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The Communication Through Pillow Forts

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Bokuto woke up to Kuroo, he was using his friends back as a pillow. Actually it’s more like all of Kuroo was his personal body pillow. He unwrapped his legs from around his friends waist as quickly as possible without disturbing him. Bokuto thought of taking another photo of Kuroo’s sleeping form. Although his friends breathing lulled him into a state of peace and he soon forgot about a photo. He’s so warm, I could stay and feel the rise and fall of his body forever. I love you Kuroo, thought Bokuto. His eyes shot back open, I love Kuroo? No that can’t be right, I must just be thinking about this moment, ya, I love this moment. I can’t love my best bro, Bokuto tries to reason with himself. Kuroo’s body shifting causes him to snap out of it. He lets go of Kuroo all together before his friend wakes up. Kuroo rubs the sleep from his eyes and stretches. “Good morning Kuroo,” Bokuto greets him trying to act natural.

“Morning,” Kuroo responds as he looks around. He’s disappointed when he sees Bokuto isn’t closer to him. He goes to put his head back on his friends chest, but Bokuto stops him.

“Kuroo, wait...I really have to use the bathroom,” Bokuto says getting up and ducking out of the fort. Kuroo feels his heart sink, so it was fine yesterday, but not today? He questions, but doesn’t want to make his friend uncomfortable.

Bokuto comes back over to the fort a few moments later to find Kuroo hugging his knees. “So, pizza for breakfast?” Kuroo nods.

“Sure why not, we still have to go grocery shopping anyway,” Kuroo says with a shrug. Bokuto puts his half eaten pizza slice back in the box.

“I’ll make a list,” he says getting up to get a note pad and pencil.

“Are you gonna finish that?” Kuroo asks pointing at the half eaten pizza.

“Um no, you can have it,” Bokuto says, but he can feel his face flush. He’s gonna eat what has my saliva on it. I kinda want to watch. What the fuck is wrong with me, Bokuto shakes his head trying to clear it of thoughts of Kuroo.

“Ya! Thanks Bo, you’re the best,” Kuroo cheers. Bokuto tries his best to ignore him as he gets what he needs for list making. Once he finds paper and a pen Bokuto pulls a chair up to their fort and starts writing.

“Hey Kuroo, is there anything you really need? I wrote down some fruits I know we both like, and bread, but what else do you like?” Bokuto asks watching Kuroo’s slender form emerge from the fort. Bokuto feels his heart race when Kuroo gets into his personal space. Kuroo slings his arm over Bokuto’s right shoulder while resting his chin on his left. Bokuto realizes his mouth is dry and swallows. “Why are you so close?” Kuroo raises an eyebrow, but backs away.

“I’m sorry, I thought this was normal for friends to do. Give me the list then, I was just trying to read what you had written,” Kuroo says and Bokuto gets the sense that he’s on edge. Bokuto hands him the list. Kuroo looks the list over, “we could use cereal, peanut butter, and a ton of rice would be nice,” Kuroo laughs at his own joke and Bokuto chimes in and hands him the pen, Kuroo adds to the list.

Both of them go get ready to go out and meet at the door for their shopping trip. Kuroo double checks to make sure they have at least one house key before they leave. “It almost feels like we’re married,” Kuroo jokes and Bokuto chokes on nothing.

“What do you mean by that,” Bokuto asks giving him a weird confused look.

“Well we’re shopping, for groceries like two fully realized adults,” Kuroo happily explains. Bokuto laughs at his weird antics.

“Yeah, just don’t buy an eggplant or it’ll ruin that fantasy,” Bokuto jokes.

“Then take a photo of me holding one to my crotch,” Kuroo laughs.

“Whatever helps your dreams come true bro,” Bokuto smiles patting his friend on the shoulder.

They arrive at the store (which is in walking distance of their apartment), Kuroo pulls out the list and hands it to Bokuto.

“I’m gonna go get the eggs and bread,” Kuroo says before running off. Bokuto gets a cart and starts towards the cereal aisle. Kuroo finds him a few minutes later still debating over cereal. He dumps the bread and eggs into the empty cart and turns to walk away, but Bokuto grabs his wrist.

“Kuroo, can we shop together?” Kuroo doesn’t understand what brought this on, but he knows how his friend can get some times.

“Sure, give me the list,” Kuroo agrees, and Bokuto gives him the list, “you still have to put the cereal in the cart though,” he insists. Bokuto pulls a few boxes at Kuroo’s request. “Good boy,” Kuroo smiles ruffling his friend’s hair. Bokuto’s face heats up but he doesn’t protest.

After the two of them find everything that was on the list (and some items that were not) they check out.

“Kuroo, how are we gonna carry all these groceries back home?” Bokuto asks Kuroo who just gives a stupid toothy grin.

“We’re not gonna have to because we’re gonna use the shopping cart,” he informs his friend, Bokuto blinks in surprise.

“Bro, that’s genius!” Bokuto says in childish amazement, “Oh, and what about that weird photo you wanted me to take, or were you kidding?”

“Eh, wasn’t important. My dreams have already come true bro,” Kuroo says with a shrug.

“Hm, what do you mean?” Bokuto presses.

“Living with you dummy,” Kuroo answers playfully punching his friend’s arm. Bokuto tries to understand the warm sensation blooming in his chest as they walk home.

When the two of them arrive back at the apartment they start putting the groceries away in the fridge, in the pantry, or in cabinets.

“I was gonna make lunch now that we have food, can you take the fort apart so we have a place to eat?” Kuroo asks Bokuto as he goes to find the box with the kitchen utensils. Bokuto looks at the fort sadly.

“Can’t we eat at the coffee table?” Bokuto pleads. Kuroo sighs, nobody can resist Bokuto’s puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but we need our dining table back eventually, and the couch cushions,” Kuroo says reluctantly agreeing to let the fort stand, “Well, if you’re not going to help me, why don’t you go set up your room,” Kuroo suggests finding the boxes he needs.

“Okay,” Bokuto shrugs taking the boxes labeled with his name to his room to unpack. After putting up the curtains, setting up his lamp, and unpacking all his clothes into his dresser and closet, Bokuto needs help bringing in his mattress. He leaves his room and enters the kitchen his mouth immediately starts to water at the smell of whatever Kuroo was making. He looks at Kuroo who seems hyper focused on what he was doing. Unaware that he’s being watched Kuroo wets his lips with his tongue as he stirs the pan. Has Kuroo always has lips that nice? They’d probably feel nice against mine...oh crap I really do like him don’t I, Bokuto wants to slap himself for not realizing sooner. “Hey bro, what are you making?” Bokuto asks trying to not stare at his friend. Kuroo snaps out of it and looks over at Bokuto.

“Oh, hey bro, I’m making stir fry. I thought maybe it could be dinner too although I don’t know if It’ll be any good. Do you want to taste it?” Kuroo offers as Bokuto nods and bonds over to him. Kuroo feeds him some, neither of them thinking about that action until it was too late. Both of them turn away as their faces turn pink in embarrassment.

“It’s really good Kuroo!” Bokuto muses

“Good, cuz you’d just burn this whole place to the ground,” Kuroo laughs and Bokuto just pouts at him, “did you need something?”

“Oh yeah, right. Can you help me carry my mattress into my bedroom? I um,” Bokuto looks at the food, “I mean whenever you’re done.” Kuroo smiles.

“Sure, I’m done here anyway,” Kuroo says turning off the stove top. The two of them go to the entrance where their mattresses are stacked against the wall.

“Kuroo, how long have you had this thing? It sinks in and I can feel the springs. Get a new one dude,” Bokuto laughs pushing it off of his.

“Shut up, I know it’s old, but it still serves its purpose,” Kuroo insists while helping Bokuto lift his mattress. Bokuto laughs.

“Whatever you say dude, but I’ll even go mattress shopping with you. We would have so much fun,” Bokuto imagines as they make their way to his room, “I’ll help pay for it too once I start my part time job,” he offers.

“Sure Bo, just watch where you’re going,” Kuroo says as Bokuto narrowly avoids bumping into the door frame of his room, “It’s not like I need a mattress anyway if we’re just gonna sleep in the fort,” Kuroo points out.

“Oh, so now you like my fort,” Bokuto laughs and Kuroo’s face goes red when he can’t think of anything to say back. He just watches Bokuto put the mattress on his bed frame. “I’ll make my bed later since my best friend made some tasty food for us to eat,” Bokuto says patting Kuroo on the shoulder as he walks out of the room.

Kuroo goes to get some plates that he had put away when getting out the kitchen supplies he needed. Mean while Bokuto looks over the half wall that divides the living area and the kitchen at their fort. Sleeping together is gonna be more awkward now that I know I like him, Bokuto thinks to himself with a sigh.

After lunch Kuroo goes to set up his own room while Bokuto plays video games. When he’s done Bokuto helps him dump his shitty mattress into the dumpster outside. The two of them spend the rest of the evening unpacking and putting things away. Bokuto even convinces Kuroo to help him put the fans in the windows, which Kuroo reluctantly agrees to. Kuroo doesn’t think it’s necessary because they’ll just have to take them out soon anyway.

“I’m exhausted,” Kuroo sighs collapsing on the living room floor like he had done the day before, “everything finally looks in place, but our living area is a disaster because of that thing,” he says pointing to the fort. It’s true, the fort is the only thing preventing them from putting their rug down, and the couch is missing it’s cushions.

“Oi, “that thing”, is better for your back then what you called a mattress,” Bokuto claims defending his master piece, “and so what if our housing environment isn’t perfect? It’s not like we’re having any important guests over any time soon,” he shrugs.

Kuroo sighs is defeat, “Fine, we can keep it up until I get a new mattress,” he says rolling onto his stomach.

“If you want to take another one of your cat naps may I suggest the pillow fort. Now with amazing comfort so that you can rest your tiredness,” Bokuto chirps kneeling beside the fort.

“Why are you trying to sell me your fort you dumb commercial bird,” Kuroo says getting up and ruffling Bokuto’s hair that’s already floppy from their house chores. Kuroo gives him a weak smile before ducking into the fort, “happy now?” Kuroo asks and Bokuto is grateful that his friend can’t see his flushing face.

“Yup,” Bokuto answers turning to face his friend with a wide smile. Kuroo can feel his heart rate increase in speed and buries himself in the blanket. Bokuto goes back to the game he was playing for a few minutes before peeking back into the fort to check on his friend. Kuroo appears to be asleep, his breathing is shallow, his eyes are closed, and he’s cuddling the blanket. Why does my friend have to look so cute when he sleeps, Bokuto thinks, one more picture. Bokuto pulls out his phone and snaps another picture of his friend. The camera’s click alerts Kuroo who roughly grabs at Bokuto’s wrist glaring at him.

“Delete it,” Kuroo demands.

“But, your face is so cute when you’re resting. I couldn’t help it,” Bokuto insists.

“I don’t care, you’ll probably threaten to show people,” Kuroo says trying to snatch the phone away from Bokuto.

“Why would I do that? I’m pretty selfish about things like this actually,” Bokuto says dodging Kuroo’s attacks and thinking about his past relationship with Akaashi. Kuroo stops.

“Things like what?” Kuroo asks confused. Bokuto suddenly regrets saying anything.

“Things” He tries, but Kuroo just seems more confused. “Never mind, just trust me, I won’t show anyone,” Bokuto begs.

“I don’t get it, but fine. If I find out you showed anyone then you’re a dead man,” Kuroo threatens and ducks back into the fort, “but no more pictures!”

“Sure, you got it man,” Bokuto says with a silent cheer.

Later that night Bokuto is starting to panic because if Kuroo lays on his chest again he’ll be able to feel his heart beat for sure. They’ve already eaten dinner and washed up for the night. Both of them are in their pajamas playing video games like the previous night. Tonight it’s Minecraft.

“Bokuto, why are there so many explosives?” Kuroo laughs while exploring his friend’s house.

“I don’t know,” he shrugs, “never know when you might need some,” Bokuto smiles.

“Your logic amazes me,” Kuroo says sarcastically.

“Awe thanks bro, that’s so sweet,” Bokuto says and Kuroo rolls his eyes.

“I will blow up your house,” Kuroo says as an empty threat. Bokuto gasps dramatically.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he says, but ruins it by laughing, Kuroo laughs with him anyway.

“We should get some sleep Bo, I’m tired and someone ruined my nap earlier,” Kuroo says crossing his arms over his chest.

“Yeah...sorry about that,” Bokuto says his gaze sinking into his lap. Should I tell him now, or wait, or maybe he doesn’t even want to sleep on me. Maybe I could sleep in my own room, but then Kuroo will know something’s up, Bokuto thinks trying to come up with a solution.

“It’s not a big deal man, I was joking don’t sweat it,” Kuroo assures his friend before ducking into the fort. Bokuto follows him pleasantly surprised when he finds Kuroo laying away from his spot. But when Bokuto lays down the cushion’s shift and Kuroo lays beside him.

“Kuroo...can you give me some space tonight, please,” Bokuto hates the hurt expression on his friend’s face as he backs away. I’m sorry, they both think to themselves without another word to each other. Neither of them sleep well that night and both of them try not to cry thinking it’s what’s best for their friendship.