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What is your life made up of?

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Swan Dive




Swan Dive




Why don't you take a swan dive?




Why don't you take a swan dive?




Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof of the building?




Why don't you take a swan dive off the roof of the building?




W̵h̷y̵ ̴d̴o̷n̶'̴t̴ ̷y̴o̷u̸ ̸t̶a̷k̵e̴ ̵a̴ ̸s̵w̵a̶n̵ ̶d̷i̸v̴e̶ ̶o̷f̶f̷ ̶t̶h̵e̸ ̴r̵o̸o̵f̷ ̶o̷f̷ ̸t̴h̶e̷ ̷b̸u̴i̷l̵d̸i̸n̸g̸?̷




W̵h̷y̵ ̴d̴o̷n̶'̴t̴ ̷y̴o̷u̸ ̸t̶a̷k̵e̴ ̵a̴ ̸s̵w̵a̶n̵ ̶d̷i̸v̴e̶ ̶o̷f̶f̷ ̶t̶h̵e̸ ̴r̵o̸o̵f̷ ̶o̷f̷ ̸t̴h̶e̷ ̷b̸u̴i̷l̵d̸i̸n̸g̸?̷




Ẉ̴̲̳̾͛h̶͙̮͐͑ỹ̶̀ͅ ̶̡̳͇͂ď̶͓̠̒o̶̱̻͐͠n̸̦̤͛̽̈'̵̼͇̈͐t̶̛̘̾̽ ̸̣̼̆̎͘ÿ̷͈̦́̃̈́ǫ̵͓̓̔̒ų̷̲̒͐ ̵̭͔̽́͝t̵̰̥͋̾͜ȁ̴̠̳k̷̗͓̂͘ë̸̡̞́͠ ̶̬̌á̷̹ ̷̹͆̃͝s̴͇̹̎w̵̤̄̕a̶͓̗̓n̷͔͘ ̵̧̢͌͛́d̵̯̀̈́i̸͎͓̤͆͊v̷͖̻̠͋ě̵͉̇ ̴̫͈̬̐̚o̶͚̅̈́͝f̸͉̫̳͊̐f̶̪͚͂͆̍ ̶̗̩̋t̸͈̯̙̊͊h̷͎͛̍̅ḛ̶͒̓͐ ̸͖̋r̴̪̀̋͠o̵̧͚̱͋̒̋o̶͚̙̒̔f̵̪̳͂ ̶̳͗ọ̶̑f̴̩̦͚́ ̵̖͝t̶̛̹͓̓͜h̸̩̖͓̅ȅ̴̦̰̮̈ ̵̱̮̘̑ḇ̶͋̊̍u̴͉͉̓ĭ̸̭͖̭l̷͇̹͑ḏ̸̡̓i̴̪̤̜͊ṉ̵̒̂g̸̦̬?̸̫̔̋




Ẉ̴̲̳̾͛h̶͙̮͐͑ỹ̶̀ͅ ̶̡̳͇͂ď̶͓̠̒o̶̱̻͐͠n̸̦̤͛̽̈'̵̼͇̈͐t̶̛̘̾̽ ̸̣̼̆̎͘ÿ̷͈̦́̃̈́ǫ̵͓̓̔̒ų̷̲̒͐ ̵̭͔̽́͝t̵̰̥͋̾͜ȁ̴̠̳k̷̗͓̂͘ë̸̡̞́͠ ̶̬̌á̷̹ ̷̹͆̃͝s̴͇̹̎w̵̤̄̕a̶͓̗̓n̷͔͘ ̵̧̢͌͛́d̵̯̀̈́i̸͎͓̤͆͊v̷͖̻̠͋ě̵͉̇ ̴̫͈̬̐̚o̶͚̅̈́͝f̸͉̫̳͊̐f̶̪͚͂͆̍ ̶̗̩̋t̸͈̯̙̊͊h̷͎͛̍̅ḛ̶͒̓͐ ̸͖̋r̴̪̀̋͠o̵̧͚̱͋̒̋o̶͚̙̒̔f̵̪̳͂ ̶̳͗ọ̶̑f̴̩̦͚́ ̵̖͝t̶̛̹͓̓͜h̸̩̖͓̅ȅ̴̦̰̮̈ ̵̱̮̘̑ḇ̶͋̊̍u̴͉͉̓ĭ̸̭͖̭l̷͇̹͑ḏ̸̡̓i̴̪̤̜͊ṉ̵̒̂g̸̦̬?̸̫̔̋







Midoriya Izuku wakes up in a bright, and mostly light up room. The smell of antiseptic, and alcohol is strong, and the bed he's laying is uncomfortable and stiff. The blankets are rough to the touch, stiff but somewhat weighted. The pain on his chest is unbearable, and there was a jackhammer in his head. Pounding to the rhythm of his heartbeat.


The room is quiet, besides the beeping sound of the heart rate monitor beside him, and once in a while there'll be a light footsteps outside the door of his room.


Midoriya expects a raging awakening, with his mother by his side in tears. A gasp of breath, and his heart rate going through the roofs. Instead of all that, Midoriya wakes up in a peaceful manner with no one by his side.


And he sits in silence and (thinks) about what he has done. How did he end up in the hospital? Was he involved in a villain attack? Maybe something happened to the school? The school was the last place Midoriya could remember that he was at. He thinks he was talking to Kacchan, but there were a few empty spaces in his memories. Like the incident itself.


His thoughts were rudely interrupted by a knock at the door. Midoriya looks up at the man walking in. "Izuku?" The man at the door asked, he sounded like he was familiar with Midoriya. But the thing is, he didn't recognize the man’s face at all. Maybe he lost some memories from his incident, and this man was one of those lost faces. The man was dressed in black, with a baseball cap and a hood on. All that Midoriya can make out of the man was his light blue coloured hair and dry skin. His voice is dry and husky, kind of like he smoked a couple boxes of cigarettes a day.


"That's me." Midoriya’s voice is quiet and hoarse.


"Is it okay, that I could speak to you?" Midoriya didn't have a valid reason not to, besides the glaring problem of not knowing the man. Maybe the man could provide some answers, like what happened to him, where's his mom, and what happens next?


The man takes Midoriya's silence as an invitation, and sits in one of the chairs by his hospital bed. "Do you know what happened to you?" The man asks.


Midoriya didn't have the energy to think, but he did have the alluring thought of remembering that he was at school at some point before the incident. "I ..." Midoriya starts, trying to gain his voice, "I remember ... I remember being at school."


"Anything else?"


"I was talking to Kacchan-- I mean Bakugou. I think that's the newest thing I could remember, his voice." Midoriya tries his hardest to remember what led him to the hospital, did Midoriya get involved in a villain attack? Maybe he was a victim of accidental manslaughter?


Was the man a hero? That would make sense why he was wearing the hoodie and cap, maybe he's trying to hide his appearance from media outlets.


"Did you save me?"


"No," the man was quick to deny Midoriya's rising theories, his voice is clear of emotions with no guilt or any (lying slight?) self-pity, "but I did witness your death."


"My death ..." Midoriya echoes, he stares at his lap. He couldn't be possibly dead, he's clearly alive and well.


"You took a swan dive off the roof of the building, if you jumped feet first you would've survived the fall with broken bones, but you didn't. You died on impact, or maybe you did survive, but you definitely didn't survive the heavy bleeding."


"I died ..." Is all Midoriya could say. "But-- but how could I still be alive?"


"According to the doctors, a regenerative quirk."


"Someone must be incredibly powerful to save a dying boy from death."


The man gives Midoriya an 'are you this dense?' look. "No. You saved yourself, the ambulance didn't get to you in time. Turns out, you have a regenerative quirk."


"Regenerative Quirk?" Midoriya repeats, "Didn't the doctor tell me that I don't have a quirk--"


"Having 2 bones in your pinky toe doesn't mean you'll not have a quirk. The doctors say that it's unlikely you'll be developing one, meaning there's a slim chance that you still could possibly possess one. And you, my friend, happens to be in that slim chance category."


"How wouldn't I notice my regenerative quirk till now?"


"Your father speaks highly of you, Izuku. You also have an eye on quirk analyzing, like your father. Think about your quirk, why did it work now unlike any other injuries?"


"Who are you again?" Midoriya asks, unable to 


"I work for you father," like that was supposed to clear up any uncertainty for Midoriya, "now, answer the question."


Midoriya decides to humour the man and gives it a thought, then he gets the idea. The dread washes over, as the realization comes to him. "It's death activated. Right?"


The man becomes silent for a second, like he's thinking about his next move. "Yes. That's the idea at the moment. Basically, you can heal any injuries, but you need to die so they can heal quickly."


"That also means, I'm entirely immortal." The man nods. Midoriya has so many questions about his quirk, and he wants to spout them out to the man. But Midoriya wasn't entirely sure of the man, something told him to be careful of him. "What happened to my mom?" Midoriya changes the subject. There were no sudden changes in the man, but the air became incredibly tense (and sad?).


"She ... she didn't take your suicide well."


"What do you mean by that?" Midoriya's voice is weak and unsteady, and Midoriya could feel a cry in his throat.


"Let's just say, that you'll be staying with your father."


"My father ..." Midoriya hasn't seen his father since he was younger. His mother told him that it was just a conflict of interests between his mother and his father, but Midoriya had a feeling that it was because of the quirkless nature of himself. Well, more of supposedly. I mean, his father has a fascination with quirks his entire life, and he works as a scientist who specializes in quirks.


"Yes, I'm actually here to pick you up."


"Now?" Midoriya says a little too loudly, "I’ve just woken up. Wouldn't I have to be in the hospital a little longer for vital checks and---"


"You've been stable for a while, everyone was waiting for you to be somewhat conscious for a long period of time to be released. Besides, your father has signed papers that there’ll be a nurse by your side if anything happens.”


“But, I just tried to --” Midoriya found himself unable to say the word. He felt like he’ll start crying or something worse would happen if he said it. “I- I jumped, shouldn’t I have to be in the hospital a lot longer for that?”


“Yes, but your father much prefers you to be at his home than in the hospital, he believes that that the smell of the hospital will upset you more than it’s worth.” Midoriya wanted to argue more, but he fears that it’ll only be more difficult. Maybe once the adrenaline of waking up wears off, maybe everything he’s been told can finally be processed through his head. All he could feel in numbness, maybe it’s the pain medication or antidepressants making him unable to feel anything at the moment. Every piece of information is coming to him fast, and he knows he’s still too young to truly understand what exactly happened. “I’ll get the nurses. They probably want to know you’re awake.” The man starts to head to the door.


“What do I call you?” The unexpected sentence came out of his mouth, kind of like he had a moment of no brain-mouth filter. The man didn’t seem disturbed or changed from the question, like it didn’t bother him. An expected question.


“Tomura Shigaraki.” The man says before walking out. Midoriya expected the name to ring some bells in his head, but it didn’t. All it left was Midoriya confused with some answers that he couldn’t process, and a siren in his head that tells him that this was just the tip of the iceberg.