do I feel like I’m failing him. I just need to stop this before it blows up, I need to calm us down.


“NO! NO Dammit! I don’t want to wait anymore Katsuki. I don’t understand what you are so afraid of!” His voice cut through sterile silence that hung around us as his fangs snapped at the tense air. A sharp snap was heard stabbing my heart even further. The pure intensity of his outburst made my spine run cold. He yelled at me.. 


He doesn’t understand, he doesn’t understand how much I want to protect him. I cant stand the thought of loosing him, and if everyone found out about us through those rats it could ruin things. They could take him from me.. I cant. He doesn’t understand that I want to keep what we have between us private just a little longer. Just until it’s official so we can prove to the world we aren’t weak. That our love isn’t weak. That I am strong enough for a man as good as him. He doesn’t understand how much I crave to show him to the world. He doesn’t understand that I am desperately trying to wait until we can do things the right way. The only way to share our story. I just want him to wait until our book is on those shelves.


My thoughts raced- He doesn’t understand.   I could feel my palms become sweater and my eyes stung. I tried to keep myself calm,- I have to be his rock. I promised to be his strength. I promised to always make him happy.


“That’s enough for tonight, please” I said quietly. Don’t fuck up. Fix this.


“But I don’t understand!! What is wrong with you?! It will be easy, why are you making this so hard. I don’t-“ the shaken pleas shook him to his core. His eyes showed the exact same desperation that clawed its way around his expression.


“Dammitt Eijio!” I shouted with a growl. I hit the table with my fist and I stood from my seat. I lowered by voice quickly and escaped all eye contact.  I never shout at him.. I only use his name when things are serious.. I couldnt help it, I’m in pain.. how can he think those things of me.. does he think I’m weak too? .. “Why am I not enough for you. Why isn’t this enough? I have been good to you, I have promised you a future, and I love with every fiber of my being. Have I not done these things to your satisfaction? You have me, don’t you? am I not enough, Kirishima? Why cant I be enough for right now!?”


I gave him a direct glare with my own firery red eyes. The cage around my lungs tightened is grasp against my rebellious heart. Shallow heavy breaths were the only movement I was allowed to have. The tense air seemed to suffocate my already choking lungs due to the sobs clawing their way up my throat. I shook my head wiping the tears from my eyes. I cant be weak for my future husband, I’m failing. I’m not doing enough to make him happy. I promised.


“ I..-” Kiri said quietly reaching for my hand.. I could tell by the way he looked deep into my eyes he wanted nothing more but to wrap me in his embrace. I couldnt allow it. I didn’t deserve that right now. Not after my angry outburst. Not after our hurtful stinging words. Not right now. 


“-tsk- Im going to make dinner. Just shove the papers on the table somewhere else.” I stormed into the kitchen wiping the stupid tears from my face. Fucking emotions.

Chapter Text

~Part 8~

Songs: “Go Easy”- Matt Maeson, “Im Not a Saint”- Billy Raffoul, “SoulFight”- Revivalists, “Oceans”- Seafret


I made sure to chop up some onions for our dinner so I could cry without judgement. Fucking bullshit emotions, bullshit fights, and bullshit rats getting in the middle of things. Why couldn’t things just be simple? Do straight couples have to deal with this shit? Fuck. 

I aggressively grabbed the plates from the cabinet not giving a rats ass about the noise I was making. The bright kitchen lights only pissed off my stone cold aggressive demeanor even further. God damn onions. 

Kiri didnt dare enter the kitchen either. I finished up our meal within a decent time but my appetite had disappeared. How am I going to fix this..?   I gave out a long exhale and rubbed the back of my neck. Fuck.. where do I even start? Does he really believe those things? I’m supposed to be number 1 at god damn everything, why do I feel like number 2? Or even lower. Like an some other extra... worse yet Deku.. 

I internally cringed at the thought and shook my head to shake out the agonizing thought of being compared to an extra. It was quiet in the apartment which made my thoughts feel like screams. I gripped our plates and started the long torturous walk back to the dining table. My feet felt like heavy weights that grounded my core to the ground. Dont be a pussy lets go.

I placed our dinner on the table with a loud clank. I noticed that Kiri hadn’t moved my paperwork much. He neatly pushed it to the side so he didnt mess up my organization.


“Dinner. ” I grunted loudly. I wasn’t sure where he was. I looked around the room, and walked toward the balcony. He was sitting in one of the chairs staring out at the city. My heart pinched a little in my chest when I remembered the fight we just endured a few hours prior. His glassy eyes looked dazed as he watched the clouds float by. Kiri looked lost in thought as his features relaxed and tensed as his thoughts ran rampant. 

I knocked on the glass to get his attention and walked back to the dinner table. I waited on him to sit down.

We sat in silence and looked down at our plates. I felt nauseated, I hated fighting with him but I was still so upset. I could hear him start eating while I moved my food around on my plate. My chest began to tighten. I could smell his cologne from my seat which made my heart ache even more to be held. I could feel my breath catching as I tightened by grip on my fork.


“Baku.. you aren’t eating.. come on please... I didnt-.” His voice was so gentle. It was completely different from hours earlier. His voice has such a tenderness to it, as if his sound could leave physical bruises on my skin.


I stood up quickly nearly knocking my chair back. I didnt dare look at him in the face, I couldnt. My eyes started to burn. I clutched by plate close to me as if it could provide some comfort.


“I’m going to bed. I’m not hungry”. I turned quickly rushing into the kitchen to toss my food on the counter knocking some salt over.


“Fuck”, my voice shook as well as my body. He cant see you like this. Stop being so weak. Don’t cry dammit. Stop being a baby.


I rushed into our bedroom as the tears began to flow again.

Chapter Text

~Part 9~

Songs:  “Honey Hold Me”- Morningsiders, “Next To Me”- Imagine Dragons, “Hold me” -Daniel Docherty


My private crying session didnt last that long, unfortunately. Before long Kirishima came into our bedroom sighing softly when he saw my defeated posture on the edge of the bed. He walked up and reached out his hand. My body tensed and I turned my head away. I didnt want him here, not when I’m like this- weak. His fingers gently grazed my cheek. “Don’t”, my low voice was stern as I brushed his hand away. I took a breath trying to sound louder than a whisper but I failed miserably, “P-please.. dont Kirishima..”


He knelt on the floor in front of me. He grabbed my hand with my reluctance and looked at me closely. Even with the setting darkness of room I could still see the warmth in his glowing red eyes. He analyzed me closely- without judgement. My face grew red with embarrassment- Don’t cry, hold it in fucker.. I felt the gentleness of his touch when he rubbed his thumb back and forth on my hand. I shut my eyes tightly keeping the stupid tears back. God dammit just hold me.. please hold me... I begged in my head. I felt my hand being squeezed. Without missing a beat I felt my whole body being lifted . He knows.. he knows I need him, I need this, I need us.. I tried to squirm out of his arms in an attempt to be stubborn, but my heart made my chest 100 times heavier. He rested his back against the wall to hold me tightly in his lap, he used a hand to stroke my hair while other to held my left hand.

The air stilled as the room filled with the sounds of our gentle breathing. I could hear his rhythmic heart head under my ear as I buried my  insecurities deeper into the shadows. After what seemed like hours, Kiri finally whispered into my hair releasing all the tension that was built up within me.

“You are more than enough Katsuki Bakugo, please-“

His words were drowned out by the sound of my sobbing breaths. I clutched his shirt tighter and buried my head in his chest.

“Hold me, dont let me go. For fucks sake be good to me” I sobbed and shook under his protective grasp. He began to hum and rock us slowly back and forth allowing for my tears to soak his T-shirt. My choking sobs finally slowed down enough for my lungs to take in efficient oxygen. I took in slow breathes while feeling the vibrations from his chest once he hushed my sorrows down softly. I felt a soft kiss on the top of my head and the warm feeling of his hold spreading throughout my body before my tired eyes finally fluttered closed for the night. 


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Song: “ Not Ur Friend”- Jeremy Zucker”


I honestly dont even know how to react.. how to think.. I mean sure I “know” Kiri would never cheat on me, especially with a woman. The thought of Kiri with a woman made me slightly chuckle before the smile disappeared from my face. What really happened?-


“Hey! Ground Zero, are you ready to do patrols?”- some bastard broke my chain of thought making me place the journal article back down on the desk.


“Yeah, lets fucking get this over with. I have things to do after this” I said with a bitter undertone. To say I was especially aggressive today was an understatement. I couldnt focus correctly on my rounds or paperwork due to the dreaded feeling I had in my chest. All of this unease just pissed me off- resulting in the aggression. Oh the endless cycle of bullshit. Some type of “recycled anger habits” a crazy shrink once said to me. I dont fucking care. People can deal with it.


By the end of my shift, my irritability increased and I wanted to punch something else. I mean.. why would I fucking care about what some lying snitch had to say? It’s the press, they lie all the fucking time. But right after our fight? I thought..—


“Hey. I know you said you had things to do later, but we could use another hand on our round tonight. Do you want to come along?” - I swear to God if he keeps interrupting my train of thought I’m going to deck him instead of the wall. My fingers twitched as I slowly turned to the half N half bastard. I dont even know HOW I ended up on patrols with IcyHot but at least he wasn’t as stupid as the other extras we worked with.


“It isn’t my shift, isn’t my fucking problem” I sneered and pinched the bridge of my nose releasing a breath. I did notice that IcyHot had been watching me much to my displeasure. Fucking creep.. but he did turn a blind eye when I punched the office wall. He also wasnt as fucking annoying as usual on patrols.

~a few hours earlier on patrol”

“Bakugo-“ an icy voice caught my attention and I dropped the legs of the villain I was dragging with a loud groan. His legs made a loud thud as they hit the floor and he moaned in response. What did that peppermint bastard want now. I’m just doing my fucking job. I’m not about to carry the fucker. 

“Care, to explain?” He gestured to the unconscious body laying at my feet with a blank expressio. I looked down and noticed how the bastard was loosely restrained waiting to be hauled in. To an outsider looking in, I wouldn’t put it past anyone to believe the fucker was dead. I threw my head back and raised my hands in the air to yell back at him. 

“HE IS PASSED OUT ICYHOT, fucker couldnt take a few punches. Not my fault he is some weak ass extra. Besides it wasnt me, dumbass here ran into a wall trying to run. Literally. He made a few threats about the league making its way to the top. Said something about watching my back or some shit. Beats me, he ran into the wall before he could finish.” I sat him up and placed him in the cop car once the EMTs looked him over; therefore, a small concussion wasnt an excuse to visit the hospital and he could be taken in. 

Todoroki held the bridge of his nose with a huff. He shook his head trying to gather his thoughts. I figured he was about to argue with me or say something smart back. But all he responded with was owing him cold soba for my childish ill tempered tantrum and having to deal with me on patrol in general. 


I growled at he the thought of a few hours earlier. What did he think of what happened? That I really lost control of my temper and purposefully hurt the bastard? ‘ Oh Baku.. looks like you haven’t changed since high school’ . Was that what he thought..? Maybe.. maybe not.. however, I was fun to punch that office wall and if I act like a bigger asshole than I already am.. well-

“Bakugo.. are you even listening?”  Jesus fucking Christ I am about to send this peppermint bastard back to fucking candy land.


“Fuck it. Fine. yeah, if I can ill try to make it. Ill let you know. Don’t mistake this for kindness. I not about to pull anyone’s weight icyhot.” I let out a disgruntled breath but saw a small smile forming on his lips as a form of gratitude. Fucking Todoroki

I quickly stomped my way out of the office holding the magazine tightly in my grip.

I’m coming home Kiri...


Chapter Text


Song: “Wanted” One Republic, “False Confidence”- Noah Kahan,  “Color”- Todrick Hall (as suggested by a little marshmallow)



I stared at my mirror looking at my black ripped form fitting jeans and tucked in black tank top. I ran my hands through my annoying misdirected hair trying to tame some part of me. I shuffled around in my combat boots over analyzing my attire. This is so stupid. Why am I so fucking worried? I mean yeah I asked if he wanted to hang out but, what if he doesn’t have a good time? Or he only said yes because I literally threatened him if he didnt say yes. *sigh* I tugged at my hair harder and shut my eyes. It’s just the mall and whatever else comes up. No big deal, besides I’m going to be the number one hero- I can fucking handle stupid nerves... -Tch.. I turned and grabbed a white button long sleeve shirt, putting it on as I walked out the door.. what could go wrong?

-End of flashback-


I aggressively cut the carrots -nearly cutting my finger- as a result of my trip down memory lane. I sighed, and kept trying to focus my mind and eyes on dinner. I could feel the magazine press against my back pocket as I moved around making it FEEL like the damn paper book wanted my attention. It’s just a stupid fucking article. Nothing more. It’s not worth my damn fucking time... but.. am I worth Kiri’s?.. no stop. Those rats just wanted to make up a story... but.. they did seem close, and they were arguing in some of the pictures, I dont know about what exactly. The article stated something about cheating accusations- Kiri being the unfaithful one. That they would inform its readers of the "latest" due to some recent evidence confirming the “speculations”..  I growled and pulled the damn booklet out of my pocket looking at the story again.

I looked down at the pages and noticed they had a picture of Kiri giving the camera his big fanged smile. The smile that made my heart stop..


Flashback continues:

Kiri started to choke on his Carmel milkshake as he laughed at one of my jokes during lunch. I couldn’t contain my laughter as I handed him napkins to clean up part of the mess he had made as a result of my story telling. He finally pulled himself together enough to give me a classic bright smile. Within a millisecond my breath was caught in my tight millisecond. He told me he was going to run to the restroom to clean his shirt. Leaving me alone with my thoughts and sweaty palms due to my stupid nerves.

I replayed the image over and over again in my mind and I kept pausing the mini playback when his smile appeared. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of it. I made him smile like that, I did that. He looked so happy, so warm and didnt look scared of me like everyone else...

End of flashback.



The article discussed some “questionable statements” that each of them made of each other in separate interviews. I dont remember much about the pro hero when Kiri would mention her. Maybe I should of paid more attention I thought kicking myself for not doing so. According to sources, both are very close and she considers him as a “work hubby”.. great, another woman thinks of MY fiancé as HER husband. Kiri would compliment her work ethic and personality among other things during his interviews. My eyes lingered down the page and saw more photos of the two. My heart clenched within my rib cage as I saw a photo of them hugging and laughing, one where her hands were on his shoulders soon sliding down to grasp his hands, and another of her hand on his cheek.



Flashback continuation

I heard Kiri laugh and I looked up with an anticipating smile only for it to fall within seconds. My stomach dropped to the floor as I saw our flirtatious waitress lay her hands on him. They were talking and laughing; and soon she was twirling her hair within her fingers as her head tilted— oh she is flirting with him. Will he stop it? He doesn’t like it right? —I could feel my face start to burn and my hands begin to sweat due to my rising temper. I wanted to pull my eyes away, but I couldnt. I wish I had. I saw her step closer placing her hand on his shoulder before sliding it down to his hand. He rubbed the back of his neck giving her that bright warm smile -I wasn’t special, she can do it too. - leaving her a blushing mess. She quickly wrote on his hand and pinched his cheek giving him a big smile in return.

End of flashback..



I shook my head roughly to snap me out of those memories. I grabbed the magazine and shoved it back into my pocket with some force. My hands began to shake and my eyes burned. I finished dinner but didnt care to feed my indecisive stomach. I threw the dishes in the sink and slammed the food in the fridge before storming onto the balcony.


Those same thoughts I had so long ago slowly came creeping back.. that damn bitch, who does she think she is touching him? He is mine. Maybe not officially but he is. That smile, why cant it just be for me? What if it really isn’t for me? What if he doesn’t want to be mine.. what could I provide? Did I scare him into all of this?-


I looked up at the sky for a distraction from my thoughts. I realized it was getting late and the sun had already set leaving a blanket of darkness  to lay on the city.

I let out a breath only for it to be caught in my throat when I heard the door click open and my bubbly fiancé waltzing into our apartment already telling me about his day.