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Percy's P.O.V.:

It hurt to move. Blue marks covered my body, looking like veins. I laid on my bed as flashes of the past few months flew through my mind.

My predicament started when these twins of Nike came to camp. They were the, now, famous Son and Daughter of Nike, adored by Greek and Roman campers alike. Their names are Emma and Alex Young, and they are inseparable. From day one, they decided they needed to be on top.

They started small, claiming all my kills, saying that I was stealing things. Once they got half the younger campers supporting them, they moved up. They began cutting and hurting themselves, saying that I was refusing to teach them and that I was the source of their wounds. All but my friends were on their side by then, so they went further. They stole and destroyed my friends' personal items, and blamed even more things on me. Until yesterday, the only reason I got out of bed was because of Annabeth. What happened yesterday? I saw Annabeth kissing the boy.

"Why?" I had asked Annabeth.

"Why do you think, Percy? You disgust me. The way you treat people is horrific, no wonder everyone left you. You do not deserve to be loved or to even exist. You deserve to die, and you would be doing everyone a favor if you did."

After she told me that, I ran to my cabin, grateful, for once, that I didn't share it with anyone.

These blue marks didn't appear overnight, they've been gradually spreading for a month now. If you're wondering what they are, they're signs. Signs that my fatal flaw is killing me. You see, my fatal flaw doesn't just mean that I would die for someone I cared about, but also that what I give must be returned. It's a two-way deal, my flaw. Loyalty for loyalty and I've been paying, but they haven't.

I'm tired. Maybe I'll just go to sleep.

~On Olympus~

Third Person P.O.V.:

"Percy Jackson's life force is fading," Hades informed the council as soon as he got the message from Thanatos.

This caused a ton of commotion. Shouts rang through the throne room, but the loudest one was Poseidon's heartbroken voice.

"We have to save him after everything he's done for us."

Zeus made a quick decision, "Hermes, go get the boy."