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The Five Times the Others Didn't Understand and the One Time They Did

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The first time it happened involved Patton. Of course. Because Patton.

    Remus was sitting at the dining table with the self-proclaimed Light Sides, right across from Roman so he was the first thing his brother saw when he looked up. That placed him facing away from the staircase at their disproportionate dining table.

    (Patton had insisted that they stretch the space between the living room area and the kitchen, leading to a very big table and a not-entirely-accurate recreation of Thomas' home.)

    Remus had been stabbing violently at the waffles Logan had made them all, leaning his chair back so he was sure he'd fall eventually. He blabbered on about what would happen if he did fall, especially with the fork in his hand.

    "It could spring out of my hand and land in my eye!" he chirped.

    "Do we have to keep him here?" Roman groaned.

    ("--and then I'll go blind and the wound'll get infected--")

    "Yes!" Patton insisted, arriving from the kitchen with a plate full of toast that he'd put in, which was about the only part of breakfast he made.

    ("--and the blood will go everywhere and I'll bleed and bleed and I might even get all the way through--")

    Patton placed a hand on Remus' shoulder after shifting the plate into his other hand. "We may not see eye to eye with him..." He paused, nose wrinkling at the reminder of what Remus had been discussing. "Er... We may not agree with him, but he and Janus are welcome at our table."

    Roman shoved a piece of waffle in his mouth with a huff.

    Janus raised an eyebrow at Remus, gloved hand reaching for his orange juice. "Remus?"

    Remus had stopped. His fork was still in his hand, chair still leaning back. He stared, wide-eyed at the waffles.

    Patton removed his hand in a hurry, quickly giving him an apology and turning to the others, specifically Logan and Roman. "Here's the toast--I'll go get your Crofter's, okay?"

    Remus felt Patton whisk by into the kitchen. Conversation around the table resumed, relishing in his silence.

    After years of doing everything he could to quell the chill set deeply in his bones--taking flames to his flesh, locking himself in an iron bull, getting struck by lightning multiple times in a row--this was...

    Patton hurried by him once more, handing Roman and Logan their respective jams. He took his seat and joined in on the conversation.

    Remus let his chair fall back into place. He poked at his waffles mindlessly, no longer interested in mangling them.