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Meketa Nozumu: The lost hope dragon that became a hero

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I walked into the hotel in a daze. It seems now that all my days are going to be stressful. Looking down Shinsou who was cradled in my arms and snuggling into me I couldn’t help but question. I knew he was made fun of for having a ‘villain’ quirk, but I had no idea that he was getting beat up. The woman at the front desk took one look at Shinsou and I then panicked, “Are you okay?” I nodded before responding, “I’m fine, however, my friend is suffering. He was jumped after school and was beaten by three other kids.” The lady behind the desk gasped in horror.

“Who...who would do such a thing?” I looked at her like she was an uneducated peasant. It was starting to get on my nerves. The amount of people in the world who only think about themselves and don’t give a fuck about anyone else.

“The type of person who is uneducated and fears the unknown.” She was momentarily speechless, but when I started heading to the elevator she snapped out of it,


“W-wait! I can grab you the first aid kit!” I looked back at her and tried to smile, but since I was very irritated with her very existence, it must have looked like a grimace, because she now seemed nervous,


“I-I’m sorry for offending you in some way-” I interrupted her and gave her a tired look,

“Just give me the first aid stuff.” She was still frozen in slight fear at my piercing stare, “Now.” I was getting irritated. It was maddening, Shigaraki being a creep, Shinsou getting his ass kicked, and killing Shippai. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a socially ignorant woman named, I looked at her name tag then narrowed my eyes. Her name was Fuyukania. Which translated to ‘obnoxious.’ I honestly agreed with her parents' name choice. It seems very accurate. Fuyukania honestly looked like a shady bitch. She put on an innocent look, but if you paid attention to her eyes and her aura, you could totally tell. She was She was still frozen in place and my white eyes flashed in pure annoyance, “Now.” I repeated and she actually listened. With a fast nod, she went in the room behind the counter then came back with the supplies in a bag.

“I put all of the stuff in there so you could carry it better. I could help you with it if you want-” I slithered my dragon tail through the loops and held it. “Oh.”

“Thanks.” Was my simple reply before heading up to my room. Out of my peripheral vision, I saw her narrow her eyes with a sly smile. I knew I needed to keep an eye on her. That shady bitch was pretending to be dumb. If she was a spy or an enemy of some sort, she probably did that so she could grasp my personality. I got in the elevator and my eyes drifted to Shinsou’s peaceful but beaten face. When the elevator stopped by my floor, I passed by Kosuke and didn’t even acknowledge him, even when he was calling my name. After I struggled with opening the door (because my arms and tail were holding stuff) I gently laid Shinsou on my bed. He was really starting to bruise. The marks on his face were almost as purple as his hair. A toothy frown marred my already dragonish features making me look more like a freak then I already was. Thank god my mask was still on. “I’ll take care of that, but first, let’s get the blood off you.” I don’t even know why I was talking aloud. Maybe I did it so I wouldn’t feel so alone. ‘Pathetic’ I thought as I removed his shirt. He was skinner then in the anime and manga. He was clearly sleep deprived, and looked like he hadn't eaten in a while.The thinness of his body was very concerning. After I went to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth, I gently wiped his face, neck and chest before I went back in the bathroom and washed the cloth. When I returned I noticed something. There was a fancy envelope resting on the nightstand. I was going to open it but when I heard Shinsou groan in pain my attention went back to him. I finished cleaning his upper half, then I looked down at his school pants. I went to tug them off, but I jerked back at the thought of seeing...y’know...the outline of his...thing... I let out a sharp cough as I tried to refocus. “Health before morals.” I chanted over and over again before tugging them down. Except I made one flaw. I put my fingers against the lower part of his abdomen and pulled his pants down. His boxers came down with them. “Oh My God!” I closed my eyes and stumbled backwards and hit the small table. That woke Shinsou up. We looked at each other for a while before he broke eye contact with me to look down at his nude body. He stared at me again,


“Is this why you took me with you?” I coughed then yelled, clearly embarrassed and agitated,


“No I didn’t! I was trying to clean your wounds and when I went to tug your pants down, your boxers came with it.” He didn’t even react very much until he stood up. “What? No!” I forced my eyes to the ceiling and refused to look down.


“Why are you shy now? I felt you staring at my body. A little shameless, don’t you think?” When I saw the slight smirk on his face I almost lost it.


“I wasn’t. You must be delusional if you think I do something so sinful.” I crossed my arms and my tail started to swish around in agitation. He took notice at my tail and said,


“Are you part dragon?” With a sneer I nodded, “Take off your face mask. I wanna see you.” With a fierce glare I snarled at him,

“As if! I fucking take care of you, and then you’re teasing me and acting like we’re friends or something-”

“But didn’t you say we were allies?” I paused then said, “My understanding is that allies only aid each other when one of them needs help.”

“Well, you’re incorrect. Allies not only protect each other, but they are also friends.” My ear-fins twitched in agitation. Sighing I mumbled,

“I did say we were allies. But I warn you now,” My eyes narrowed, “I’m not a good friend. I’m barely honest with my emotions with myself.” He nodded in understanding.

“You’ll be my first friend I guess.” My eyes widened slightly. That’s right. Everyone was so afraid of him that he had no one. Pushing away my nature to be defensive and mean I said,

“You’re not alone.” That’s all I said before continuing, “You’re still naked, Shinshou.”

“Hm...” Was his simple reply.

“Get dressed.” My eyebrow twitched at his reply,

“I like the breeze-”

“Get in the shower then!” I grabbed some clothes and pushed him into the bathroom. After I threw in the clothes I shut the door. “Just fucking shower!”

“You touched my ass y’know-”

“Shut the hell up!” I growled as I heard his soft chuckle in reply. My face relaxed a little as I remembered that I used to tease my friends the same way. But I was guarded. I needed to know he was truly my allie, no, that he was truly my friend before I even considered letting my walls down. I remember the letter I saw on the table and I went to it. I opened it up and I almost screamed. 



Greetings, (Y/N). Did you honestly think I’m not watching you? I know what your plan is to help class 1A improve, but if you follow through with your plan, you’ll mess up all of my effort I made to change this world. You’ve already made the mistake of meeting Izuku so soon. You were supposed to wait until he was enrolled at U.A. You were too hasty. And later down the line, you’ll regret your mistake. So, I would advise you to keep a close eye on Shinsou and Toga right now. They have a connection in one way and you must do everything to help them realize it and protect it. And no, it is not a romantic relationship. Don’t worry. I know Toga has taken a lighting to you and a couple other people too. Be weary of anyone with rhombus earrings. I cannot tell you why, but I can warn you. If you intermingle with them, It will be trouble for you and me. Even though I am a God, I am not untouchable. Move on with your life in this universe with a critical eye and look out for suspicious things. I’m counting on you, and so are all the people in your world and the My Hero world. Don’t mess up."

                                                                                             -Nazo no Kami.

       I stood there completely breathless as I read the letter over and over again. And Nazo no Kami? He’s the God of Mystery. Of. Fucking. Course. “It seems like even celestial beings hate me. Damn. What the hell did I do in a past life to get screwed over like this?” I didn’t get a reply, but I did hear the bathroom door open. Shinsou actually looked good in my clothes.

“Quit staring at me. It’s creepy.” I rolled my eyes at him then said cooly,

“I think you should be saying ‘thank you for helping me and lending me clothes.’ Show some gratefulness and ditch the attitude.” He raised an eyebrow at me before taking a low bow,

“My apologies my dragon mistress. How should I ever repay you-hm!” I cut him off half way by slamming my fist down on his head. “What the hell?”

“If you act like a bitch, you get hit like a bitch.” Shinsou’s purple eyes glared at me before he grumbled,

“Yeah, Yeah, I get it.” I nodded in approval but when he pulled out his phone, he read the text. He went from playful to extremely depressed. “I have to go now, Scales.” I saw the hesitance and dread on his face and I couldn’t help but be worried and curious. Than I boldly demanded,

“Give me your phone.”

“Why? So you can read my messages? What a creeper-”

“No you idiot! So I can type in my number. What the hell is wrong with you?” Shinsou shrugged and then gave his phone to me. After he got it back he changed my name from Scales, which I had put in, to Dragon Mistress.

“Oh Hell no!” Even though he was injured, Shinsou made a mad dash to the door then ran down the stairs. What a brat. I wasn’t even going to chase after him. I was too fucking tired and done with everything. Looking at his number on my phone I typed in ‘Cheeky Bastard’ as his contact name. I smirked and chuckled to myself before changing into my pajamas. I sighed as I crawled into bed. Today was a fucking day, and I couldn’t wait to go to bed. I closed my eyes and sighed before I drifted off to sleep.

Our best boy with wet hair. Just wow! Look at him!

Then we have the shady girl named Fuyukania....

                                                                                               Doesn't she look suspicious?????? 

And too bad that Scales didn't noticed the rhombus shaped earings...