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Cold blood and warm nests

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It was a cold Thursday night and while this wouldn’t be too much of a problem for many, for Janus, Remus, Virgil and surprising to most including himself Patton. It wasn’t something that really came up normally since it wasn’t an issue they faced due to living in Florida.

However, while on tour during January to places that actually get cold it was an issue.
Each side has an animal trait, some more apparent then others and these traits make their biology a bit different than an average human. Janus, Remus, Virgil and Patton all having cold blooded animals as their traits that do badly in cold, at times to an unhealthy degree makes the cold become such an issue.

When Thomas has traveled during cold temperatures in the past and the cold got too bad, Virgil would put together a nest, Janus would bring his heat lamp and Remus would bring food, blankets and whatever else they needed at the time and they would settle down together in the nest, cuddling close and sharing body heat to stay warm. This was something they did every time no matter what was happening at the time and was a special intimate tradition for them.

This night is no different. Virgil was slowly on his way to the kitchen to get some food for them shivering all the while. Usually Remus would be getting it but it was particularly cold this night so they needed extra blankets and he was done with the nest anyway, having looked at the weather forecast and preparing it ahead of time. As he turned the corner to the kitchen he smiled lightly at the sight of Patton making some hot chocolate.

Things had been tense lately, still in the healing process after a fight Patton and Janus had gotten into regards of self-care again.
It ultimately ended on a compromise with Thomas still going on the tour he wanted to do but not stretching himself to thin and keeping it to only a few places.

Virgil was snapped out of his thoughts when he noticed the shaking of Patton’s shoulders immediately putting him on guard, his shoulders tensing in worry and anxiety spiking. He took a deep breath and approached Patton slowly.

“Patton?” Virgil said hesitantly eyes narrowing as Patton jumped in surprise.

“Yeah kiddo, do you uh, do you need anything?” Patton stuttered.
Virgil’s brow creased further in worry,his eyes trailed Pattons form quickly, doing a once over. No injuries but his eyes were red but no tear tracks or watery quality so it wasn’t from crying. From what he could tell they looked more dry than anything.
His shoulders were also shaking lightly in a way that didn’t seem to be from fear or crying, Janus and Remus may get pissy at him for being late but he needs to figure out what’s wrong.
“Um, Virgil?”
Oh he must have been staring too long, he hopes he didn’t freak Patton out too much. He turns his focus back to Patton trying to think of how he should approach this but before he can think of anything-.

“Is everything okay Virgil? Your shivering” Patton said eyeing over Virgil, still shaking himself.

“Oh that, no I’m fine it’s just cold.” Virgil takes a deep breath, might as well just go on with it.

“What about you though? Your shaking, are you okay?” It’s obvious he wasn’t but no harm in asking.

“Oh, no I’m fine kiddo, everything’s alright” Virgil raises an eyebrow and stares at Patton. Patton looks away guiltily and sighs.

“No, I, I just don’t know what’s happening” Virgil went up to Patton and lightly put a hand on the smaller sides shoulder.

“What do you mean?’ Virgil asked, a soft, warm tone in his voice causing Patton to relax just slightly.

“Well I’m uh, cold” Patton finished lamely cringing at his own phrasing and looking back at Virgil who gave him an encouraging look, he continued.

“I’m cold and sure I’ve been cold before, but, it feels different this time.” Patton fidgeted with his hands and started shaking harder than before.

“It just feels like there’s something really different about this time, that there’s something wrong! and I don’t know what it is, and I don’t know what to do!” He finished tears of frustration burning in the corners of his eyes.

Virgil’s eyes widened and he did a calming motion pulling Patton close and rubbing a small circle on his back

“Hey it’s okay Patton we’ll figure this out okay, just take deep breaths” They stayed like that for some time, Patton practically melting into the embrace the soaking in what little shared body heat both sides had between them, his hot chocolate long forgotten and all was still until.

“Virgil what is taking so long, you’re never this late! –oh” Janus stood by the kitchen entrance shivering and posture tense.

“Am I interrupting something?” he said locking eyes with Patton, who was looking at him from over Virgil’s shoulder, still hugging him.
Patton looked away nervously and Virgil shifted slightly to look at Janus.

“No but somethings happening with Patton and I have an idea but I need your help to be sure.”
Patton looked at Virgil confusedly and Janus smiled.

“Okay what do you need?"