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The Darkside of Scarlet Eyes

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Scarlet eyes.... That was the last thing the mafia boss saw before he went limp in the Kurta's grasp. Kurapika smiled and wrenched his knife out of the body, blood dripped out and pooled onto the floor. He let the body drop on the floor with a thump . Stepping away to circled around the dark, mahogany desk his eyes scanned the contents and settled on a pair of stolen eyes. Quickly grabbed them and secured it in his messenger bag, quietly he exited the room, shut the door and walked down the poorly lit hallway returning his eyes back to brown. 

"Well well well, what do we have here?" 

A smooth silky voice cut through the silence. Kurapika spun around his arms, already drawn in a defensive position. He froze when he caught sight of...

Chrollo Lucilfer 

"Hey! Hey! Boss is dead!"

A voice shouted from the door he just came from. Chrollo raised an eyebrow, looking at Kurapika with interest. 

"Did you do that?" 

Kurapika cursed a rather colorful string of words.

"I don't have time for this-" 

"Hey! You! Stop right there!" 

Suddenly before Chrollo could even turn around to even take a look at the other man a knife was thrown and embedded into his heart, Chrollo looked at Kurapika surprised quickly turning into confusion as the Kurta seemed to ignore the Troupe Leader's presence. Kurapika moved forward but was quickly caught by Lucilfer. 

"What is going on?"

He urged. The blonde turned around with a glare.

"Nothing you need to know," Kurapika growled. "Now unhand me! Or I'll kill you!"

Loud footsteps were heard cutting off their conversation quite efficiently. 


Kurapika quickly escapes from Lucilfer's grasp, picks up his knife from the now dead body and swiftly jumps over the desk and gracefully escapes through an open window. Chrollo on his heels following silently until both of them hit the ground. The Kurta looked at the man darkly. Gripping his knives tightly weighing his options, and thinking of a way to shake the older man that he now wanted nothing to do with. 

"Where are your chains?"

Chrollo questions, he was surprised to see to the Kurta here, and him killing people without batting an eye was... new. 

"Where is your aura?" The blonde questioned back. "By my knowledge you got your nen back a while ago and why haven't you tried to kill me by now?"

Chrollo hid his surprise, but it was a question he did ask himself... why hasn't he killed the chain-user? Perhaps it was because his nen had seemed to disappear a few weeks ago and he wanted to know why. He sat back on his heels as Kurapika watched him carefully, knives still drawn rather threateningly. Another crash was heard above. 

"What are you doing here?" Chrollo tried again.

"I could ask the same from you!" The Kurta shot back. "And where is your nen!?" 

Another crash was heard in the building they just escaped from but was closer down. Chrollo quickly wrapped his hands around the blonde's waist earning a quiet yelp from the blonde as his back pressed against Lucilfer's chest, who's own back was pressed against the wall, covering the Kurtas mouth with one hand. He regulated his breathing and hoped Kurapika wouldn't kill him right then and there. Footsteps crunched into the ground in front of them two men spoke out in the night

"So he was found dead?"

"Yeah stabbed to death apparently."

"Was anything stolen?"

"A pair of Scarlet Eyes..."

Kurapika's breath hitched, Chrollo looked down to find the Kurta's eyes flashing red for a moment before settling back to brown.

"Ah I should have guessed he must still be looking for all of them"  Chrollo thought.

As the voices faded away Chrollo pulled away, still keeping a firm grasp on the Kurta's waist, until the blonde stomps on his foot, snapped the older man's head back and elbowed him in the nose. Lucilfer let out a gasp of pain. His vision momentarily blurred when he came back to his senses Kurapika had already ran away. Lucilfer cursed he started to follow him but thought better of it since he was unarmed and nen-less .

Lucilfer needed answers; he was just as confused about his nen as the Kurta was. Chrollo decided it was no use going after the blonde knowing he was probably going to kill him. The only thing stopping him last time was his friends and they're nowhere to be seen. 

I wonder if we'll meet again Kurta 

Kurapika entered the building in a dark blue suit, a delicate gold masquerade mask adored his fenimin face. The party would last sometime, the Kurta reasoned it would be easier for him to just sneak in disguise instead of trying a window like last time. He entered the lobby with no problem and continuing to the second floor he walked quietly. His hands drifted towards his knives strapped under his waistband. He heard a cheer downstairs 

Ah I forgot about the party hopefully I won’t have to join in 

The blonde thought as he entered an office hoping to find the eyes quickly and leave the party. He searched around the office opening drawers and looking through closets. Kurapika sighed he hoped his source wasn't wrong as he didn't seem to find this random rich man a beholder of his precious eyes.The Kurta exited the room and continued his hunt around the house. 

Kurapika went downstairs thinking about joining the party; perhaps he could extract some information about his eyes. He quietly entered the room and made his way to a table, soft music played in the background. Aristocrats in fancy clothing scattered around tables dancing, talking and eating. 

“Hello, Where are you from? I've never seen you before...”

A voice was heard besides Kurapika. He turned to see a girl with short, layered black hair and black-framed glasses. The Kurta recognized her immediately as Shizuku Murasaki, member 8 of the Phantom Troupe. 

“I could say the same for you, Miss?”

Kurapika managed to responded evenly, 

Was the rest of the Phantom Troupe here? Is Lucilfer here!?

The blonde thought with a hint of panic. What would he do now? If the Phantom Troupe finds him here they would kill him for sure. All of a sudden a man with a black hair and a red mask appeared in front of him. He extended a gloved hand towards Kurapika. 

“May I have a word?”

His smooth voice spoke. The Kurta recognized him immediately. Lucilfer! The blonde swallowed, he couldn't turn the older man down in such a public setting. He decided he should play along and get out of there as soon as possible. 

“Of course” 

Kurapika mumbled, taking Chrollo’s hand noting the surprised look on the other man's face and stood up to follow him outside the party. As soon as they both exited the room, Kurapika was slammed into the nearest room against the door which happened to be a bedroom. Chrollo had a knife up to the Kurta's throat. 

"Don't move and we won't have a problem…"

Cold metal pressed against Lucilfer's own throat. 

"You won't kill me," Kurapika mocked his hand enclosed over a silver knife at Chrollo's neck. "You still need answers."

The older man scoffed, "What makes you think there is a reason that I won't kill you chain-bastard?" 

The Kurta raised an eyebrow, "Is there not one?" 

"You killed Uvogin and Pakunoda, revenge is very compelling. But you would know all about that wouldn't you?" 

Kurapika's eyes flashed red for a moment but settled back to brown as he contemplated the other man's words. 

"If that was your real motive you would have killed me multiple times by now…" 

Chrollo sighed “Alright I do need answers so if we could I would much rather have a conversation without-”

“Hey! Who's in there!?”

Without warning a voice was heard outside. Kurapika looked up and sighed. 

“I’m guessing we're not supposed to be in here?”

Chrollo smirked, leaning down next to the blonde ear feeling a slight prick at his neck as the Kurta tensed at the proximity. 

“Until next time”

He breathed into him. Kurapika suppressed a shiver and glared at him. 

“There won't be one”