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Meketa Nozumu: The lost hope dragon that became a hero

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The streets were lonely and cold. People passed by my shivering ragged body and when they would look at me, they looked at me like a freak. And I was. I was half dragon and half human. Random patches of scales were scattered in random patches around my arms and my back. My thick red scaled tail dragged on the ground as I staggered to my makeshift home. It was funny though. Hearing superheroes going around and proclaiming to help everyone when they couldn’t even help me. When some of the pro heroes even looked at me, they mistook me for a villian. Everytime. It had been about seven or eight years now since I was trapped in the world of My Hero Academia. This body was six when my sixteen year old self from the normal world inhabited her body. Being lucky wasn’t my strong suit, because I was reincarnated into a side character that no one even knew about. My skin had darkened considerably and my irises were now a white with peach red scleras. My hair was now short and curly, with random sunset orange and red highlights that contrasted from my dark brown, almost black hair. With white teeth sharper than diamonds and a long turquoise tongue I really was a freak. I had weird maroon fins for ears and a thick long tail. My dark red eyebrows were a contrast between my darkened skin and it made me feel even more like an outcast. Every day I turned darker, and my prediction is that one day all of my skin is going to turn into scales and become blacker than the night, before leaving me permanently like a dragon. That’s when I knew that I needed to control my quirk. 

But I had no one to teach me. 

And no one would want a ugly half dragon anyway. The amount of times that I had been rejected was overwhelming. People would cross the street in fear, or call me horrible names. My eyes were opened. To the world of discrimination and hate. It was sad, the fact that there was discimination in this fictional universe. I ended up hating life more than I did when I was in my world. I sighed as I looked at myself in my broken pocket mirror. My clothes were ragged and my face was gaunt and there were bags under my eyes. Growing bitter at the heroes and the society, I really understood why the League of Villains gained so much attention and followers. With nothing but the clothes on my back and a small backpack of other clothes, I went into town thinking about how I got myself into this shitty universe. And honestly I felt bad. I had stolen that little girl's future and her dreams. When I inhabited her body, I felt her soul rip and heard her scream and beg for me to leave. But I couldn't. I was forced into this body by a higher power and I honestly was afraid if I tried to disobey it’s orders. I just wish that I wasn’t reborn as a freak. I froze as I smelled smoke. “A fire?”  the sounds of a fire burning and people screaming made me panic. I took deep breaths and calmed myself down. I knew that no pro hero was going to help. They never really did before, so why would they now? My frustration with the hero society was growing. It didn’t matter what I did, writing letters to the hero association to gathering a few other rejects of society and having a peaceful protest. Needless to say, we were pushed away and asked to leave. Forcefully. I rubbed the soft underside of my slightly scaled arm. The bruise was still there. The same day after the protest, I made a decision. 

That I wouldn’t be a hero for society. 

I would be a hero for the rejects and everyone who had needs that were neglected by the government. All Might is a great hero, he really is, but he doesn’t use his power or influence to help the people who really need it. The starving kids, the poor people who couldn’t find jobs, and even the people who lived in a different area where crime and deaths were nearing a critical rate. Then it happened. A fire. I didn’t even need to use my sensitive smell of tears, blood and burning flesh. Since I knew no heroes would help, I stepped up to be a hero. Well, more of a vigilante. Reaching into my bag, I pulled out my mask. It looked like a demon’s skull. The horns and teeth were a dark mauve and the mask itself was a dark grey, borderline black. Even though there was a crack in one of the eye holes of the mask, it still protected and shielded her face from judgemental prying eyes. I already made a name for myself in this part of town. ‘Scales, the dragon vigilante.’ I had no problem with it, as long as they didn’t see my ugly scaled face, it was alright. After making sure the mask was secured, I ran to the source of panic.An apartment complex was on fire, and because it was the shady part of town, there were no heroes. “Of course.” I said before putting down my torn backpack, I ran in front of the building and my eyes widened. It was bad. I could smell burnt flesh that was mixed with the smell of tears. My ear-fins twitched as I heard the faint cry of a child.

“Mommy! Mommy! Where are you?” The sobs became quieter as the fire burned brighter and burnt the boys’ mother to a crisp. My eyes hardened. If the hero society wasn’t going to so shit about it, then I’d just do the job. I ran inside, not bothered by the heat as I ran around the building checking every room and hallway. I had found a lot of people and quickly ushered them down stairs. Then I went to the top floor and almost teared up at what I saw. The young boy I had heard earlier was clutching his chest and coughing up smoke and blood as half his body was impaled by a wooden beam.

“Shit!” I swore as I assessed the damage. My nails hardened until they were hard stronger than diamonds then I looked at the boy. My arms reached out before I used my talons to break the wooden beam. I tore out the beam and cursed at my stupidity as he started to bleed out. Taking a calculated risk, I broke the glass window and jumped from the fifth story building. My legs turned into two dragon haunches, so the landing was easier. As we were falling I felt the blood and tears of the little boy hit my chin and face. When I landed on my steady taloned feet, I was not expecting to hear the sound of cheering and All Might posing with a shiny grin and a thumbs up. 

“Why it seems that you’ve done it! Good job, young one!” I looked at him then looked away dismissively. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him deflate a little bit before perking up again. When the paramedics came, they saw the boy and ripped him out of my hands.

“Why didn’t you call us sooner?” One of the paramedics said as he walked away. My dragon tail swished in agitation. Pro hero Backdraft and a couple other firefighters covered the scene and tried to put out the fire. The fire was roaring with life and seemingly grew bigger. 

“Move over.” I ordered noticing their shock. 

“You can’t, you’re just a civilian-”

“I’m not just a civilian. I’m the protector of this town and I’ve been fixing all the crimes and problems while you pro heroes are busy in interviews and lounging in penthouses. Get the hell out of my way.” I pushed Backdraft aside, and stood close to the fire. It was almost to much. People crying at the lost of their loved ones, the loss of their home, the loss of their memories. Looking at the fire, I sneered. Taking a deep breath, I inhaled the fire and smoke, taking into my lungs. People looked at me mortified, but I didn’t really care. “Another thing a pro hero couldn’t handle.” I said as I walked past them. I noticed that the reporters and press came, so I tried to make a hasty getaway. I went to the boythat was impaled, and noticed he was talking to the head medic in the ambulance. We made eye contact, and I started running off. Only to have All Might drag me to him in the circle of reporters. People were shoving microphones in my face and yelling at once. All Might saw my distress then boomed out in his large voice, “Listen, my wonderful supporters! This outstanding young citizen stood up and saved twenty-five people and all of them are survivors! That is a huge accomplishment for someone your age.” He patted my back then recoiled at the pure scale, skin and bones he felt. “Your parents must be so proud!” I looked at him blankly,

“My parents are dead.” His grin faltered as he looked me over. I was ragged and starved, and had held on to no food for almost five days. My clothes were torn and ripped but they couldn’t see how my scales were ruffled and twitched in agitation.

“How did they die?” With an unnerving stare into the camera I said, 

“A villain attack. The hero in charge of that protole was busy signing autographs and posing with his adoring fans.” There was ripples of conversation before another reporter asked, 

“So do you not have a home?” I licked my chapped lips, 

“I’ve been homeless since I was six. I’m fourteen now. Don’t feel bad for me though. I’ve gotten used to society leaving people like me to rot.” The same reporter asked, 

“What do you mean?” My dragon fins twitched at the question, 

“People only saw me as a freak. Because I looked different. I was literally beaten by a pro-hero on patrol and almost died. There were bystanders too, but of course. People don’t care about kids like me. Kids that are different.” A different person spoke up, 

“Do you feel alone?” There was an intense pause before I responded,

“Why do you care? It’s not going to change anything. I bet after a week goes by everyone except for the victims won’t remember and forget the ones who have suffered. I hate the society we live in. Selfish self centered people like you exist and don’t help the ones in need.” There was a collective silence before a bystander shouted out, 

“You’re right! They don’t care about us! They never did!” There were loud murmurs of agreement then the guy continued, ”You’ve got people to support you now! We may not know your true name or what you look like, but that doesn’t matter. You’ve done more for us than any of the pro heroes have!!” People started talking then  cheering in agreement as another person shouted out, 

“I remember the time when you stopped a break in! And the time where you helped walk a drunk girl home so she wouldn’t get into any trouble. And when you stepped in when she almost got assaulted!” Suddenly there was a bunch of noise before the boy I had saved, cried out for me. Pushing the growing mob aside, I went to him and sat in the ambulance, ignoring the protest from the medical crew. The boy spoke up with a rough whisper,

“Even though you’re not a pro hero-” He gave a harsh wet cough then continued, “You’ve saved this whole part of town over and over. Even when the licensed pros wouldn’t even-” He choked on his blood before spitting it out, “Wouldn’t even bother to help us.” He cried out in pain as the non existing muscles in his body twitched, only to rip the sensitive skin.. “T-thank you. Thank you for being our hero.” His eyelids drooped a little before saying, “For being my hero.” The crowd was silent and watching with prying eyes as I cradled the boy in my slightly scaled arms. “Do you want to be a hero?” My milky white eyes locked with his now muddy green ones as I shook my head and said no, “I want you to. So people don’t have to die like me.” 

“But you aren’t going to die.” my voice wavered, knowing damn well that it wasn’t going to happen. That the giant tear in his chest was going to go away. He smiled. I smiled back.No words were spoken as he passed away peacefully. I stood up with him in my arms with glassy eyes and said, “Are we really just going to let people die like this?” I looked at the crowd and noticed the tears and sobs that started, “We need someone to stop this! If the pro heroes don’t do it, then I will!” Then some reporter asked, 

“Do you want to be a hero?” my glare never faltered as I said, 

“No.” Then people looked at me silently in disappointment. I continued smoothly, “But that doesn’t mean that I won’t.” Everyone soaked that in than the same reporter asked, 

“Will you go to a hero school?” I locked eyes with him and said, 

“None of your business! I know reporters like you only care about getting the best news. Get out of my face! And I don’t have money. Why would you even ask such a dumb question?” The reporter looked at me guiltily, “Not that it matters to you or the heroes, I will find a way to make a change.” Everyone was silent before everyone cheered. One woman yelled in tears, 

“I’ll support you! I may not have money but I’ll help pay for you! Go to a hero school! Climb the ranks. Please.” Then she started to sob, “Please save us. Please fight for us.” Other people offered the same thing before I spoke up again, 

“I don’t want to take money from anyone. I will earn my spot like everyone else. I don’t have the funds, but I’ll find a way” My voice was hoarse from inhaling the smoke and from the lack of water. Then All Might spoke up, 

“No need! I’m sure you will get in! I believe that you will get in, especially with skills like yours and a brave heart!” Everyone was cheering and a couple people were teary eyed. 

“Make us proud, Scales!” Ah. I haven’t heard that in a while. My vigilante name. “Let’s support our hero Scales!” People started to chant, 

“Scales! Scales! We support scales!” If I wasn't so emotionally constipated I would be in tears. Then All Might spoke up, 

“Scales! This is the beginning for you to become a great hero! Do you accept the challenge?” Looking All Might in the eyes without flinching, 

“I won’t be a hero. Heroes are fake. I’m going to be an activist. Fighting for people when I know they can’t. I know I can't save everyone from pain and hardship. But I do know one thing.” I paused then looked up at the smoke filled blue sky then looked at the crowd of people, “I’ll do whatever I can to not just be an activist, but to also be a friend to the victims and people who need support.” There was silence before a round of applause and cheering broke out. Then a reporter asked, 

“Where are you going to go? You said you don’t have a home?” When he pointed the mic at me I sighed then said, 

“Why the hell are you guys so noesy? I have places to go and I don’t think you need to know-”

“Nope!” Everyone looked at All Might, “Young scales! You will be going to a hospital to get your injuries checked out. So if you’ll just come with me-”

“No thank you.” Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. “Just because I saved people and want to be someone who protects people doesn’t mean I need the royal treatment. There are others out there who need that more than I do.” I snapped, surprising everyone. I mean, who dares to go against the great and mighty All Might? “Besides, I’m used to being homeless. It's honestly annoying that you guys all of a sudden care.” All Might grabbed the collar of my ratty shirt. “What?” All Might then turned around then gave a fist pump then said, “Plus ultra!” And the crowd cheered and screamed it back as All Might grabbed my bag then jumped into the air, making me flail around in the wind. When we landed on a building he said, “What’s your name, young scales?” I almost said, ‘my name is (Y/N) (L/N) and I’m from a universe that believes you are an anime character and I ended up coming to this world and stole a little girl's body and now I hate the universe I once loved, but instead I just said, 

“Meketa. Meketa Nozomu. It’s not your damn business though.” All Might looked at me sorrowfully. My name was literally ‘Lost Hope’. “I don’t need pity.” His eyes hardened in understanding. 

“My apologies. I-” the blond superhero was cut off as he deflated into his ‘small’ might mode. We were in awkward silence before he said, “Please don’t-”

“I won’t say a thing.” We looked at each other and nodded making a silent promise. “So why are you trying to help me? You don’t even know me! And I don’t go to hospitals, they treat me like a freak. Just like everyone else.” Small Might looked at me an said, 

“U.A. high. I’m going to be a teacher there and I would like to see the overview of your progress.” I looked at him and narrowed my eyes at the topic change. I also felt the underline, ‘so you don’t turn to illegal ways to help people or become a villain.’ I sighed. 

“Whatever. You probably won’t leave me alone until I do. I have no money, so I can’t even pay you back.” He patted my shoulder reassuringly then said, 

“No problem. Just pay me back by becoming a good hero.” I gave a small threatening grin, making my teeth gleam in the sunlight. I guess he saw that as a happy smile. “You’ve got this, young Nozomu!” He held his hand up for a high five, “Plus Ultra!” I looked at him blankly and he started to shake nervously. I didn’t leave him hanging and slapped his palm then said, 

“Plus Ultra.” He grinned at each other and I could see how important he was to Izuku Midoriya. And I was going to help too. I wasn’t going to idly stand by and watch as people got hurt. I couldn’t change anything, but I could also save lives. My resentment for All Might was still there, but the feeling of support for Izuku and remembering how helpful he was in the show toned down it down a lot. 

Despite the fact that I refused multiple times, Small Might took me shopping. “You can’t wear that mask, young Nozomu!” I looked at him irritated,

“I’m not taking it off.” As if he was expecting that answer he reached into his pocket and pulled out a face mask. 


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” The mask had a puppy face on it. It was really cute, but I was not going to be impressed that easily. After taking off my mask and holding it in my hand, we walked to the shopping district. I got a lot of clothes and got something to eat. When we went to another store that had pants that had a hole for my tail to fit into, the store clerk smiled nicely. He saw me staring at a stuffed bunny that was pretty big. The clerk looked at Small Might who saw me looking at the stuffie. He walked over to it and placed it on the checkout counter. 

“Wait. You don’t have to do that. Don’t do it-” Small Might gave a grin as he interrupted me. 

“I saw you looking at it and I thought why not? You’ve had an eventful day. Plus it’s cute.” He held it up next to his face with a grin and a little friendly blush that adored his face. “Hi!” He said in a higher pitched voice, “My name is Carl, the cute fuzzy wuzzy fluffy bunny!” I looked at him blankly and he started to panic awkwardly. Then I let out a small chuckle. He was just as goofy in the manga and anime.

“Hi Carl.” I said softly as I held him in my hands. The store clerk smiled brightly,

 “You sure like to spoil your daughter, don’t you?” My face burned in embarrassment and Small Might’s did too. The clerk didn't see, because he was too busy checking out the stuff. Small Might muttered, 

“I hope she knows that I’ll support her as much as possible.”  My eyes widened then narrowed into slits. Why was he being nice? I mean he was nice to everyone at U.A. but I wasn’t even attending yet. There had to be an ulterior motive. Pushing it aside, I held Carl close as I held half of the bags. We walked to my hotel room and he helped me place stuff in the room. He was huffing out of breath, and sat down on the large bed. Then I had to ask, 

“Why are you being so kind to me?” He closed his eyes and smiled, 

“It’s because all good heroes do whatever they can to help the future pro heroes-” My eyes narrowed as I cut him off. 

“What is the real reason?” He paused then looked at me. 

“All for one...My quirk...” His face turned stone cold serious and I returned the look, “My quirk led me to you. It said that you knew that my power was fading. And that you were the one to help me find and protect my successor at U.A.” My eyebrows furrowed in confusion. But why me? I guess that explains why I’m now in this universe, however I’m confused as to how a quirk could pull a person from a different world. “Plus I see great potential in you as a hero!”

“I’m if I’m going to be any type of hero, I’ll be a vigilante or an anti hero. But what about Carl? Was that just a ploy to get me to like you?” His blond eyebrows raised in surprise, 

“No! It’s just...well...being a hero is kind of lonely. And it’s nice to dote on someone.” His eyes looked away with a wholesome deep blush as he rubbed the back of his neck. I gave a small grin and he looked at me surprised. Before I could stopped myself I said,

“Thanks Dad-Might.” His eyes widened almost comically before he let out a bellowing laugh. 

“No problem, young Nozumu!” we looked at each other in silence before he patted my head and my tail wagged at the gentle gesture. He noticed and laughed.

“You're such a Dad.” He laughed and agreed with my statement. He opened up his wallet and placed a credit card in my hand. “Absolutely not-” Small Might held up a boney finger and poked my forehead. “What the hell?” He just gave a jovial smile and said, 

“How else are you going to pay for your food?” I stared him down and he didn’t budge. My glare softened before I sighed,

 “Fine.” His cheerful aura made me smile. “I’ll only use it when I need it though.” He nodded than said, 

“Use it to buy food, a laptop and a phone.” Just as I was about to protest, he got into Dad Might mode and said, “No arguing, young Nozomu.” just like an angsty teenager would do, I replied, 

“Yeah. Whatever, Dad.” It felt natural at this point so we didn’t even get flustered.

 “Prepare yourself. Because the entrance exam is in two weeks.” I nodded. “I’ll be back either tomorrow or in a couple of days to check up on you, alright?” I nodded again, “Are you sure you’ll be okay?” I rolled my eyes at his already protective nature and said, 

“I’ll be fine. Geez. Chill out Dad-Might.” He hesitated then sighed. 

“Don’t get into trouble please.” The lights in the room made my freakishly sharp teeth glint dangerously as I replied, 

“I always get involved in trouble.” Small Might exhaled in exasperation. 

“Don’t be too reckless.” I gave him a mock salute and a ‘yessir!’. After he left I sat on the bed, overwhelmed. Today was too much. The fire, the little boys’ death, him wanting me to be a hero and me proclaiming I would be an antihero. I sighed. All Might took me shopping! And someone thought he was my Dad! I laid back on the bed with a silent groan on exhaustion. I guess I encouraged it because I miss having a parent who cares and worries about you. Pushing myself up, went to the phone and ordered a bunch of things on the menu. When I asked how much it was, I choked. 

“Y’know, never mind, It’s okay, I’ll just order-”

“It’s all free!” My mouth dropped as I listened to the lady over the phone. “All Might came by and donated  a lot of money to this hotel, so whenever he has a special guest over or friends, it’s all free!” I opened and closed my mouth in shock. “Hello? Ma’am? Are you still here?” I blinked rapidly, 

“I-uh-yes!” I stammered. “So...can I still order that stuff?” The lady took my order again and told me it would be up in a little bit. After saying thanks and hanging up the phone I laid out some clothes on the bed and headed to the shower. Turning up the water to the highest setting, I shuddered happily as I felt all the grime get washed away off my body. After I scrubbed my arm scales, I moved to my legs. With a small smile, I took a washcloth and started to wash my tail. When I finished, I felt all squeaky clean. I opened the bathroom and walked into my room humming. This was the happiest thing that has happened to me in so long. I got dressed in a normal shirt and some joggers. I saw the big maroon jacket that All Might picked out and I smiled and put it on. After I pulled up the dark blue zipper, I sighed as I was comfortable. The food came after that and my mouth watered as I saw all the food. 

“Is this all for you ma’am?” I looked at the waiter and smiled, 

“yes! Thank you so much!” He left and I wheeled the fully stoked cart of freshly cooked food into my room. I ended up taking off my jacket so I didn’t get it dirty so soon. It was almost scary how I ate two full course meals and three slices of cake in only ten minutes. But I didn’t care. This was the fullest I felt since I was in my universe. I stretched and headed my way over to the phone and said, “Thank you for the food! I’m done. Since I’m going out I’ll leave the cart outside. But... can I have the same amount of food in a bunch of to-go bags?” I could sense her smiling across the phone. 

“Of course. You're going to be a great hero, Scales.” I felt my skin heat up as I pressed a blush down. “Your food should be there in around thirty minutes to an hour.”

“Thank you.” I said before hanging up. What a fucking day. My eyes watered as I thought of the little boy who died today. Who was he? I didn’t even know his name. Blocking my emotions was easy because I was so emotionally constipated it wasn’t even hard. I knew one day the dam would break, but today was not the day. After going into deep thought, there was a knock at the door that pulled me out of my reflection. I got up and opened the door only to smile. 

“Here you go! Are you sure you can handle all of that?” I smirked as I lifted my tail up and grabbed a duffle bag. 

“I got it!” pushing my tail through the bags ropes I held a lot of them there and the rest were gripped tightly in my hands. “Thank you for worrying, though. What’s your name?” He looked at me surprised, 

“My name is Kosuke Mitsue.” Very fitting, ‘Rising son’ ‘Of the light’, considering his bright orange hair with yellow highlights and deep ruby red eyes. “And you are?” I grimace at my name and he took notice, “What’s your nickname, if you have one?” I gave him a thankful smile, 

“Scales.” He gave a rich warm laugh and I couldn’t help but smile. 

“I can see why.” We both laughed this time and I couldn’t help but feel at ease. It’s been a while since I’ve had friends. “Anyway, I’ll leave you be, and get back to work! See you later!” Kosuke waved goodbye before walking down the hall. I grabbed my room key then took the elevator down. Looking around, I couldn’t help but sigh at the beautiful sunset. Walking down the street, I wandered off into the more run down parts of the city. I gave the poorer people food and kept them company. Then I ran into someone I was not expecting to see. It was Toga. She was sitting in an alley sobbing as a bloodied knife lingered in her hand. I noticed three dead bodies lying around her and I pushed my fear away. 

“Hey...are you alright?” She looked up at me crying with  a crazy smile on her face. She looked psychotic but that didn’t scare me away. 

“Do you want me to stab you too?” Her voice cracked and it was easy to tell she was hurting. I looked down only to realize her shirt was ripped and her leggings were torn. I came closer to her than enveloped her in a warm hug. She stiffened instantly after a while, hugged back. “Why are you helping me?” Her voice was strained and rough as she sobbed. It still had that crazy tone, but it was more laced with anxiety. 

“Because no one deserves to be alone.” Her body relaxed completely and her sobs had turned to light whimpers. She stopped completely then sighed. Then she smelled the food. I felt her shift then I let her go. “Ah! Would you like some food?” Toga’s golden eyes shone with admiration then she gave me a crazy smile. I handed her a to-go box and some silverware and she started eating it all. When she finished, Toga had the largest grin. 

“What’s your name?” I looked at her kindly, 

“My name is Scales.” her eyes widened,

 “You’re that non official hero who actually helps people unlike the pros!” My thick dragon tail swished in bashfulness. “You’re amazing, best friend!” I looked at her in surprise then relaxed. 

“What’s your name?” She gave me a hug and nuzzled her face into my neck. 

“My name is Toga Himiko! But since we’re best friends, you’ve got to give me a nickname!” I paused thinking, 

“Um...what about calling you...chompy? Because you have fangs? I don’t Crazy girl?” Suddenly Toga blurted, 

“You’re my little dragon and I’m your little psycho!” I didn’t want to make her sad so I replied, 

“Sounds good. Now follow me. Your clothes are ripped and I don’t want another repeat of what could’ve happened in this alleyway. Standing up, I unzipped my jacket and took off my shirt. I was wearing bandages around my chest so I didn’t mind, “Here. Put this on.” Respectfully I turned around so I didn’t see her. When she was done I gave a sigh of relief. It was like a short dress on her. The shirt was black and all it said in big bold letters was ‘Rice.’ “Let’s head to my hotel, then let's get you some pants.” She nodded enthusiastically and walked beside me.

It was peaceful and quiet until we heard a woman scream. My ears perched up as I heard her cry for help. “C’mon Psycho!” She ran after me with no hesitance. Kind of like a lost puppy. When we reached there, the woman was on her knees as a man pointed a gun at her head. When the man noticed us he said, 

“Move anymore and I’ll blow your brains out!” I gently set the bags of food down then looked him dead in the eyes. 

“Do it then.” was my simple response before rushing in. True to his word he did shoot me, but it bounced off the scales of one of my arms. I swooped the woman in my arms and ran away from the attacker. I set her down, only for her to cling to me and start crying. “Hey...Are you alright?” Toga was nowhere to be found and that worried me. 

The woman smiled tearfully but was still shaking like a leaf. “I-I’m really scared...but I’ll be alright. T-Thank you for saving me!” Smiling gently I placed her onto the ground. “How can I thank you? And what is your name?” 

“My name is Scales. And you don’t have to do anything to repay me. I was just doing what’s right.” Her eyes teared up again and I tried to change the subject, “What’s your name?” Whipping the tears away from her eyes she said, 

“Inko. Inko Midoriya. And I’m so thankful that you saved me.”