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You're All That's In My Head

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(Updated on June 12th to make Gou trans. Gou's name for just this chapter is Angela and the pronouns she/her are used


Soulmates. Everyone dreams of finding one, and while some deny their existence, the science behind the connection is impossible to ignore. Years have passed since they first discovered the invisible red string of fate that tied two people together, the chemistry of their love proving too powerful for the doubt held about them. At first they tried to look for any exterior signs to tell who were soulmates, pouring hard work and dedication into it until deciding to take their research to the inside of the human body. It was difficult, and for months they were stumped with any hypothesis they tried to make, but with enough time and patience they cracked the code.


Caws of Dodrio and the constant ring of an alarm failed to wake the sound-asleep boy, raven hair a mess around what could barely be made out to be a head, loud snores rising from him. Trapped beneath the hand of an outstretched arm was his pet mouse Pikachu, the companion to someone who had to have the worst sleep schedule. Not yet had it weaseled out from under the arm, too lazy and comfortable to bother with that at the moment. Plus, the blonde mouse knew that in a few moments, the boy would wake up without its help. 


In due time small murmurs were heard, a long yawn rising from his throat as he sat up, blanket falling from over his chest and pooling in his lap. “I…” Muttering in his sleep still he reached behind him, hand grabbing the poke-clock, then slouching forward before straightening himself again, “Choose…” Moving his arm back he let out a small yawn, drool running down his chin along the front of his neck, “You!” Suddenly with full force he chuckled the poke-clock right at the wall, breaking into multiple pieces as the boy hunched over, giving one last big snore before slowly waking up.


It took a second, but that was all that he needed for it to sink in, expression changing from a serene sleepiness to immediate panic. “Pikachu, why didn’t you wake me up!” Whining he quickly threw the rest of the blanket off him, jumping off the bed as the mouse gave a derogatory squeak, almost like it was lecturing him. Shaking his head the boy picked it up, placing it back into the cage decorated with small stickers only for Pikachu to jump out and onto his shoulder. While the worry of being late was still running through his mind, he couldn’t help but smile and pet the small mouse, happy that he could have such a wonderful friend. Now he really needed to go hurry up with getting ready, though.




    “So, how long are we going to wait for the careless and simple-minded guy?” Crossing her arms the black-haired kid spoke from the front of the group, standing alongside her friend Koharu, the daughter of Professor Sakuragi. Tapping her foot impatiently on the ground she waited for a response, wishing they could just leave already. Professor Oak gave a sigh of exhaustion, slightly dragged out as he gave a laugh and shook his head, putting a hand to his chin in a thinking position.


    “We don’t want to be late coming back like last time… the museum might kick us out if so.” With a weak smile the professor rubbed the back of his neck, chuckling a bit and glancing at the bus behind him. The kid's been warned multiple times about not being late. Not making it to camp, to school sometimes, and a few other trips as well. They couldn't afford to ruin this one, Oak having practically begged them to allow a school field trip. It’d be a waste of both the kindness handed his way, and the money that it took to pay for the bus. “Okay kids, let’s-”


    “WAIT!” Shouting at the top of his lungs came running down none other than Satoshi Ketchum himself, untied shoes pounding on the dirt pathway as he approached the group, coming to a halt a few feet before them, leaning over to catch his breath. It took a while before the boy could speak, eventually finding himself able to talk again. “I’m sorry I’m late, Mr. Oak! I totally overslept again, haha!” Laughing a bit he rubbed the back of his neck, eyes shut as he talked, opening his eyes up to see everyone piling into the bus already.


    Giving a look of pure betrayal he lifted a foot to step up onto the first stair of the bus, stopped mid-way by his backpack being pulled on, letting out a yell of shock and failing to escape. Dragged into the bus he then turned to face the seats to meet bright blue eyes, first reaction being to simply smile and wave. “Hey there, I’m Satoshi Ketch-!” Mid-introduction he saw the girl walking away, standing there with his jaw wide open in shock. Nobody’s walked out from his greetings like that, before! Before he could say anything about it though, Oak was directing him to a seat before the bus driver got impatient and drove off already.




    “Angela, you can’t just do that to people! How are you going to make more friends?” Lecturing the girl Koharu crossed her arms, giving said-girl a stern expression. She’s been trying ever since the beginning of the school year to get her more open to others, but it feels as if the exact opposite has been happening! Angela’s been even more distant and passive-aggressive with other students that she’s questioning if she’s taking it seriously. “Do you even have any idea who that is?”


    Rolling her eyes Angela rested one half of her face against the leather seat in front of her, a heavy pout formed on the girl’s lips, obviously more than tired with this. How many times has she said this to her again? “No, and why should I? I’ve already got you as a friend, I don’t need someone else.” Bluntly stating she glanced out the window, seeing the view of hills and trees flying by as the bus sped by, zoning out for a moment. Only for a moment though, pale hands entering her vision as two fingers snap right in front of her face, jerking upright and giving Koharu an even heavier pout. “You know I hate it when you do that!”


    Laughing the girl couldn’t help but find it humorous, doing that here and there when finding her friend staring out at… well… whatever it was she was staring at. Quieting down to just giggles she covered her mouth, smile bright on her face. “I would say sorry, but… it’s just so fun! Just like that time you fell and -” Before Koharu could continue a hand was pressed over her mouth, Angela wearing an irritated look despite obviously on the verge of bursting out with laughter, cheeks a bit more puffed out than usual. Letting her own giggle out against her hand she couldn’t help but think back to last year, silencing herself so the girl would move her hand already. After all, she had so many more things to tease her about. Nothing better to do on an hour long bus ride!




    “Alright everyone, here we are! The -”


    “IT’S THE MUSEUM!” A loud, joyful scream interrupted the professor, none other than Satoshi himself jumping and skipping the bus stairs, landing on the ground with a small oof . Tightly grasping his backpack straps his excitement rose higher and higher the longer he stood still, bouncing from one foot to the other. He had to get inside! And fast! He didn’t know how much longer he could hold back. Just think of all the cool bugs he could see! And the fish that always go glub-glub-gloob-glab ? He didn’t want to miss a single second of that dialogue!


    A loud sigh was heard, followed immediately by a small ow , a small muttering of someone’s name from the back. Ignoring the commotion that his students were already making, Professor Oak brought their attention all back to him, going over the safety rules and why they need to stay together. Yes, while they’ve heard it a million times, he just wanted to make sure they remembered. Better safe than sorry, after all!


    Tying the small string to the belt loops of their pants, Oak make sure the knots were done right before then clipping the end to his own, smiling brightly as he looked at the safe line connecting the group. There were a few that tended to drift off… so this was the perfect solution! ...Hopefully. “Alright, everyone. What should we go look at first?” Putting his hands on his hips Oak listened for what was the most popular choice, the parking lot soon filling with cries of different types of species. Fish, birds, butterflies, bugs, one kid even asked if they were going to see any puppies here! He couldn’t help but chuckle at that, taking a mental note to include something about dogs this year for them.


    “Well, let’s get this show on the road, my little researchers!”




    The different types of bugs they saw amazed kids. Well, most of the kids, Angela currently glued to Koharu’s arm, squeezing tightly whenever someone had to go into detail about them. “Oak! Oak! Oak! Aren’t those the bugs that have the big scissor mouths! Y’know, the ones that go crunch and stick to your arm?” In an, extremely annoying, and chipper voice Satoshi bugged the professor yet again. Was that the fifteenth time in this room alone? Angela lost track, and at this point she wished she’d also lose her sense of sound, shivering at each and every word. Seeming to notice this, the professor gave a short quick answer before stopping the group, suggesting they go check out the fish now.


    Now THIS is where Angela got interested . While she did know tons of information on bugs, they creeped her out a ton, the long thin legs and beady soulless eyes along with the threat of slow incoming doom - everything about bugs got her all shaky. Stepping foot into the aquarium, her crystal blue eyes immediately latch onto the glass walls, shining with awe at the glimmering fish swimming by. Walking down the hall glass-wall hall, Professor Oak stops here and there to point to different ones. Ones with blue scales, red scales, some with long wing-like fins flowing as they swam.


    Eventually the group was exiting the hallway, a kid having said he was beginning to grow sick with how the walls and ceiling were, currently clutching his stomach to keep it all down. Please don’t. Angela gave a worried look back at Koharu, the girl giving the same in return, remembering the last time the boy threw up. All over Koharu's dress. Yeah, it wasn’t a fun experience in the slightest, forever grateful for her father sending backup clothes.


    “The museum is still accepting donations, so there’s a few displays that are still empty in case any of you were confused!” Stating the thing on everyone’s minds once entering the room, the professor gestured to a few empty glass cases, slowly killing off the questions that were soon to be asked. “Now, over here is where the large freshwater fish would be!” Walking the kids over to the largest tank in the room, Oak glanced around the room, sweating a bit as he hoped they wouldn’t be disappointed.


    “Hey, this looks familiar!” Excitedly speaking, Satoshi dragged at least three kids with him as he skipped to press his face to the glass, pulling away to laugh a bit while pointing at the tank. “It looks like my brain!” Confusion immediately flooded everyone’s faces, the professor’s just a bit more composed compared to other’s, Delia having explained when enrolling her son.


When examining a set of soulmates, they came up with the idea to study their brains. Of course, this idea sounded preposterous to them at first, but after taking a look they were nothing but silent. Why? 


“Wait, really?” Now Angela was the one talking, everyone but Satoshi taken aback by this, raising a brow as she slowly walked up to stand next to him, crossing her arms and tilting her head. After a few moments of silent thought to herself, she then opened her mouth, turning to Satoshi. “I don’t have a brain, either…” Expression showed both confusion and shock, something that she usually saved for the professor and Koharu, as well as a few others.


Hearing this new info, Satoshi’s eyes lit up brighter than the lights in the displays, gasping with joy and jumping up a few times. “That’s so cool! I was worried I’d be the only one…” White teeth seemed to sparkle as he grinned with pure happiness, Angela unable to hold back a small upturn of her own lips, giving a small chuckle herself.


Because the brain was precisely what connected the two. Not by small subtle differences, or anything that would need cells examined for, but the brain itself.


The class immediately realized just what they were witnessing, gasping and covering their mouths, both in awe and utter worry. Of course it had to be those two. The distant but genius Angela, and the dense but creative Satoshi…


    “We’ve gotta be best friends destined to meet, the red string of fate tying us together till the ends of the end! That’s gotta be it, right, Angela?” Shining brighter than even the sun right now Satoshi looked at the shorter girl, the class praying that they’d realize, only knowing their hopes were crushed when Angela gave a smirk in return.


    “In your dreams, Satoshi… but maybe in the near future, if you get a bit cooler.” Teasing the boy Angela let her walls down a little bit, opening up for just a moment to make Satoshi pout, watching the taller one cross his arms and huff. A determined look filled his chocolate brown eyes, seeming to turn up the temperature with just how sure he was of himself.


    “Just you wait and see! I’ll be even cooler than you in no time, even without a brain!”


 After looking at more soulmates’ brains, they concluded their research with great confidence and success. Soulmates didn’t leave visible messages, signs, or anything of the sort for each other. Instead, their bond was tied to the size of their brain, having the same exact kind every single time.