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"Denki- truth or dare?" Ashido bounced on Kirishima's bed as she questioned the blond, who sat on the floor grinning up at her.

Kaminari barely waited a second before responding eagerly, "Dare!"

It only took a moment for him to regret his decision, when he saw the evil smirk spreading across her lips. Yellow eyes watched him with a dramatic pause as she waited to reveal the dare.

"Oh, this'll be good," Jirou snarked from next to Kaminari, who shot her a mildly-irritated look.

"Hurry up, Raccoon Eyes, we don't have all night," a cranky Bakugou snapped. It was hours past his bedtime of 8:30p.m., but the redhead halfway sitting on his lap seemed to keep him rooted in place.

Ashido giggled. "Okay, okay. Denki, I dare you to ask out whoever your crush is tomorrow."

Kirishima choked on the water he happened to have been sipping on from where he was partially on Bakugou's lap. He knew who Kaminari had a crush on, but the others were blissfully unaware.

Kaminari paled visibly, amber eyes shooting wide. "Mina!" He complained. "Of all the things.."

"You might as well tell us who it is, Denki.. if you're not gonna chicken out, that is," Sero smirked at his friend, who groaned and covered his face with his hands.

"Fine, I'll do it. I'll ask him out." The blond's slightly muffled voice sighed. He never turned down a dare, but this was nearly crossing the line.

"C'mon, man, you ask people out all the time. It'll be fine!" Kirishima tried to hype his bro up, but it was to no avail.

Kaminari shook his head, lowering his hands from his face. "As a joke.. and never anyone I actually like. Besides, you forget who we're talking about.."

"Who are we talking about?" Jirou prompted, poking his arm with an earphone jack.

Kaminari groaned, letting his head fall back to lean against the wall behind him. "..It's Shinsou."

Ashido broke out into a fit of giggles, nearly falling off the bed as she cracked up. A few moments passed before she could control herself again. "Oh, yeah- good luck with that."

"I mean, we know he's gay. And I'm ninety-nine percent sure he's single. You do have a good chance," Sero tried, knowing it was still a long shot.

Bakugou sneered. "We're talking about Dunce Face, idiot. That alone lowers his chances by that same ninety-nine percent."

"Come on Bakubro, be nice," Kirishima sighed as he nestled his head into the crook of Bakugou's neck. "He's pretty much Shinsou's only friend, that raises his chances too."

"You guys really think I have even a tiny chance with him?" Kaminari blinked at them, earning a shrug or nod from everyone but Bakugou, who just rolled his eyes and huffed. "I already said I'd do it, so I guess we'll see how it goes tomorrow."

The blond tried not to show it as the game went on, but he was terrified and quickly growing more and more so. What if he completely ruined his friendship with Shinsou by asking him out? It had taken him so long to get to where he was. Despite his best efforts, there was a little nagging thought in his brain that built itself off the words of his friends, giving him a quickly-growing hope that Shinsou would actually like him back.

The school day was officially over. Class 2-A filed out of the room, and most began making their way towards the dorm building. Shinsou, however, started off the opposite way down the hall, and Kaminari darted after him when he remembered the dare.

"Shinsou! Hey!" The blond called as he ran after the taller boy. He smiled as the insomniac paused to let him catch up.

"Kaminari," Shinsou greeted him, sounding more tired than usual. "What do you want?" The unfriendly words weren't warm, but they weren't harsh either.

"Hey, dude, uh- Do you wanna go out? Like, on date? With me?" Kaminari shot his signature finger guns at the purple-haired boy with a bright grin on his face.

Shinsou just arched an eyebrow, his intense and exhausted violet gaze raking over Kaminari with the scrutiny of a judgemental feline. "Was that a dare?"

Kaminari wondered how he had guessed, then remembered who he was friends with and what they all acted like together. "I mean, yeah-"

Before he could finish explaining, the insomniac cut Kaminari off. "Then you've already completed it. No, I don't want to. Don't waste my time."

Shinsou turned away from him and began to walk again, not seeing Kaminari's face fall at the rejection. That was what he had been scared of. Not rejection specifically, but rejection from Shinsou.

Still, the blond forced his legs to work as he chased after the taller boy. "Shinsou, wait!"

He caught up to him quickly this time, reaching out to grab at his forearm and force him to stop walking. With a sigh, Shinsou halted, turning slowly to face the blond with a bored expression. "What is it, Pikachu?"

Kaminari hadn't expected him to stop and listen to him. He figured out something to say, though. "I think you got something wrong, I didn't explain-"

Once again, he was interrupted by the tired boy. "You were dared to ask someone out. You asked me. I said no. What did I not understand?"

"I was dared-" Kaminari broke off, nervous. It was written all over his face, but Shinsou didn't comment on it.

All the insomniac did, other than roll his eyes, was prompt, "Yeah?"

"To ask out my crush." Kaminari blurted the words out, feeling heat rising to dust his cheeks with a faint pink.

"I'm sorry?" An eyebrow was raised slowly, violet gaze boring carefully into Kaminari.

"I was dared to ask out my crush," he repeated, twirling his longest bit of hair around a finger nervously.

"Oh, could you not find them?" Shinsou sighed, obviously thinking he was second-best at the very most.

"No- Shinsou-" Kaminari pouted for a moment, trying to buy some time to figure out how to word what he wanted to say. "Dude, I thought you were smart. You're my crush, and I really do want to go on a date."

"You're joking, right?" Shinsou's tone was so harsh that Kaminari could feel it stabbing into his heart. His eyes widened slightly, then moved to the floor to avoid looking directly at the other.

"N-no.. I.." His hopes crumbled, and he fought to keep from breaking into tears like Midoriya. "Fuck- I thought, maybe.." Maybe you'd like me back...

"Are you telling me the truth?" Shinsou asked quietly, eyes narrowed and brows furrowed.

"What?" Kaminari blinked, his head rising to look up at him, nearly missing the whispered words. "I- Yeah. Brainwash me if you want. I swear I am."

Suddenly, his body froze. He couldn't move, left with no control whatsoever over himself. A fog filled his brain, taking control of the commands sent to the rest of his body. If he could have moved, he would have shivered at the incredible sensation it sent through his entire body, from his head to the tip of his toes. He was distracted - which he was quite thankful for - by his mouth opening on a silent command from Shinsou.

"I'm telling the truth. I like you. I want to go on a date." His own voice left his lips, monotone and lacking the normal energy.

And then he snapped out of it, the release of the quirk nearly causing his knees to buckle with the sudden regain of control. He stumbled forward, but Shinsou caught him quickly by his elbows, and then the blond quickly stood back up properly with a sheepish grin.

"See? I told you I wasn't lying." Kaminari smiled, seeing the shock written plainly all over Shinsou's normally expressionless face.

The insomniac pulled himself together, glancing away briefly to do so. "Hmm. I guess you weren't."

Kaminari shifted from one foot to another, gazing at the taller boy hopefully. "So.. is it still a no?"

"There's a great little cat cafe a couple of blocks away. I guess we could go there." Shinsou shrugged, watching confusion flicker briefly over Kaminari's face before his eyes widened.

"Wait- really?" The blond spluttered, shocked. "You actually want to go out with me?"

"Yeah, why not." Shinsou smirked at him. "Besides, it's not every day your crush asks you out."

It took a few moments for Kaminari to realize what he had said. Then joy broke out over his face, eyes widening and sparks crackling across his skin. "Really? You like me back? Holy shit- I have to go tell Mina- Uh, wanna leave at seven tonight?"

"There's a test tomorrow, and I'm sure you need to study," Shinsou shot him a rare smile. "We can go tomorrow night."

"Okay! Cool! Awesome! Um- bye!" Kaminari rambled, starting to walk backwards while beaming at Shinsou before he turned and ran down the hall. His new mission was to report back and tell the Bakusquad about his date tomorrow.

The only thing running through either of their heads at the moment was, He's so cute.. What am I going to wear?