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Aku Cinta Kamu

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Alec was sitting in the window seat of his Dad's  office and  he started  count athe cars drive by "ALEXANDER , WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" His  father walked in and slammed the door .

"you are supposed to be working not watching the world, got it ?"

 Alec sighed and slowly walked back to his desk and nodded, what was  wrong with taking a little break to enjoy life. Robert was always on his back since he left their mom, mostly because Alec didn't even want to be here right now.

 "yes sir , I'm on it "

 he swore that he heard his father whisper that someone called Magnus Bane was coming in , to see their business and maybe sign on.

 but Alec wasn't going to be involved  which he never was, so he would stay in his office or even take a walk for the first time in forever . He was buried into his small laptop when he heard a knock  and  He looked up and dropped what he was holding in his hand and saw a tall man with black hair and wore makeup standing in his door.

 "oh ...umm I'm not him,that's my dad he's uh next door I can take you to him?" 

He offered him but the man walked over and sat in a chair.

"no not rush, I'm Magnus btw " 

Alec nodded and stayed silent but Magnus spoke again , this man made him wonder so many things. 

"no name huh? Oh are you not allowed to speak to me?"

 He nodded and was about to speak when Robert ran in and was clearly angry, Alec Quickly Stood up and was about to speak when Magnus held up his hand.

 Magnus looked over at him but didn't stand up, he didn't know who this man thought he was but he would not allow him to speak to Alec like that.

 "no. I will only talk to your son here or I'll take my business away"

Robert sent him a glare and told him not to screw it up, Alec gulped and turned to face Magnus who had shut the door and was at the desk again.

"so am I going to know the name of the man I'm speaking too?" 

Alec thought about lying but nodded , he wanted to get to know this Magnus bane guy even if his dad got mad at him for it.


he saw Magnus walk over and sit down in a chair , but the way he sat down just made him giggle which got Magnus`s attention

"Well Alexander,lets get down to business shall we?" 

He didn't expect magnus to do that , he didn't expect his dad to agree but he mostly certainly didn't expect on Magnus Bane choosing him and changing his life for good.

but funny that is how life works and Alec was glad , but would Magnus want to stay in contact with him once this deal was done?

"Alexander Focus"

Magnus`s  voice pulled him back to the future , he smiled and sat back down in his chair once again.