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The Communication Through Pillow Forts

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“Akaashi! I just found out Kuroo and I are going to be attending the same university,” Bokuto says running up to him and waving Kuroo’s text about living together in the younger males face.

“Oh, that’s great...I’m happy for you,” Akaashi tries, attempting to look pleased.

“You don’t look happy at all, are you still upset over breaking up? I thought that we both agreed it’s what was best, plus you’re the one who brought it up,” Bokuto said trying to get his friend to look him in the eye.

“I know...I you really have to leave and go with him?” Akaashi’s question surprised Bokuto. He doesn’t really understand why Akaashi would question his actions.

“Is this really about the distance, or is it about my plans to move in with Kuroo?” Bokuto asks finally breaking the confused silence, yet still trying to process what’s going on with Akaashi.

“Both maybe,” Akaashi answers your the floor instead of at Bokuto.

“So, you’re jealous? But that doesn’t make any sense...,”

“You’re leaving me alone and it feels like you’re running off with him, I know you’re not, but...I don’t want to be alone,” Akaashi cut off Bokuto. He’s upset, how could Bokuto be excited to leave and start a life without him? Usually Akaashi would try and hide his feelings. Although things changed since his relationship with Bokuto ended.

Bokuto blinks in a surprised response, “Look, I’m not even going that far away, we can hang out whenever you want, I promise,” Bokuto reassures him. Akaashi nods and gives a small smile, he can live with that.

Time Skip

Bokuto and Kuroo just finished moving their stuff into there new apartment they are sharing together. It’s the last days of summer and both boys are laying on the wooden floor. They are out of breath and sweating through their T-shirts. Kuroo is the first to get up. “Bro, help me plug in these fans,” he says walking up to the two fans meant to be put in windows.

“Sure bro, should we put them in the windows or just on the floor?” Bokuto asks carrying the one Kuroo didn’t move to the other side of the room near the other outlet.

“The floor is fine, too tired to try and put them in the windows,” Kuroo replies plugging in the fan, turning it on, and going back to his place on the floor, “we should really set up the TV though,” he says yawning into his arms, he’s currently using them as a pillow for his head.

“You can sleep Testu, I’ll set up the TV and we can play video games when you wake up,” Bokuto smiles at his friend reassuringly.

“Tch, sure, or I’ll just have to unplug everything,” Kuroo gives a tired smirk but doesn’t argue with the invitation to take a nap.

Kuroo falls asleep to the sound of Bokuto tinkering with the TV. Bokuto peeks out from behind the stand the TV in perched upon to look over at his sleeping friend. His first thought is to cause mischief by finding a marker and drawing on Kuroo’s sleeping face. But after a minute he thinks Kuroo’s sleeping face is quite peaceful and cute. The thoughts of pranks turn into thoughts of taking a photo. Bokuto takes out his phone and snaps a picture of his friends resting face before going back to the TV.

Kuroo awakes to the sound of the TV, he blinks his eyes and stretches himself out across the floor before looking up at Bokuto. “Did you really get that thing to work by yourself?” Kuroo asks fake shock in his voice.

“Well I had the instructions in front of me, so it wasn’t that hard. Anyway, I got the game console set up, so get your cute sleeping face off the floor and play with me,” Bokuto says too into the game he was currently playing to register the words coming out of his mouth. Kuroo’s face heats up slightly, but then quickly gets up and steals the controller from his friend and pausing the game.

“What do you mean by my “cute sleeping face”?” Kuroo asks still clearly embarrassed. Bokuto’s heart speeds up when he realizes he’s gotten himself caught.

“I guess your face just looked really peaceful while you were sleeping,” Bokuto shrugged, “can you give me back the controller now, I was in the middle of a game.” Kuroo hands him back the controller and sits beside Bokuto to watch him finish. Bokuto lets out a small sigh of relief hoping Kuroo wouldn’t push anymore and find out about the photo.

“Just hurry up already, I wanna play too ya know,” Kuroo says already looking bored. When the game ends Bokuto turns to Kuroo who’s picking at the floor.

“Hey Kuroo.”

“Hmph,” is all he gets in response.

“Why don’t we build a pillow fort out here?” Bokuto inquires excitedly, Kuroo turns to face him.

“What are you, five? Why would you want to do that?”

“Because, we haven’t gotten everything set up yet. All the rooms are dark and empty. Come on please? We used to do it all the time when we were younger,” Bokuto pleads.

“You just don’t want to sleep in a dark empty room by yourself. And this is way different from when we were kids, things have changed,” Like the fact that I’m crushing on you, Kuroo thought.

“So what, it’ll be fun!” Bokuto insists not understanding what his friend was so worried about, “anyway,” he says crawling over to the TV to get the second controller, “let us play two player, you can pick what we play too if you want. I still expect you to think about the pillow fort suggestion though,” he says handing Kuroo the controller and patting his shoulder as he crawls back over to his spot on the floor. Kuroo feels his face heat again and wonders if it was a bad idea to room together after all.

“Ugh, the floor is so uncomfortable,” Kuroo complains after a few more rounds of gaming. He stands up to stretch trying to relieve his back.

“Oh hush, you’re just upset you lost,” Bokuto brags, “but if you’re really uncomfortable my pillow fort offer still stands.”

“Fine, we can build a fort, but only if we can order pizza first, I’m starving,” Kuroo says hopeful that the pizza might provide an escape. I’m not going to sleep much at all tonight because of this fort, Kuroo sighed at the thought. Kuroo places an order online and then the two of them start looking through boxes for pillows, blankets and sheets.

They end up throwing a sheet over their dining table, and adding blankets weighed down by cook books to block out the television light from the sides as well as the back. The also used the sofa and seat cushions for “extra sleeping comfort” as Bokuto had put it. On the inside was one blanket for sharing. However it would most likely turn into a blanket just for Kuroo since Bokuto usually kicks off his blankets when he sleeps. There are also pillows surrounding the inside of the fort laying against each of the four table legs. They had come off the couch too. Finally there are two normal pillows right outside the fort for sleeping, or to rest their elbows whilst playing video games.

Bokuto is already in the fort, while Kuroo is on his way out the door to collect their pizza from outside.

“Don’t start another game without me Kou, or I’ll eat your half of the pizza!” Kuroo shouts to back inside the apartment before stepping out. Bokuto starts another game anyway and plays until he hears Kuroo at the door. He kills his character before getting the door for Kuroo. “You played without me, didn’t you?” Kuroo says glancing at the screen then back to his friend. Bokuto just shrugs.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Bokuto smirks and turns off the ceiling light to the living area so that the only light in the room is coming from the TV and the setting sun. “I know that you’re not gonna eat that whole pizza by yourself though,” he grins, earning a flick to the forehead from Kuroo, “Ow, what was that for? You would’ve done the same thing,” he pouts.

“I think I have more patience than you do,” Kuroo says setting the pizza box in front of the TV and just outside their fort, “I am glad that the delivery guy didn’t come up here, he probably would’ve seen our childish fort,” Kuroo snickers. Bokuto frowns then decides to tease his friend.

“Awe man, you mean it wasn’t a female?” Bokuto complains taking a slice of the pizza.

“What do you care? Were you gonna ask for her number if the delivery person were a female?” Kuroo teases back.

“Maybe,” Bokuto shrugs and Kuroo goes quiet. Bokuto drops the pizza from his mouth and looks at Kuroo concerned, “I was kidding bro, I just wanted to get you back for insulting my fort. What do you have against this thing anyway?” Somehow being called “bro” made Kuroo feel worse in this moment.

“It’s not the fort that has me upset, okay? Just drop it,” Kuroo says looking at the controller in his lap. Bokuto opens his mouth to protest, but doesn’t say anything more about the fort.

“You know you don’t have to sleep next to me, you can sleep in your own room if you really wanna,” Bokuto says softly shifting closer to his friend.

“I-I guess I’m just concerned that I won’t sleep well if I’m next to you in a new environment. I’m not like you, I can’t just sleep anywhere,” Kuroo says and Bokuto pulls him into a hug. It’s rare for them to show physical affection to each other, but Kuroo isn’t going to deny him.

“That’s it?” Bokuto can’t help but laugh “sorry man,” he says letting Kuroo out of the hug, “it’s just that I was so worried I was forcing you to sleep here,” Kuroo smiles at him.

“Guess we’re both idiots,” Kuroo states and they both share a laugh. Bokuto stops laughing and holds his friend by the shoulders.

“I have one more thing to ask of you,” Bokuto says and Kuroo’s face crumples in confusion, “I don’t know if this would help, but I’m only trying to think of ways to help you sleep,” Kuroo nods and Bokuto looks away. “Maybe you could lay on me or something?” He looks back at Kuroo who’s face is burning “Huh, never mind, that was a stupid idea, I’m sorry Kuroo,” Bokuto defends, his own face heating up.

“It wouldn’t hurt,” Kuroo say softly shocking Bokuto. Damn it, I never knew Kuroo could look so cute. His face his pink and he can’t even make eye contact with me, Bokuto thinks to himself.

“What?” Bokuto asks trying to process Kuroo’s acceptance.

“I said why wouldn’t hurt,” Kuroo says louder finally making eye contact with his friend, “but I’m finishing this pizza before we do that,” he smirks grabbing the pizza box.

Things go back to the way they were, they start up the video games again this time with pizza. “I’m gonna win this time,” Kuroo insists.

“Don’t think just because you play games with Kenma that you’re gonna beat me,” Bokuto shoots back. Kuroo shoves his friend with his elbow just hard enough to nudge him causing Bokuto to slip up and lose.

“Ya,” Kuroo cheers in victory raising one fist in the air.

“That’s cheating, you cheated,” Bokuto argued, “that doesn’t count as a proper win,” he continues to insist tackling Kuroo and sending him sprawling inside their fort. Kuroo just laughs at his pouty friend whilst trying to wrestle him off.

“You’re just upset you lost,” Kuroo says as he’s finally able to fight Bokuto’s strength enough to sit up, but due to lifting boxes all day his arms give out leaving him pinned. “Okay, you win this one. You’ll ruin the fort if we keep going...” Kuroo’s voice trails off as he realizes the position they’re both in. Bokuto’s fingers are linked between his own, his arms are pinned down to either side of his head and Bokuto is straddling him. We’re just friends, we’re just friends, we’re just friends, Kuroo chants in his head, but it doesn’t stop his face from burning. He feels Bokuto peal himself off of him.

“Maybe we should just get ready for bed,” Bokuto suggests and Kuroo nods thankful for a way out of this awkward encounter. They both wash up, get changed, and brush their teeth before heading back into the fort. Bokuto lies down, and Kuroo lays next to him, pulling the blanket over both of them before laying his head on his friends chest. Bokuto’s arm is around his waist holding him. “You know, I’ve been wondering, you were able to sleep fine on the floor earlier, what’s different now?” Bokuto asks, “Unless, don’t tell me, you also don’t want to sleep in a dark room by yourself,” he teases. Kuroo wracks his mind for an answer.

“Do I have to answer that?” Is the only thing he can think of to say.

“No, but I’d like if you did,” Bokuto can’t see Kuroo’s face clearly, but he can see his ears are scarlet from the light of the TV. He wonders if Kuroo’s heart is racing. “Is it because of me?” He asks, and he can physically feel how Kuroo sucks in air and stops breathing for a moment. When Kuroo doesn’t respond he takes that as a response. Bokuto knows that he shouldn’t feel hurt by this, but he does. Not because he didn’t answer the question, but because his friend is holding back and he doesn’t know why.