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Katsuki Bakugou, a master vampire that was currently flipping through aged pages of a massive book that described various rituals for summoning demons. After taking over a coven by nearly decimating everyone inside the cave that was their base, it was his job now to build an army. 

The blonde pondered in thought, his red eyes that adorned cat-like pupils scanned over the pages. The entire book was written in some crazy ancient tongue that he can barely read. However, that didn't stop him in his search. You see, he was looking for a particular demon to summon. One that was incredibly powerful. It was named Vetis, Demon of Corruption. Just the thought of having a being like that under his command never failed to cause a cynical smile to form on his lips. 

The vampire carefully skimmed through each page, paying extra attention to the pages that held drawings of what some of the demons looked like. He had a pretty good idea of what Vetis presented as. It was a demon that had the body of a man. However, with no reproductive organs. It also had the legs of a goat, in a digitigrade fashion. When it came to its face, it had two sets of eyes. One set where eyes should normally be, and another smaller set just below that contorted with its cheekbones. The eyes were completely painted in white, showing no signs of irises nor pupils. The demon also possessed no mouth, no nose, not even eyebrows. Its ears were also pointed like an elf but much larger. The hair it had was fairly short, but styled in a way like a thick lion's mane. It even had black wings attached to its shoulder blades, like that of a bat. To pair with the wings, it had a long, thin tail attached to its behind. The end of it was shaped like a heart, the point of the heart being the tip of the tail.

Ever since Katsuki learned what the hell spawn looked like, he couldn't help develop a little bit of a demon kink. It was totally normal for an undead like himself to be attracted to a raging being, right? They were both associated with hell, so it was fine. Right? He couldn't help himself but imagine that whip-like tail coiling around his body like a serpent. Nor could he ignore the thought of his aching fangs digging into supple flesh. Would the demon bleed? Would that delicious crimson fluid seep out from his puncture, allowing him to relish in the taste of being from the underworld? Suddenly he was more interested in the anatomy of that particular demon.

Shaking the crude yet tempting thoughts away, the blonde continued reading through the book. Just how hard was it to find this thing? Suddenly, he came upon a page that had all kinds of scribbles of various body parts. Some were similar to Vetis, such as the matching wings and tail. Even the male form was similar, just this time with genitalia to match. However, the facial features didn't match. 

On this page, they were just like any other human faces. There were various ones. One interpretation had freckles on the cheeks with a mass of curls on its head, another with a wide smile that had incredibly pointed teeth with spiky hair, and the final having a scar that surrounded its eye on the left side of its face with two-toned hair. 

What was also strange was the fact that each face had a unique set of horns. Freckles had horns similar to that of a ram. They were large, twisted into forming a half-circle with the tips of them jutting out from the sides while the base was just above the tips of its pointed ears. Sharkie's horns were much smaller, about an inch in length. They were placed on its forehead, evenly spaced from each side and angled slightly upwards. Meanwhile, Half-and-Half had horns that were based behind its ears. They were thick and curled down towards its neck. 


Maybe these were various version of Vetis? It wasn't uncommon for the demon to be seen in a more natural, human-like way. It was how it dealt with humans, by blending itself into the society to remain hidden, under the radar. Katsuki began reading the written text before him, well, tried. Again, he could just barely understand whatever voodoo language this was. From what he could gather, the ritual needed all kinds of ingredients. The blonde decided that they were a sprig of breldiar, a handful of chamomile buds, a stem of cow wheat, a handful of nightcall, and a few juniper berries. It was an interesting list, considering the effect of each herb. It was like they were meant for total relaxation. Weird. Usually most of these demon rituals required a human heart or two. Odd that the Demon of Corruption doesn't need a body part to entice it for a summoning.

Katsuki moved on from the ingredients and studied the runes that were drawn on the page. All of them presented as some mess of geometric symbols, with all kinds of lines and shapes taking place. This made things a lot easier for the vampire, he wouldn't have to spend a huge chunk of time painting them onto the ground where his altar resided. At this point, he was basically convinced that this was Vetis. If only he knew. 

Satisfied with his findings, the vampire began preparing for the summoning. He grabbed all the necessary ingredients from his apothecary, as well as the homemade paint that he'll use for the ritual circle. He stared intently at the images in the book as he painted the symbols. Thank whatever higher being there was that he'll be able to finish this in absolutely no time. Admittedly, he kinda sucked at drawing though. The bumpiness of cobbled flooring didn't help either, it made the shapes look distorted and quite uneven. The blonde sighed, he hated it when it wasn't perfect but he could care less.

You see, he was pretty excited. Who wouldn't be if they got the opportunity to tame an amazing and incredibly powerful and weirdly enticing being from hell? He had been really patient leading up to this moment. Before he took over the coven, he had no resources to help in his search to finding a way to summon this Demon of Corruption. But now, it was like a dream come true. Do vampires even dream?

Once he was done painting the ritual circle, he moved on to displaying the ingredients intricately within the circle's center. The red-eyed blonde made sure to keep them in neat piles. He has a bit of an issue. If things aren't how they want them to be, it will drive him crazy. He didn't care if things got messy from literally sucking the life out of someone, it's normal. But things like this, they have to be perfect. Absolutely. 

With a content sigh leaving his lips, he stood up from where he was kneeling down, outside of the edge of the circle of course. Paint was still wet. The vampire stared at his creation, nodding at how good it looked. Maybe he should start painting sometime? It'd be a great way to pass the time since he's basically immortal. Or he could spend a lot of time with Vetis to gain more control of it after each summon. Some... good time. 

Katsuki grabbed his massive book of demon rituals and briefly looked at the text that described the chant he'll have to say. It was basically like, three words in the voodoo language. Easy enough. He brought a closed fist towards his mouth, before he made an obnoxious fake cough that resonated in his altar room. Demonic words began spilling out of his mouth, like it was the easiest thing ever (Little did he know that his pronunciation was god-awful. He'll find that out later).

Suddenly, the ritual circle began glowing a rainbow of colors. Mostly hues of red and green, with a soft gleam of white. The colors blended into each other smoothly like the famous aurora borealis that adorned the night sky at certain points of the year. Katsuki had the pleasure of seeing the dancing lights when he traveled through the snowy peaks of mountains that were only a days away. 

Then, a figure started emerging from the circle. It was enveloped in a black smokey fog that completely covered its entire body and dissipated into the air like the steam from a hot spring. The vampire stood there and watched, amazed at the fact that he had just accomplished something he had been desperately trying to do these most recent years. Finally, he can begin developing power. 

Once the entire body of the figure emerged, he was surprised. Why was its body so small? It looked to be shorter than him, maybe even a littler skinnier too. What the fuck? Vetis was supposed to tower over him, be almost as tall as a frost golem. This left the vampire confused. Did he mess up somewhere? Did he say one too many words or misinterpreted the text completely? He couldn't have, he double-checked! (That was a fucking lie). 

Then, another body emerged with the same black fog. Katsuki's eyes widened, suddenly feeling a bit of panic creeping into his mind. Why was there two of them? What are they? Well they're demons but, who are they? 

Two entities now floated within the circle, both hovering just a couple inches off of the ground. The ritual circle was still emanating light, which meant the summoning wasn't over yet. At this moment, the vampire knew he fucked up. He fucked up big time. 

His excitement was gone now, instead replaced by panic and a tinge of fear. The fear came from the fact that these were demons he's never seen before. Never heard about. The not-knowing made him want to punch himself. What if these demons were uncontrollable? What if they can't be tamed? What if they absolutely massacre him and banish him to the depths of hell? Well, the banishing part isn't possible but everything else is fair game. He gulped as a third body emerged from the circle. This was bad. This was really, really bad. 

Once the trio of entities were hovering at the same height, the glowing of the circle completely diminished, leaving only the paint with the ingredients from before consumed. Then, one of the bodies began stirring beneath the coat of smoke. Katsuki just stood there, waiting in anticipation. He definitely wasn't ready for what was going to happen next.

The same body before only increased in movement, looking like it was trying to break free from a cocoon. It was weird, the blonde felt like he was watching something being born. Two arms suddenly shot out from fog. Both arms had protective wear that started at the wrists and ended at the elbow. Similar to the arm cuffs that the vampire wore during battle. The only difference was the design and the tint. These ones were tinted an emerald green with golden accents that outlined both ends of the cuffs. 

Next were the legs. Attached to the legs were a pair of green knee-high boots that looked to be made of a malleable metal, along with golden circlets that grasped thick thighs. Katsuki wasn't going to lie, those legs looked pretty nice. A bit more than nice. Actually, kinda hot. Or... really hot. 

As his unblinking eyes continued staring, he saw how there was an armor-like piece that attached itself to the demon's waist. It flared outwards, about five inches or so, with edges of gold and the same tint of green. Along with the armor piece was a silky fabric that encircled the being and flowed all the way down the its legs like a it was a coat that belonged to some rich noble. But fuck, did those legs look good. 

Then came the wings, sprouting behind and widening as if they were stretching. The wings, they were similar to Vetis. What if he had it all wrong? What if Vetis was more than one demon? A group of demons under one name? It wasn't unheard of, but it would have been quite uncommon for a presumed powerful demon like Vetis to be sharing the pedestal. 

Not even a moment later, the tail whipped out. Thrashing around like a cat getting ready to pounce at its prey. It had the heart-shaped tip like Vetis. Katsuki had no idea what to think of any of this. It wasn't even close to what he imagined things would go. Well, he can't really back out now can he?

Suddenly, the black fog that had previously enveloped the being completely dissipated away. What hovered before the vampire was a familiar. It was the same face that he had seen earlier in the book. Freckles. They were painted across the demon's cheeks, not uniformly but it worked anyways.

Red eyes raked over the spawn, taking in all kinds of details. The demon had a matching chest piece that only covered its pectorals, leaving its belly exposed. It also had an emerald collar wrapped around its neck, with golden accents like the rest of the wear. Its pointed ears were adorned with golden hoops, along with a stud that was attached to a smaller stud in the demon's nose by a thin chain.

Katsuki's breath hitched. This was all too much. First he fantasized about biting in Vetis, and now there was a demon that looked a hundred times better. How the fuck did it know how to dress like that? It was sinful. Yet, breathtaking to the vampire. He's never laid eyes on anything so... so beautiful. Clearly an understatement. He wasn't smart enough to know better words to describe the sleeping demon before him. 

The demon's eyes suddenly opened. It blinked, long lashes fluttering. After adjusting to the light that was in the room, it opened its mouth only for a silent yawn to follow through. It stretched out all of its limbs like it had just woken up from a deep sleep. Then, it gently landed on its boots with a faint click since there were heels to them. Its big green eyes focused onto Katsuki. 

The vampire was stiff. He didn't know what to do. What could he do when he was so distracted by what was in front of him? He dragged his across the body once more, taking in the sight of muscle that made the demon's thighs impossibly thick. The idea of biting into those thighs invaded his thoughts. He felt an ache in his fangs. He really, really wanted to bite something. Specifically, the being that was in front of him.

As if it knew what he was thinking, a smirk tugged at the demon's plump lips. A tongue left its mouth and gave a quick swipe, its lips now coated in a thin layer of saliva. It paced towards the vampire, him immediately glancing at the way the curves of the demon's hips swayed. He was so fucked. Katsuki licked at his own pair of lips, not being able to hold back the a carnal desire growing inside him. 

The demon was now standing directly in front of him, gazing at the vampire with hooded eyes. Then, it pressed its body up against Katsuki while draping its protected arms over his shoulders. With no hesitation, the blonde wrapped his own arms around the demon's waist, being very pleased that his hands were now able to touch supple skin. His breathing increased in pace. He felt the demon drag its body over his to lean up towards his ear. 

"Izuku," Was all the demon whispered, its voice sultry. It was almost like a purr, which caused a stir in the vampire's gut. 

"Izuku?" Katsuki couldn't understand what it meant. 

"My name," It responded, turning its head to give an experimental leak against the shell of the blonde's ear. Goosebumps formed across his skin on his neck. 

So this is what the demon called itself? That was strange to Katsuki. Based on his travels from before he knew that was a name that humans have used before. But why was there a demon claiming a human title? Fortunately, he had more important things to think about besides the strange naming of a demon. 

When the blonde didn't respond, the demon decided to open its mouth to drag its baby fangs across Katsuki's neck. He shivered from the contact. He felt the demon smile against his skin. Before anything more could happen, the vampire saw one of the other entities in the circle begin to stir. Unlike the first demon, the smoke encasing the other began vanishing from its toes until it finally all disappeared at the top of its head.

What appeared before them was none other than the two-toned face. Katsuki was surprised to see that not only was its hair two separate colors, but so were its eyes. A deep brown iris on the right side with white hair, while a lovely turquoise took over on the left with red hair. When the demon stood up straight on its feet, it seemed that it was visibly taller than him. But not as tall as Vetis was supposed to be. 

He heard a giggle emit from Freckles, one that sounded playful, yet a bit sinister. What kinds of demons were they supposed to be? Were they meant for deception? It's all the blonde could figure out through observation. His red eyes trained onto the taller demon, dragging his eyes across the attire it adorned. 

This one wore something completely different. On its feet were white leather boots that only covered up until halfway up its calf. However, the rest of its unblemished skin was hidden away under a pair of tights that were opaque with a deep maroon color to them. It wore a matching white leather body suit stitched with intricate patterns. It had a heart cutout on the chest to expose pectorals with pretty pink nipples. The suit then wrapped up towards the demon's neck and covered the skin there entirely. 

On the left side of the body suit, there was a bright red embroidery to resemble flames. Meanwhile, the right side was stitched with what appeared to be a light blue thread that formed numerous shapes of snowflakes. A thought immediately came into Katsuki's mind, IcyHot. 

To complete the look, IcyHot had a thick silver bangle at the base of its tail along with a silver band that wrapped around its head with a triangular dip in the center of its forehead. It also had an ear piercing made of the same metal that looked like it looped through multiple holes in its ear. 

Katsuki had really done it this time. Not only was there one demon that was too curvy for him to comprehend, but now there was one that looked absolutely divine. He was surprised when he started feeling his own skin radiating some kind of heat. Vampires were usually very cold to the touch, yet it was quite the opposite for the blonde. 

Izuku only observed at the staring contest its companion and the vampire were having. Perhaps this being didn't know what they were? What they were good for? What they were used for? They were in for pleasant time. 

"Come," Izuku purred out, turning its head towards the taller demon and flashing a sultry smile. IcyHot's stoic expression didn't falter as it beckoned towards the smaller one. 

Unlike Izuku, this one made a beeline for the being covered in green, a hunger glazing over its multicolored eyes. It wrapped its arms around Izuku's frame, sandwiching the smaller demon in between itself and the vampire. Things started picking up when the two-toned being licked up the side of its companion's neck. 

Izuku shuddered at the feeling, yet also letting a small whine slip from its lips. It removed one of its arms that were draped around Katsuki and instead twisted it behind to thread its fingers through red and white hair. 

"Ah... Shouto," The greenette whispered, tilting its head to get a better look at its companion behind it. 

The blonde observed the exchange between the two demons, and determined that the divine demon was called Shouto from what Izuku had just breathed out. Another human name. He wanted to touch it, to see what the other would do if he displayed his fingers in front of its face. 

SO he did just that, unwrapping an arm from Izuku and instead letting his hand hover where Shouto's gaze was. The taller demon immediately took notice and took his thumb into its mouth. It closed its eyes and began swirling its tongue all over his thumb. A sudden pang traveled into Katsuki's gut, one that made his stomach coil in the familiar feeling of desire. 

Shouto continued, even using its own set of baby fangs to nibble on the flesh of the vampire. It earned itself a mumbled out 'Fuck' along with eyes that pierced into it with lust. Katsuki wondered if he could make them do things. His thoughts were invaded with sinful images of bedding the demons. His dick twitched in his trousers.

While the blonde was distracted by Shouto sucking his thumb off, the third and final entity within the ritual circle emerged from its entrapment of black fog. With a quick snap, the fog poofed off of the demon, leaving its entire body for anyone to view. 

Izuku noticed that its second companion that it was summoned with had finally awakened. Its tail whipped about excitedly, while green eyes tried locking onto the hovering body. It couldn't wait to touch its companion. 

The third demon matched the face of the drawing that had a wide smile with a row of sharp teeth. Sharkie. This one had the least amount of clothing covering its body. To start, it loudly stood onto its feet with a pair of black heels that were made out of glossy material that rose up to its ankles. A rose gold band was wrapped around its waist that had intricate patterns of straight lines etched into it. From the band flowed a red velvety fabric that reached the middle of its thighs. Its bellybutton held a piercing with a red jewel in the shape of square. The redhead had a fully exposed chest, with rose gold hoops attached to its nipples. When it came to its arms, two thin bands made of the same rosy metal fit snugly across its biceps. If one also looked close enough, they would be able to see a hoop hanging from the demon's nose like a bull. 

"Eijirou!" Izuku whined out its companion's title, causing the redhead to blink a couple of times before quickly making its way over to the cry. 

Shouto stopped its licking of the vampire's thumb when it heard the whine coming from the smaller demon's lips. It turned its head to only be presented with a tongue greedily licking at its lips. Shouto opened its mouth only for it to be invaded with no hesitation. The two red toned demons began kissing each other with a desperate need. After all, it had been quite awhile since they were all summoned into the mortal realm together. 

Katsuki watched with lustful eyes at the beings sharing a sloppy kiss. His body began growing hotter, with his dick growing tighter in his trousers. Fuck, the world blessed him with another demon that made his mouth water just by seeing sculpted abs. His desire grew for them, wanting to do things to them that he wouldn't even imagine doing to a human. 

Izuku felt its own body grow warm from watching its companions share so much desire with each other. It turned its head and looked up at the vampire before lunging in for a wet kiss. The blonde returned the kiss with his own, chasing more by nibbling on the greenette's bottom lip. He then bit harshly, tasting the beads of blood that encased his tongue with a burst of sweetness. 

Suddenly, Katsuki's eyes began to emit a soft glow of red, the carnal instinct of a vampire creeping into his senses. He couldn't believe how good that fluid tasted in his mouth. It caused his fangs to ache, itching to puncture skin. To dig his teeth into flesh. It made his mind fog up on a bit of a haze.

The demon in emerald softly groaned into the kiss, not at all bothered by the minuscule pain in its lips. In fact, it only made the greenette become more handsy. It places its hands onto the blonde's chest and began feeling around. Fingers traced every dip that it felt underneath the fabric of Katsuki's shirt. Then, without a sense of care, it brushed its hand across the vampire's growing erection. 

Katsuki deeply sighed into the kiss after feeling the other's hand against his dick. It only made him harder when he lapped at the droplets of blood that were still forming across the demon's lips. It tastes so good, he wonder if the other two demons tasted just as sweet. He wanted to ravage them. Then, he came up with an idea. He removed his lips from Izuku, hearing a needy whine from it. 

"Oi, all three of you," The two demons that were busy fighting against each other's tongues stopped their war and turned their heads to look at the vampire. Both with hooded eyes and lips drenched in the other's spit. 

Katsuki looked between all three of them. His idea was to test if they would listen to him. So far, they have. 

"Get on your knees," He commanded them. Without any further the instruction, the demons lined up in front of him, on their knees like he ordered them too. A devilish smirk formed on his lips. 

"From now on, I am your Master. And you, are my slaves," He asserted, red eyes observing the faces that were tilted towards him. 

Izuku's tail began wagging like a dog, thrashing about behind it in an excited state. Shouto's facial expression still didn't change, only gazing intently at the vampire with an eagerness that everyone shared. Meanwhile, Eijirou's wings expanded as if it were waiting to receive more orders. 

Satisfied, Katsuki approached the full redhead. He gentle threaded his fingers through the hair, tugging on the strands slightly bring the demon's face closer to his crotch. The vampire had everything already planned out in his head with what he was going to do to them. They would serve him well.

"Suck it," Eijirou only blinked before his hands desperately fumbled with the strings that held the blonde's trousers up. The redhead felt his body heat up with anticipation. Dare he say that his mouth was even watering from the fact it will soon be filled with cock all the way down his throat?

Getting impatient with the string, the demon instead untangled it with his teeth, licking his lips when he finally loosens the bottoms. Before slipping them down, he grabbed the hem and nuzzled his nose into the fabric, breathing in deeply. The vampire's natural musk caused the redhead to release a pleasant sigh. He smelled so good, so yummy. Eijirou then pulled the trousers down, causing Katsuki to inhale sharply from the stinging cold his dick was just exposed to. 

The other two remained on their knees, watching the interaction between their Master and companion. Izuku was lightly panting, finding it incredibly hard to keep his heated gaze off of Katsuki's cock. Shouto shifted, finding the bodysuit to be slightly uncomfortable for him. He turned his head towards the greenette, brushing his tail against Izuku's exposed waist to get his attention.

"Please?" Was all that left the mouth of Shouto as the heart-shaped tip of his tail stroked Izuku's cheek. The freckle-faced demon immediately understood what the other was asking for, gently grabbing the tail and tugging lightly, eliciting a tiny moan out of the two-toned's mouth. 

Katsuki's eyes snapped towards Shouto once he heard the moan. He noticed how Izuku was holding onto a tail. 

"Oi, what are you doing?" The vampire questioned, curious as to what his slaves were up to.

Eijirou pouted, he was just getting to the good part and now his Master was distracted! No thanks to his companions that he oh-so dearly loves pulling noises from. To get the blonde's attention back, he placed an experimental lick at the tip of Katsuki's cock, swiping a bead of pre-cum. Yummy. 

"Ah, fuck," Katsuki mumbled, the hand in Eijirou's hair tightening. It made the redhead hum in satisfaction. Izuku bit his lip from hearing his Master respond like that, he felt how the fabric shifted where is his dick was. Shouto let out a shaky sigh, he wanted to force out noises out of his Master too. 

"Don't do anything I tell you too, got it, slave?" 

Eijirou showed off a toothy grin, nodding his head and even having the audacity to snicker a bit. This annoyed Katsuki. He yanked on the hair a bit harder, tilting the demon's head back as he bent over slightly, giving him a harsh gaze.

"Use your words." 

The demon felt heat build up in his gut. The demanding tone caused his tail to stir, lashing from side to side. He really, really liked the aggression. 

"Yes Master," Hearing those words roll off the demon's tongue made his cock twitch, causing the redhead to huff from not being able to take it into his mouth already. 

"Now then, you two haven't answered my question," The blonde said sternly, turning his head to look at the two demons, still holding onto the redhead. They looked enticing the way their skin had a light sheen to them with flushed cheeks.

"I'll show you, Master," Izuku tugged Shouto's tail again, a quiet moan leaving the taller demon's lips. 

The greenette then drenched the tip of his tail in saliva by using his tongue. He licked it all over, swirling his tongue around the edges and sucking on the point of the heart. Shouto moaned out loudly, squirming and panting in his place. His face felt hot, pleasure building up in his belly. He loved how Izuku coated the tip of his tail with his filthy mouth. He loved how the smaller demon sucked, making his back arch as Shouto used his hands to steady himself. 

"A-ah... Izu..." The two-toned demon moaned out, his wings sprouting behind him from the bliss of having his tail sucked. It felt all too good. 

Izuku's face was redder than it was before, him also panting over the appendage in his mouth. He loved it when his companions let him do this. Let him unravel them just by playing with their tails. It made him groan just thinking about sucking on Eijirou's tail too. 

Katsuki watched in awe. His fangs were aching while his skin began producing sweat. Who knew demons like to have their tails played with? It only gave him more ideas to try out. His body shuddered, he was going to demolish them.

The redhead whined, he wanted to feel good too. It wasn't fair that his companion get to have so much fun without him. He pawed at Katsuki's thigh, trying to get his attention once more. 

"Master, can I go play too?"

The vampire looked down at the whining demon, finding himself getting hungrier just by looking at a panting Eijirou. 

"You can when you finish your job. Suck slave," Katsuki stood back up, pulling on the redhead making the side of his face flush against his hip. 

As soon as Master said that, Eijirou was back to behaving like an excited puppy. He grinned before swiping his tongue against the shaft of the blonde's dick. Katsuki let out a breathy sigh. He watched Izuku take the entire tip of Shouto's tail into his mouth, making an extremely lewd expression that caused his hips to buck involuntarily. 

This only stirred on Eijirou further, sloppily licking all over Katsuki's cock. After coating it in a layer of saliva, he then trained his focus onto the head. He lapped once more at the pre-cum, purring at the taste that filled his mouth. The demon then began sucking on the tip, the blonde above him groaning in response. 

"Fuck, you're such a good boy for me." 

This caused the redhead to squirm and moan, his own erection now prominent and in view due to the fabric moving and draping over his thigh. He wanted to touch himself. He wanted to feel more than a cock in his mouth. But if he wanted to remain a good boy for Master, he had to complete his task first. 

Eijirou then took the vampire into his mouth all at once, loving how full his mouth was with cock. Katsuki groaned some more, his fangs bit into his bottom lip causing blood to draw. The wet heat that was Eijirou's mouth felt amazing to him. He began bucking his hips some more, fucking the throat that was taking him so well. The euphoria he was seeking was being steadily built in his gut, loving every second of it. 

Shouto was a panting mess, the skin all over his body was flushed with a soft shade of red. In attempt to seek more of the same feeling, he lunged towards Izuku and landed on top of the greenette. He pressed their bodies close and rutted against him.

"M-More..." Shouto whined out. He needed more. More pleasure. More of that good feeling to take over his body. 

Izuku lifted his hips into Shouto's in response, both of them moaning in tandem. It felt so good, like, really good. He was desperate for the high that they experience in every summoning. 

The continued grinding into each other as Shouto took his tail out of Izuku's mouth. Both of them were gasping at the contact their cocks were going through, their clothes becoming extremely uncomfortable to bear. Izuku took it upon himself to grab the zipper that held his companion in its confines, making sure to even lightly scratch his back with his claws to elicit more of those delicious lewd noises that Shouto couldn't hold back. 

Shouto stopped the grinding of his hips to slip out of his bodysuit, revealing glistening skin that was covered in sweat along with a thick erection that sprung free from enclosed fabric. The smaller demon drooled at the sight. The desire to bite and lick and kiss swelled within him. He placed one of his hands on Shouto's chest and pushed him down, leaving the taller demon on his back now. 

Eijirou's ears picked up on the sound of his companions wrestling about with each other. He was so jealous. He wanted to play so badly, but it didn't distract him too much from his current task at hand. He stuck his tongue out once the vampire began fucking his mouth, gurgling sounds can be heard from the amount of saliva that built up. Tears were even rolling down his cheeks from the rough movement.

Katsuki panted, his skin boiling. He felt how close he was getting with the pleasure building up in his body. He looked down at the redhead, fucking the demon's mouth harder when he saw just how obliterated he looked. He grit his teeth and closed his eyes when he made on final thrust, his cock spilling inside Eijirou's mouth. 


Eijirou closed his own eyes when Master came in his mouth. He felt how it all went down his throat, feeling warm. Once Katsuki emptied himself completely, he pulled his cock out of Eijirou's mouth and looked at him with hazy red eyes.

"Good boy, go play with your slave companions," The redhead bolted towards the two demons, not caring how much of a mess his face was. 

Eijirou placed himself behind Izuku who was still on top of Shouto. Both of them thrashed their tails about in excitement from the fact their missing third had finally come to join them. The vampire, still blissed out from getting his dick sucked, merely stood in his place and watched. He was curious as to what they would together. He figured he could afford to watch for a bit before he regained his energy to have his way with them again. 

Izuku leaned into the redhead's chest, making sure to arch his back in the process to display his body for both his Master and Shouto. The demon laying on the ground stared hungrily, moving his hand to wrap around his own length and Izuku's. He began pumping them both, moaning together in unison from the delicious friction. 

Eijirou took the opportunity to pull off Izuku's chest piece and began playing with his nipples that were eagerly perked up for him. He twisted and pulled, causing the greenette to turn into a writhing mess on front of him.

"Eichan, Sh-Shouchan...!" Was all the demon mumbled out from having both of his companions play with him.

Recovering from his first orgasm, Katsuki sat down and pulled his cock. He was hard again from hearing those lewd cries from Izuku. He began jerking himself off, fangs out in display. He was going to bite them eventually. 

Izuku bucked his hips into Shouto's hands, relishing in the bliss it brought him. Both him and the two-toned demon mewled like kittens at the grinding. They were both getting closer and closer to release, hips bucking wildly into hot, sticky hands. Eijirou shifted his body so his dick was in between Izuku's ass. He began thrusting his hips to try and catch the same release his companions sought for. 

"Izu, Shou, I wanna cum with you. Please, please, please..." The redhead trailed off into a whisper, continuously begging.

The grenette loved the various sensations his body was subject too. It was becoming too much. The sweet coil in his stomach kept tightening, until finally it released like an explosion. Izuku came all over Shouto's hands, his back arching into the demon behind him. Eijirou grinded into his ass with newfound fervor, grimacing at the fact that he was almost there. So close to that euphoria. 

Shouto fisted himself and Izuku's spent cock faster, causing the smaller demon to yelp from the over-sensitivity of post-orgasm. He soon found his high, cumming in into his hands and riding out the high. His entire body was set aflame, everything was hazy to him. 

Soon after, the third demon joined his companions in feeling pure bliss. He came all over Izuku's ass and back. He loved it. He loved that his taint blemished the beautiful body of his beautiful green-haired companion. 

The trio remained in their spots, trying to come down from their blissed out state. They were panting, trying to regain their breath from their little excursion. The vampire that patiently watched was panting again, not being able to hold back from pumping himself rapidly. His glowing red eyes raked over the spent bodies, glistening in a light he didn't know existed in the room. 

Katsuki came again once more, in spurts. His features were consumed with the color red. Even the tips of his hears. His entire body felt hot, sweaty, sticky. Yet, during post-orgasm bliss, he found himself wanting more. Needing more. He needed to get rid of the itch to bite and lick. He wanted to taste them. Blood. 

Once they had regained their breathing, Katsuki got up from where he sat and stood before them. He licked his fangs. 

"Ready for more?"