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The Babysitter

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"Honey, your mother and I are going away for a little while and you're not to leave the house." Your father spoke with worry. Why? It wasn't like you'd never been on your own before.

"Okay cool, I've got no problems hanging by myself." You answered back nonchalantly as you scrolled through your phone. You took a large sip from your soda as you kept your eyes glued to the screen.

Your mother took a turn to speak, "No dear, what your father means is we won't be back for a month or so. So we've decided to hire a... well a babysitter."

You choked on your drink, causing some of it to spew out of your mouth. "A what!? Mom, are you kidding me!? I'm 18 now, I shouldn't need somebody to look after me when I can do it myself! And for an entire month!? You've gotta be joking... right?" You nervously laughed at the end, wiping soda from your mouth. Your eyes searched the faces of your parents only to be met with serious expressions.

Your smile fell as you groaned and flopped onto the couch in despair. "I can't believe you two would even think something like this is necessary... Well you better get going since your flight leaves soon." Pensively you looked at your phone again, your mood immediately fouled. You father ruffled your hair affectionately as he exited the front door, your mother planting a kiss on your head as she followed him. "We'll see you later dear, we love you." She smiled as she closed the door.

You listened closely and heard a cab roll up to take them away. Fuck, you thought. Anger built inside you and more expletives formed in your thoughts. Fucking bullshit... this was absolute fucking garbage. "Argh what the FUCK!?" You screamed and punched at the wall, immediately regretting it as pain shot into your hand. "Ow! Goddamnit-" you shook your hand and hissed in pain, clutching it to your chest.
Soon there was a knock on the door. It must be the "babysitter." Your nose crinkled in disgust.

Another knock sounded, you rolled your eyes and muttered another few choice words before opening the door. Much to your surprise there stood a well built man in a strange dalmatian-esque suit with curious zippers on it. He had ebony hair shaped in a sharp bob that framed his even sharper features, deep blue eyes piercing into your own. Well shit, you didn't think he'd be hot.

"Hello, I'm Bruno Bucciarati. I'm here for the task of being the care taker to (y/n)?" Internally you screamed at how gorgeous his voice sounded, but you maintained a strong poker face as you leaned against the doorframe.

"Yup, that's me. Did they pay you in cash or card?" You chewed at your bottom lip flusteredly, thoughts swirling at what on earth your parents were thinking.

The dark-haired man blinked a few times, his professional expression changing to a perplexed one. "Oh... oh I see. You're much older than I thought-" He tilted his head to the side, looking down at you and examining your face.

Again you internally panicked at his beauty. He was a lot younger than you thought... he could have easily been in his early twenties. "Well uh... right. Do you want to come in?" You nudged the door open with your foot and pushed off of the doorframe with catlike smoothness, leaving him to step inside. You couldn't care less about him... or at least you were trying not to.

"What happened to your hand?" His low voice surprised you and you turned around quickly, noticeably still clutching it to your chest.
"O-oh haha nothing~ It's fine, see?" You nervously laughed and launched your hand away from your body, the fake smile plastered to your face as you painfully flexed your grip. A bead of sweat gathered and ran down your face. He approached you slowly, leaning in closer. Your eyes widened at his closeness and you leaned away, backing towards a wall. He raised an eyebrow as you sweat more when your back met the wall with a small thump. He brought his face closer to yours and he hummed, taking in your panicked expression.
Astoundingly, he licked your cheek. He licked you. "W-what in the...?"

"You taste like a liar." He softly breathed against your ear which sent excited shivers down your spine. You grimaced and turned your head away, hunching your shoulders as you turned into a red faced disaster. He backed out of your personal space and took your hand, carefully examining it. Miraculously he had bandages and ointment in his hands as he wrapped your wounded appendage. It was quick work, but soon when he finished he met your eyes again. This beautiful stranger took your hand and brought it up to his lips, leaving a soft kiss against your injured knuckles. Your heart pounded in embarrassment and you swallowed loudly.

"U-uh th-thank you... sir... Mr. Bucciarati... I uhhh I need to go do something that's upstairs, yeah heh uhm b... bye-bye." Your words tumbled and ran over each other, barely squeaking out of your mouth as you dashed up to your room.

Once you had reached your sanctuary you shut the door. You divebombed into your bed with an exasperated sigh and threw your hands over your face. "What the fuck was THAT (y/n)!? Oh my god... I'm a complete mess aren't I?" Your groaned noisily and dug your fingertips into your hair, forcing yourself to breathe calmly.

"Alright, I'm just gonna take a... a small nap." You relaxed and sprawled out on your bed as warm sunlight filtered through your window. You turned onto your stomach and softly hugged a pillow, smiling at the thought of your extremely handsome caretaker. You closed your eyes restfully and thought; Maybe this won't be so bad...


You sniffed the air subconsciously, pleasant smells meeting your efforts. Slowly you came out of your sleepy daze. Your eyes opened with trouble as you squinted out your window.
It was already dark.
"God... what time is it?"

Yawning noisily, you stretched out your heavy limbs and pushed off the large bed. You shuffled around your room for a minute to gain your bearings. A flash in your full length mirror caught your eye, you flicked your attention over to it and squinted in confusion. Why were you dressed in sleeping shorts and a big hoodie? You could've sworn you fell asleep in jeans and a tanktop...

"Pff, whatever."

You climbed down the stairs slowly, still rubbing the sleep from your eyes. "Hey that smells really good, whatcha makin?" Your groggy voice carried into the kitchen.

"I'm glad it appeals to you, I've made Chicken and noodles with Alfredo sauce." A deep voice answered you. You froze mid-step as you turned the corner, reality coming back to hit you like a truck. Sure as shit he was standing there with his beautiful raven hair tied back in a low ponytail, one of your mother's aprons barely fitting his muscled figure.

"Here, come taste some." He smiled at you and held out a spoon covered in alfredo sauce with a piece of chicken sitting in it. You blushed and crept closer, suddenly very aware of your disheveled state.

He held out the spoon and you reached to grab it. He drew back his hand and frowned at you, his voice soft yet firm. "No. Open your mouth."
Your pulse raced as you imagined another scenario, leaning in closer to the spoon. You soon had it in your mouth, registering the delicious tidbit of food he had prepared. Your eyes lit up and you seemed to sparkle as you motioned for more. Bucciarati smirked at you and filled a bowl, taking the spoon out of your mouth and washing it.

Quietly the two of you ate together, his good food and warm presence made you feel greatly comforted. You caught him staring at you when he had finished his meal, and you raised an eyebrow, fork loaded in mid-bite timing.

"What?" You had asked as you lowered your fork.

"You're really cute when you do that." He maintained eye contact and tilted his head, dark hair falling and framing his chiseled cheekbones and jaw.

You nearly choked in surprise and looked at him. "I- what? Do you happen to need glasses?"

He scoffed at your comment and took away your now empty plate. "Don't believe me, huh?"

You squinched your nose at him pointedly. "No, no I don't. You've gotta be blind Mr. Bucciarati."

He wrinkled his nose at such a formal title. "Don't call me that, it sounds weird. You're not that much younger than me anyways." He waved off your insult and cleaned the dishes. You felt bad that he was doing all the chores so you walked over to help him.

"(Y/n), what exactly do you think you're doing?" His sudden drop in tone made you freeze. Jesus he voice was so hot when he did that. "I'm doing the dishes, the hell do you mean?"

He squinted at you and crossed his arms, like how a displeased parent would. "Don't take that tone with me, agnellino." You tensed at his rumbling voice, you couldn't help but blush as you stared into his captivating eyes. Promptly you had a comeback. "Oh yeah? What're you gonna do about it, spank me?"

Your eyes widened as realization washed over you. Holy shit, holy fucking shit this is it, this is where I die. Bruno simply looked you up and down before struggling to not bite his lip.

The growing sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife, before neither of you could take it anymore. He had you backed against a wall in a breathless mess as he attacked your neck with kisses.

You clawed at his back, his suit slipping through your fingers. He growled and bit your neck, earning a sharp moan from you. "Did you like that? Hmm?" He growled against your skin and bit down again, moving to your shoulder. Shakily you drew in a breath, head swimming with hormones.

"Bruno... ah- fuck."

He had moved his hand down to in between your legs, gently rubbing your needy slit through the thin shorts and panties your wore. He left a few more marks on your exposed skin before pulling off your hoodie. You blushed again as you discovered you had nothing on under it.

Without hesitation he trailed his lips down your chest, graciously biting and marking your breasts. Carefully he removed your shorts and tossed them to the side. You moaned loudly as he licked over your hardening buds, quickly moving to bite down your side and to your hip.
"How bad do you want this?" He looked up at you with impatience, the exposed portion of his chest rising rapidly. "Very bad sir..." your voice was merely a whisper as you covered your face. He smiled and used his teeth to drag at your panty line, canines grazing over your soft skin.

He bit your inner thigh, causing you to squeak. "O-oh my God... please-" He cut you off as he licked your now exposed pussy, lapping at your swollen sex like a starved man.

He lifted you legs over his shoulders as he knelt, your back and hands pressed against the wall for support. He drew circles around your sensitive clit with his skillful tongue, causing you to whimper, gasp and beg for release. "Aaahhh daddy please make me cum~" Without thinking you moaned and shuddered as you drew nearer to an orgasm. Suddenly he stopped and pulled away from your dripping folds and looked at you, face flushed but a triumphant smirk ever present on his face. "What was that bambina? Say it again, louder." Your face turned a vivid shade of red as you stammered for a proper reply. Bruno wasn't helping in any way as he left love bites and hickeys on your hips, stomach and thighs.

"I... I- ngh. Daddy... please make me cum." You bit your lip in submission, legs quivering with anticipation. "What a good girl you are." He whispered against your needy entrance before licking it one last time.

Without trouble he hand slung your over his shoulder and carried upstairs to your room, tossing you onto your queen sized bed. You watched enraptured as he began to strip, the pale moonlight dancing over his chiseled undressed form. Your eyes traced the lines of his tattoo, it spread down to his deep v-lines and disappeared underneath his boxers.

He ran his hands over your now bruised body, courtesy of him, and he smiled, rubbing your clit again. He enjoyed watching you writhe beneath him in utter pleasure. Your intense whimpering and jumbled incoherent words fought for a place in your throat.

"What do we say when we want something, neonata?" His breath tickled against the side of your neck with the least number of bruises. "Please daddy, I really really need to be fucked like a whore right now..." Your voice quivered in desperation for him to fill you.

"There you go, you've really done it now." He kissed your collarbone as he discarded his boxers, his full length springing free. Without warning he inserted your pulsating hole, causing a sharp yelp of surprise. "Fff- Bruno! Ahh... oh fuck~" You clung to his back as he rolled his hips against yours, pushing in his full length and nearly taking it back out again.

His lips met yours in a burning passion as his thrusts became faster, harder. Moaning into his mouth, you scratched at his broad back in blind pleasure. Your breathing at this point was sporadic. "Daddy, daddy I'm gonna cum! Oh my fucking god I'm gonna- hhhaaa~" You screamed out as he pounded into you, he relished the way your eyes rolled into the back of your pretty little head.

He sensed your walls clenching and he groaned, his once constant thrusting stuttered as he neared his climax. "Dio Mio! Just a little longer amore." He struggled to keep composure as your body reached a new high.

You moaned out again, your voice could probably be heard from the street. Your bodies shone with a thin sheen of sweat and he grunted into the crook of your neck. "You're on birth control yea?"
You nodded loosely, your senses were going dull as wave after wave of intense euphoria flooded over you. He growled again and released inside of you, earning a choked whimper.

He pulled out of you, his seed dripping out of your absolutely spent cunt. Bruno flopped on the bed next to you and kissed your forehead. "You did so well for me, princessa." He met your gasping lips with another kiss as the two of you laid there in the growing dark.

Slowly the two of you drifted off to sleep from exhaustion, your breathing synchronizing with his. You smiled and turned to bury your face in his neck, his dark hair tickling your face. What a hot "babysitter."