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I'll Tell You Later

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"Shut the fuck up already!"  Tsukishima snarled, stabbing his knife right in the thigh of his hostage, who was also gagged and tied up with rope.  The stab on his thigh caused him to groan loudly behind the gag, Tsukishima kissing his teeth at the amount of noise he was making, yet still was not giving him any information Tsukishima was asking for.  

"Don't be a pussy."  He pulled the knife out, an open wound now on the hostage's thigh, blood gushing everywhere, first on the hostage's body only, but soon enough dripping on the ground.  Tsukishima kicked his stomach which earned another groan, then stepped on his thigh right on where the open wound was.  The poor man howled in pain, but still wouldn't talk.

"It probably doesn't even hurt that much."

This man, the hostage, was apparently following Tsukishima around for the past 3 days.  Obviously he didn't do a good job because Nishinoya was able to alert Tsukishima within those 3 days - Nishinoya, for fucks sake.  So naturally, he had to beat the guy up a little bit to get him to spill about who was behind all this.  Who was so interested in Tsukishima that they made someone follow him around and monitor his everyday life.
Along with finding out that he was being followed, Kageyama - his right hand man, or as Tsukishima dubbed him, 'King' - also found photos of Tsukishima.  Photos of him in his lectures, going home at night, and the worst ones of all, photos with Yamaguchi.  

That was what made him snap.

"Hey, don't die on me."  Tsukishima demanded harshly as he pressed his shoe against the man's cheek, noticing his eyes were closing.  He couldn't have him unconscious when he hasn't told him anything yet.  "I'm not done with you."

The hostage looked up at Tsukishima with a dirty look, making the mafia leader raise an eyebrow.  He leaned down and took the gag off of him, tilting his head to the side.
"Ready to talk?"

Tsukishima flinched as he felt spit on his cheek, sighing softly when he realized just how loyal this man must be to their leader.  So either this man was really that much of a wuss, or he was that much of a dumbass and didn't realize the position he was in right now.  Because there was no way another leader was scarier than Tsukishima, and if they were, Tsukishima would've made sure to do something about it by now.

"The only reason you're alive right now is because I have a heart."  Tsukishima took the knife in his hand and slash right on the man's left eye, earning an ear piercing scream and several sobs.  More blood splattered down and he could tell just by looking that if that much blood was outside his body, he wouldn't be awake for much longer.  
"Now, before I take your eye out," Tsukishima slashed his knife again on the hostage's left cheek, the man's jaw locking as he looked at Tsukishima, now with only 1 eye.  "I'll give you one more chance to speak.  I expect a 'thank you' for the gentleness I've shown you up to now."

The hostage was silent for a moment and Tsukishima allowed it.  He was losing more and more blood by the second, so perhaps his brain was a little slower than normal right now.

"4-Eyes..." The hostage looked up at Tsukishima with a dirty grin before he began to laugh.  It was menacing, almost mocking, and Tsukishima rewarded it with a stab in the other eye.  The blood sprayed out this time, getting on Tsukishima's clothes and glasses, adding onto the blood that was already on his gloves.  This was taking a longer time than usual, which was pissing him off, but until this man was dead or finally snitched, he wasn't moving either.  

"You think," the hostage started talking, making Tsukishima stop from stabbing him in the other thigh, waiting for the man to finish his sentence.  If this was another nonsense comment, his throat would be next.
"You're the greatest leader...but you're wrong-"

At that moment Tsukishima's phone started ringing.  Usually he would be pissed by now, but since it didn't seem like this man was on his way to tell him anything important, he didn't make a big deal out of it.  And good thing, because when he saw who was calling he had to calm his heart rate down. 

"Shut your mouth."  Tsukishima snarled, glaring down at his hostage.  If Tsukishima knew the caller more than anyone else, than he knew that the ringing would last as long as possible, so he still had time to shut his hostage up.
"You hear this?"  Tsukishima motioned to his phone.  "This right here, is my heart.  So if you want to keep yours, I suggest you shut the fuck up right now."

This seemed to motivate the hostage a little, his mouth shutting up quickly, probably also wanting a chance of making it out alive, but most likely they both knew the outcome of this interaction, and Tsukishima had the upper hand. 
When the hostage went completely silent, Tsukishima stepped on his face, right on his mouth for good measure.  A brief moan in pain was let out, but after that it was all silence.  Once he was sure there would be no interruptions, he answered the phone and held it to his ear.

"Hi baby."

The sweet voice on the other side of the call eased Tsukishima a ton, especially since he was under a lot of stress right now.  Taking care of a stubborn hostage was a lot more work than he was cut out for on a Thursday evening, especially when he could be spending plenty of time with Yamaguchi right now.  His cover was that he had a part time job in a warehouse, which in a sense wasn't a complete lie.

"What's up?"  Tsukishima asked calmly, as if the dying man beneath his foot wasn't there, struggling for his life.
"Are you still at work?"
"Oh...." Tsukishima hesitated, pulling the phone away briefly to check the time so he could make up a convincing lie.  "I just got off.  Why?""Oh nothing.  If you had some time, wanna meet up?"

The suggestion made Tsukishima smile slightly, imagining the excited look on Yamaguchi's face as the silence indicated that Tsukishima was checking if he did have some time.  Having someone who actually wanted your company was an amazing feeling, at least to Tsukishima, especially when that wanting person was Yamaguchi.

"Yeah, I can meet up.  How about in an hour?  I'm in the middle of some errands right now."  Tsukishima could practically see Yamaguchi's beaming face.
"Alright! I'll meet you at the park!"
"Okay, I'll be there.  See you, Yamaguchi."
Tsukishima was about to hang up, but Yamaguchi quickly stopped him. 

"Yes, Yamaguchi?"
"I love you."
"I know, Yamaguchi."
"I love you too."

Without hearing the reaction, though Tsukishima desperately would love to hear the squeals and panting, he hung up.  The hostage under him wasn't going to be alive forever, and he still hadn't gotten the information he wanted.

"Now, you."  Tsukishima snarled in disgust, taking the knife out of his thigh and pointing the knife at the man's throat.  "If you answer my questions properly then I'll be nice."
The hostage chuckled and shook his head, blood spilling out of his mouth.  His voice and wheezing were both hoarse, barely coming out of his mouth.  If you could hear what he was saying, then you couldn't be exactly sure that what you heard was accurate.

"Even if I tell you," he panted, not bothering to try and look prideful, since he knew his fate in this place anyway.  "You'll kill me.  I'd rather...die...keeping my...word."

Tsukishima looked at him with an amused expression, tilting his head to look directly at him, trying to see if there was at least a bit of hesitation.  He had to admit, whoever this man's leader was, they probably were good with their words, because his idiocy was not backing down.

"Then you're of no use to me."  Tsukishima took his knife and plunged it straight into the man's heart.


After the clean up of his mess and Tsukishima changing into some clean clothes, he was ready to go out and see Yamaguchi.  The headquarters for the Karasuno mafia was in an abandoned warehouse - warehouses to be precise.  3 of them that Nishinoya 'inherited' from his uncle when he passed, but Tsukishima wouldn't tell him it was probably because no one else in his family would want such a dark, big space in the sketchiest place in probably all of Japan.  For them, it was perfect.

"Tanaka Shu."  Kageyama said as he walked into Tsukishima's office, dropping a file down on Tsukishima's desk.  There was a picture of the hostage, now with a name, on the front of the file which confirmed that this was the man Tsukishima was torturing only a few minutes ago.  Tsukishima sighed, nodding his head, but didn't open the file.  He knew once he opened it he would want to stay and learn all he could about the man and where he came from, but right now more than anything, he wanted to go see Yamaguchi.

"Thanks." Tsukishima mumbled as he changed the case on his phone, the old one being dirtied with blood.  He assigned Nishinoya to burn everything a few minutes ago, including the body, and was about ready to go until something came to mind.

"Kageyama."  Tsukishima looked at his right hand man, the same straight face that Tsukishima wore all the time, with a few rare exceptions.  Kageyama stopped where he was, full attention on his leader.  

"How...did you tell Hinata that you were in the mafia?"

The question took Kageyama by surprise and he relaxed a little bit, figuring this was more of a 'friend' conversation than a task or a mission.  Though they never called each other friends, the occasional, rare time they did confide in each other made their relationship a little more complicated than colleagues.  And you only kill other people with the people you trust, don't you?

"I told him on the first date."  Kageyama answered honestly, making Tsukishima raise an eyebrow in curiosity.   
"Oh?  And how did that go?"
"He laughed and told me he liked how I could say anything with a straight face."

Tsukishima understood that Hinata probably didn't know know the whole time then.  Yamaguchi must've seen some sort of suspicious acts out of Tsukishima though, right?
'No,' he thought to himself.  'Yamaguchi's too innocent to come to this conclusion.'

"What about the first time he saw you in action?"  Tsukishima tried asking.  "The first time he saw you doing a mission."

Kageyama thought about for a solid minute, gathering the memory then nodded.  "I remember," he answered.  "We had wall sex."

Tsukishima scowled at him, hating the smug smirk on his face indicating that Tsukishima reacted the exact way he wanted.  "Oh, don't tell you've never had wall sex, 4-Eyes."

"Who's never had wall sex?"  A very loud Nishinoya entered the room, smelling like smoke from all the burning, which wasn't as bad as they thought.  He probably sprayed a ton of cologne to cover it up, but them being used to it was probably also a factor.

"4-Eyes here," Kageyama snickered, making Nishinoya laugh as well.  "No way!  You've only ever had sex horizontally?  La-a-a-ame!"

Tsukishima hated how they found amusement in his crisis, but he didn't have time to insult them back. He needed legit advice and there was no one else on the team that experienced his position.
He knew from being told, Kageyama didn't hesitate telling Hinata that he was apart of the mafia.  In terms of confidentiality, Kageyama was sure that anyone Hinata told this to wouldn't believe him since he was that stupid.

No one else on the team had a lover, as far as he knew.  And if they did, Tsukishima probably didn't care enough to ask them.

"I'm trying to figure out how to tell Yamaguchi..." Tsukishima explained.  "About Karasuno"

The 2 members went silent, even Nishinoya stopped laughing.  The 3 were now in thought, and Tsukishima would like to think that it was because they were all thinking of ways to have a positive reaction to this.  A positive reaction that didn't end in a breakup.  

"The longer you wait though, won't it be worse?"  Nishinoya ended up saying, since it was clear that no one had an idea.  "I mean, you've been dating for a year and a half, right?  Once you hit a 2 year mark, don't think that's a little late?  The longer you wait, the more mad he'll be."

Tsukishima sighed and rubbed his forehead, not being able to answer because Nishinoya was right.  He should've told Yamaguchi sooner, but every time he had an opportunity, it just didn't feel right for whatever excuse Tsukishima could conveniently make up in that moment.  In the end, he never said anything, and now they were here - 2 dumbasses and Tsukishima, trying to work together to come up with a way to tell him finally.

"Well, whatever you do, Yamaguchi will probably still stay with you."  Kageyama told him, which didn't exactly settle Tsukishima's nerves at all.  In fact, it might of made things worse.

"What's that suppose to mean?"  Tsukishima asked, crossing his arms and giving him a sort of warning of a glare.  Kageyama didn't look scared though - that glare was given to him at least twice a day.
"It's suppose to mean that Yamaguchi would probably even go out of his way to defend you."  Kageyama explained, not shaking, even though Nishinoya was already in a defensive position.  The room had so much tension between them already without talking to each other, Nishinoya hated it when one of them opened their mouth.

"It's a compliment," Kageyama ended up saying, knowing better that this was a sensitive topic and he shouldn't take advantage of this particular weakness.  If Kageyama was in his position, surely there would be more stress and worry.

Tsukishima didn't see it as a compliment however.  His biggest fear was that Yamaguchi wasn't going to take this news seriously, and if he did he would see Tsukishima as the good guy, defending himself and saving people.  That wasn't the case.
Tsukishima was saving his own people.  Even though that definitely consisted of Yamguchi, it still didn't excuse the many crimes he committed, including murder, theft, vandalism, smuggling, drug exportation and money laundering.  Tsukishima was a criminal - and Yamaguchi looked at him like he was the universe.

"Thanks."  Tsukishima ended up mumbling, taking his bag and walking out.  He couldn't hear anymore of this.  If his two closest members of his team, one of them literally being the best besides Tsukishima, couldn't think of a solution to his problem, then Tsukishima was ultimately, utterly fucked.


"Tsuki!"  Yamaguchi called out excitedly, holding a cake box, which Tsukishima could pretty much guess what was inside.  Yamaguchi knew him very well - or, as well as Tsukishima could allow.

"I tried to get something different," Yamaguchi explained as Tsukishima got close enough to look inside the box.  It was a strawberry cheesecake instead of shortcake.  His only reaction was a small smile and a peck on Yamaguchi's cheek.  There was a lot on his mind right now, and even though cake always brought his mood up, seeing Yamaguchi was the real remedy.  
Correction : Seeing Yamaguchi safe and looking at Tsukishima like he was not a monster.

"How was work?"  Yamaguchi asked as he closed the cake box, starting to walk down the path of the park,  Tsukishima standing beside him and reaching his hand down to hold Yamaguchi's.  It was dark and no one was there - Tsukishima double checked before going to Yamaguchi - so he decided a little PDA would be okay for now.

"It was fine..Nishinoya was a little troublesome, but I managed."
The story was, Nishinoya and him worked at a warehouse part time, mainly cleaning and assisting.  It managed to explain the late shifts and awkward schedule, their sore bodies after those long shifts, and the occasional weird smell on their clothes.  Yamaguchi has bought it up till now.

"Oh?  Well, Noya is a lot more energetic than me, so.." Yamaguchi chuckled softly, looking down.  Tsukishima knew that just being here together made Yamaguchi nervous and excited.  The effect he had on Yamaguchi was a power Tsukishima was terrified of sometimes, yet he abused it more often than he liked to admit.  Hell, he used it to make sure Yamaguchi didn't ever suspect anything off of him.

"Yamaguchi," Tsukishima started off, his tone already off but he quickly recovered.  "Do you keep secrets from me?"

"Of course not."  The reply was a little too quick than what made Tsukishima comfortable.  Even a little bit of thought would be preferred, but he figured as much since Yamaguchi was already a very honest person to begin with.  

"You're the person I love the most.  Why would I not tell you my secrets?"

There was unfamiliar twist in Tsukishima's stomach that he ignored.  "Stupid," he scoffed softly.  "What about your parents?"

"Yeah, but I already moved out.  And my parents are happy and have each other.  You though, uhm, I guess what I'm saying is, well, I..." Yamaguchi stopped walking, and Tsukishima could end the sentence easily.  However, he acted ignorant and waited for Yamaguchi to finish the sentence.
"I want to spend the rest of my life with you.  So why should I, you know, keep secrets from you?"

Tsukishima's stomach did another one of those twists that he hated.  Seeing Yamaguchi's sincere face and how his words held a deeper meaning than what Yamaguchi let on, it made him frustrated and calm and excited.  Too many emotions that Tsukishima didn't even emote, even though he wanted to so badly.  He just couldn't.

"'re the same, aren't you?"

Tsukishima's jaw tensed every so slightly so Yamaguchi didn't catch it.  Without saying anything, Tsukishima leaned down and kissed Yamaguchi, soft and slow.  The shorter male hummed and lifted his empty hand to Tsukishima's cheek, not wanting him to end the kiss.  It deepened in a few seconds and now Tsukishima and Yamaguchi were sharing an open mouthed kiss in the middle of the park where the world could see them.  
Neither wanted to stop.

"Come to my place tonight."  Tsukishima whispered to Yamaguchi, his arm snaking around Yamaguchi's waste and pulling him closer.  Yamaguchi's face and neck went pink at the suggestion, knowing the expectation of coming over.  The lack of answer to his question now was long forgotten.

"I have a lecture at 10 AM tomorrow," Yamaguchi mumbled back, then looked up at Tsukishima with what looked like a desperate expression.  

"You come to my place tonight."