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A person manifests their quirk around the age of four. I did, but the nature of my quirk changed depending on my age. I was four years old when my mother found out that I had a quirk with strong healing capabilities. By that idea, she assumed it was a healing quirk, but I also had the capabilities of destroying objects with ease.

She thought it was a half healing-half destroying quirk. She trained me day in and day out. If I wasn’t able to accomplish the tasks she set out for me, then I would only be pushed harder. There were times I went days without food. I would be pushed to the limit where I was puking and passing out on an almost daily basis. There was no escape.

When I was seven years old, she had a plan to make me stronger and ensure she was no longer fully responsible for me. As the number six hero, she was notorious for her skill and was the highest-ranking female hero in Japan. Okumura Kina, quirk: Shadow, hero name: Dark Whisper. As I got older, she had more dangerous tasks, and some of her jobs would take her from the house for days. She no longer had the capabilities of raising a seven-year-old. That’s when she took advantage of the situation.

Because I never knew my father or even anything about him, my mother made every decision in my life. Her next idea was probably what fueled much of my anger on top of the three years of abuse from training. She came into contact with Enji Todoroki, commonly known as Endeavor, the number two hero.

Not a week later, I was forced to have dinner with the Todoroki family. As I walked into the large Japanese style house, I came face to face with Endeavor. He was completely intimidating to me. I looked beside him to see a boy with mismatched eyes and hair split perfectly down the middle, white over the right side and red covering his left. He had a scar over the left side of his face. How did he get that scar?

“Hazumi, don’t be shy. Say hello.” My mother looked at me with a smile, but her eyes were distant, uncaring. I stepped forward slightly and bowed my head.

“Hello,” I said as I looked up nervously.

Neither one responded to me. Endeavor looked at my mother. “Follow me. It’s only the four of us.” I glanced toward the boy. He seemed as if he were frustrated that there were fewer people.

“What about the rest of your family, Todoroki?” My mother’s smile dropped as we moved into the dining area.

“My other children are here, but they know that I wish not to be disturbed during this event. I only needed Shouto.”

“That’s a pity. I would have liked for Hazumi to have met your other children.”

Everyone took a seat at the table. I’d lost my appetite before I walked into the house. I had no idea why I was here. My mother had not made anything clear. I was startled when Endeavor started asking questions about me. “What is the girl’s quirk again?” Did he already know about me?

“It’s heal and hurt. Obviously, she has the capabilities of healing herself and others. She also has the capabilities of destroying nonliving objects with ease.”
Endeavor’s eyes widened slightly at the information. He seemed to be thinking deeply about something. “That quirk would be very useful for a pro hero.”

“What about your son?”

“Shouto? He has one of the most powerful quirks. Half-Hot Half-Cold. With the ability to control both fire and ice, there is no doubt he’d become the most powerful hero.” Why were they discussing our quirks? I glanced at Todoroki. He had his face down, and he was messing with the food on his plate. Something was off, but I didn’t have details, so I didn’t know what they were planning. My mother and Endeavor stepped out of the room for a few minutes. I was completely lost.

“Todoroki,” he looked up, “do you know what’s going on?” He nodded but did nothing to inform me of the situation. They returned not a minute later.

“Hazumi, I packed a bag before we left the apartment. You have your daily essentials.” She continued to ramble while I tried to make sense of the situation.

“What are you talking about? Mom?”

“You are moving in with the Todoroki family. You will live, eat, and train here. My job has me going out of town for weeks on end. I can no longer train you.”

“There’s something else you’re not telling me.”

It was Endeavor’s turn to speak up, “You will live here, and once you come of age, you will marry my Shouto.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.

That day, everything changed.

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From that day, my mother lived up to her word. She rarely saw me. I only trained with Endeavor and his youngest son. I thought my mother was bad, but Endeavor was worse. I felt constant pain and exhaustion. I didn't have anyone with me. It took over a year before Shouto started talking to me. I don't know if it was out of pity or if he also wanted someone by his side.

"You knew about the arrangement before that dinner?" He nodded.

"I know this is not an ideal situation for either of us, so I won't lie to you. I have no intention of making you mine. I resent my old man for putting me in the middle of his schemes. There's no way I could ever love you."

"If that's how you truly feel, why are you talking to me?"

"I can't avoid my future wife forever."

At eight years old, I didn't understand much, but there was something about his words to me that made me understand more about him. We didn't hate each other. We hated that we were nothing more than pawns in a game of our parents.


A year later, Shouto and I had become closer. We spent all of our time together with training. After his father had abused him to the point of bruising, I would tend to his wounds. I couldn't do everything to care for him. I was only nine. His father expected me to use my healing, but that would drain my energy too much. There's not much I could have done. His sister was better at helping our wounds.

During a training session, I was working on developing my quirk. I wanted to improve my capabilities. I asked Shouto to help. After some training, I looked over to Shouto to find him asleep. Why was he asleep? It's barely afternoon. I tried waking him up, but nothing happened.

I made my way into the house to find Fuyumi. "Help, Shouto's not waking up."

"Why is he asleep? What happened?"

"I don't know. We were training with our quirks, and I turned away for a minute to grab a water bottle. I turned around to find him passed out on the ground. I don't know what happened."

"He's not sick in any way. How long were you two training?"

"Maybe an hour."

Something seemed to click in her head. She didn't do anything to follow that up, though. She walked into the house to grab something. I stayed by Shouto's side until she returned. I grabbed his hand, and he jolted upwards, breathing heavily.

"Shouto? Are you okay?" He looked around confused. "Shouto, what happened?"

"I don't know, but I think it has something to do with your quirk."

"That's not possible. I was working on the destruction aspect of my quirk."

"I don't think you have a destructive side to your quirk. I think you just have great strength. Did your mom ever take you to the doctor to find out about your quirk?" I shook my head. I never thought about that point until he said it.

"Then what could I have done. My quirk manifested when I was four. I've had healing since then."
"We need to take you as soon as possible." At that moment, Fuyumi came back shocked to see Shouto awake.

"Shouto, are you okay?" He nodded slightly.

"Fuyumi, we have to take Kina to the doctor as soon as possible. And dad cannot know about this."

"I want to help you, but I don't think that we can get around him." We heard a slam from the front door and saw Endeavor walk in angrier than usual. We knew to go to the doctor without him finding out would be impossible. Something was off with my quirk. I truly didn't know anything about my quirk, but I needed to know soon.


Three years later, I was walking home after school when someone grabbed my arm. They overpowered me in strength, and I couldn't escape their grip. Their arms were held tightly around me. I couldn't think of any other means of escaping, so I bit down on his hand and screamed for him to let go of me.

He did exactly that.

I took that chance to run home. Once I stepped in, I saw Shouto sitting in his room, doing his homework. He looked up at the abrupt opening of his door. I ran into his arms to hug him.
"I know you wanted to find out my quirk without your father, but we don't have another choice."

"What happened?" I let go of him to see his eyes full of worry. I explained the event before I got home.

"I'm sorry I wasn't there for you."

"It's not your fault. Besides, I'm okay now."

We discussed the problem with his father. He was pissed at first but agreed to take me. While at the doctor's office, I was sitting impatiently. My mother had lied to me for years. I hadn't seen her since before the event with Shouto. His father said that she was busier than most of the pro heroes as she was asked to take care of operations around the world. Her stealth was what made her deadly, and there were illegal, undercover agencies that needed to be stopped.

The doctor came back to tell me the news. "I can't believe you hadn't been brought in when you were younger."

"My mother made a guess when I developed my healing capabilities."

"Hazumi Kina? Like Okumura Kina? I didn't know she had a child." He looked toward the elder Todoroki. "I take it she's been under your care? I would hope that was the case." What did he mean by that?

"Well, young Kina, you do have a quirk, but it is not half-heal half-destroy. Your quirk is Succubus. I can see how you were confused for so long. You have the capabilities of strength and speed stronger than most humans if you train hard enough. The healing is also one of your powers. There are other parts of your quirk than can be manifested, but I assume that they won't show until you are older."

"What do you mean by other parts of her quirk?" Endeavor interrogated.

"Well, Mr. Todoroki... she has the possibility of developing certain powers relating to seduction." The doctor looked at me. "You said you think you were the one capable of making your friend pass out? And when you were attacked, you said you bit him and it seemed he was in some sort of trance?" I nodded reluctantly. I knew I would be grilled later by Endeavor for not telling him anything, but I needed answers.

"It seems as though some of those abilities have already manifested." I didn't know what to do with this information. "One thing that I can't wrap my head around is how you got this ability." I looked at him questioningly. "Usually, a child has the possibility of having quirks passed from their parents. However, I cannot find any way that Okumura Kina's quirk is at all a part of your quirk, and because you don't know your father, there is not enough information I have to put these pieces together."

"I think we got what we came for," Endeavor said sternly. He grabbed my arm and left the office. He didn't say anything as we made our way home. I would occasionally glance at his face trying to figure out what he was thinking about. At first, he seemed angry, but by the time we got home, there was a satisfied smile lingering on his face.

I knocked on his office door. "Come in." I walked in to see his face down, scanning over the papers on his desk. His eyes looked over at me quickly before going back to the papers. "What can I do for you?"

"Can I ask you something?" There was no going back. "What happened to my mother?"

"I honestly don't know. The last time I talked to her was over a year ago. She had a mission to take down a villain. The Dark Assassin. He has connections all over the world. Kina's agency was able to track down his location in France. I have not heard anything from her since she left. She is presumed dead, but it has not been confirmed for either side."

I listened in shock. I knew things were off when I hadn't heard from her, but not even the number two hero knew of her whereabouts for over a year.
"What about my dad? Do you know anything about him?"

"I do, but it is not my place to tell you. You'll know everything one day. I promise you that."
"What were you thinking about the other day?" He looked at me with one arched brow. "When we were on our way home, you seemed angry, but after some contemplation, you were satisfied with something."

"Young girl, it is not your business to pry into other people's thoughts." He paused before his next words, "I was simply thinking about your arrangement with my son."

"Why do you care so much?"

"I thought my son would be the strongest hero, but now that I know about your quirk, I can say that your child will be even stronger than both of you. I'm merely thinking about the future."

"I won't speak for your son, but I didn't want this arrangement. I don't want to be a part of your games. I'm my own person. I have the right to make my own decisions."

"You will do as I say because right now, I am your legal guardian. I am responsible for your health and well-being. I did some research of my own on your quirk. If you train hard enough, you may have the capabilities of flying. If you thought your training up to this point was hard, then you will be in a world of a shock for what I have planned for you."

I knew at that moment, there was no way to escape. I cared about Shouto. He was the only thing at this point keeping me sane, but I didn't know if I could deal with three more years of bone-crushing, head pounding exhaustion. I had to make it into UA and become a hero. That's what my mother wanted for me when I was younger, and Endeavor only reminded me that if I wasn't strong enough, I would never become a hero. I had to suck it up and endure all the pain. I would become a hero, and I would prove Endeavor and Dark Whisper wrong.

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It had been three years since I found out my true quirk. Enji's training was brutal. It's not that he didn't warn me or that I wasn't expecting it. I simply was not as prepared for him to push me as far as he did. I gained many bruises and scars all over my body. Although I had many before from my mother, I never had any that hurt the way Enji's fire burned. His scheme with this quirk marriage and training our quirks was flawless.

He made sure that Shouto and I were prepared for the entrance exams. Being children of such profound heroes, both of us made it in on special recommendations. The exam was nothing for either of us. We both wanted to get in and get out as fast as possible. After the written exam, we raced over obscure terrain. I was trying to conserve my energy for a part of my quirk that I had not trained as much or as well.

I took the chance to activate my wings before flying about halfway through the course before I started feeling nauseous. I had an idea that would happen, so I tried to land as comfortably as possible before taking off into a sprint. I knew I was ahead of everyone, although that didn't last long. Shouto quickly caught up with me using his ice. I kept sprinting after him when I felt a strong air mess up my hair and take the place ahead of me. I couldn't think about anything but trying to finish as fast as possible.

I crossed the line and saw that I was third. I heard Present Mic announce student 43 as the winner. Shouto lost to the wind user, but it didn't matter too much. I knew that Shouto and I had guaranteed our places at UA. That's all we came here to do.

I caught up with Shouto after the exam. We didn't interact, but we looked at each other before making our way out of the building. As we were leaving the campus, the guy with the wind quirk tried to make friends with Shouto.

Shouto didn't even bother looking back. He stopped walking before he spoke, "I was just trying to pass the test. I wasn't competing with you or anything... You're in the way." His eyes were cold and full of hatred. I knew he was thinking about his father, but no one else in the world would even come close to knowing why.

Everything in your lives had been shared. I'd found out why he had the scar on his face. He knew of the burns on my arms and shoulders. At first, he thought he'd accidentally used his fire on me. It only made him angrier to find out that it was his father that had pushed me too far with quirk training.

We knew everything about each other. Although both of us had been forced into this arrangement, I knew many feelings had changed, especially between the two of us. It was one day, about a year ago, after an intense day of instruction, I took a shower to help relieve the tension in my muscles. At some point during the shower, I felt warm tears stream down my face. All the frustration and anger I'd harbored released in the only quiet way I knew.

I was lost. I didn't know what happened to my mother. No one did. I never met my father. I didn't know if he had a good relationship with my mother. I didn't know if he even knew of my existence. Did he care about me? Did he want to see me? Why did mother never let me see him? I was brought to this house for marriage against my will. I didn't have any family to rely on. I was lost and alone.

I'd gotten out of the shower and made my way to my room. I found a pair of shorts and a pajama shirt. I walked down the hall and knocked lightly on the door that I was used to passing every day. I pushed it open slightly to see him sitting at his desk, eyes focused on whatever book he was reading.

He looked up slightly to see my figure. He closed his book before pulling me into his room and hugging me tightly. He didn't have to say anything. I started crying into his shoulder.

"What happened? Did he do something to you again?" I shook my head.

"I was just... overwhelmed with some feelings. I-I uh... I started reflecting on some of the events up to this point. I feel so lonely. You and Fuyumi and Natsuo are family to me. Don't get me wrong... sometimes I just want things to be different. I appreciate you with all of my beings. I'm just lost with my feelings. That's all and you're the only one I can vent to."

"Don't worry. I'll always be here for you. It's not like I can get away from you even if I wanted to." He hugged me again. I laughed lightly.

We stayed like this until he spoke again. "I think it's time that we start talking about something that we've put off for too long."

I looked at him curiously.

"You and I have never talked about our arrangement past the 'we are going to be married when we're older' and 'it was set in motion by our parents'."

"What do you want to talk about?"

"Hazumi, this was not the ideal way I would have liked to have met you and spend my time with you. However, there's nothing we can do to change the past or change the decisions of our parents. I understand that this is hard on both of us, but we cannot get out of it. If I am being completely honest with myself and you, I don't want to leave your side."

I spoke softly, "I don't either."

"You and I have already lived half our lives together, and we are only going to spend the rest of it with each other. When I met you, that concept and the methods did nothing but anger me. I knew I was being played like a chess piece. I knew why he wanted us to be together, and I knew there was no chance of convincing him to change his mind. I have lived with you for seven years, and I know my feelings are not the same as they were then. I want to give this a genuine chance. I want to be the one that makes you happy every day. I want to go to sleep knowing that the woman I'm marrying is happy with me as a partner and equal. I want to be able to take you on dates and call you my girlfriend before you become my wife, but if you don't say anything after this, then I know my love and rare affection will have all been for naught."

I looked up at him with wide eyes as he held my hands. At that moment, I wanted to cry, but I started laughing instead.

"I didn't know you could be so sappy and emotional, Shouto."

"I just poured out my heart and soul, and your first reaction is to laugh at me?" His comment only made me laugh harder.

"I never pegged you for the humorous type." I started losing my breath from laughing so hard.

"Hazumi, this isn't the time for you to be laughing at me. I need to know how you feel. I know that I can trust you with everything. I know that you're the only person who makes me happy the way you do. I said I could never love you, but I am more than simply infatuated. Please, talk to me and stop laughing."

"Oh, Shouto. I know that I have liked you for quite some time. I know that I trust you with every ounce of my being. Our experiences have shaped both of us. I'll be honest and tell you I was scared that I wouldn't be good enough for you."

"Well, there was nothing for you to worry about. I like you for you, and I need to clear up something. You are incredibly kind, compassionate, intelligent, caring, honest, and loyal. I'm okay being vulnerable around you. So will you give me the chance to make up for the last seven years of me being an idiot and be my girlfriend?"

"When you put it like that, there's no way I could turn you down, boyfriend."

At some point, we kept laughing and confessing what we liked about each other. I was so lost tired from the training that at some point, I fell asleep in Shouto's room. Not long after, I felt a pair of arms wrap around me before I was out completely.

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It was the early morning of the first day at UA. Shouto and I were both accepted into the hero course through recommended entrance exams. We found out from his father that the faculty had a difficult time choosing just four students from the entrance exams, so they added one extra student to one of the classes. Shouto and I were both in Class 1-A.

The night before, we discussed our relationship and what we wanted while attending UA.

"I think that we should keep our relationship a secret," I blurted when I walked into his room. He looked up at me with one raised brow.

"Okay... is there a reason why?"

"I don't want to keep the secret from people forever. I would rather be able to prove ourselves as heroes without having the name attached to it. I don't want to become a hero because I have your father in my corner. I want them to see I am capable of being a hero on my own."

"I can agree with that. Can we still walk and talk with each other?"

"I said we keep our relationship a secret. I never said that we had to actively avoid each other. You just can't hold my hand or say sweet nothings to me, at least not while we're at school. We should be focusing on becoming heroes anyways."

"Okay. I can do that for you, love. What about when other guys try to make moves on you? Can I use my ice on them?"

"I didn't think that far about it. I wouldn't worry about it. Besides, it's you that all the girls will be fawning over. I don't think any guy would even look my way."

"First, there's no way. I've got this terrible scar covering half my face. Second, you're wrong about that. You are the most beautiful girl in the world."

"I've got as many scars as you and they are far uglier. And don't push yourself down. I love your scar. It's a reminder of mine and how much we've gone through." I cupped his face before kissing over his scar then over his lips.

"Maybe you should listen to your own advice."

"What do you mean?"

"I will make sure that you love every one of your scars the same way I do. As for your request, I will try to follow it as much as possible. I cannot guarantee that I will stand by and do nothing, though." I hugged him before looking at the clock.

"It's getting late. We have school tomorrow. We should get some sleep. Goodnight, Shouto." I walked out of his room and made my way down the hall to my own.

I heard my alarm go off and snoozed it immediately. After a couple of minutes tossing around in my bed, I got up and made my way to the bathroom for a shower. I was so excited and nervous to start school at UA. I changed in my uniform and made my way out the door with Shouto.

We walked in a comfortable silence until we made it to the campus. We were among the first students to arrive and we made it to our seats. I was student number 14, and Shouto was student number 20.

As the students filed in, the room filled with light chatter. I recognized one of the students from the entrance exams. She had raven hair in a ponytail, and she sat behind me and to the right of Shouto. I looked to my left to see a short guy with purple hair if you can call it that. He was drooling while looking around the classroom. Something told me there were ill intentions in his head. I looked around the room. I would have to become friends with these people, or I was going to suffer for the next three years.

I heard yelling and it brought me out of my thoughts. I looked towards a student with glasses yelling at another classmate with ash-blond hair. The last two students walked in at that moment. A boy with hair that reminded me of broccoli and a girl with pink cheeks and short brown hair.

There was lots of commotion surrounding the four of them. I glanced behind the girl to see what I thought was a giant yellow caterpillar on the ground.

Go somewhere else if you want to play at being friends." There was a pause as the three students at the door listened and watched. "This is the hero course." The scraggly-haired man climbed out of the bag. "Okay, it took eight seconds before you were quiet. Time is limited. You kids are not rational enough." He then turned to the rest of the class.

"I am your homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa. Nice to meet you." He then pulled a gym uniform out of the cocoon and asked for the rest of us to meet outside on the field.

All the girls filed into the locker room. I knew that I would have to change as quickly as possible otherwise I would be asked about the scars. I know I've tried to help Shouto feel less insecure about his, but I can't seem to love my own.

"KINA? What are those?" I guess I wasn't fast enough. I looked down before turning around. I saw the rest of the girls look at me with concern. Training with Endeavor was brutal, but I could not let them know about my connections with the Todoroki family.

"Oh, there are just scars from when I'm cooking dinner. I'm usually the first one home, so I try to make meals. Sometimes I get careless and end up burning myself." I rubbed the back of my neck nervously.

"Leave her alone, guys." A girl with headphone jack ears spoke up. "Besides, we should get out to the field before our teacher gets worried or angry." This seemed to distract the rest of the girls, and we left the locker room without another word. Some of the girls seemed really cheery and bubbly. Ashido didn't stop talking the entire way down, mainly about how excited she was to be attending UA. It was quite endearing.

Our teacher wanted to put us against each other in a quirk assessment test. He called up a student, whose name I now know is Bakugo, to throw a ball using his quirk. The only rule was that he stay in the circle.

He threw the ball and shouted, "DIE," as he released the ball with explosive power.

"Know your maximum first. That is the most rational way to form the foundation of a hero," Aizawa explained before showing Bakugo's distance. 705.2 meters.

Some of the other students started a ruckus.

"What's this? It looks like fun."

"We can use our quirks as much as we want. As expected from the hero course."

I don't want to be that person, but they really don't understand why we're here. I'm not trying to be cold like Shouto is, but they can't seriously expect everything is going to be all fun and games.

"It looks fun, huh? You have three years to become a hero. Will you have an attitude like that the whole time?" He smirked. "All right. Whoever comes in last in all eight tests will be judged to have no potential and will be punished with expulsion."

I could tell he was lying, and by the reactions of the rest of the class, only Shouto and the other recommended student seemed to know. Or they didn't care. With Shouto, it could honestly be either.

With the tests, I didn't want to reveal all of my capabilities. I didn't have much control over my wings, and some of my other abilities could not be displayed in these tests. I didn't want to drain too much of my power.

The 50-meter dash clocked me in at 4.39 seconds. Speed was one of my first abilities. Plus, mom forced me to run laps around the neighborhood when I was five.

Grip strength: 175 kgs. Strength was the second ability. It was the main reason for the confusion of my quirk. I can't believe I never questioned not going to the doctor. I couldn't think about that now, though.

The next test was the ball throw. I watched as Ururaka threw the ball and got a score of infinity. I decided to throw the ball with as much strength as I could. I thought that would allow more momentum. I looked at the number. 1,286.58 meters. I was pleasantly surprised. Izuku Midoriya followed me, and his quirk was stopped by Aizawa. That's when it clicked in my head who he was. Eraserhead.

Midoriya was given another chance. This time he concentrated all of his power into one finger and launched the ball. His distance just barely surpassed Bakugo's. Something about his quirk was too familiar. I looked over to Shouto, and our gazes met. We knew we had to talk about this later.

Bakugo nearly exploded on Midoriya. If Aizawa was not there, I have no doubt in mind that he would have seriously hurt Midoriya.

And we continued with the other tests: repeated sided steps, sit-ups, long-distance running, standing long jump, and seated toe touches. Everyday training routine. These were nothing new.

Aizawa showed us the results. I was in third, Shouto in second, and Momo Yaoyorozu was in first. I found out that she was the other recommended student. Izuku Midoriya came in last and looked defeated.

"And I lied, no one is being expelled. It was a rational deception to draw out the upper limits of your quirks." The rest of the class screamed in shock.

"Of course it was a lie," I said.

"Yeah, it should have been obvious if you just thought it through," Momo supported.

We looked at each other and smiled. I walked over to her and quietly spoke, "I think you and I will get along very well, Yaoyorozu."

"Just call me Yaomomo."

"This must have been easy for the students that got in on recommendation. They are the top three students," said a boy with a black streak in his hair. I didn't think he was a bad person, just poorly mannered. I made my way over to him.

"I would appreciate it if you didn't make assumptions like that. I acknowledge I was lucky, but don't think that I or the other students didn't work just as hard if not harder to get to the point we're at now." I had to speak with as calm a tone as possible. I didn't want to blow up in his face. I was only angered because he didn't know my background. No one wants people making assumptions about them when the other person knows nothing about them

"I'm very sorry."

Chapter Text

Everyone made their way back to the locker rooms to change into our uniforms. Because UA teachers can run their class the way they want to, we spent most of the morning at the quirk apprehension test. I looked at my watch to see it was already 11:50.

"Kina? Yaoyorozu?" Momo and I turned toward Ashido. "You two are really amazing!"

"Thank you, but it was just a test. Besides, you were in the top ten." I listened to Momo reassure Ashido as I finished changing and walked out of the locker room. I made my way down to the classroom and picked up a handout that Aizawa mentioned. I looked over the handout and saw what classes we had for the year and a notice that our hero costumes were due tonight. I had an idea, but I had to do some modifications to the design to suit my quirk.

By the time I had looked over everything, the bell rang for our dismissal to lunch. I left with Jiro and Momo to the cafeteria to find a lunch line. I saw Shouto go to the line with soba. Some things with him never change. I didn't want soba, so I entered a different line and saw sushi. As I gathered my tray to make my way out of the line, I felt something grab my rear. I turned around and felt a pair of hands grab my leg.

I looked down to see the guy from my class. I think his name was Mineta. He kept drooling and his nose was bleeding as he held onto my leg. We were closer to the corner of the room, so many of the other students couldn't see where I was. I scanned the room for Shouto but didn't see him anywhere.

It was when I felt something grab the boy hanging on to my leg that I felt more comfortable. I looked back to see Jiro and one of my other classmates with several arms grab him and repeatedly hit him. The short boy ran away crying.

"Thank you so much. You didn't have to do that for me." They looked at me and Jiro burst into laughter.

"Girl, I know you're more than capable, but there's no shame in asking for help. Besides, it looked like you wanted someone to help you," Jiro spoke.

"I don't know what his deal is," I admitted.

"I don't believe the two of us have met. I'm Mezo Shoji. I saw him earlier before class started. I didn't think he would do anything to anyone, but clearly I was wrong."

"Hazumi Kina. Again, thank you for helping me."

"Kina, do you want to sit with us?" I gave them a smile and nodded. We made our way to a table section where the three of us sat down next to each other. Across from us was the invisible girl from our class and a guy with a tail.

"I never got to tell you 'good job' on the test earlier," Shoji started.

"It's not a big deal. Besides, you did amazing as well. Weren't you ranked seventh?"

"I know the name Kina, but I can't place my finger on it." I turn my head left to Jiro.

"It's probably my mother's name you know. Okumura Kina. She's the pro hero Dark Whisper."

"Oh, I didn't know Dark Whisper had a child. I feel like I haven't heard of her in a long time. Wasn't she the highest-ranking female hero?" I looked down. I had to hold back my tears.

"She was, but I haven't seen her since I was eleven years old. I had some information given to me when I was twelve, but I haven't been told anything since then."

"Have you been living alone? What about your dad?" Jiro seemed overly concerned.

"I never met my dad. I don't live with him, but I don't live alone. My living situation is stranger than most, but I am okay. There's nothing for you to worry about." I saw them give my sympathetic looks.

"We'll be here for you. I promise you can tell us anything."

"Guys, it's the first day. I don't need you looking at me like that. Let's move on. Please, tell me about yourself. I'd like to know about your hobbies, Jiro. Are you into music? Shoji, can you tell me why you're wearing a mask?" I genuinely wanted to make some new friends. I didn't need them to dwell on the weird circumstances of my life. We continued with the conversation until the end of the lunch period.


I walk out of the school ahead of Shouto. I had not talked to him all day. He caught up about five minutes after I left campus. I looked around to make sure that there weren't any students from UA around us. I grabbed his hand and saw his shoulders release tension.

"I'm sorry I didn't talk to you."

"Why are you apologizing? I thought you were the one who wanted to hide our relationship." I knew he was teasing.

"I do, but I feel bad. Good job on making second place, by the way." I smiled at him.

"You did good, too."

"Did you make any friends?" He shook his head.

"Did you?"

"After a weird problem, yeah, I did."

"Weird problem?" We made it home and walked into his room.

"The guy that sits in front of you was making weird looks at the girls in the class. During lunch, he grabbed me and held on to my leg. He kept drooling and his nose kept bleeding." I saw Shouto clench his fist.

"How did you get out of the situation?"

"Two of our classmates, Jiro and Shoji, pulled him off of me and tried to beat some sense into his head. I don't know if he learned because he started looking at some of the other girls. Thankfully, every time he looked, I saw Shoji glare at him, and he shivered in fear." Shouto sat down on the bed and I took a seat at the desk

"Where did he grab you?"

"It was my rear, but you don't have to worry about it. I promise."

"He can't touch what is mine. You and I are together."

"Is someone getting jealous?" I raised an eyebrow at him.

"No, I just need to start making a list of people I need to beat up when we do reveal our relationship. They need to know that you are mine and that they can't violate your body, even if you weren't with me."

"You are jealous, but I think Shoji drilled that same message into his brain." I made my way over to him and sat in his lap. "Besides, I will never look at another man the way I look at you." I leaned forward to kiss him. I pulled away after a few seconds.

"I don't want you to worry about it." I got off of his lap and grabbed my bag. "We need to turn in our hero costume designs today. I have an idea, but something about it seems off. What about you?"

"I have it designed already. What's off about yours?"

"I don't know how much skin to show, and I don't know what color to go with. I'll have everything finished by tonight."

"I don't want other guys looking at you, so I think there should be less skin showing." He smirked at me.

"Stop being so possessive." I dramatically fell on his bed. "I will have the final say over the design, but I know I need part of the back to be exposed for my wings. I think that's about it. You'll see the rest of the costume when we get to use it."

He laughed before responding. "Don't take to long on the design. We have school again tomorrow and until Friday. You need to get rest too."

"Okay, I promise." I kissed him again before going to my room.

Chapter Text

We had normal classes in the morning, but in the afternoon we had Hero Basic Training. It was everyone's favorite part of the day. That's when All Might came to the door.

"I am... coming through the door like a normal person." He announced loudly and the class collectively beamed at his presence.

"It's All Might."

"Wow, he really is a teacher!"

"I teach Hero Basic Training. It is a subject where you train in different ways to learn the basics of being a hero. You'll take the most units of this subject! Let's get right into it! This is what we'll do today - Combat training!" I could not have been more nervous and excited. "And to go with that are these! Costumes made based on your quirk registrations and requests you sent in a few days ago." I was so excited to have my costume. "After you change, gather in Ground Beta."

I grabbed the case with my number and made my way to the locker room. The nature of my quirk required that I enhanced my mobility. I knew that the costume had to be partially backless. Wings were not a permanent part of my body but needed to be accessible. I pulled the tight, maroon bodysuit. It was strapless to show off my assets and pulled on the knee-high black boots with wedged heels. I finished with a pair of black gloves. I knew the design was simple, but I didn't need anything more than that to use my quirk.

"Kina, you look amazing!" Hagakure compliments. I see her gloves and boots, and that's when I realize that she is completely nude in front of all of us. I guess it doesn't make that big a difference.

"Thank you. I know that you only have gloves and boots, but they're cute." I smiled toward her.

"Kina, what is your quirk? I know you got third on the test, but I don't think we ever found out what your quirk is," Uraraka commented and the rest of the girls looked at me.

"I won't tell you. I will show you what I can do during the training." I smirked at them and walked out of the locker room. The rest of the class makes their way to Ground Beta, and we walked in together.

"They say the clothes the man, young men, and ladies. Be aware from now on you are heroes!" I looked at Shouto and saw his costume covered his fire half. I won't deny that he looks good in his costume, but I cannot stand the purpose of the fake ice covering half of his body. I would have to talk to him about it later.

All Might continued to explain today's exercise would involve heroes versus villains scenarios. Because there was an uneven amount of students, one person would be added to a team to make a group of three.

I was put in a group of three along with Hagakure and Ojiro. All Might broke up the groups. We were the villains, and our opponents were Shoji and Shouto. I was gonna have a lot of fun showing off my quirk. Based on the atmosphere, we needed to come up with a plan. I had fought Shouto most of my life, so I knew he would be the biggest opponent.

The first battle started with Midoriya and Uraraka against Iida and Bakugou. This was supposed to simulate training and a scenario, but it seemed more like a chance to get over some vendetta. I actually thought Bakugo was going to kill Midoriya. Their fight lasted too long and was way too reckless for my liking. I know that I'm not much better than them in terms of skill and experience, but it was truly alarming to watch their battle.

In the end, Uraraka got a hold of the mission before Iida could stop her and the hero team won. However, they had taken more damage and everything in Midoriya's body seemed to be broken. And Iida was given MVP of the exercise.

When All Might asked the class the reasoning, Momo gave an in-depth explanation and covered every bit of information and more than what All Might was expecting.

We moved on to the next round, and it was my turn. I had to get the Hagakure and Ojiro planned for the battle. I knew about Shouto's powers, and I knew he would be reluctant to use his fire.

"We need to come up with a plan." They nodded and I continued. "I think Shoji will use his quirk to find our location. With Todoroki's power, he might try and freeze the entire building. That would put our feet stuck in his ice. We have to be careful and be aware of when he activates his quirk."

"I'll take off my gloves and boots, so they can't find me." I looked over at Ojiro who seemed slightly concerned and flustered. I laughed to myself.

Ojiro and I made our way to the missile, and Hagakure disappeared somewhere in the building.

That's when the buzzer went off and the time started. About a minute into the fight, I felt a chill come through. Hagakure had to have been frozen somewhere in the building.

I quickly grabbed Ojiro and activated my wings to get him out of the grasp of ice. I let go once the ice covered the ground. I saw Shouto enter the room slowly. He seemed surprised at our evasion of his ice.

"I knew you were a recommended student, so that must mean you're fairly skilled. Even so, you shouldn't have been able to escape that easily."

I knew he was messing with me, but I had to play along. "What? Not used to getting taken down?"

"You haven't taken anyone down. You've only narrowly escaped my ice."

I didn't know where Shoji was, but I was relying on Ojiro to handle him while I slowed down Shouto. We had to let the time run out because I was not confident that I would be able to stop Shouto.

To win this, I would have to exploit their weaknesses. I was confident that the first move took some strength out of Shouto. He wasn't going to use his fire, so I had to drain him until he was out of commission and his body started freezing. I didn't want to see him in that kind of pain, but I didn't have another plan.

He started our fight by shooting ice in a giant block towards me. He was fast, but I knew I could beat him in a battle of speed. That was the one thing I had over him. I didn't want to waste energy where I didn't need to. He would try to block my surroundings, so I couldn't reach Ojiro or the missile, and all my attention was focused on beating him.

He charged toward me again, and we got into a physical fight. If we were going to get into a physical fight, I could use my quirk to enhance my strength, but I would be drained if we fought for the next ten minutes. My quirk is more suited to close combat, so I had to close the gap between us.

I activated my flight and went straight for him. It was fast enough to catch him off guard. I landed on his waist and tried to pin his arms down, but he flipped me on my back before I got the chance. Us flipping each other went on for way too long, and eventually, I decided to use my power.

I had been trying to grab his arm so I could bite it, but I think he realized that the moment I'd gotten on top of him. He did everything possible to make sure that didn't happen. He was holding down my body on the ground when I kneed him in the crotch. He pulled away in pain, and I used that as my chance to bite him which put him to sleep.

I turned up to see Shoji already grabbing the missile. When did he get into the room? I looked around to see Ojiro on the ground. I could see the footprints where Hagakure was trapped in ice.

"Hagakure, what happened?"

"Well, you and Todoroki were fighting for about six minutes on the floor, so no one could move. Todoroki's ice kept spreading. I think he was trying to use it, but you kept fighting him the whole time. Shoji walked in and took out Ojiro. I've been here the whole time. I still can't move."

We then heard All Might through the speakers announce, "The Hero Team WINS!"

"Don't move, Hagakure. I have to wake up Todoroki before he can get you out."

"I know you said you would display your power, but I'm still lost Kina." Hagakure continued as I snapped my fingers to wake up Shouto.

"Its name is Succubus. I can do pretty much everything a succubus can do in legend. That's why I have wings, enhanced speed, and strength, and sleep inducement which I used on Todoroki during that fight." I looked toward Shouto. "Todoroki, do you think you could get rid of the ice around Hagakure's feet?" He nodded and melted the ice.

"Good job. Even though I knocked you out, you guys still won."

"I'm amazed you were able to knock me out. I didn't think you'd be able to do anything." He remarked coldly, but I knew that was his way of complimenting me. The five of us made our way back to the viewing room. We observed the rest of the fights.

It was still only the start of the year, but I knew that I had far to go before I could be a hero.

After class, Shouto and I left class once Kaminari and Uraraka returned with the books for our Mathematics course. The only person that left before us was Bakugo, but I think he felt some frustration about Shouto. We walked in a comfortable silence until we got home.

"I had no idea that your costume would be so... suggestive."

"There's a purpose for that. I need to have parts of my body exposed to movement and quirk usage."

"I understand, and yes I will admit that when I first saw it, I was very jealous that other guys would see you in it."

"But do you like it? I know it does seem a bit much, but part of my costume was inspired by one of my favorite heroes."

"Oh, I like it a lot. And I did not expect you to pull such a dirty move on me during the exercise. I thought you were going to go for the kiss."

"I used the kiss on you once. It was an accident! Will you please just let it go?"

"Okay. I won't tease you about it for now."

"I knew you would pull something with your ice but really? Did you have to freeze the entire building? That was the most unnecessary move I've seen you do. Were you trying to show off?"

"No, I just wanted to get the exercise done with. I forget about your skill especially compared to others in our class."

"Whatever. Now, when it comes to your costume, I can't help but be saddened by it."


"You know the answer to that. Even if you don't want to use your fire, you shouldn't have to hide your scar."

"Is that why your costume exposes your arms?"

"That's part of the reason, yes."

"I am concerned about the rest of the year, though."

"Why? Has anyone threatened you?"

"No, it's not that. Although we are at the top of the class, I know that no one in that class is close to being a hero. I just fear for what the future has in store for us."

Shouto wrapped his arms around my waist. "That's understandable, but you shouldn't dwell on it, love. It's not good to think about it too much."

"You're right."

"We should get to working and training before he gets back."


Chapter Text

Shouto and I had been working so hard yesterday, I didn't remember falling asleep. I heard my alarm go off, and when I attempted to turn it off, I felt a pair of arms pull me closer. I reached my phone to turn off the alarm. It was when I opened my eyes I realized I was in Shouto's room. His grip on me tightened again. I turned around to face him and nuzzled my face into his bare chest.

"Shouto, we need to get up."

"I'm sleepy. And I like cuddling you." He was not allowed to be this adorable.

"We're gonna be late if we don't get up."

"What time is it?"


"The walk to school doesn't take us more than ten minutes, plus you showered last night. We can stay in bed for at least another thirty minutes." I wanted to resist, but it was too early to protest his wishes. I cannot let this become a routine.

"I will do this for you today only."

"I have more strength. You'll never get out of my grip unless you use your quirk."

"Don't test me, Shouto."

"You're cute when you act angry, Hazumi." For the next thirty minutes, we laid in bed. I occasionally left kisses on his chest before wrapping my arms around his torso. I looked at the clock and struggled out of his grip.

"I know you want to stay in bed, but I don't want to be late." I went to my room to put on my uniform. It was already 7:45 when I ran out of the door. We had about thirty minutes before the first bell rang, but I also didn't finish some of the homework from last night. We'd only been in school for a little over a week, and we already had so much homework. It was ridiculous.

I made my way to the class and saw Iida was already sitting at his desk. Thank goodness. If I was struggling in anything academically, I knew I could depend on Momo or Iida.

"Hey, Iida. Do you think you could help me with this concept? I finished the homework, but I'm still lost on a few things?"

"Absolutely, I will make sure that every one of my classmates succeeds. What are you lost on?"

After twenty minutes, Iida had completely made sense of the lost concepts. The bell rang and Aizawa walked in for the start of another lecture. Today was the first day that we would have all morning classes. Much of the other days focused on whatever Aizawa felt like doing, which more often than not led to him sleeping in the middle class.

English was the class we had first in the morning, but I didn't mind it. Most of the class didn't seem to pick it up as easily as me, but I had my weaknesses too. When it came to math, I was completely lost. It took everything in me to not lose focus and try to understand. If Momo and Iida weren't there, I think I would have been further behind than Ashido and Kaminari.

At the end of the class, we had an interval between classes. I took a few minutes to talk to Shoji. Even though it had only been a few days, he and I had become closer. He turned to me and started, "Can I talk to you about something?"

"Of course, though, I can't promise to answer everything you may ask."

"I've had a few questions about something, but we are going to need more than five minutes to talk about it. Are you doing anything during lunch?"

"Other than eating whatever Lunch Rush has today, no. Not that I can think of."


Midnight walked in for our next class. She had a brief appearance before but that was only for a couple of minutes. Those few moments were enough to make me excited for the year. Of course, everyone in the class idolized All Might. He was the Symbol of Peace, so there was no reason to hate him. After the obvious choice, we had our idols. Growing up around Endeavor made it difficult for Shouto and me to idolize him. When I found out everything about my quirk, I started following Midnight. Her confidence and skills were more than enough reasons for me to love her, so I was over the moon the first time I saw her in person.

She glanced around the room, but her eyes lingered on me. Her face never changed from its unseemly smile, but there was something in her eyes that said otherwise. It was almost as if she was trying to solve a puzzle but was missing some of the pieces. After a few stares from her, she continued with the lesson unfazed.

Cementoss came in for the last lesson for our Modern Literature class. I zoned out because I was curious about what Shoji wanted to talk about. I couldn't dwell too much on it. We had lunch after this, so I decided to listen to the lecture.

The bell rang, and Jiro made her way back to me. She and I walked to the lunchroom when she started, "do you know what Shoji wanted to talk to you about?"

"No, I'm as lost as you."

"I think he likes you."

"I don't think that's what he wants to talk about."

"Really? You guys seem close, and we've only been here for a few days."

"That's my point. You and I have become close, but I don't like either of you like that."

"Whatever. What are you thinking about lunch?"



I got my tray and smiled as I looked at the soba. I heard Shoji call out my name. Jiro, Hagakure, and Ojiro made their way to our table. I stayed behind.

"I already told you that you can tell me anything."

"Okay. What is it you wanted to talk about?"


"What do you mean?"

"I see you in school and so does the rest of the class, but no one knows anything about you." I looked at my food. I knew I'd closed myself off a lot, but everything would come out in time.

"There's not much to know about me. I study and train my quirk. In my free time, I read novels. I'll watch an occasional anime, but I don't do much else."

"I don't have to tell you again. I just want you to be honest with me and everyone else."


"Shoji, it's only been a couple of weeks. I'm not hiding too much from you. I promise when I say there's not much about me. If I didn't trust you, I would not have told you anything."

"Okay. We should get back to the table before they suspect something's wrong."

Once we got back Hagakure had no shame in asking, "are you guys a thing now?" I dropped my head. Did everyone think that's what he wanted to talk to me about?

"No, Jiro, Hagakure, the only people who thought he liked me were you two." I looked over to Shoji whose eyes widened in surprise. The rest of the table started laughing at his reaction.

Hagakure looked toward my tray and asked, "Soba with green onions and wasabi? It seems someone in our class is rubbing off on our friend."

"What do you mean?"

"It's the third day this week that you had the same meal as Todoroki. Is there a reason for that?" Jiro raised an eyebrow.

"I've had one conversation with him since school started, and that was to tell him well done on the test Aizawa gave us the first day."

"Do you like him?" Ojiro inquired.

"I know nothing about him. I've very little interaction with him. There's no reason for me to like him."

"That didn't answer the question."

"No, I don't like him... because I know nothing about him."

Thankfully, they moved on from the topic. The rest of the day seemed to zoom. The final bell rang and Mineta came over to my desk.

"Hey, Kina, do you want to be partners for Present Mic's assignment?" I forgot about it completely. We had to choose partners by tomorrow. I didn't know what to do. There was an uneven number of students, and everyone had already been partnered up, but I didn't want to work alone. At the same time, I did not want to be partners with Mineta.

"Sorry, Mineta, but Kina already has a partner. Everyone else already has a partner, so you'll be working alone." I turned around to see Shouto. I mouthed a thank you before Mineta walked away.

"So, do you want to come to my house?" I looked at him with wide eyes. "We should start the project as soon as possible."

"Oh, okay. When do you want to meet?"

"Today works for me if it works for you."

"Yeah, that's fine." I was about to walk away when Ashido grabbed my arm. "I'll meet you at the front of the building. I have to take care of something real quick." Shouto walked out the door, and I turned to the rest of the girls.

"You're partners with Todoroki, and he asked you to go to his house!"

"It seems as though more than one guy in this class is at the very least intrigued by you."

They continued with the same comments. I wanted nothing more than to get out of this commotion.

"Can you guys leave me alone? I need to get going." I took that chance to run out to the front of the building and catch up with Shouto.

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, don't worry about it. We should just get to your house before it gets too late."

Once we got far enough away from the school, we started our daily conversation.

"How was your day?"

"It started great with you in my arms, but then this terrible thing called school got in the way of being in bed with my girlfriend all day. Besides that, nothing. What about you?"

"Jiro and Hagakure teased me at lunch for choosing Soba with green onions and wasabi. It's not like that meal is so uncommon. They kept asking if I liked you."

"What did you tell them?"

"I said no because I've had little interaction with you in school. And you didn't help when Mineta asked to be my partner."

"So you thought I was going to do nothing to help you? You looked like you needed someone to get you out of that problem."

"I am thankful, but that's why I told you to wait. They pulled me back and kept teasing me."

"Do you want to study together?"

"Sure, just let me get my things, and I'll meet you in your room."

We had a presentation for Present Mic's class due next week. Because of the extended time, I decided to go over Ectoplasm's work first. I was lost on the functions. Using the formula was one thing but understanding the application was something else entirely.

"Shouto, do you understand this?"

"Do you need my notes?"

"No, I have everything written down. I'm just lost on the concept." I handed him the homework sheet and he scanned my scribbled answers and work. "I know. It's probably a mess, and I don't think even half of these are correct."

"I think you need to stop overthinking the work and start trusting your skills. Everything here is correct."


"All the work and answers are correct. Can we start working on Present Mic's assignment?"


About twenty minutes into the assignment, we had both shifted on the bed. I was laying on my stomach writing up notes and ideas. As we brainstormed, I felt his hand start caressing my left leg. His hand was cold, and I felt it inching up.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm helping you brainstorm ideas."

"You know that's not what I'm talking about."

"Do you want me to stop?" I didn't mind his touch. I just wasn't expecting it.

"I didn't say that. I'm just curious as to the timing."

"I just felt like it."

I took a look at the clock. 5:38. Fuyumi was on the opposite side of the house, and Enji wouldn't be back until late. I sat up and turned to face him. We stared intensely for what felt like an eternity. In reality, it was about six seconds before I moved into his lap and started making out with him.

I moved my arms around his neck to push closer into the kiss. I felt Souto's arms move from my waist down and rested on my hips. He held me there and moved his lips down to my neck and felt him bite.

"Careful where you leave your marks, Shouto. The uniform doesn't cover my neck. I can't have purple marks. Someone will get suspicious."

"I'll try to be careful."

"Don't make me use my quirk on you."

"And I told you I'll try to be careful."

It was only the beginning of a game I knew I would lose.

Chapter Text

It had been over a week since Shoji asked about me. I could tell he didn't believe me, but I couldn't tell him anything yet.

During the week, Shouto and I had started to hang out in school. He joined our lunch table and would interject a comment when he wanted. I and the rest of the class knew that he was even more closed off than me. It wasn't because he wanted to hide anything like me. That was how he'd always been.

Today, however, brought something new. We made our way to the gates and saw a flood of news reporters. They kept asking about All Might as a teacher. I was trying to make my way through the crowd but was bombarded by questions. I felt a hand grab my arm and pull me through the gates.

"We do not want to answer any questions. Please, leave your questions and news coverage to something else. There is nothing we have to say." Shouto finished and walked toward the building pulling me along.

"Sho- Todoroki, you didn't need to be so harsh to them."

"No, but they don't need to be so intrusive on the lives of the students. This is our school. We're training to be heroes. There should be no difference because of who our teacher is."

We all gathered in our desks when Aizawa talked to the Midoriya and Bakugo about combat training. "Now let's get down to homeroom business. Sorry about the late notice, but today, I'll have you... decide on a class representative." At the announcement, everyone started shouting for people to vote for them.

Iida broke up the clamor and seemed passionate about holding an election. It was clear that he wanted to be the representative. I looked around the classroom and pondered the options. I am not going to vote for myself because I didn't want the position, and I wasn't going to vote for Shouto because I knew he didn't want the position either. I decided to vote for Iida. He wanted the position more than anyone, and I thought he would have been best for the job. He was constantly helping me and others succeed.

Iida tallied all of the results. Midoriya earned three votes, and Momo received two. I was shocked at the results. I felt bad when I saw that Iida only got one vote. I didn't understand why Bakugo had been so angry. It's not like anyone else would have voted for him.

"It looks like our representative is Midoriya, and our deputy is Yaoyorozu," Iida spoke disappointedly. Aizawa moved on from the election, and we continued our day with regular class activities.

I made my way to my table at lunch. Ojiro and I were talking about some of the classwork we had from yesterday when an alarm went off. "There has been a Level 3 security breach. All students please evacuate outdoors promptly."

"What's going on?"

"Someone is trespassing on school grounds. You should make your way out, too."

The rest of the table tried to make our way out of the school, but the rest of the school was doing the same thing. All of the students were crammed into the corridor that led to one of the exits. Shouto grabbed my arm to make sure we weren't separated. I looked around, and the rest of my friends were gone. We were stuck, but we weren't moving.

It was when I saw someone in the air that I tried to figure out what was going on. That's when I heard Iida's voice shout, "Everyone, everything's fine! It's just the media! There is nothing to panic about. Everything is fine! This is UA. Let us act in a way befitting the best of the best."

I knew the media were trying to get information out of the students, but trespassing on school grounds seemed a little extreme. The police showed up not long after. Iida's behavior was the reason I voted for him. If others thought about it for a minute, they would've seen what I saw.

Midoriya must have thought the same thing. Once we got back to class, he announced that he was giving his position as class representative to Iida. I did feel a little bad for Momo because she had more votes, but the class wasn't going to fight with Midoriya's word. After the event, Aizawa continued class.

"For today's hero basic training, it's turned into a class with three instructors, All Might and me, and one other person."

"Excuse me! What will we be doing?"

"Disasters, shipwrecks, and everything in between. Rescue training." We grabbed our suits and made our way to the bus. Iida came up with a seating arrangement but was disheartened to see that the floor plan was more open. Shoji and I took seats next to each other. Shouto sat alone which was okay because he immediately fell asleep.

I zoned out from whatever the class was talking about and started thinking about nothing. I looked over to Shouto and his peaceful sleep. We had been training relentlessly for the last few weeks because we knew the Sports Festival was coming up. It messed with his sleeping more than me, but it was still rough. That's when Shoji leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I'm sorry for intruding, but I think I know what it is."

"What are you talking about?"

"Whenever we're done with the rescue training, can we talk?"

"Sure." I didn't want to think that he'd figured it out. I didn't think I'd been obvious about my feelings. Maybe I was oblivious to my behavior. I also could be overthinking the situation. I was taken out of my thoughts when we made it to the building.

Once we made it to the building, we were introduced to Thirteen. They discussed the importance of training your quirk to its strengths. As we were about to go through the training, there were other people in the USJ after the lights had cut out.

Aizawa screamed, "Gather together and don't move. Thirteen protect the students." I was completely lost in the situation, and Aizawa continued, "those are villains."

"There's no way they could get into a hero school!"

"Teacher, what about the trespasser sensors?"

"Did they only appear here, or around the whole school? Either way, if the sensors are not responding, that means they have someone with a Quirk that can do that."

We have no idea why they are here. All we knew was that this was some surprise attack. Kaminari attempted contact when Aizawa moved his goggles. He ran forward to attack the villains. As much as I was scared, I couldn't help but admire the way Mr. Aizawa attacked the villains. It was a reminder of how far we had to go before we could be considered pros.

I had to turn and run with the class. We had to make it to a safe location, but that attempt was stopped when a black form appeared in front of us. In one move, Kirishima and Bakugo tried to attack the figure to no avail. After their failure, the shadow wrapped around us and separated all of us. I could only assume that other students were thrown around to different zones.

I looked around and saw that Shoji was with me. I knew that we would have to work together against the villains. I didn't see anyone else, but I figured we were in the landslide zone.

"Kina, are you okay?"

"I'm fine. I think everyone's been separated. We don't know why they're here, but we need to find out."

"Knowing you, we'll find out why quickly.

"I don't even want to know what you mean by that."

"Don't take offense. You're just determined to find out the truth, and I agree that we need to find out their purpose."

We looked around and saw a group of villains. I didn't know what happened to Shouto. I was concerned, but I couldn't think about that now. I had to focus on their reason for attacking, and I had to make sure I was safe until the heroes showed up.

"Shoji, do you know how many are coming to attack us?"

"I can sense fourteen in the surrounding area."

"You and I are more adept in close combat. We need to make sure we keep it that way. I don't want to drain my quirk when I don't need to." It would be better if we had someone with long-ranged attacks. I know Shoji can create duplicates of his limbs, but it won't help much as more than a diversion. My bites would only work for so long, and I don't have much control over the potency. I would have to rely on sleep inducement and close combat. If it weren't for Shoji and my strength, there would be a small chance of fighting off this many people.

"I think you have a coherent plan. Let's not worry about anything other than our safety and the others," Shoji comforted.

"Of course."


It had been about five minutes since everyone was separated. Shoji and I had taken care of the villains in the area that were attacking us. I made my way to one of the villains that were still conscious.

"Why are you guys here?"

"I'll never tell you anything."

"Listen, bud. I have a move that could easily kill you. Fortunately for you, I want to become a hero. I will spare you if you tell us your motives."

"I don't know much. All I know is that there is a weapon called a Nomu. It's said to be on the same power level as All Might. Shigaraki wants to defeat All Might. I swear that's all I know. Please, don't kill me."

I took his hand and bit down on it to make sure he fell asleep. I looked back at Shoji. "I can only assume the one named Shigaraki is the one with hands covering his face and body," he said.

"I think it would be in our best interest to find someone else."

"I agree. The building is large, but we're bound to find someone near us." As Shoji finished his sentence, we see an ice attack over the rocks in the area.

"I guess we know at least one person near us," I say humorlessly.

We made our way over to the ice, and we saw the dozens of villains trapped in Shouto's ice. Shoji helped me towards Shouto.

"Todoroki." He turned and almost attacked both of us after Shoji called for him.

"Dude, chill, it's only Shoji and I. You don't need to attack. I can see that you don't need any help with the villains."

"I got some intel about these people and why they're here. They seem to want to attack All Might, and they mentioned something about some Nomu," he explained.

"We got the same intel. These villains are nothing more than low-level thugs. They almost seem as though they joined because they had nothing better to do."

"Are either of you hurt?" Todoroki asked me and Shoji, but he seemed only focused on me.

"No, we were able to deal with the thugs ourselves," I answered.

"We should get back to an area with more of our classmates. If we don't they could be in danger. We also need to tell Thirteen or Mr. Aizawa what we know," Shoji suggested.

The three of us made our way back to the entrance where we thought most of the students would have been. Once we made our way back, we saw All Might come through the door. I was used to seeing his iconic smile, but when we saw him, his smile was gone. We saw Midoriya, Asui, and Mineta carrying a wounded Aizawa. What happened to him? As much as we wanted to help All Might, we were scared to interfere.

"Kina, can you get us close to All Might?" Shoji asked.

"I can only take one of you. I'll use too much energy otherwise. I don't even know if I have the power to take us that close."

"Shoji, you should go to the rest of the class. Kina, I need you to take me toward All Might."

Without even thinking, I grabbed Shouto and started flying before yelling back to Shoji, "don't worry about us. Everything will be okay. Help Mr. Aizawa and the rest of the students that are around the building."

As he was fighting, the warp gate grabbed him and Nomu. The guy with the hands I assumed was monologuing. The Nomu pushed into All Might's right side.

I saw Midoriya running straight for All Might. He would've been caught had it not been for Bakugo immediately exploding the guy with the warp gates. I looked toward the entrance where the rest of the students were.

In an instant, Shouto and I were on the ground. He used his ice to stop the Nomu and allow an escape for All Might. I looked in horror as the monster escaped Shouto's ice and started regenerating. I was scared as to what would happen next. Before I could think, Shigaraki called for Nomu to attack. I used my wings once again to grab Midoriya and Kirishima from the area and flew back. Shouto fell back with us.

Midoriya and Kirishima looked back before the former screamed "Kacchan!" We looked back and saw he was behind us. I went to stand up but immediately fell to my side where Kirishima caught my fall.

"Hey, Kina, are you okay?"

Shit. I steadied myself and wrapped my arm around Kirishima's shoulder. "I"ve overexerted myself already. I won't be of any use to you guys. Any more energy used, and I'll pass out. I can barely stay awake right now."

The guys wanted to help All Might. I wanted to help All Might. We didn't know what we could do. It was All Might who stood up to Nomu and started fighting. We watched as he threw punch after punch. If I knew any better, I knew something seemed off. It seemed as though our Symbol of Peace was struggling. It didn't matter in the end, as he threw one final blow and sent the monster flying through the USJ.

"In my prime, that would have taken me five hits. To stop that thing, it took me more than 300." I listened in shock. That's what it means to be a pro. And this is coming from the number 1 hero.

"I think it's best if we get Kina and the others to safety," Shouto suggested. The rest of them nodded and followed.

Shigaraki kept monologuing something that a villain would ramble about. In his rage, he charged at All Might. The next thing we knew, Midoriya had already leaped to save All Might. At that point, there was nothing anyone could do to save Midoriya.

In an instant, a shot was fired, and a bullet went through Shigaraki's hand. We looked where the entrance was and saw the rest of the teachers with Iida.

"I, Tenya Iida, class 1-A representative, have now returned!" I faintly smiled before feeling dizzy. I was tired but relieved that the pros were here. I felt myself be lifted off my feet before falling into a light slumber. Not before hearing, "don't worry, Hazumi. You'll be alright." Damnit, Shouto, this is embarrassing. Someone is bound to speculate our relationship if you keep pulling stunts like this.

I could be upset for now, but ultimately, I knew he cared and for that, I was thankful. That's when I lost consciousness.