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How To Avoid A Quirk From All Might 101, By Izuku and Suteru Midoriya

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"Why didn't you use your quirk at the entrance exam, or with the quirk apprehension test just now?" 


Izuku stops. "What quirk, Yagi?"  


"One for All? You know, the one-" All Might sputters, but is quickly cut off.


"I don't have that quirk, Yagi. I don't need a quirk either Yagi. I can be a hero without one, All Might.” Izuku spits, rejecting the pro. Kinda like how he rejected one for all.


This visibly stuns All Might.


"Young Midoriya, what happened?" 




All Might tossing a toaster at him is what did him in.


One moment Izuku is carrying a very heavy tire, and the next, he’s on the ground in pain and not able to move.  All Might, not seeing an issue, tells him to get his crying under control if he was going to be a hero that people depended on.  


Izuku cried harder.


All Might walks toward him and pats him roughly on the back.  While Izuku heaves, All Might states, “We should work on your reaction time my boy! Come now! No time to waste.”  Izuku, through tear-filled eyes, glares up at the hero.  “C’mon Young Midoriya, get up and let’s continue with the training.”  At Izuku’s immobile state, the giant poofed and sighed.  “Don’t you want to be a hero, young man?  Heroes have to deal with bigger-”


“I can’t move,” Izuku wheezed, “I think I need to go to a hospital.”  Every muscle on All Might’s big body freezes.


When Izuku is picked up none-too-gently, he shrieks.  All Might shushes him like a mother scolding a child.  God this hurts; why does it hurt so muchithurtsithurtsmomamIgoingtodiewhy-  


Izuku’s thoughts are cut off by blinding pain.  As his vision flickers in and out, he realizes they’re in the air.  The rough wind combs its fingers through his hair as tears pour down his face. 


 He flashes in and out of consciousness, but eventually All Might stops.  A kiss on his head later by an old lady - Recovery Girl his mind supplies - and Izuku is dead tired. He hears bits and pieces of conversation around him, but he doesn’t have the energy to process them. 


When they are alone, All Might, in his small form, clears his throat.


“I know you went through a lot recently.” He coughs into his handkerchief.  “With UA around the corner, and your body being built up very quickly, I believe I can bestow upon you the quirk that has been passed down to me by my predecessor, and her predecessor before her.”  We still have some time left, All Might, and the beach isn’t even fully cleaned , Izuku idly wonders. 


All Might stares into the younger’s eyes long enough for Izuku to squirm uncomfortably.  He plucks a hair the size of a spaghetti noodle out from his head and holds it in front of Izuku.


“Eat this.”


Izuku closes his eyes and sighs, hoping for this nightmare to be over.  All Might heads over to where he is laying on a couch, and Izuku peeks through one open eye to look up at his childhood hero.


“I know you are tired right now, but if you eat it before you go back to sleep, the hair will be digested by the time you wake up.  My quirk is passed through DNA transmission, and you, Young Midoriya, are more than ready for it.” 


Mentally crying, Izuku begrudgingly sits up and grabs the hair.  He places it in his mouth and All Might’s smile brightens.


“I will leave you alone now, my boy,” Izuku cringes, “rest up now!  We don’t need a stunt like today to happen anytime soon, now do we?”  With that, All Might promptly struts out with a boisterous laugh.


Once Izuku sees a trashcan across the room, he stumbles toward it and starts gagging.  To get the hair out, he had to stick his fingers down his throat, but he was willing to do anything to get the greasy, hair-gelled strand out.  Eventually, he successfully grabs it, yanks it, and tosses it into the bin.


“Fuck that.” 


 Izuku wipes his mouth with disgust before mumbling, "Fuck quirks," with a determined look casting across his face.


Brought to you by a dumbass might 


 Yagi wasn't expecting to have to take his predecessor to the hospital so soon. He hadn't even wielded One For All yet! He sighs.


 Kids can be so dramatic these days


 Especially that Shouto Todoroki kid. Honestly, he should have expected such over-emotional responses. He is the son of Endeavor, after all. 


Yagi had met the 'delightful' child when bringing Endeavor files for a case and he was just so… 


 ...Yagi's vocabulary didn’t reach that far.  


 Anyway, the Midoriya kid had addled Yagi to an extent. Always mumbling nonsense and writing in those stupid and unnecessary journals. He asked the most ridiculous questions that Yagi didn't even know the answers to, and is so fragile and flimsy that he couldn’t even handle being thrown a fucking toaster! 


Yagi coughed into his fist.  Today is another torturous meetup with the greenette. He creaks with every step he takes toward the beach, dreading and despairing what was to come. 



  That's when he heard it. The screaming of his mentor- Nana. He's running and running and there's dead weight and- oh .  


 "...You could've been injured, my boy!" He forces out, trying to set the greenette on his feet. Before he can do so, the kid promptly jumps out of his arms and makes an obvious effort to distance the two. 


Midoriya glances down at his hands, which are covered in grime and sand. He silently picks at a piece of metal that was dug into his skin as Yagi looks over his body that’s covered head to toe with abrasions and scratches. 


 "My boy! What happened?" 


 He receives a glare. 


 "I decided to clean the entire beach. Got hurt in the process." 


Yagi doubts this immensely. He was just a frail and skinny boy who just-so-happened to have enough potential for One For All. Actually, if Midoriya didn't make it into UA, he'd just politely ask him to give it to Young Mirio. No big deal. 


 "Are you sure? Who helped you?" He asks incredulously. Midoriya clicks his tongue. 


 "It was just me and Suteru."


 Yagi raises an eyebrow. "Suteru?" 


 Midoriya nods and shuffles over to the wall used for gazing upon the beach and crouches down next to his atrocious red shoes. A black blur jumps up into his arms and the boy stumbles back. The cat didn't even look over 500 grams and he still struggled?


He giggles and makes his way back over to Yagi. In his arms is a black, fluffy cat. Noticeable patches of fur were missing from the feline, showing obvious signs of being in a fight. Under the mass of fluff, there was a bump shaped on the cat's head where their ear should be, probably a cauliflower ear. 


 "My word, that thing looks horrific." Yagi deadpans. Both heads snap up at him. What horrifies Yagi more is the fact the cat has red eyes. 


 "What the hell Yagi?" Midoriya growls and hugs the cat tighter. 


 Yagi blinks. "How did you find out my name?" He asks hesitantly. 


 "Never trust me with the internet, Ya-" 


 Suteru hisses. "Calm your..." He glares at Suteru. "... animal down, young Midoriya." Yagi orders, backing away fearfully. Midoriya blinks, then grins the biggest shit eating grin the blonde had ever seen. It rivals Nezu's.  


 Then, Midoriya just plops the feline on the ground. "I'm sorry, what was that Yagi?" 

 Yagi went home with plenty of scratches and a lot of pain. Don't fuck with Midoriya. He notes, slamming his head on his very modest All Might pillow.