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Living with a Genie Dragon

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Some questions are simple.

“Are you universal?”
“Of course. How would I know about specific things?”

“Are you magical?”
“Sure, if you want to call that”

“Are there any other genies out there?”
“Yes. There’s other genies out there.”

“Does genies have their own form?”
“Yes. Each genie have their own form to reflect on their own personality and their views of morality.”

And then there’s some questions require complexed answers.

“Does each genies have their own rules?”
“Not really. We do have basic rules to prevent mistakes and terrible consequences.”

“Why don’t you follow these... basic rules?”
“Because I believe that people should understand the possibilities of consequences of their own actions.”

Alya stares at the dragon with confusion on her face.

“Explain how so.”
“Well, when a person asks for a wish or were given a chance to make a wish, they usually made rash and impulsive decisions which it’s not a good thing. They need to understand that there’s many possibilities of consequences. Most of them are unpredictable.”

Marinette inhale in a large amount of air as she pondered over her next words. She then sighs.

“Some genies are sadistic. They seeks pleasure from pains of a person.”

Alya blanched by Marinette’s words. “But why would they do that?”

Marinette shakes her head. “I do not know. All I know is that they simply love doing this to people. They love to crushes hopes and dreams of others. Sometimes, you have to be specific about what do you want because they will interpret it as different thing of you don’t give what do you mean by what do you want.”

Alya makes a face to Marinette’s response. “Is that why you make prices for wishes so person would question the value of the wish? Like is it worth it? Make them consider the pros and cons?” Marinette nods.

And there’s some questions that have answers which are no brainer.

“Should I pack extra notebooks for school”
“Why you ask me that question? Of course you can. Better safe than sorry.”

And some questions are just silly and nosiness.

“Do you think I would find a friend?”
“Alya, the only way to make a friend if you are willing to make one.”

“Do you think that I would find scoops there?”
“Alya. Come on. You went to learn stuffs, not find some dirts.”
“Hey! I’m not gonna scape some dirts!”
“Sure, you won’t.”

“Do you think I would find a boyfriend?”
“Alya, I’m a genie, not a fortune teller.”