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On your A.M Radio

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vibe time


Kenobi342, Kenobi343, Kenobi344 joined the chat


Mom: hey shiny


BoilBoilToilandTrouble: hey 


WaxonWaxoff: sup 


Kenobi342: Hello!


555555555: Hello~


T-Rex: welcome 




Mom changed their name to Commander Cody


Commander Cody: I see you’ve all joined finally 


Commander Cody: welcome to the 212th group chat ranks mean shit here i’m just cody to you


BoilBoilToilandTrouble changed Commander Cody’s name to coco


coco: whatever


Kenobi342: Interesting 


Kenobi342: Why am I kenobi 342?


coco: because Teach rigged it so that every shiny who joins is named kenobi, but it got confusing so we had them tag on numbers. If you have a name already you can change it


Kenobi342: I may as well keep it.

The A Team


OldBen: So I was finally added to the 212th group chat. 


OldBen: They do not know it is me


SuperSoka: holy shit


Skywalkin: how 


OldBen: Apparently, every shiny who joins is named “Kenobi”

MainKoon: The 104th have done that in theirs as well, but I was one of the first in. I witnessed every new member join with the name “koon”. It’s a bit confusing


OldBen: They added numbers


OldBen: I’m Kenobi342


RepresentativeBinks: hackervoice: i’m in


OldBen: I feel like I should not reveal my identity


RexinAround: you should Certainly Not this is too much fun


OldBen: Thank you for the invite, again Rex. I suppose I shall see how long it takes for them to notice.


RepresenativeBinks: ah so you’re playing the long game i see


OldBen: Yes, I suppose. I will update you all. 


Skywalkin: nice


SuperSoka: NICE

vibe time


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): we medics have the best gossip hands down 


Kixareforkids: hell yeah 


Appalling: i mean, fuck yeah we do 


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): i know Everything It’s Great


coco: haha look at you go little man


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): uwu

Woolworth: im slightly terrified 


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): why? Pray tell? I’m just baby :panda33:


Woolworth: :onefear~1:


Kenobi342: You are Lieutenant Baby I am assuming? 


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): yep! 


Kenobi342: Ah, good to note.


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): :3c 


coco: theyre harmless. They just like to think they can scare us


Appalling: “harmless” my ass


BabyBabyBaby(oh!): :kittyblush: