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The goddess and the final year

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A miracle had happened in the Wizarding World. Against all odds and expectations of literally everyone, Frank and Alice Longbottom had suddenly been cured! Neville and his grandmother were absolutely overjoyed and the former didn't hesitate to introduce Hannah to his parents. Frank and Alice were sad to have missed so much of their son's life, but they were glad to be part of it now. 

Harry, Helena and Severus were some of the first to see them after they woke up as Alice and Lily had been best friends during school, the former being Helena's godmother after all. "You know, it's strange. Just before we woke up, I could've sworn they I saw a talking lion in my dreams. Isn't that odd?" Alice asked, not noticing the glances Severus and Neville immediately shot the twins at hearing this. Harry subtly pointed to a rather smug Helena. "Thank you." Neville mouthed to her and she gave him a wink in return.

About three weeks for school began again, Helena took a deep breath. "I think I'm ready to go to Asgard." She told her father and brother. Both looked at her in surprise, before they saw her determination and nodded in understanding. "How do we get there?" Harry asked. "First, we need to go to Liesmith castle. Ancient wards will prevent muggles noticing the Bifrost picking us up." Helena said and they nodded again. 

The next day, they informed Sirius and Remus, Helena inviting them as she wanted to do this with the five of them. Lucius had voted for them for the second-to-last time as they would officially take their seats after school. Both men were immediately in, excited to meet Helena's other family and her father Loki in particular. Helena reminded them to put on their best clothing to make a good impression 

The day after they all landed inthe garden of the castle in formal robes and a dress. Helena had found a green and gold dress that showed that she was a child of Loki. Colours were very important in Asgard. After putting their familiars in Harry's bag, Helena motioned for them to stand in a big circle and hold each other's hands tightly. "Remember: do not let go, or you will be lost in space." She said and they nodded. "Heimdall, open the Bifrost!" She called to the sky. A rainbow coloured beam shot down from the sky. When it disappeared, they were gone.

They landed on a golden floor, Sirius over balancing from the pull and falling down. "Are you okay?" Helena asked with a small laugh. "I'm fine, pup. Don't worry." Sirius muttered. "It was just his pride that broke." Remus commented, making the man glare at him. Helena chuckled, before looking at the tall man watching them and bowing. "Lord Heimdall." She greeted and he nodded back. "Welcome back, princess Hela." He said.

She smiled at hearing him use her other name. "The Allfather has already been notified of your arrival. They are expecting you in the throne room." He said, motioning to a group of horses waiting for them. Helena bowed again, before leading her family to the horses. She frowned at seeing that they were missing a horse and turned back to Heimdall. Seeing him smirk, she rolled her eyes. 

Opening Harry's bag, she let Aurora fly out and enlarged her, climbing on her bare back. As she was the only one with riding history and she didn't have a saddle, they rode very calmly over the Bifrost. "You actually ride and walk over this bridge? It doesn't even have railings." Remus said, looking down into space. Helena shrugged from where she was taking the lead. "You honestly get used to it after a while. Every child learns not to get too close to the edge." She said calmly. Remus sent her a doubtful look as they rode on.

After at least half-an-hour, they reached the edge of the city and were immediately stared at. People came to look at what had to be humans on horses, but the biggest eye-catcher was the woman with black hair on a fully golden Pegasus. Whispers of her being one of the Valkyries were created, before people noticed her dress. "It's princess Hela." "The Goddess of Death has returned." Were some of the whispers Severus heard. 

Helena looked straight ahead at first, before a child crossed the street and fell down right in front of her. She immediately stopped Aurora and jumped off her back. "Are you okay?" She asked as she kneeled in front of the poor girl and helped her stand back up. "I'm alright. Thank you, your Highness." She said with a shy smile and Helena smiled back, before conjuring up a flower and putting it behind the girl's ear. 

"There you go. Now, off to your parents. Go, go, go." She said, gently nudging the girl back to her parents, who were waiting for her. New whispers were heard. The old princess Hela wouldn't have bothered with a girl falling in front of her. She had changed. Jumping back on Aurora's back, they continued on. "Why does the palace look like a giant pipe organ?" Harry asked as they got closer. "Thank you! I knew it reminded me of something!" Sirius said to try and diffuse the tension that was slowly growing.

Finally arriving, several servants went to take their horses, but Aurora refused to be taken away from her witch and with a simple spell, she was small again and the group of five walked in. "Remember the rules when we walk in?" Helena asked as a servant led them to the throne room. "Walk to the stairs, put a fist over your heart and kneel with your head lowered. Don't look up until addressed" Harry recited dutifully

Helena had told them this several times in the past few days. "Don't hesitate. If you're more than a second later, it will be seen as a sign of disrespect." Helena said and they nodded, before they arrived at the doors to the throne room. "Remember: humans are seen as weak in the eyes of the Æsir, so we will have to prove them wrong, but that does not mean to pick a fight with everyone." Helena said, glancing at them as the doors opened. 

As Helena had already expected, the room was rather full with many nobles standing behind soldiers on either side of the room, creating a clear path to the throne. Helena and her family walked forwards towards the throne, where a group of eight was waiting for them. On the throne was Odin Borson, Helena's adoptive grandfather, king of Asgard and Allfather of the Nine Realms. Standing right next to him was his wife Queen Frigga. On one side of the stairs stood a big man with blond hair and holding a large hammer

A woman with with straight black hair was standing at his side. They were the crown prince Thor and his wife and soulmate Sif, Helena's aunt and uncle. On the other side of the stairs was a man with black hair and a horned helmet. At his side was a tall woman with light brown hair. Two little boys stood on the stairs below the woman. They were Helena's other father Loki, her stepmother Sigyn and her half-brothers Vali and Narfi.

Frost giants didn't get their soulmark until much later than the Æsir, leaving Loki to think that he didn't have a soulmate and he went to Helena's former mother for "comfort." It was one very awkward conversation when he did get his soulmark and Odin had to explain why it took so long. Helena only knew of this, because Loki had stayed with her in Helheim for a century when he was told, until she finally forced him to go back. 

Standing still at the bottom of the stairs, Helena curled her right hand into a fist and put it over her heart, before kneeling down and lowering her head in respect. Soft sounds behind her told her that her family did the same. "Greetings, Allfather." She said. "Greetings princess Hela or Helena Snape as is your name now. It is good to have you back in Asgard." Odin replied calmly, no emotion in his voice as was expected. Helena looked up at getting addressed. "It is good to be back, Allfather." She said Odin turned to Severus.

"Welcome, Severus Snape. We thank you for taking care of her." He said  Severus looked up and thanked him in return. The king greeted Harry, Sirius and Remus, before motioning for them to rise. They stood up, signalling the end of the formal bit as the nobles were led out. Frigga rushed down and pulled her granddaughter into a hug. "It is so good to have you back, little one." She whispered

Helena smiled as she hugged the woman back. Thor was next as he wrapped his niece into a bear hug, making her laugh at first, before wincing. "Uncle Thor, I have the body of a human now." She hissed and her uncle quickly put her down as he realised his mistake. "Are you alright?" He asked and Helena gave him a thumbs-up, even as she rubbed her side. "Honestly Thor. You can be so careless at times." Sif scolded her husband as she carefully hugged her niece. 

In the meantime, Frigga had gone to greet Harry, Severus, Sirius and Remus. "We really want to thank you for being there for her and accepting her for who she was." She said. "It was our pleasure, Your Majesty." Harry replied with a bow and Frigga smiled at him, before they all looked up at hearing Helena yelp and saw her getting tackled by her brothers, Aurora flying in the air. not that she cared if her laughter was anything to go by. "Careful, you two! I'm fragile." Helena joked with a loud laugh as she held each brother in one arm.

"We missed you, Hela." Vali said and she chuckled. "I missed you both too, even if I have a different brother now." She said, looking up at a smirking Harry. This distracted the two and they quickly went to interrogate Harry. A pale hand appeared in Helena's vision and she grabbed it. The owner of the hand pulled her up and into a hug. "Hello, my little goddess." Loki whispered softly, holding his daughter tightly and stroking her hair. 

"Hello father." She greeted back, burying her face in his chest and taking a deep breath. She had really missed him, even when she had her dad. After a few minutes, they pulled back and Helena introduced him to her other family. They bowed to him in respect. On his throne, Odin watched the mishmash group slowly start to interact, a tiny smile barely visible on his face. After many years, Hela was back home