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Flirting Before a Company Vacation

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"Ooh, those two really grind my gears." Stephen says angrily. Betty can see the steam coming out of his ears. He doesn't hide his anger well.

"Remain calm. They want to make you angry, but we'll show them. We'll be together and happy long after they've broken up." Betty says as she places her hand on Stephen's shoulder.

"Right, breathe. I'll be okay. Please let this day be over soon without any more incidents. I can't take any more." Captain Peacock says trying to maintain his temper. He's struggling with his emotions and normally he never lets his emotions show so much at work.

Betty breathes a sigh of relief when Stephen decides to go back to his job. "Thank heaven for that. If he'd blown a gasket it could have been disastrous." Betty whispers to Miss Brahms.

"You're so protective of him. It's sweet." Miss Brahms says as she puts her handbag away.

"Someone has to protect him from the idiocy of Mr. Rumboldt and his soon to be ex-wife. He's been awfully emotional over the last little while and I don't blame him at all, but I'm not always sure how to help him, mostly because he won't always tell me precisely what is wrong." Betty says as she slumps onto a stool. "He's more sensitive than I thought he would be though."

"That's a good quality in a man though, isn't it? I would love to find a man like that." Miss Brahms says in frustration.

"It's a wonderful quality and quite a rare quality as well. He's definitely a unique type of person which is perfect because so am I." Mrs. Slocombe says kindly. She smiles at Stephen as he stands at his post in the centre of the floor waiting for customers.

"It sure is quiet in here today. There haven't been any customers for a long time." Miss Brahms observes.

"You're quite right, Miss Brahms. It has been particularly slow today. No wonder I've been so bored today. Normally I have more to do." Mrs. Slocombe frowns.

"I wonder what's going on. Normally we have even the little old ladies in to shop." Miss Brahms queries.

Mr. Rumboldt comes on the floor just as Miss Brahms finishes speaking. "Excuse me everyone. I hate to interrupt your work, but the weather's been rather terrible all day and we just got a bulletin to say that all transport systems have been shut down until further notice due to the amount of snow on the tracks and the roads. I'm afraid we're all trapped here unless someone has a car."

"Wonderful, my worst nightmare has just come true. What are we going to do if we're stuck here?" Mrs Slocombe says the first part under her breath and then directs her question to Mr. Rumboldt.

Captain Peacock walks over to her and hugs her gently. "It's going to be alright, Betty. We can always grab some things from the camping department to stay on."

"I do not stay on the floor anywhere and I am unanimous in that." Mrs Slocombe says turning her nose up at the idea.

"We may not have a choice. Even with a car the streets of London will be crammed with people. It would hardly be worth it to try and head home." Captain Peacock says logically.

Mrs Slocombe mumbles under her breath for a few moments before she replies, "If that's the only way then I'll stay I suppose, but don't imagine that I'm happy about any of this. I better get to stay with Stephen or I won't be very happy."

"Well, now, I don't know about that, after all the two of you are not married. I don't think that would be entirely proper." Mr. Rumboldt says with a wicked smile on his face.

"What's not entirely proper is you sleeping with your secretary when you knew she was married to someone else! Don't lecture me on impropriety, Mr. Rumboldt! You have no right!" Mrs Slocombe says loudly.

"Oh, sure, throw that in his face! That's a good way to get him to let you and Captain Peacock stay together! That was really dumb!" Mr. Lucas crows.

"I'll thank you to keep your nose out of this!" Mrs Slocombe says hostilely.

Captain Peacock watches Mr. Rumboldt very closely. He can see the wheels turning in Mr. Rumboldt's mind. "Alright, Mrs. Slocombe you and Captain Peacock can share while this transit strike is on." He then walks away.

"Why do I get the feeling we're going to pay for this privilege later?" Betty whispers to Stephen.

"Probably because we are. Mr. Rumboldt can't stand anyone getting their own way except for him." Stephen whispers back.