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Meketa Nozumu: The lost hope dragon that became a hero

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Inko Midoriya.How could I not have noticed her before? She definitely had the same face as her son. Round chubby cheeks and big beautiful green eyes. Her hair was a dark green and she totally had that mom vibe. Then I thought for a minute. This could be a good chance to try and strengthen relationships early. But shit, I didn’t think I would run into her so soon. All Might was a shock then Midoriya’s mom. Sheesh. I guess the universe and One for all really want me to get to work then. “Yeah. Nice to meet you, Ms.Midoriya.” I paused as I tried to be my old self who was warm and friendly,

“Are you alright?” She nodded smiling even though her eyes were still teary. “Do you need anything else?” She paused for a minute than said,

“I..If it’s not too much trouble, could you walk me home? I’m scared. I don’t have a strong quirk. I can only make small objects float.” I frowned, even Inko is affected by this hierarchy of quirks. I sighed then responded,

“Nothing to be ashamed of. I’m guessing my quirk is being half dragon. I don’t have a super power either, but that doesn’t mean I’m weak. You’re strong because you got through the near death experience. Be proud. Not many people can handle that.” I couldn’t help but feel disgusted. The amount of crime was ridiculous and to think that all these problems could occur in one day. Things would be easier if there were heroes. No use hoping though, they’re unreliable. Inko gave me a soft smile,

“Thank you...thank you so much-” Inko was cut off as we heard a blood curdling scream. It was the guy who almost killed Inko. Toga! That’s where she ran off to! “W-what was that?” She was shaking like a leaf and it was so sad.

“Stay here! I’ll be back! Don’t worry. Stay put.” I gave her a reassuring smile that looked more like a twisted frozen frown. I really need to remember how to be happy again. before running towards the sound. When I got there the guy was on the ground crying as his face was bloody. Then I realized that he had letters etched into his cheek. “L.P?” My face scrunched up in confusion before widening, “Little Psycho?” She looked up at me and smiled.

“He bothered you. So I decided to teach him a lesson. Now he has my letters on my face. And everyday he looks into the mirror he'll be reminded of the bad mistake he made. The mistake of causing you trouble!” For a moment I was stunned before going into deep thought. No one does anything for no reason. By what i remember, he was trying to rob Inko. I walked over to the man and flipped him over, not caring if his cuts opened up more. Frisking his pockets I narrowed my eyes as I found something. Pulling it out, I looked down at the papers mortified. This man. He...he was robbing people so he could have enough cash to get help for his four year old daughter who was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer. He was just trying to save his daughter. I looked at the other paperwork then my eyes glanced at the photo. It was his little girl. But what caught my attention was the little boy in the photo. He was the one that...that died in the fire. My hands shook as I felt my emotions become unstable. Now this girl was all alone, and going to die. She had no one now, and when she does die, she'll be all alone.

"Fuck!" I yelled angrily, "What the hell is wrong with this world?" my voice cracked as I felt my body spasm in anxiety and anger. "This. Isn't. Fucking. Right." I felt a break down coming, but I held it down. Then the man spoke,

"Those are my children. My daughters name is Tanmei and my son's name is Kogeta." I couldn't help but give a somber chuckle. 'Short life' and 'Burnt'. It was almost funny to me. It was all ready like god was saying,

"You're nothing but useless children. I'll put you out of your misery and kill you. Hopefully in the next life you won't have such an unlucky fate." Fuck you, God. FUCK YOU.

"Please..."The man whispered, "I know what I did was wrong but..." He forced himself to sit up, "Please kill me."

"What?" I said in disbelief and even Toga was surprised,

"Please kill me." It was unnerving to see a grown man cry, "I...I'm a horrible person. I've killed people to get help for my family when I didn't even think about how it would effect theirs." At this point his tears were flowing past so much my sensitive nose was getting dry from the salt. "I know I'm probably going to go to hell, but..." He looked state at me and Toga. "But that's better then living a life where I know my son and wife are dead, along with my daughter. Who has around...three to four months to live." Then he got on his knees and prayed, "Please." His shaky sobs and broken cries were too much. Even Toga, who had weird morals, couldn't even bring herself to look at him.

"What's your name?" I asked as I took a deep breath. My next action was risky, but I knew I needed to do it. I knew I needed to save this man from suffering.

"Shippai." How ironic and pitiful. His name is failure. That was too much for me, now I knew it was final.

"Shippai. You've tried your best even though the odds are against you. I admire your strength to keep going." I closed my eyes before giving him a teary eyed look. "'s time for you to rest." He looked at me shocked before crying harder. "It's okay. In your knew way of life, you can start over." As I walked over to him, I continued to talk, "Don't forget that your wife and son will be waiting for you." I kneeled and wrapped my arms around his torso. 

He hugged me back tight and curled up into my warmth. I moved one of my hands up to the nape of his neck. As I whispered soothing words, I sharpened my nails and turned them into thick claws. I knew it would work, after all my claws are sharper and harder than a diamond. Aiming a singular claw at the upper spinal chord of his neck O whispered. "You're going to be okay." I made it quick so he wouldn't feel pain. The claw pierced through his upper spinal chord and ended up piercing through his whole neck. He was dead. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I paused when I saw teardrops landing on his forehead. 

"Do you...Do you think he's in a better place now?" after I gently placed his body down, I turned towards Toga and my heart almost broke at her expression. Her golden eyes looked like  muddy yellow as tears blurred her vision.

"Toga?" She came up to me and gave me a hug.

"It's just like that time..." She murmured. "I promised I'd never let something like that happen again." I was very confused. I don't remember that in her background story. Then I had a though. What if me being here changed everything? I mean, it makes sense. My guess is that all the major events will still be in place but the timeline of when and where they occur could be different. That maybe the plans of attack and the villains could be different too. At the though, I held Toga closer as If I was going to float away. I was so overwhelmed it was almost too much. "Little dragon?" I hummed back as a reply. "We are going to save them." She let me go and gave me a burning motivated stare, "We are going to make sure that no one else suffers like he did." This was the most mature intense moment that I've seen Toga have. It was frightening. Things were different. And now I had to make multiple effective plans to counter each possible situation. I was lost in thought as I retracted my claws and whipped off the blood on his jacket. I normally don't believe in anything religious, but I felt like praying for him was needed. When I was done, Toga spoke up,

“I would kill for you.” My eyes widened in disbelief, That came out of nowhere, “You saved me and freed that man who was in pain. You care about people that society doesn’t even bother with. I’ll be your follower-”

“Don’t be my follower.” Her face looked dejected, “Just be my friend, okay Little Psycho?” Toga’s face lit up and she gave me a hug. “Alright, Let’s get you some pants.”

As we were walking back to Inko there was a small shop. I bought her a pair of cheap leggings. “I hope this works for now.” She nodded enthusiastically.

“Scales! You left your food!” A couple starved kids yelled,

“Take it back, before someone steals it!” I looked at them then gave them a toothy grin.

“Just take it! Share it with the other kids who are hungry!” I could smell the tears that rolled down the kids cheeks as they cried out,

“T-Thank you, Scales! Thank you so much!” I waved goodbye before saying,

“I’m just happy to help out! Don’t worry!” They waved back and then turned around. When I turned around, Inko was there crying once again.

“S-Scales! You’re such a good person! G-giving them food!’re so kind.” I gave her a small smile, then Toga spoke up,

“That’s because she’s going to become a hero! She’s going to be ‘Scales:The Dragon Hero Who Saves The Day!’ Cool right?” Toga was bouncing around excited and Inko smiled softly and looked down at her.

“Aren’t you a cute one!” She gave Toga a small hug and then pinched her cheeks softly. “Thank you for also helping me out! My name is Inko Midoriya. And you are, Sunshine?” Toga looked at her with bright eyes. I guess nicknames were the ultimate sign of friendship for her.

“My name is Himiko Toga! Nice to meet you, Mama Midoriya!” Inko sighed with a smile,

“Mama Midoriya? That’s new, but I like it!” She gave Toga a hug again, “Would you two like some dinner?” I said yes, but Toga politely declined, “Sorry! I have stuff I gotta do.” Then she grumbled,

“Even though I don’t wanna do it.” Inko gave Toga a soft smile.

“Don’t worry about it, dear. Maybe next time when you come over, you could meet my son! He’s around your age.” Toga’s eyes were glossy with excitement, “Yay! We could be friends!” I smiled and then froze. I forgot that in the My Hero Manga and anime Toga had an insane crush on Izuku. Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck- FUCK. Then I started inwardly panicking. I hid my distress as I gave Toga a hug. In return my hug then whispered in my ear,

“Remember...I would kill for you.” Then she paused before grinning, “I will kill for you.” She let me go and started to skip away. Toga turned around, “Goodbye Mama Midoriya!” Then her golden eyes clashed with my white ones, “Later, best friend!” and because of my good hearing I heard her murmur, “I’ll be watching you, my little dragon.” I let out an involuntary shiver before looking at Inko.

“She’s so cute! So bubbly and bright like the sun! She’d be a great friend to Izuku!”

Yeah. A great friend.

“Well, let’s get going, Scales!” As we walked to her house I couldn’t help but wonder, am I actually helping? Or just causing damage? Toga knew about Izuku’s mom, so if something happens, Inko could get hurt. I was snapped out of my thoughts as she said, “Almost there!” I gave her an apologetic smile,

“I’m so sorry. I remembered that I have some things I need to do, but I would love to come over in a couple days. I’m a little overwhelmed and tired.” I yawned but it was muffled through my puppy mask.

“No worries, dear! That’s quite alright. Thank you for today!” She gave me another hug before saying, “See you in a couple of days, sweetie!” I waved back then turned around and started to walk back to the main part of town.

When I reached the hotel, I couldn’t help but be surprised when I saw the worker who brought me food. He caught my eyes then rushed over, “Hi Scales! Did you eat all of that food?” He playfully teased and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at him. “That’s good though.” I raised an eyebrow, questioning. “I like a woman with a big appetite.” My ear-fins twitched as I forced my blush down. Fuck that, I don't like complements. He  didn't mean it anyway. I never thought I’d say this but, thank god for the puppy mask, Small Might.

“Shut the hell up,you stupid flirt.” I grumbled back as I walked to the elevator and was slightly annoyed and confused when he got on with me. “What are you doing?” His red eyes gleamed as he looked at me,

“I’m just curious about you.” My eyes narrowed slightly, “Why?” Kosuke started whistling ‘innocently’ before replying,

“I just don’t know why you’re ashamed of your appearance.” My breathing stopped for a minute before I sarcastically snapped back,

“I didn’t know that my private thoughts and personal, no, sensitive feelings would be so entertaining for you.”He hit a sore spot and now I was looking at him with rage. At this, Kosuke’s eyes widened as he realized his mistake,

“Wait no, that’s not how I meant it-” He was cut off as I bared my sharp teeth at him when he tried to come closer. “I just meant that you have nothing to be ashamed of! And from what I can see, you’re very beautiful-” The elevator dinged, signifying that it rose up to the right floor. Just as he was about to continue I didn’t even look back as I said,

“Your jokes aren’t funny. I don’t need anymore liars in my life. And I thought we could be friends.” I shook I head in mock sadness, “I knew it wasn’t a good idea to be nice to people. When all they do is lie.” When I did turn around, the elevator doors were closing. He could still see my pointed claw like nails as I flexed my slightly scaled hands. “Leave me alone. Or else.” And that was the look he gave me was almost pitiful. When the elevator went down, I couldn’t help but scoff, “What a loser. I can’t believe I almost let down some of my walls.” Then I chuckled, “What an almost fatal and stupid decision. I can’t let friendship or my loneliness interfere with my goal.” After I opened my room, I ran and jumped on the bed. Today was too much. I didn’t even order food. I Just got into my hotel room and flopped on my bed. After an hour of laying in silence, I got up and put on some pajamas. My shirt was a tank top with a light blue lavender and dark peach lines. It was soft and it fit amazingly. The fabric didn’t get caught in my scales and that was a pure blessing. Because when that happens I have to rip the clothes off, and get tweezers to pick out the remaining fabric. After slipping on some matching pants, I wiggled my way under the comforter and laid on my right side. Letting out a sigh, I closed my eyes and relaxed as I felt sleep take over. I needed this. I needed to be able to sleep and not be worried for my safety. After some useless rambling thoughts, I finally fell into a dreamless sleep.

After a couple days of nothing but rest and eating, All Might hadden't showed up yet, but I wasn't worried, he was most likely doing hero work.I went into town after I put on my puppy mask. After I bought a phone and a laptop for school, I saw some nice headphones then almost bought them.With a sigh I didn't buy them. Mainly because I remembered that I don't have human ears anymore. With a grumble and muttering soft curses, I left the shop.After I walked around a little, I caught Inko's scent. “Alright. Might as well head over now."

It wasn't that late into the day, maybe around two or three when I came upon a cute apartment suite. I knocked on the door and waited for her. When she opened the door she gave me a big warm hug. "Hi! I'm glad you made it, Sweetie!" I got a new nickname? Hm. I like it.

"A new nickname, Mama Midoriya?" She giggled then squeezed me tighter. Inko led me inside then said,

"I know it’s not big, but it’s home!” I smiled as I entered the warmth of her home. And immediately I was surrounded with the nostalgic feeling of being home. I started to tear up, and Inko noticed. “Oh, honey, are you okay?” Her big green gentle eyes widened in worry, “D-do you not like it? Oh dear, I'm so sorry-”


“It’s not that.” I held in my tears and calmed down, “It’s been so long I’ve felt the atmosphere of home.” Her eyes looked at me with warmth as she waited for me to continue, 


“Do you want to tell me what happened?” I gave her a broken stare and she started to tear up, “You don’t have to.” 


“I’ll tell you.” I sighed as I told her my journey. Everything from being a homeless child who was tossed out because I looked like a freak, my parents dying in a villain attract to becoming an unofficial hero. Then I couldn’t look her in the eye when I told her about the fire, and the kid who died. She was silent before she started to sob hysterically. “U-um? Ms. Midoriya?”


“Y-you’re so brave for going through those challenges. You’re so strong for not giving up, and pushing through all of your hardship!” 


I gave her a hug then said, “It’s okay. I’ve made it through the worst. I’ll be alright. And the reason why I want to be a hero. So no one suffers like I did.” Her cries got harder and I sighed and held her closer. 


“You,” Inko sniffled as she clung into my shirt, “You have me on your side. I’ll support you!” Then she pulled away and looked at me with a heartwarming smile. “You’ve got Mama Midoriya on your side!” We started laughing together. After a bit of more talking, we began to make food. Then she asked me, “What’s your real name, honey?” I froze before relaxing, 


“My name is Meketa Nozumu.” Her eyes weren’t filled with pity at the name, 


“Your name might be ‘lost hope’ but that doesn’t mean you have lost hope!” Her smile was breathtaking, and I couldn’t help but feel warm. She gave me a hug, “You’ve given me a lot of hope. I really want you to become a hero for the people, but mostly,” She gave me another tight squeeze before letting go and kissing my forehead, “be a hero for yourself.” I gave her a hug and just stayed there for a little bit. Then we started cooking again. 

“Mom! I’m home!” I froze as I heard his voice. It was Izuku! “Today I heard that All Might was going to put out a fire and save people, but there was already someone there-” when he came into the kitchen he just looked at me then said, 


“Who are you?” Then his eyes went wide, “I-I’m sorry! That was really rude, please don’t be mad, I just was surprised and-”


“Breathe, broccoli boy.” He paused then stuttered, 


“B-broccoli b-boy?” Izuku fidgeted awkwardly, “This is the first time I’ve gotten a nickname from a girl! Let alone talk to one-” His face paled before turning bright red, “O-oh no! I...I said that out l-loud didn’t I?” He covered his face in his hands and awkwardly yelled out, “Sorry!” And he ran off to his room. Inko and I looked at each other before laughing. 


“Go talk to him, sweetie. I’ll finish dinner!” I nodded with a grin, 


“Sure.” I followed his scent to his room and grinned in excitement. I was going to be meeting the protagonist of the show. Calming myself down, I knocked on the door, only to hear a muffled ‘come in.’ “Hey broccoli boy.” He looked up with tear stained cheeks, mortified. “I don’t think you're weird for that.” I said trying to ease the tension, “It’s alright.” Trying to change the subject, I looked around his room and wow. So much All Might merch. I perked up at the idea, 


“Your room is really cool." I cringed as I tried to make convrsation, "So many All Mights!” Izuku seemed to perk up with a shy smile, 


“ like All Might?” grinning back at him I said,

“Yeah. He’s cool.”  I said with and awkward tone of awe. I wasn't very good at emoting in some situations. From then on, the conversation was really good. “I never did catch your name, broccoli boy.” Still unfamiliar with the nickname, he blushed. 


“ name is Izuku Midoriya. I-I’m fourteen. What about you?” I took a deep breath, 


“I’m Scales. I'm also fourteen.” Holding my hand up for a fist bump and he stared at me clearly confused before giving me a gentle smile and fist bumped me back. Then he paused, 


“Scales? Isn’t that the unofficial hero that was with All Might?” He started murmuring all the possibilities and chances before whipping out his phone. He typed something in then scrolled down on the web page. “It...It is you!” His eyes shined with excitement. “You got to meet All Might!” He yelled and I could already feel his fanboy mode activate. “It says in here that he grabbed you and flew away-” He squinted at the text before saying, “This reporter clearly doesn’t know about All Might’s abilities! All Might doesn’t fly, he jumps with so much speed and precision that he ends up gliding in the air.” He closed his eyes briefly before holding up his pointer finger continuing, “He also had four official superhero suits that were designed to grow with him so it doesn’t hurt him or rip his clothes.” I nodded and nodded my head slightly as I soaked up that information. Just as he was about to speak up again, Inko called out, 


“Time for dinner, you two!” 


“Okay!” We responded at the same time then he laughed. The I had an idea. I'll treat him like a friend. I racked my memory from my childhood in my universe. My smirk became competitive and Izuku looked at me very confused.


“Last one there sucks!” I impulsively yelled before running down the stairs. 


“H-hey! That’s cheating!” His voice cried out as he clumsily ran down the stairs. Izuku’s eyes widened as he tripped. “Aah!” He closed his eyes as he braced himself for the rough fall. Except, he didn’t fall. Green eyes opened in confusion before looking at me in awe. I ran back to him and wrapped my tail around his waist. “W-woah! That’s so...that’s so neat!” The pure admiration in his eyes made me look away embarrassed. My tail wiggled at the praise and he let out a small laugh. “You’re moving your tail! Does that happen when you’re happy?” My face heated up slightly at his observation. After I forced down those feelings I realized something. It was easy to be myself here. I felt the love coming from these to, and i couldn't help but let down some of my walls. I was afraid. Afraid that they would hurt me. But in order to be Izuku's protector and help him reach his goal, I needed to trust him.


“Yeah. Sometimes my ear-fins move.” I made the membrane of my ear-fins shake. He gasped and then came over after I set him down. He reached a hand out to my face and shyly asked, 


“Can...Can I feel your fins?” I nodded then said, 


"Sure.” Shy nimble fingers gently ghosted over my fins and the cartilage making me shiver a little. Izuku looked at me in question and I simply replied, “Go ahead. It feels nice.” Giving me a big smile, his hands went back to my maroon ear-fins and gently rubbed them. I was about to compliment him on his skills when we all heard a grumbling noise. Inko and Izuku looked at me confused. “I purr sometimes. What, you got a problem?” Izuk shook his hands and Inko nodded looking happy that Izuku and I had become friends. Izuku perked up at the information,


“Can you also roar?” I nodded then sweat-dropped as he started firing off questions, “How strong is your tail? Are your feet and back scaled like parts of your cheeks? Do you also have scales under your jacket?” He started bouncing in excitement, “Can I write in my hero analysis book about your quirk?” Then Inko cut in politely, 


“After dinner, Izuku. We worked very hard on it.” At this, Izuku nodded then looked at me, 


“You can cook?” stretching slightly, I yawned, 


“Sometimes. I mostly eat my food raw. But I do know how to cook.” I took a seat at the small square dining room table. Running my hand over the smooth polished cherry wood table I sighed. Inko looked at me with understanding.


“Are you missing home?” Looking at her I shrugged my shoulders, 


“Kind of? It’s like, how can you miss living in a house and having a place to call home when you haven't had one in eight or more years?” Feeling Izuku’s shock and sadness I continued on. He needed to learn my story so he could trust me, “I’m staying in a hotel now, so don’t worry. I’m not on the street right now.” They both sighed then Izuku spoke up looking at me determinedly he said, 


“This could be your home! You shouldn’t have to live alone! Not when you’re constantly helping others out and not getting anything in return. We might not have a guest room, but I can sleep on the floor in a futon or on the couch.” Izuku looked at me pleading, “I want to become a hero so people don’t have to be homeless. So that people can be safe and protected. Just like All Might.” He paused before continuing, “Just like you.” Inko and I let out a small ‘aw..” in return. “W-what? Was it something I said?” Before Izuku could freak out I replied, 


“Nothing wrong, Broccoli boy. What you said was cute and it was certainly encouraging.” With a blush he gave me a happy wholesome smile. 


“T-Thanks...” He murmured as he rubbed the back of his neck feeling very flustered. “And Mom, sorry for saying she could stay without asking you. I-I’m sorry! It was out of line and-” with a smile Inko interrupted,


“It’s alright, Izuku! I was going to say the same thing.” Than she looked at me with warmth in her forest green eyes, “Will you live with us? No pressure, I just...” She started to tear up a little, “I just would rest easy if you were here and I love the company. Izuku’s at school and I work from home so it gets kind of lonely...” She trailed off. 


“I’d be honored.” They both looked at me with genuine excitement, “It would be nice to have a home.” Inko started to cry and because of that, Izuku did too. I honestly forgot how much of a crybaby Izuku was at the start of the story.“I-It’s okay, it’s okay! No need to cry-”

“I’m just happy that you now have a home to come back to. That’s all.” They whipped their tears up in sync. It was a little funny. Izuku was so much like his mom it was adorable. “Now let’s eat!” As we dug in I slowly relaxed. I had made a new friend today and actually started the process of protecting Izuku. Than I tensed up at the thought of Toga meeting him early. There were so many ways it could go, and I couldn’t help but worry. I calmed myself down as I realized that she loved Inko. She was already attached to her, and I highly doubt that she would do anything to make Mama Midoriya upset. After we finished up, I looked at them and bowed.

“Thank you for dinner. I’ve got to get going but I'll show you my quirk later, broccoli boy-” Inko cut me off with a hug then sighed, 


“Be careful out there okay? And text me as soon as you get your phone.” I grinned at her motherly worrying, 


“Will do, Mama Midoriya. See you later, Izuku.” The broccoli boy waved back then said with a smile, 


“Be safe!” I winked at him then shut the door after that I started walking back to the apartment.

It was a peaceful walk until I paused very concerned. Blood. I smelled blood. My ears perked up as I heard boys yelling and the sound of someone groaning. On autopilot I followed the source of the smell and the sound, only to see a body on the ground being kicked by other people. 


“You’re such a freak! I feel bad for your parents. They have to deal with a deceiving useless kid like you!” The body on the ground didn’t even reply, they just let the kicks and punches hurt them. Who was that? My eyes squinted then widened as I noticed the purple hair. It was Shinsou.


“You have no friends! And if you did, you used your quirk on them. What a friendless loser!” The last boy made me mad, 


“You want to be a hero. Yeah right! As if! No one wants a person with a villain quirk to save them. And I bet if you did become a hero, no one would want you to save them-” 


“Shut the hell up, bitch!” The boys looked at me surprised than the sneered at my appearance. 


“Oh look, another freak. Let me guess, you’re going to save your little villain friend? Well to bad! We’re in the process of beating the villainy out of him!” The boys laughed with mean smirks on their faces. I bared my fangs and growled as I slowly approached them. They all backed up except for the leader who thought I was harmless. “Oh? What’s this? A lizard girl going to fight me and take me down?” he laughed. Letting out a feral roar, I ran up to him and punched him in the face. I started to kick him and when I stopped he said, “Why are you helping him out? He’s a freak with an evil quirk! He’s going to be a villain-” 


“I would become a villain too if people like you existed.” At that he spat on my face, whipping it up, I narrowed my eerie white eyes as my pink sclera darkened in rage. 


“You shouldn’t have done that, man! That’s Scales! The dragon hero!” That shut the leader up really quickly. 


“I uh...I’m sorry I-” 


“Don’t apologize to me. I don’t give a damn. You need to apologize to the body you were beating.” They looked at me with narrowed eyes. I opened my mouth showing off my jagged teeth then held up my hands showing off my white claw like nails. At that they paled then rushed to the body. 


“Sorry! We are so sorry for beating you-” 


“Even though you deserved it-” I spin kicked that guy in the head and he was out cold. They looked back at me then panicked even more, 


“Sorry! We won’t hurt you again!” I nodded in approval before saying, 


“Take that shitty friend of yours and leave. If I catch you guys hurting him or hear that you are...” I flexed my hands in irritation, “I’ll make sure that you never have the chance to do so. Even if it means using a...’Villain’ approach.” They grabbed their friend and scurried off. I headed over to the beaten body only to frown with worry. He was pretty roughed up and for sure would have bruises and cuts all over his body. The boy opened up one of his swollen eyes, the other one was so puffy and swollen it couldn’t open. A deep purple eye stared into my white ones. 


“Why...why did you save me?” I looked at him with a smile. 


“It was the right thing to do.” He scoffed in disbelief, 


“I bet you’re like everyone else, trying to deceive me-” I lifted him up gently and carried him princess style. “What-”


“I’m taking you to get help.” When he protested I interrupted, “You’re in no state to go anywhere. It’s too dangerous to your body.”

“I’m used to it. I’m used to getting bullied and beaten.” My heart dropped and I couldn’t help but hold him tighter.


“It won’t happen again.” He looked up at me in disbelief, “Because I’ll protect you.” snorting in disbelieving humor he said, 


“Why do you want to protect a freak? Aren’t you scared of my quirk? Being brainwashed and under my control?” I shook my head as I kept walking, 


“I’m not scared. The only thing I’m scared of is people like you losing hope in others and yourself because you’re different. Because other people don’t understand.” He was silent before saying, 

“Who...just who are you?” stoically I replied, 


“I'm an ally.” He sighed my reply before saying, 

"I'm Hitoshi Shinsou." I let out a small chuckle at his grouchy tone.

"Nice to meet you." There was silence after that and that was reassuring. Until I smelled salt. "Tears?" I said before looking down and when I did, i frowned.

“I...I hope so. I hope that I'm your ally. I’m so tired...of being alone.” My heart broke as tears spilled from his eyes as he slept. Holding him closer to my chest I decided. No one was going to hurt like that again. I looked down at his beaten battered form, Shinsou wasn’t going to get hurt like that again. A gloomy sigh escaped me before I mumbled, “What the hell is this? Why is everything was so out of order?.”

I ended up walking the long way, so I wasn't in the public eye. Because if I did do that, they could take one look at my tail and claws the'd call a hero and try to get me in jail. Again. It never worked though. Because I would always say the truth when they used a lie detector quirk, so they just ended up trusting me after so many false claims.

 As I took the back-roads and alleyways back to the hotel I was staying at, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being watched. I picked up a scent then turned around. “Who are you? Come out!” A slim figure stepped out of the shadows and I had to hold in a gasp. It was Shigaraki.

“Very perceptive I see...” I could almost sense the smirk behind the hand on his face and it made me growl in defense. He held up his hands in a ‘let’s stay calm’ motion then said, “You’ve just captured my interest is all.” Red eyes gleamed in joy brightly even though we were in a darker alleyway. “I like how you work. I like your skill set and your opinion on the hero society. Well there is one thing we need to fix.” He clenched his fist as he said, “We need to clean your head of the All Might propaganda filth that has taken over this world. And I would be the one to do it!” He started to laugh in crazy hysterics before continuing on with a cackle,

“I know you don’t see it now but soon...” Shigaraki started to slink back into the shadows, “Soon you’ll see how fake it all is. And how much you want to work with me.” Then he swept over my body, glaring at Shinsou who was sleeping in my arms, then said, “How much you want to be with me.” He slipped away leaving me standing in a daze, overwhelmed. What the hell have I gotten into? And why was I chosen? I sighed in irritation and stress. Then I said in a very tired tone,

“You can do this. You’ve got this.” I reapeated over and over as I tried to calm my nerves. My eyes squinted in stress. I knew I could do it, but it was so overwhelming. I looked up at the orange sky and let out a dry sob. I wasn’t crying tears, but my mind was sobbing. I was too emotionally numb to cry. As I looked at the sky again, I uttered one single word. “Help.” I got no response so I looked down at the grown. What kind of hero can’t be strong? As I walked out of the alleyway I bit my bottom lip to focus on the physical pain instead of the emotional. Then I paused in my steps then said, “There’s no time to give up. Not when there’s peoples lives at stake!” With a determined nod and suppressed depressed feelings I walked down the streets looking serious. This is it. I can’t give up now.


Not when I have a job to do.


This is our awkward child Kosuke.



And this is Mama Midoriya! Look at her! Having a nice day out in the city!


And our darling broccoli boy!