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5 times Alec felt accepted by others and 1 time he accepted himself

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"So Jace literally squeals like a girl and jumps behind me." Maia shakes her head, almost in tears as she listens to the oldest Lightwood retell the story of how Jace reacted when they were feeding ducks at the park. "He walked behind me until we were back at the Institute. He made Izzy take the rest of the bread and finish feeding them by herself." Maia cackles and throws her head back.

"Honestly, Lightwood, keep telling me stories like that and you'll get free drinks forever."

"Lightwood-Bane," Alec corrects, arching an eyebrow at her but smirking all the same. "And, please, keep them coming."

"Well, that is my bad, Lightwood-Bane." Maia throws her hands up in surrender and then takes his glass, going over to the beer to refill it and then quickly returning it.

"Speaking of Magnus, why couldn't he make it tonight?"

"He's at dinner with some of his friends over in California. I miss him." Alec twists his wedding band around his finger, taking another sip of his drink.

"The two of you are such a trip. When you're not making out against my pool tables, of course." Alec blushes and looks down at his drink, avoiding her gaze.

"Yeah, well I won't apologize for that. I will gladly tell more stories about Jace, though."

"Another form of acceptable payment," Maia wipes down the bar. "I got some more people wanting refills, I'll be back in a sec." Alec nods, feeling a bit tipsy from the alcohol flowing through his veins.

He pulls out his phone from his pocket, attempting to look as graceful as possible, but mumbling curses as he almost drops it.

He lazily scrolls through a few texts from Izzy telling him to have fun at the Hunters Moon and an email from Underhill sending a demon report to him.

He smiles as soon as he finds his last conversation with Magnus. Magnus asked him a couple hours ago how his night at the Hunters Moon with Jace and Clary was going. After two drinks they ditched him to go back to the Institute to make out in the library, and Alec replied with just that response.

Magnus sent a frowning emoji back and then a heart, telling him he'd be home by midnight Eastern time. Since they are having dinner in LA, that would mean Magnus would be portaling home by nine. He looks at the time and sees its close to 11.

That was the last thing he got from Magnus and that was sent two hours ago. The drinks kept flowing, and now Alec is bordering on the line of tipsy and flat out drunk.

He looks up and sees Maia talking to someone else, and he frowns. Maia told him that he was her favorite.

He clumsily types on his phone, telling Magnus he's bored without him and loves him oh so much.

"Okay I'm back," Alec hits send and then sets his phone beside him. "Demanding Seelies needing their Martinis before their hookups." Alec winces and Maia rolls her eyes.

Alec's phone buzzes and his face lights up when he sees Magnus' text. He tells him he's wrapping things up and coming back a bit early. Maia smirks at how besotted the Nephilim is for his husband.

“Gross, you’re so in love! It’s disgusting!” Maia hits Alec’s shoulder with her fist softly.

Alec tuts his teeth disapprovingly, shoving his phone to the side and rolling his eyes in his typical Lightwood fashion.

"Honestly, Alec, I wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. Not only for choosing love, but for helping the Downworlders finally get a voice. We may not say it much, since you're still a Nephilim, but we do appreciate all you do for us." Alec sheepishly smiles at the werewolf, thankfulness warming his heart at her genuine words.

"Don't you dare let that go to your head, Shadowhunter!" Maia threatens, taking his empty glass and placing it in the sink.

Alec nods and gives her a thumbs up.

"Happy Pride month, Alec. I meant to tell you earlier, but this is the first time I've seen you since the beginning of June. I'm happy you're in such a loving and loyal relationship. You deserve it."

"You deserve it, too. Thank you, Maia. For that, and the drinks." Even though he's a bit drunk, he knows Maia's words will not be easily forgotten. He feels appreciated, acknowledged, and loved.

It could've been seconds or minutes later when Magnus' arms slide around Alec's waist, a comforting presence.

Alec grins like a love sick puppy when Magnus presses his lips against Alec's temple, leaving them to rest there for a moment before sitting at the bar next to Alec.

Alec immediately leans his head against his shoulder, grateful for the solid weight of his husband holding him up.

"Hey baby," Magnus rubs his shoulder soothingly. “I went to the loft thinking you might have been home already but I was surely wrong. How was your night? Seems like the alcohol has already taken its toll on you, pretty boy."

Alec shrugs, lifting his shoulders so high he almost knocks into Magnus' face. "I just had a few, I'm not superrrrr drunk. How was dinner?"

"Very nice, glad I got to catch up with the Cali warlocks. I think it's time we get you home, huh?" Magnus stands up, wrapping an arm around Alec's waist and helping him to his feet.

Maia comes around the corner and smiles at the two of them, Alec leaning heavily on Magnus.

"Thanks for taking care of him, Maia." Magnus snaps his fingers and a fifty dollar bill appears on the table where Alec was sitting.

"My pleasure, Lightwood-Banes," Maia winks at Alec who hums approvingly. "Have a good night."

"You do the same. Come on, darling." Magnus creates a portal and keeps ahold of Alec's arm as they both step through it. Alec immediately falls on their bed, kicking his shoes off and closing his eyes.

Magnus snaps his fingers to change both Alec and himself into sweatpants. Magnus slides into bed next to Alec, and Alec throws himself over the enamored warlock.

"Hey Magnus?" Alec asks, so lucidly Magnus wonders if he really was drunk back at the bar.

"Yes, Alexander?" Magnus cards a hand through his hair, brushing some stray locks behind his ear.

"Tonight at the bar place, Maia said something really nice." A few moments pass, and when it's clear Alec has nothing else to add, Magnus says "Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah, she said that she was proud of me and what I've done for the Downworld. And she's happy that I found you because we're happy. Normally she's not so sweet and sentimental but she was tonight. It was weird, but also unexpected.”

“Just like I’ve been telling you, Alexander. You’ve given the Downworlders something they’ve wanted since the Clave was formed. It’s been a long time coming, but even though it took too long, they’re extremely happy they’re finally getting what they want. All thanks to you.” Alec flushes red from the compliments, and Magnus chuckles as Alec shoves his face further into Magnus’ neck.

“Maia is so cool, Magnus. She gave me free drinks all night long and all I had to do was tell an embarrassing story about Jace.” Alec murmurs, sighing and relaxing in Magnus’ arms.

“That’s great, darling. Why don’t you go to sleep and tell me in the morning, okay?” Alec hums and shuts his eyes, making a mental note even while drunk to text Maia a heartfelt thank you the next morning.