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Jaskier: The Bleeding Heart of Kaer Morhen

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"If destiny could grant me one blessing it would be to take you off my hands!" Geralt screams echoed though Jaskier's mind as he walked down the mountain side. He knew what Geralt had said wasn't true or fair but it still stung. After spending so long together Jaskier felt like he should mean more After reaching the bottom of the mountain Jaskier realized he only had his lute with him, which is not ideal. He will just have to find a tavern to sing in. He had been walking for hours the sun had set already and Jaskier knew he needed to get off the road, He was lucky to stumble acrossed a small village that had one tavern that hopefully had rooms for rent. Jaskier walked up to the bar. "Are there any rooms available to rent out for the next week?" Jaskier asked hopping to build up some coin before he heads back to Oxenford. "Yea, I have a double room available, I'll rent a bed and half the room to you." The barkeep informed. Jaskier knew he couldn't really get any better and he honestly could barly afford this half room for the week. "Need a bard?" Jaskier asked after tossing down some coins to pay for his room, ale and a meal. "No, what we need is a damn Witcher! We've had a skeleton creature, feasting on our live stock and our people for weeks." the barkeep shouted. Jaskier rolled his eyes and tucked into his porridge and ale, as if Destiny was laughing directly at Jaskier's pain, a Witcher with broad shoulders, brown hair shaved down, with those same amber eyes that has been haunting Jaskier's dreams. As this new witcher stalked through the tavern Jaskier was curious, how many Witchers are there, do they all have those same enchanting eyes, and is his pain funny to fate. Finally this man reached the bar, putting down a paper that Jaskier had seen many times over the last couple of years. "Give me an ale, whatever your serving and some information on this creature of yours" A deep gravely voice said, the sound sending a shiver though Jaskier. He was trying to remain uninterested as this witcher and the barkeep talked about the specifics of this creature, from Jaskier's limited knowledge it seemed like a ghoul, which for a witcher should be easy. All of Jaskier's being wanted to talk with this guy and maybe get better information out of him. Unfortunelty during this time Jaskier was staring directly at the man,"Is there a problem?" The witcher asked, Jaskier shaken from his daydreaming ended up opening his mouth when he was hoping to keep it shut, "That seems like a ghoul right, I was traveling with another witcher and picked up small bits, when he was willing to talk." After stopping his explanation to breath the witcher started to laugh,"You're the bard that followed Geralt around, arn't you." Jaskier nodded his head and looked down hoping not to be made fun of to much. Jaskier felt a finger under his chin," Names Lambert, I like company on the road as long as it's helpful, can you stitch skin and cloths?" Lambert asked. Jaskier damn near jumped off his chair in the hopes of being on the road with a witcher by his side, "yes I can stitch, and I don't mind walking for long periods of time as long as you don't mind chatter." Lambert just shook his head "Be ready by dawn to go hunting." Lambert wanted Jaskier with him hunting, actually with him. This was the beginning of moving on from Geralt and being pushed down to who he isn't. The world seemed to brighten.