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Cheer For Me, Scream For Me

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Jeongguk walks up the stairs to his bedroom, mindlessly dropping his backpack on the floor. He sighs, grateful to be back home from his college classes. The fading sunlight streams in his bedroom window setting a soft glow. Jeongguk intended on starting the classwork that was due in a few days, but then heard a soft thump at the end of the hallway. He thought he was alone, but wonders if his sister, Jimin, is already home.

“Minnie?” He calls out into the hallway.

“In here!” He hears her soft voice coming from her bedroom and decides to walk over.

“Hey, I didn’t know you were home. You were so -” Jeongguk stops, mesmerized by the view when he opens his sister’s room. She’s on all fours, her hands softly patting down on the carpet as if trying to find something. However, she’s left wearing her black sports bra and short cheerleading skirt that reveals a full view of her plump butt, soft skin taunting her brother. Jeongguk feels himself harden in his sweatpants at the view and wants to worship the amazing ass presented to him. 

“Are you not wearing any underwear?” He blurts out, completely flustered and confused.

“I am. Just wearing a thong.” Jimin nonchalantly answers, continuing her search across her bedroom floor. She turns her head, smirking, and arches her back to raise her butt higher in the air. “Why, like what you see?” She teases, biting her bottom lip.

“Jimin, don’t start.” Jeongguk narrows his eyes at her, scolding his sister for seeming to start something again. He doesn’t understand if Jimin is just teasing or is serious about her advances. It’s been ongoing for almost a year now and it appears she takes advantage of turning Jeongguk on and not doing anything about it. Not that Jeongguk has ever really allowed her to. He would always run away, guilt eating up inside him for thinking such lewd thoughts.

“Don’t start what, Gukkie?” Jimin then begins to crawl over to her brother, Jeongguk swallowing loudly in nervousness. He can’t find himself to walk away this time, the view of his sister too enticing to leave.

Her round breasts jiggle in each forward crawl, her hips sway cat-like and her eyes are entirely focused on Jeongguk’s face, drinking in his attention. Jimin arrives at his feet and innocently gazes up at her brother.

“Which view do you prefer? Front?” She spreads her knees, leaning back on her hands and pushes her chest out. “Or…” She then slowly changes her position, her breasts touching the ground and ass in the air just for Jeongguk to see. Jimin looks over her right shoulder, biting her bottom lip again. “Back?” Jimin wiggles her hips, trying to encourage Jeongguk to touch her already. She can feel herself getting wet and wants Jeongguk to handle her in any way he wants.

“Minnie… Fuck! We-We can’t do this. I’m your brother! And-And you’re my sister!” Jeongguk tries to move, but logic and reasoning has completely left him.

“So? You were my brother when I fucked myself with a dildo thinking it was you wrecking me instead. And I was definitely still your sister when you were masturbating with the thought of me.” Jimin smirks once seeing Jeongguk’s reaction.

“How did you-?”

“I heard you moaning my name one night. God , I can still remember your moans. Can I hear them again, Gukkie? Please? For your Minnie?” Jimin wiggles his butt again and adds a whine. 

Jeongguk looks torn, but deep down he knows that he’s going to give in. He can’t say no. He’s been wanting his sister for so long already and having her in this current position is torture.

“You wanna be wrecked by your brother? Fine. Your wish is my command. I’m not going to be nice, though. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” Jeongguk growls out, flipping Jimin onto her back. He kneels on top of her with her legs spread apart, finally going in for a kiss.

When Jeongguk’s lips place themselves on top of Jimin’s, he immediately opens her mouth with his tongue. The muscle explores the caverns of her mouth, the hint of strawberry landing on his taste buds. He grinds his pelvis down onto hers, his cock just grazing on top of her wet cunt. They both moan at the needed friction, hands scrambling onto whichever body part for more, pulling each other closer. Jeongguk withdraws from the kiss, lightly sucking on her bottom lip making it swollen and red, glistening with a mixture of their saliva. 

Jimin’s dark brown hair surrounds her like a halo and her brother can’t help but think that he has never seen someone as beautiful as her. 

“You’re so beautiful.” He softly pecks her lips once more and Jimin whines at the compliment, suddenly embarrassed. He begins to pour his kisses over her neck, sucking on the unmarked skin. “I’m gonna make you scream my name and come so many times, you won’t know anything else.”

“Please, please, please!” Jimin heats up at the promise, writhing to seek more friction and pleasure.

Jeongguk sucks hard at her pulse point and she cries out, more slick gushing out of her making her thong more wet and uncomfortable. “Stop moving or else I’ll have to punish you like the bad girl you’re behaving, Minnie.”

Jimin shakes her head, tears starting to gather at the corner of her eyes. “No! Minnie isn’t bad! Minnie is good…” 

Jeongguk finally reaches at her chest, pulling the sports bra down to have her large breasts pool out. He can feel his cock jump at the sight, the juicy mounds begging to be sucked.

“Look at these gorgeous tits. And all for me, right Minnie?” Jimin nods her head and gasps when she feels Jeongguk’s mouth on her nipple. He twirls his tongue around the hardening nub, occasionally sucking and lightly biting at the soft skin surrounding her light brown nipples. They slowly redden as Jeongguk keeps playing with them, both with his hands and his mouth, hickeys blooming on the pale skin. 

Jimin continues to raise her hips to reach her brother’s cock, unable to keep still.

“Minnie, what did I say?” Jeongguk growls once he notices what she is trying to do.

“I-I’m sorry! I can’t help it! Please, I need more!”

“What a greedy little slut we have here. Seems like I do need to punish you.” Jeongguk stands up and sits on the edge of Jimin’s bed, ignoring his sister’s famous pout. “No pouting. I told you not to do something and you disobeyed. Come here,” he commands with such authority that Jimin cannot help but obey, head slightly hanging low. “Lay face down the bed across my lap.” Jimin’s head perks up at the instructions, heat growing deep in her belly knowing where this would lead. She follows the instructions once more, her ass free for Jeongguk to do whatever he wants like a meat dish on a silver platter. “I’m going to spank you five times since I don’t know your limit yet. Do you think you can handle it?” Jimins softly agrees, not trusting her voice to say much. “Say ‘red’ as soon as you want me to stop, okay Minnie?” Jeongguk breaks out of his character, his right hand softly caressing Jimin’s lower back as a means of comfort.

“Okay, Gukkie.” Jimin agrees once more, anticipation building up underneath her skin.

“After each spank, you will count for me. I’m starting now.” 

Jimin senses Jeongguk lifting his left hand off of her body and up into the air, the sound of his hand smacking her butt cheeks hitting her ears before the pain properly registers with her body. Jimin moans out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, momentarily forgetting what she’s supposed to say.

“Minnie…” Jeongguk begins to scold and Jimin immediately fixes her mistake.


Jeongguk scoffs, letting her mistake slide. He raises his left arm again, swinging it back down on the same spot he hit before. Her pale skin reddens at the harsh contact, jiggling from impact. Jeongguk almost wishes he can see just how far he can go with this, but doesn’t want to hurt his dear sister too badly.


Consecutive spanks continue until the fifth one, Jeongguk lovingly circling his hands across the affected area. Jimin shudders at how sensitive her ass is from the spanking, loving how Jeongguk is treating her so far.

“Now that you took your punishment like a big girl, I’ll give you a reward.”

Jeongguk suddenly pushes two of his fingers inside of Jimin’s cunt, her velvet walls tightening around his fingers at the unexpected intrusion.

“So tight and wet, kitten. Just a slut for anything that can get you off, huh? Look at you riding my fingers.”

Jeongguk curls his fingers just right, rubbing on Jimin’s g-spot. She immediately yells out, pleasure coursing throughout her body as she continues to rock back and forth. Her mind is completely blank except for continuing to chase her pleasure to reach an orgasm just at arm’s reach. 

“Oh my god, Gukkie! Ah!”

“Not Gukkie, baby girl. What’s my name?”

“Jeon… Jeongguk! Please, ungh, please!”

Jeongguk reaches his right hand around to play with his sister’s clit, now sensitive to any kind of touch.

“Fuck, Jeongguk! More, please, more!”

Jeongguk thrusts his fingers and circles Jimin’s clit fast simultaneously. He can sense that Jimin is close to the precipice, almost ready to fall into the deep abyss.

“Come on, baby. Come for me like the good girl you are.”

Jeongguk rubs on Jimin’s pussy one more time and Jimin yells out in ecstasy, slick flowing out of her pink folds. She tries to regain her breath, panting from the exertion that the orgasm pulled out of her. She hears Jeongguk get up from the bed and she listens to the rustling of clothes falling onto the floor. Jimin brings her head up and clenches her walls, the delicious sight of a naked Jeongguk standing before her. 

Jimin rakes her eyes across his body - muscular arms, toned abs, thick thighs and a well-endowed cock. Her mouth already waters at the thought of blowing him, milking his large cock and having him release all over her tits. The fantasy makes her moan and whine, seeking for more touch and affection.

“Let’s get you undressed, love.” Jeongguk walks to her and Jimin preens at the loving pet name. He first helps her remove her sports bra, her breasts bouncing with the lack of support. Jimin lies back and thinks that Jeongguk is going to take off her skirt, but he only removes her thong. “Let’s keep this on.” He winks and his sister blushes, not used to this side of her brother. She’s always the one that flirts and teases. Seeing this side of Jeongguk only excites her further. Cool air reaches her wet pussy making Jimin instinctively close her legs. Jeongguk just tsk’s, forcing her knees apart. Jimin whimpers at the thought of Jeongguk viewing her cunt fully bare.

Jeongguk runs his hands up Jimin’s pale thighs, raising the skirt onto her lower stomach. He fully reveals the wet, pink folds and smooth lips, his cock twitching at the sight. “So pretty, baby. Can’t wait to be inside.” He leans forward, catching Jimin’s lips in an open-mouthed kiss. Their tongues mingle with one another for a second when Jeongguk pulls away. 

“Time for orgasm number two, hm?” Jimin bites her lip, raising her hips in order to graze her pussy lips with her brother’s hardened member. He looks down at her with an eyebrow raised, challenging her to try the action one more time. “What are you doing, Minnie?” Jimin blushes at the thought of needing to say that she wants to be filled with his cock, so she shakes her head instead, looking away at the wall. “Minnie, don’t make me punish you again. Use your words and look at me when you speak.” His voice drips with such authority, heat building further deep in Jimin’s stomach. Jimin just bites her lip, hesitating to voice out her inner thoughts. “Minnie,” Jeongguk begins to scold again before Jimin decides to just bite the bullet.

“I want your cock! I want to be filled and fucked by you a thousand ways to heaven, or hell I guess, oh gosh, what am I saying. I can’t believe I just said that out loud..” Jimin mumbles the last half of her ramble to herself and covers her face with her hands, embarrassed at her confession. She can hear her brother laughing above her which does not help how she is feeling whatsoever. “Stop laughing at me!” She whines, but also laughs a little towards the end, lightly smacking Jeongguk’s bicep.

“I can’t help myself. You’re just so cute, Minnie.” Jeongguk grabs the other hand that is still covering Jimin’s face, giving her a tender look. It shocks Jimin to the core seeing her brother’s feelings clear as day in his eyes.


“Hm?” Jeongguk begins to caress her left cheek, completely forgetting the dominant headspace he was in earlier.

“I need you to know that… that this isn’t just a quick fuck for me.” She confesses, her heart pounding in her chest.

“Well, it certainly isn’t a quick fuck-” Jeongguk begins, but again is smacked on his arm. He laughs and apologizes. “Hey, I’m kidding! I’m kidding! Sorry, continue.”

“Stop making fun of me! I’m really trying to be serious here.”

“Okay, okay. I’ll stop.”

Jimin clears her throat, trying to continue her confession. “This isn’t just a fuck for me, okay? I… I actually really like you. You’ve always been there for me and taken care of me, especially when I would get into fights with mom and dad. You’d be there to comfort me and make sure I was okay. I guess, for whatever reason, I started to fall for you… And I know that’s all kinds of fucked up. But I… I just can’t keep it to myself any longer. I know I’ve been teasing you the past year, maybe because I was hoping it wasn’t just me, and I only know how to tease and not always communicate properly, but I was just so scared and-”

Jeongguk cuts Jimin off from her rambling, trying to put as much emotion in his kiss.

“My Minnie… I love you so much, you have no idea.” He whispers against her mouth, eyes so tender, but full of passion and love. “Let’s be all kinds of fucked up together, hm?”

In the midst of her confession, Jimin didn’t even realize how much closer Jeongguk has gotten as his cock is nestled right in between her pink folds and ready to enter inside her hole.

“Jeonggukkie, please. I need you inside, please, please, please.” She begs, their confessions making her more needy. 

“Your wish is my command, love.” 

Jeongguk immediately enters inside, barely giving Jimin time to adjust to his girth. She curses under her breath at the intrusion, but feels content at the feeling of finally having Jeonggguk’s cock inside her. He begins to pepper feathered kisses across her neck, lazily sliding in and out of her wet hole. Jeongguk thrusts inside at different angles, trying to find that sweet spot to make his sister scream his name. It takes a few tries, but finally he hears Jimin hitch her breath and feels her walls clenching around his member.

“Oh my god, Gukkie, right there, please, don’t stop!” Hearing her words, he begins to thrust more fervently, drinking in her moans of pleasure. Jimin wraps her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck to bring him closer for a sloppy kiss. It’s more of a clash of tongue and teeth than an actual kiss, both trying to reach their own pleasure and please the other. Jimin raises her hips to meet with Jeongguk’s thrusts causing them to feel more powerful and deep inside her. 

“My Minnie, my beautiful Minnie.” Jeongguk pants out as he continues to fuck into Jimin. He commits to memory her rosy-red cheeks, pouty bitten lips and hazy eyes. All Jeongguk can think of is Jimin and that she belongs to him, has always belonged to him, and no one else. “You’re all mine,” he growls out, his grip on her hips tightening. He decides to change the position just slightly, grabbing her legs, bending them closer to her chest. He pistons even harder than before causing his lover to gasp at the change.

“J-Jeongguk! I’m so close, please come inside me!” She cries out.

“Oh yeah? What a greedy little slut I have. Not only does she want cock, but my cum, too.”

Jeongguk feels Jimin’s pussy clench around his cock and he continues on, sweat dripping down his forehead and back. He knows she’s close, and so is he, but he doesn’t want to come until she does.

“You can let go, angel. Just let go.” He leans forward and suckles on one of her jiggling tits, the additional sensation causing her to come. 

“Fuck!” Jeongguk curses when he feels her wet cunt milking his cock, his release coating her insides and filling her up. He continues to thrust inside until he’s spent, his heart pounding in his chest. He slowly pulls out and watches the mix of their juices drip out of her hole and land on her red skirt and bedsheets. His dick twitches in interest at the sight, but does nothing else for the moment.

He lies down beside Jimin and pulls her into his arms. She cuddles up against him, not caring about how messy they both are currently.

“You okay, Minnie?” Jeongguk runs his fingers through her hair, gently laying it out behind her. 

“Mhm. You, Gukkie?”

“Hm, just wanna be sure that you were okay with me coming inside you. We should’ve talked about it before.” He admits, some guilt building up in his chest.

“No, Gukkie! Don’t worry, it’s fine. I’m still on birth control, and I did ask you to do it. Maybe it would’ve been smarter to talk about it, but we did kind of rush into this.” She lightly laughs and Jeongguk just smiles in return. “I’m so happy right now.” She thinks out loud, snuggling in closer to his chest.

“Me too.” Jeongguk kisses the top of her head and they settle into a comfortable silence. “I’m so glad mom and dad are on vacation for another week.” 

“Oh, and why is that?” She looks up at her brother, a teasing glint in her eye.

“Oh, I wonder… Maybe cause I’ll get to fuck you in the kitchen, or on the sofa while we don’t watch a movie, or make you scream in the shower.” Jeongguk’s hands travel down her back and then squeezes one of her butt cheeks.

“Or maybe cause I can cockwarm you while you play video games, or you can eat me out while I eat breakfast.” Jimin further suggests. The ideas float in both of their minds, their arousal rising again.

“Another round?” Jeongguk asks with a raised eyebrow.

“Another round!” Jimin laughs, her eyes forming small crescent moons and Jeongguk can’t help but fall even more in love.