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Our Filthy Little Affair

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You had grown up with these two boys, gentlemen in their own right. Both outrageously handsome... Yet the two gave off very different energy.

On one hand there was Jonathan Joestar, deep indigo hair and calming blue eyes that screamed "gentle" when you gazed at him, strong chin and cheekbones under his middle parted hair.

On the other there was Dio Brando, blonde strands framing his striking yet cruel features. Amber eyes calculating your very soul when you made eye contact. His lips were very much more prone to smirking with damnable roguish charm.

Being close to both of them you had never thought they would have an interest in you. Why, the very thought was laughable.

Someone like me? Attractive to them? Pfft what utter nonsense. They see me as a relative at most...

Immediately your heart sank after you thought that. Yes, yes it was true that you found them both to be irresistible. It was true that you favored them out of all the men you'd met. But... if it came down to it you would never be able to choose one over the other.

This specific topic had been one that you had spent hours pondering over. If in the event one of them was to court you, how would you react? How would you be satisfied?
Satisfied... often your mind would spend quite some time fantasizing about all the lecherous situations that could happen if they were to get jealous over each other. And promptly you would blush profusely and feel ashamed at your lustful daydreams. Most other women wouldn't dare to even entertain the idea, truthfully, they would be aghast and beside words if they knew what went on in your wretched brain.

You would continue to ignore and suppress these feelings, even if you had to take them to your grave. Or at least you thought you would. Nothing could have prepared you for what was to come.

It was a day like any other, the three of you walking together together after a rugby game. Dio and Jonathan were all smiles at the games, laughing and congratulating each other and the team at their astounding 17-3 win. However, out here in the school grounds, there seemed to be a rising tension between the two of them. You could feel it in your very bones as hairs would stand up on the back of your neck.

"Oh do please stop trying to dismantle each other with your eyes, you're giving me chills." You turned around on your heel abruptly, skirts swaying and causing surprise from the two tall figures. "Pardon?" Dio sighed noisily and made a point to look at you unblinking. Jonathan chose to avoid looking at you altogether.

"I dont quite know what's going in between the both of you but it's getting a little tiresome. Save the competition for the next rugby game." You softly huffed at them, hands now placed on your hips.

Dio smiled down at you and shook his head in amusement. "If you insist, darling." You stiffened. Did... did he just? Jonathan frowned at his amber eyed companion and approached you, holding out his arm for you to take. "Pay no mind to his games (y/n), he's merely cross with me for not doing as he said." He softly spoke in your ear sending delightful shivers down your vertebrae.

Why was this happening all of a sudden? Where was this attention sourced from? Surely you were fully conscious? Truly this wasn't another flattering thought?

Unhappy to be ignored, Dio strode up behind the two of you and proceeded to lay a hand on your waist, tugging you away from Jonathan. "Why if you'll excuse me I can still hear perfectly fine. Or have you forgotten that I do not possess cotton for brains, Jojo?"

Your small body was pressed up against Dio's. His large chest more than covering your back. You blushed and covered your mouth, unable to process what was transpiring. "See? Look at this she's absolutely beside herself..." Dio's words rumbled around you, his other arm holding you against his frame. He had your hips in his hands, pinning you against him. He smiled wickedly as he looked at Jonathan. You could see how his body shook with rage and... jealousy?

Dio bent down to your ear, his hot breath against your neck making your heartbeat leap into your throat. "You know... you're at a center of a brotherly conflict right now my dear. Jonathan and I have been hopelessly trying to win your favor for quite some time." His lips brushed against your skin, making you whimper.

Jonathan's eyes took a hardness to them, before he finally lost it and charged at you. He swiftly took your chin in his hand tilting it upwards and kissed you deeply. Your eyes widened in utter shock, your mouth opening allowing him to slide in his tongue. Jonathan was the perfect gentleman, wasn't he?? You moaned quietly at his intense kiss but it was just enough for him to buck his hips against yours.

There was a brief absence of Dio's presence against your body, until Jojo's kiss was forcefully disconnected from you. The two large men tousled on the ground, exchanging colorful curses and blows.

"Dio! Jonathan! Cease this childish tomfoolery at once!" Your harsh words rang clear across the courtyard, freezing them both in their tracks. Flustered breath heaved from your chest as you visibly shook, still desperately trying to process what they had done to you. "Now I don't understand why you've chosen me to fight over but I'm not some plaything for the both of you to fiddle around with." Jonathan looked guilty and Dio sulked, each intently stared at the ground.

You took in another shaking breath and paused, then a mischievous smile graced your lips. "However... I wouldn't deny either of you. So let us continue, hmm?"

Their heads shot up, mouths open as they were completely dumbfounded. You had tried your best to be seen as a proper lady in their eyes as your imagination had a way with running wild. You smiled at them coyly and turned towards the large school building next to you.

"I happen to have a key to such places if you gentlemen would be so kind as to finish what you've started..." Making a point to look each of them in the eyes you pulled the swiped key out of your bosom, their eyes widening again to look at your corset covered breasts.

"Jojo, Dio, its rude to keep a lady waiting." You turned to walk into the building, pleased to hear their footsteps following you.


Your troubled whimpers filled the empty classroom, your clothes had been roughly discarded into a pile on the floor. Dio had a hand playing with your lustful slit whilst Jonathan left soft bites along your chest.

Already your knees trembled in such need, already your body was begging for more. You moaned pitifully as Dio bit your neck roughly, teeth digging into the soft flesh. Jonathan kneeled in front of you, taking your legs and throwing them over his shoulders and he spreader apart Dio's fingers, in turn spreading open your dripping entrance.
You whimpered in shame as Dio growled in approval. Jonathan then slowly licked at your folds causing you to moan his name. You could feel him smile against your core as his tongue found your clit, vigorously flicking it. Your legs shook intensely as you held on tightly to Dio, the two of them supporting your small and quivering body.

"J-Johnathan please... I'm going to... a-aaahh~" You were cut off by Dio's passionate kisses, his tongue filling your mouth. You accepted it hungrily. Jonathan didnt take too kindly to having the attention stolen... You moaned louder and weakly placed a hand on his head as lewd noises filled the room. He absolutely devoured you, moving his tongue and lips with such fervor and lust that you couldn't fathom he was as pure as he lead the public to believe.

Your hips shook wildly as you moan into Dio's mouth. Jonathan smirked when your liquid love graced his lips. Licking it up eagerly, he planted kisses on your hips and nipped at your thighs.
Dio smiled at the both of you, waiting for Jonathan to move. When Jojo had gently let go of your body and stood, Dio saw his chance and swept you up, flipping you around and bent you over a school desk.

Completely discombobulated you could only whine in protest. He paused for a moment, looking around for something. Jonathan caught his eye and smiled when he figured it out, stepping out of your line of view and returning with a strip of fabric. They used this to tie your hands together behind you, your core once again becoming slick with terrified excitement.
Dio snickered and ran his large hands over your soft body, pausing to squeeze your ass and thighs. You whimpered again, bending over the desk more and lifting the back of your body upwards, begging for more. The blonde marveled at your contracting holes, how small and pink they were.

Without any remorse he thrust into you. It was so perfectly aimed there was no need for slow insertion, but your virgin body clamped down on him. Your pleased scream filled the classroom, Jonathan watched in awe and his trousers became more constrictive. Dio's length filled you mercilessly, his hips pounded against yours. Everything was on fire, burning, sending you into ecstacy. Your eyes rolled up as he kept hitting you just right, his impressed grunts next to your ear. He bent closer to you whilst the intense thrusting continued, his lips kissing your back, shoulders and neck. It was all you could do to not faint. "D-Dio please~ I can't... oh my god-" Your loud and desperate voice was music to his ears.
He grabbed your hips tightly and pulled them against his, your body tightened around him and you sobbed with pleasure. "Dear God... ahh... (y/n) I never took you to be this lewd of a woman." The blonde grunted shakily as you nodded your head like a doll. "I'm going to pull out, is that alright with you?" He sounded almost gentle... as gentle as a growl could be. "Y-yes..." you gasped out as you came once again, your juices covering Dio.

With as much speed as he had entered, he pulled back and panted as his enticing liquid came out of his rather large cock. You were left gasping for air and shaking on the desk, too weary to move. Jonathan eyed you from where he stood, impatiently glancing at Dio.

The blonde stared at Jonathan and smiled again, planting more kisses along your spine and down your back, sending you into further bliss. "Dio, you've had your fun. Move along." The dark haired man growled, speaking with such authority that the devilish man had no choice but to step away. He sighed annoyedly but did as he was told, exchanging spots with Jonathan.

His hands gently untied yours as he helped you stood, your exhausted frame leaning heavily into his muscular mass.

He was much more gentle than Dio, his rough hands softly caressing your curves. He took his time to explore your body, his soft lips touching your skin leaving tender marks. Your hands shook as you touched him back, wishing for more.

His hand wandered to in between your legs, your shaky thighs pressing together as a reflex. "Relax love, I'm going to be much softer with you than that brute." Jonathan's deep voice purred in your ear, causing you to melt in his hands. One hand softly played with your breast as the other worked it's way on your sensitive clit, shy gasps and moans coming from you involuntarily. Your slit became incredibly slick again, making him hum with satisfaction before he stuck a finger in.

You moaned louder and flinched, hips instinctively rutting against his hand. "Well then I take that as an invitation, yes?" He chuckled and turned you around to face him, picking you up. You became shy again and helped him to insert himself.

You tensed and grabbed at his broad shoulders as his throbbing length slowly pushed inside of you. His eyes widened at your body seemingly sucking him in, the way your small limbs wrapped around his body in absolute desperation. He smiled softly and planted a kiss on your forehead before moving you faster. You moaned once more, weakly grabbing at the hair on the nape of his neck. "Jonathaaan~ oh my god~" you gasped out his name as he slowly pulled in and out of you, his kisses meeting your lips with slow burning passion.

Your body shook as he continued to love you, everything about him gentle and methodical. Your moaning was different, less sharp than with Dio. Your voice more drawn out, Jonathan's name on your lips.

You tightened around him. He grunted and bit your neck firmly, causing you to ride the building wave of another orgasm. You clung to him for dear life as your back arched, sweat dripping off the two of you. He quickly pulled out of you, making sure to avoid his semen making contact with your skin. Panting, you smiled at his considerate motives.

You would most definitely have to do this again, they'd shown an interest in you so intense as this. "Jonathan, Dio, I love the both of you dearly. But this is going to be our small secret." The both of them nodded as they dressed themselves, following your example. The sun was setting and it was a must to be home before complete darkness brushed against the land.

You smiled to yourself dreamily when walking home with the two muscular men as company. Your lips parted and you whispered a few words to no one in particular. "This is our filthy little affair."