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Maybe we should rethink this...

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2:21 AM


Midoriya Izuku: A class chat??? 


Midoriya Izuku: Well since no one is awake...


A actuMidoriya Izuku changed their name to "The Plain Green One"


The Plain Green One: hope you guys enjoy it!



7:36 AM


Pika Pika: hey Midoriya...


The Plain Green One: hm? 


A actual bomb: what the actual fuck?!?


The Plain Green One: Had to do something during Middle and Elementary, Kacchan. In a way you brought this upon yourself. 


A actual bomb: Fuck. 


Gotta go FAST: BAKUGOU such language is unbefitting of a future hero. And Midoriya, though I will not question in your taste from respect as your friend. I shall request you not to be up at such late hours; we need all the sleep we can get. 


A actual bomb: Fuck off.


The Plain Green One: ...I won't post here if it disturbs your sleep schedule Iida! Thank you for making me aware that it might've woke you or someone else.


Elpheba: Midoriya! You're on! So we only need Tokoyami, Shouji, Todoroki, Hagakure, Ojiro, and Jiro to show up and everyone will be accounted for!

Gotta go FAST: Seems you've forgotten one classmate Uraraka. 


Elpheba: no I didn't 


Gotta go FAST: what about Mineta?


Pika Pika: I didn't know Iida had in him to swear.


Alien Queen: I know right and ohnohesummonedhim. 


Mineta Minoru: Hello ladies ;D.


Gotta go FAST: MINETA, it's rude to only greet half the class. 


Scotch: He swore again! 


Mineta Minoru: Fine, okay hi guys; I guess. 


The Plain Green One: HI!


A literal rock: Hey dudes, me and my bro -Sero- are wondering if anyone wants to the arcade with us Saturday?


Pika Pika: sign the frick up


Gotta go FAST: What a great class bonding exercise; it's sure to bring us all together! 


A literal rock: Okay so just say yay or nay if you're going or not. 


Pika Pika: YAY


Scotch: Yay


Alien Queen: YAY


Aoyama Yuuga: Moi will be coming; so I believe yay


Alien Queen: Hey Aoyama can you my nails and change you name? 


Aoyama Yuuga: Oui to both. 


Aoyama Yuuga changed their name to "ABBA"


Mineta Minuro: I'll be coming ;) 


A literal bomb: stfu nasty grape bitch, can't you see that NONE of them are fucking interested in you? 


Gotta go FAST: Bakugou watch your language and be kinder towards your fellow classmates.


The Plain Green One: No Iida, Kacchan's right. It's EXTREMELY rude to keep pressing when the other party has made it clear that they are not interested. ESPECIALLY since all of them are dating other people. So Mineta may you please leave the girls alone; they already made it clear they don't want your romantic or sexual relation and attention. I have a hard time watching my friends looking like they want to vomit everytime you send your perverted texts. Your lucky the girls have enough heart to not report you to Aizawa-sensei or another part of school faculty for sexual assault and harassment. What you're doing is a crime, and as a friend of both sides of the party and a future hero will have to request that you STOP. 


Mineta Minuro: Well I'm still coming. 


The Plain Green One: That's fine, but please keep your hands to yourself. And yeah I'm joining the group. Playing arcade games sounds fun! \^.^/


Todoroki Shotuo: I'm coming. 


Elpheba: D-do you even know what an arcade is?


Todoroki Shouto: No, but I'll figure that out. 


The Plain Green One: Oh! Hi Todoroki-kun!!!! 


Todoroki Shouto: Hi.


The Plain Green One: Is it okay is I change your screen name?


Todoroki Shouto: Yes. 


The Plain Green One changed "Todoroki Shouto" 's name to "Freezerburn"


Freezerburn: Thank you, Midoriya.


The Plain Green One: Your welcome!!!


Elpheba: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


The Plain Green One: No, not yet.


Elpheba: So you admit it. 


The Plain Green One: mayhaps, but I don't know if the opposite is true yet.


Elpheba: chicken.jpg


Freezerburn: Why did Uraraka send a picture of a chicken?


The Plain Green One: No reason at all, I have no idea why but lets get back to what we were talking about. Who's coming to the arcade on Saturday? 


The Plain Green One: Actually no, just text if you are NOT coming to the arcade tomorrow. 


Tokoyami Fumikage: I have no interest in the arcade. Neither does Shouji. 


The Plain Green One: Ah, is that some time set aside for you two to "confide to the darkness within".


Shouji Mezou: Perhaps. 


Alien Queen: ANYWAY your screen names are boring, change them or I'll do it for you. 


Shouji Mezou changed their name to "Best Hugs Around"


Tokoyami Fumikage changed their name to "Birb 2" 


Elpheba: Birb 2?


Birb 2: Hawks is the original Birb. 


Elpheba: Makes sense.