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Midoriya had expected a normal day.

Well, that was sort of a lie. Is there really a normal day when you’re a hero in training? Either way, he had expected it to be the usual. Wake up in the dorms, get yelled at by Kaccan, get to class, do his work, go to lunch, get yelled at by Kaccan, have some exciting revelation about hero society, have Aizawa-sensei yell at him, get into a fight with Kaccan before once again being saved by 1-A’s guardian angel, Kirishima, then study with his friends at the end of the day.

Unfortunately, its just never that simple, is it?

He had been walking back to the dorms, flanked by Iida and Uraraka on his left, who were chatting about the homework set by Aizawa. On his right was Todoroki, who looked just as lost as always, while still trying to keep up with conversation.

Midoriya felt a small spark of pride at how different he was from the start of the year. Having just had their school festival, he had been happy to see how easily Todoroki had interacted with their friends, who Todoroki had admitted (in confidence) that he enjoyed spending time with.

He looked over at Uraraka, who was listening intently to what Iida was saying.

“I was thinking about having some sort of study session together with the class.” He cleared his throat “You see, I had a dream last night, about Aizawa sensei-“

“Ooh scandalous Iida. And our own class president as well.”

Midoriya held back a laugh as Iida’s face turned a bright red.

“not THAT kind of dream,” he chopped his hands indignantly at Uraraka. “Which really should go without saying…”

Midoriya tuned them out in favour of watching Todoroki, as he glared indignantly at his phone, which Midoriya noticed had a small All-Might keychain on it that he had gotten from Midoriya the week before.

“is something wrong?”

Todoroki looked up from his phone and seemed to relax.

“Just my father. He keeps asking me what I’m doing at UA and getting upset that I haven’t replied.”

Midoriya smiled sympathetically. He didn’t really know how Todoroki’s home life was, but from what he’d been told at the sports festival, it wasn’t great.

The four continued their walk to the dorms, chatting idly. Midoriya watched as Iida continued with his rant about ‘inappropriate suggestions’, likely spurred on from Uraraka’s teasing. He watched, relaxed, until he felt Todoroki tense up beside him.

Midoriya turned to look at him. “What-“


His sentence was cut off as he was thrown towards the concrete, barely putting his hands up to catch his fall.

Lifting his head up, both Iida and Uraraka were laying near him, looking equally confused and frightened as Midoriya felt.

He turned toward where Todoroki had been, only to find the boy standing in a defensive position, his left arm pointed out in front of him. Now that Midoriya thought about it, the concrete was a lot colder than it should have been, and his breathe was leaving his mouth as a puff of steam. He looked up, finding the culprit to be a massive ice wall a few metres ahead of them, blocking them off from what looked like a strange black mist hovering in the air.

Is it the warp guy? How did he get in here-

The portal spat something out - which Midoriya couldn’t see through the ice wall- before sputtering and disappearing, leaving four confused and dazed students and about half a ton of now slightly melted ice.

Todoroki was first to move, being the only one who wasn’t thrown to the floor (Midoriya suspected that he had been the one to push them over, which was sweet, but also sort of painful).

He grabbed on to Todoroki’s now outstretched hand, and lifted himself off of the floor, turning and helping Uraraka up after muttering a quick ‘thanks’ to the ice user, who was looking slightly embarrassed at reacting to a seemingly unimportant threat by throwing people onto the floor, including Iida, who was standing up and brushing off bits of dirt from his uniform.

As the three of them recovered, Todoroki began to melt off the ice, which turned into a cloud of vapour before disappearing.

Uraraka turned to him “What was that?”

Todoroki finished off the rest of the ice before explaining. “When I saw the black mist, I thought it was the warp guy from the league of villains. My first instinct was to get you guys out of harms way, sorry if you got injured.”

“Not to worry, Todoroki! As a hero in training, I strive to be able to have a high pain tolerance, so I feel completely uninjured! Thankyou for looking out for us.” Iida chopped his hands as a display of gratitude, and Uraraka nodded along.

Midoriya turned towards where the portal had been, looking down at the thing it had dropped. It was too far away to see clearly, but it looked rectangular and small, but covered in bright colours and red-and-yellow lettering.

He walked toward the object laying on the ground, and after determining that it wasn’t a strangely coloured bomb, bend over to take a look, before reeling back in surprise.

On the cover, was a picture of a group of his classmates, posed next to each other with Midoriya in the middle, and all might in the back. In big, bold lettering were the words ‘My Hero Academia’ in the centre.

He was snapped out of his confusion by Uraraka’s voice. “What is that?” Midoriya jumped back, turning to see his friends standing around him, looking at the item in his hands.

“I don’t really know…” he answered honestly. So far every attempt to answer this question just left him with more questions.

He nervously turned the box over, reading the text on the other side.

'A superhero-loving boy without any powers is determined to enroll in a prestigious hero academy and learn what it really means to be a hero. In a world populated with superhumans, the superhero-loving Izuku Midoriya is without power.'

Now that’s a fucking problem.

“what is that?” Midoriya yelped as Uraraka leaned over to look at the item. Reflexively, Midoriya jumped away from her, awkwardly holding it against his chest.

“Um…” He looked at his friends faces, all staring at him with a mixture of confusion and curiosity (and slight amusement on Urarakas part).

“It seems like some kind of.. disc set? Its apparently called My Hero Academia, and there’s pictures of us on the front…” He held out the item, showing the cover to his friends.

Uraraka’s eyes widened. “So its like a tv show of our lives? Where did it come from?”

“It looks like whoever left it left a message as well…” all eyes turned to Iida, who was crouching near where the portal was, holding and reading from a small piece of paper that Midoriya hadn’t noticed.

“it says: ‘Dear students of class 1-A, my name is Rewind. You don’t know yet, but the villain attacks you’ve had are far from over, and lots of bad things are coming your way. Misunderstandings and secrets will cause a massive problem for you in the future. Hence what you see before you.’” Iida cleared his thought before nervously continuing “’The disc set contains the entire first ‘season’ of your story. Starting tonight, time will stop, and class 1-A is required to watch this as a group to prepare you for what you are going to face. Time will start back up again when you are finished.’”

Well that’s fucking convenient.

Todoroki, ever the voice of reason, spoke up. “we should bring this to Aizawa-sensei. It doesn’t seem harmful, but he should be informed.”

The group nodded, and began their tread to the dorms, more on edge than before.

Internally, Midoriya was panicking. The back mentioned me by name! if this story is about us, theres no way I can keep One-for-All a secret. But if I speak up, people will be suspicious!

They stood in front of Aizawa’s door as Iida tentatively knocked.

“You found a WHAT?” Mina jumped up and down on the couch, excitedly clutching kaminaris arm, who looked equally intrigued. Everyone in class 1-A had an expression of interest, even Kaccan, who was continuously glaring at Midoriya with a quirked brow.

Aizawa sighed (again). “These four ran into a slight problem, and now we’re required to watch it. I’ve checked with a few teachers, and there isn’t anything to be done about it. You are all going to be learning lots about your classmates, so I expect you to behave. I’ll be joining you to make sure things don’t get out of hand and in case there’s anything incriminating on these that needs to be dealt with. Is that understood?”


Aizawa grumbled, and sat down on one of the chairs in the common room.

As Iida began putting the first disc in, Midoriya looked out the window, and lo and behold, there were birds suspended mid-air and it was completely silent. The moon hung low in the sky and stayed there, unmoving.

Midoriya had already informed all might of what was going on, who begrudgingly accepted that Midoriya would have to face this reveal alone.

1-A sat quietly, as the first episode began to roll.